Wife loves Playgirl magazine   added 7 years ago    

  By: deanjeffrey

I love when my wife talks about big cocks and how much she loves to suck them and play with them when we are in bed together. My great fantasy is for her to force me to a newsstand with her to purchase PlayGirl Magazine. She loves to dress slutty to tease me and other men and, of course, the cashier gets an eyeful of my hotwife. She takes the magazine with her and orders me to follow her to our home. I must immediately get undressed, grab her vibrator, and lay on the sofa in her lap while she remains fully clothed. She hands the magazine to me and after removing her panties underneath her mini-skirt, she hands the magazine to me and tells me to show her the men and their cocks that I would want to watch her with.


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With shaking hands, I leaf slowly through the magazine while she looks down at me and the photos. "I see your cock is getting hard. You must like looking at those big dicks. Show me which picture has you all worked up." I hand her the magazine and know that she is enjoying looking at another man. "Mmmm, that is nice. Would you like to watch me suck his cock? Why don't you wrap your hand around your little dick and stroke slowly for me and show me how much you would like to watch." She reaches for her vibrator and I can hear and feel her hands working under her skirt as she pages through the magazine. She glances down as I stroke my cock, "Oh, dear, we seem to be leaking some pre-cum. I want to see your lick it off your fingers".

I reach down and feel the cum on my fingers and slowly move them to my lips, knowing that I, also am performing for her. "Ohhh, you are so nasty. Look how big these cocks are. I would make you pull down his underwear and guide it into my mouth. Would you like that my little cum slut? Would you like me to lick his cock from his balls to his head and then make you kiss me...., make you taste him? Tell me you want to taste him, tell me you want to watch me suck his great big cock." "Yes, I want to watch you, I want to taste his cum, I want you to make me. Tie me up... look me in the eyes and make me watch." Her hands are moving faster now and her eyes are glued on my hands slowly jerking my cock. "Spit on your hand, make it nice and slippery for me, I want you to cum in your hands and then eat it for me. Tell me you want to eat your cum. Tell me!" "Yes, I'll eat it for you, I want to taste it". Suddenly I erupt in giant spurts as the cum explodes onto my chest and stomach. She reaches down immediately and rubs it into her fingers and shoves them in my mouth.

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farker    (2008-09-24 16:13:52)    Flag as inappropiate
farker pretty hot. my wife made me masturbate to a sears catalog bra and pantie section once, then made me lick the cum off the page.

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