Fingered While Sleeping, Fucked By Family Friend   added 7 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

I've been pretty into "sleeping" porn lately. The cheesy night-vision camera really works for me, and watching a stranger's finger sliding into a girl's pussy while she sleeps...fuck, it's just hot. My cunt is tingling just imagining it. As I continue to think about the psychological origins of my kinks and fantasies, I wonder how much this one comes from all the times I fell asleep at my parents' parties when I was a kid, curled up in a corner somewhere while the adults drank and smoked pot and partied around me. I knew fucking was happening sometimes, somewhere.


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There was one friend of my father's, Bob, that I fantasized about a lot and always tried to flirt with awkwardly when I was in middle school and high school. I would always try to talk to him, and sometimes I'd wear low-cut tops with no bra underneath, or a slightly sheer sundress with no bra. He was always at my parents' parties, always drinking beer and getting stoned, and sometimes he brought coke. Bob was a nice guy, but kind of scary, too, wearing black leather jackets and talking about his motorcycle. I wanted him to notice me, to notice my tits, see my hard nipples under the dress. I'd find excuses to bend over in front of him, hoping he could see down my top to where my big, soft breasts would be hanging, nipples hard and pointed.

I would sometimes masturbate thinking about him before I went to sleep on those nights. I'd rub my pussy thinking about him looking at my tits and maybe grabbing me in a corner somewhere and putting his fingers up my dress to touch my pussy, maybe putting my hand on his cock and making me squeeze him through his tight jeans, maybe opening his pants and pushing me down to my knees so he can slide the head of his cock between my lips. It got me so wet to think about, and I'd always come fingering myself hard, wishing it was him rubbing my clit and pushing into my pussy hole.

I've been fantasizing lately that one night after trying to flirt with Bob all evening, and finding that he paid me a lot of attention, teasing me and commenting on my dress, I was turned on when I finally went to bed. It would be a hot summer night, so I'd get naked and spread out on my bed, leaving just a sheet loosely over the bottoms of my legs, my thighs spread wide. My pussy would be wet and hot from all the time spent feeling Bob's eyes on my breasts, my nipples, my ass when I turned and bent down to pick up a dropped napkin. I'd slide my hand between my legs and feel how wet my cunt is, my fingers sliding easily between my hairy, slick pussy lips and right over my clit. I'd jump and moan, my cunt throbbing deep inside as I'd start fingering my clit, rubbing it and circling around it, moving my hips to grind my pussy up onto my fingers.

I'd be thinking about Bob, thinking about him sliding his hand under the straps of my dress and cupping my breasts, squeezing them and pinching my hard nipples until my cunt would be throbbing. I'd slide a finger down into my hole, fucking into myself a little as I think about Bob running his hand up my leg under my dress and finding my hot little pussy all wet under my panties. I'd know I was going to come soon, so I'd be moaning loud and circling and fucking my hips up as I rub and rub over my clit, fast and light. over and over until my cunt throbs and spasms and I come on my hand, whimpering and gasping, my wet hot pussy juice all over my fingers as they rub and rub my clit until I stop shaking and coming.

I'd be exhausted from coming so hard, so I'd let my hand fall away from my cunt, and I'd turn my head to the side a little, feeling the mild breeze from my open window blowing gently over my wet cunt, my eyes slipping closed as I relax after such a huge release. I'd drift off to sleep without pulling up the sheet or putting on any nightgown, too tired to move.

The next thing I know, I drift back into awareness noticing warmth and tingling between my legs and a tickle against my cunt lips. I'm comfortable and relaxed still, not wanting to wake up, so I don't move at all, just lie still and feel my pussy throb a little. Then I feel the tickle against my pussy lips again, and this time I wake up enough to figure out that it's a finger, brushing up and down my pussy, rubbing and pushing just slightly between my cunt lips, feeling how sticky they are now after my orgasm earlier. My heart starts racing, and I'm scared at first, confused, not knowing what's going on. I fight to keep my breathing even while I assess the situation, and as I lie there trying so hard to breathe slowly and shallowly, I feel the finger slide all the way into my cunt and push on my hole before working up between my cunt lips to my clit. I brushes firmly over my clit, then slides back down to dip inside my tight hole again.

I can't believe it's happening, and my heart is pounding with fear and anticipation, not knowing what will happen next, but guessing that I might end up getting fucked. I'm young, I'm so young and inexperienced, never actually been fucked or touched or even kissed. But I'm also such a dirty girl, always reading porn, always masturbating, always trying to get older men to notice me and want to fuck me. I feel scared and vulnerable, but my cunt is also wet and hot, still kind of turned on from when I got off before I fell asleep, and getting off now on this strange man in my bedroom, fingering my wet little pussy.

I lie there and do everything I can not to whimper or moan or move at all when he starts really fingering me. I feel his finger rubbing and rubbing over my clit, then sliding down and dipping into my hole, gathering up my cunt juice and then sliding back up to rub my clit some more, spreading my hot wet juice all over my cunt. I can hear slippery little sounds, his finger rubbing between my swollen pussy lips, scratching against my sticky cunt hair. It's getting harder and harder to pretend to be asleep when I want to come on his hand so much.

When he slides his finger down over my hole again and pushes it inside, my breath catches, I can't help it, and he freezes with his finger partway inside me. I let myself swallow hard, and squirm just a little, letting my legs fall open even wider and turning my head the other way. I sigh and relax again, and after a few moments, I feel him pull his finger out and then push it back in even deeper. When I don't move, he starts finger-fucking my cunt, and when I stay still for even longer, he pushes back into my pussy with two fingers, stretching my hole around them as he fucks into me harder and faster. My clit is throbbing, and I want to fuck my pussy up onto his fingers, but I'm scared of what will happen if he knows I'm awake.

After another minute or two of finger-fucking me, he slows his hand and pulls his fingers out of my pussy, leaving it throbbing and hot and empty. I almost hold breath waiting to see what comes next, but I know I have to keep breathing steadily, so I force myself to stay relaxed. I feel him spreading my pussy lips open, my cunt hole spasming involuntarily when he pulls me open and licks over my pussy. My breath catches again as I feel his warm wet tongue lap over my hole and up to my clit. Either he doesn't notice or he doesn't care because he starts licking over my clit, slow and firm, and my cunt is hot and throbbing, and I want to grab his head and fuck my pussy up onto his face. I can feel myself flushing with how turned on I am, almost embarrassed by the things I want to do. I've read and looked at so much porn, I know all the things that he could do to me, and it makes my pussy so wet to imagine that they could happen.

He keeps licking my pussy, holding my cunt lips open with his fingers, so his tongue can lap right over my clit, and fuck right up my pussy when he licks down to my hole and starts tongue-fucking me. I know I could come on his mouth, and if I do, it will be impossible to pretend I'm sleeping any more. But my cunt is so hot, and I want to come so bad, that I'm starting not to care. When he goes back to licking my clit, and then fucks two fingers back up my pussy, I can't help it, I whimper and buck my cunt up onto his mouth and hand. He freezes again, and then after a few moments, licks over my clit again, really slow and firm. I stay still, but when he closes his mouth around my clit and sucks, rubbing his tongue over it, I moan involuntarily and my whole upper body bucks up off the bed.

I open my eyes, knowing it's too late, knowing I have to, and when I look down I see Bob looking back at me, his mouth glistening from my cunt juices, his fingers still buried hard up my tight little pussy. I gasp, can't believe it's really him, can't believe he's really going to fuck me. Because I know he is, and I want him to, my cunt spasming even as I think about it, no matter how scared it makes me, too. He looks scared himself, a little panicked, he didn't plan to get caught. But when I don't scream, or even move to pull away from him, he tilts his head, and looks at me consideringly.

While holding my eyes, he starts slowly fucking his fingers in and out of my pussy, rubbing them deep inside me every time he pushes into my hole. I don't look away, and I let him finger-fuck me again, whimpering a little now that I don't have to stop myself. When he puts his thumb on my clit and rubs it, I cry out and grind my cunt up. He chuckles, and pulls his hand out of my pussy.

I get a thrill of fear when he moves back and strips his t-shirt off, and I can see how hairy his chest is in the moonlight from my window. He opens his jeans and pushes them down, and his cock falls out, thick and hard and heavy. My heart jumps, and I feel my pussy spasm imagining him pushing it into me, wondering how much it will hurt and how fast he will go.

He moves up between my legs, and pushes my thighs wider still, really spreading my cunt open wide. He rubs over my pussy a little with his hand, fingering my clit and dipping into my hole a few times. I moan and squirm on his fingers, wanting it now, partly to get it over with, get him inside me, so I know what it's like, partly because I want to come so bad, my cunt is so hot and throbbing, and I want to come with his cock up my pussy. He mutters, "yeah," when I groan and fuck my cunt on his fingers, and I lift my head up so I can look down and see him rub the thick hot head of his prick over my pussy, pushing it between my hairy cunt lips and rubbing it all over my pussy. He rubs it over my clit a few times, making me groan loud and bite my lip, letting my head fall back and squeezing my eyes closed, knowing he's about to put it in me.

When he rubs his dick over my hole and pushes it just a little way inside, I hold my breath, and feel my cunt stretching around him. He fucks in and out of me shallowly a little, forcing his thick hard cock into my tight little virgin pussy until he's buried halfway up my cunt, and I'm breathing in harsh panting gasps, trying to relax and take his cock, knowing he's going to keep fucking me, and I just have to take it, let him fuck me open.

He stays buried in my cunt for a few moments, letting me breathe and squirm and try to take his cock deeper, and when I open my eyes and look up at him, he grins and moves his fingers to start playing with my pussy. He still doesn't fuck me again, just keeps his cock hard up my cunt, halfway in, while he rubs and rubs and my clit and my cunt lips and down around my hole where it's stretched tight around his prick. When he goes back to stroking my clit, brushing over it lightly and circling around and around it, I feel my pussy start tingling and getting hotter, squeezing hard around his dick sometimes, which always makes him grunt and shove into me a little further.

Finally, after fingering me for a few minutes with his cock up my tight hole, he starts muttering again, "yeah, yeah, you're so tight, fuck your tight little pussy, you wet little slut, yeah, you want it, you want my cock splitting you open so hard, your cunt is so wet from fucking my cock, yeah, take my cock you little dirty slut, take it, yeah...." He starts grinding his dick in my cunt, not fucking into me further, but circling and sliding back and forth in me shallowly, his fingers lightly circling around and around my clit, until I can't help moaning loud, and I can't stop, whining and grunting and trying to push my pussy up onto his fingers and his dick.

"Yeah," he says out loud and clear, "yeah, you like to hear me call you a dirty little slut girl, yeah, you want to take my cock, I'm going to make you take it, your hot little pussy wants my cock, yeah...." He trails off and suddenly he shoves his cock hard up my pussy, forcing his cock deep, all the way up my cunt, and I'd cry out as my pussy burns sharply, stretching hot around his thick cock as he pulls out and slams it hard up my again. "Yeah," he grunts, "fucking take my cock, you little slut, take it, take my dick so hard up your dirty little cunt. You were so wet when I started fingering you. Did you play with your pussy before I got here? Did you come on your own fingers, you dirty little girl?" And he'd keep fucking hard up my cunt, reaming me over and over until my pussy starts to take him easier, until I'm moaning nonstop and fucking my cunt back up at him, taking his cock as hard as he can give it to me, his fingers still rubbing in my cunt and making my pussy burn and throb.

I'm thinking about him coming in and finding me asleep. Pulling the sheet away so carefully so it doesn't wake me up and rubbing his fingers over my pussy lips. I imagine his cock getting hard as he feels how wet and sticky my hairy little cunt already is, feels my slick wet pussy juice all over my cunt as he rubs up and down. He keeps fucking me so hard now, pounding into my hot hole, his thick hard cock splitting me open while he fingers me. I remember that he doesn't know how early I woke up, doesn't know that I was getting off on his fingers before he knew it, and my cunt spasms. I know I'm going to come, and I whimper, "Tell me," and then whine as he pinches my clit lightly and then rubs over it fast.

"Tell you what? How hot and tight your cunt is? How many times I've watched you at these parties, wanted to bend you over and shove my cock up your pussy right there in front of your parents? Or tell you how hard I got when I came in and found you naked and spread out for me, all wet and ready for me to finger you? You smelled like cunt, and I could almost taste your pussy as soon as I walked in. I knew I was going to fuck your dirty little cunt."

I'm listening to him, feeling his thick cock ramming up my pussy, hearing wet sloppy sounds as he fucks in and out of my hole, his fingers rubbing my clit so light, making me groan loud and fuck my pussy up onto his prick, trying to take him so hard and deep, trying to come on his cock, wanting to feel my cunt squeezing around him, wanting him to come in me.

When I start really going wild, thrusting my pussy up hard and fast, moaning and groaning and grunting as he fucks me, he laughs out loud and uses his free hand to push one leg up and back, holding me open so he can really start banging his cock up my cunt, pounding my pussy hard and fast with his thick hot prick and fingering my clit so fast until I shout and start shaking and thrashing around on his cock, moaning and coming and shuddering as my pussy spasms and clenches around him. He grunts, "yeah, fuck, gonna come in your fucking pussy" and shoves his dick up my pussy hard and fast, three times, then stays buried deep in my cunt while his cock shoots load after load of hot thick creamy jizz in my dirty wet pussy.

After he finishes fucking his come into me, he sighs and pulls his cock out, leaving my cunt throbbing and burning hot with my come and his come. I feel loose and stretched open, dirty and hot and wet, and he rub my pussy a few times lightly before getting off the bed. I stay where I am, letting him see my dirty cunt still spread open, feeling his come dripping out of my hole.

He laughs again, and waves a finger at me. "Now you know what might happen if you go wearing that dress and letting me see your tits again," he warns me, teasing me, but also letting me know this might happen again. "I only have so much patience." He reaches over and shoves two fingers sharply back up my pussy, making me whimper and my cunt ache. "I might find you downstairs in the bathroom and finger you while your parents are in the other room. Or I might get you in the kitchen while everyone is in the backyard and make you take my cock again." He fingers me roughly a few more times while he watches me, then he pulls away again and goes to the door. "Sleep well," he chuckles and leaves. I'm so exhausted I fall asleep right where I am just like before, spread out naked, pussy wet and sticky, still kind of turned on.

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Wolfgang13    (2012-05-09 16:38:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Wolfgang13 VERY hot ;)
buster    (2011-10-29 21:24:58)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Mmm, reminds me of an encounter with one of my exes... She was gently moving and moaning to when I was licking her under the sheets... Once I started penetrating her she actually grabbed my ass... ya should have been there!
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:12:16)    Flag as inappropiate
You're welcome, sexNsane, and thank you for commenting.
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:11:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you, jeddy66! Totally glad my fantasy worked for you! I appreciate the feedback. :)
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:11:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Thank you, jeddy66! Totally glad my fantasy worked for you! I appreciate the feedback. :)
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 22:10:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, Jaccal! Mmm, right there watching me get fingered and fucked? Yeah, that sounds hot, gives me a pussy tingle. ;)
sexNsane    (2010-05-04 05:46:57)    Flag as inappropiate
sexNsane thx...good one
jeddy66    (2009-12-18 07:26:21)    Flag as inappropiate
jeddy66 great fantasy and great writing hope I can write some good ones like it ,thanks ep
Jaccal    (2009-08-26 17:44:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Jaccal Excellent, hot story! Makes me wish I was right there!
easypeasy    (2009-08-23 18:13:57)    Flag as inappropiate
Mm, thanks, juice21, I like thinking of myself that way, falling asleep spread open like that. Um, yeah, sounds cool to fantasize about a girl you know this like, hot, as long as it all stays fantasy, right? ;-)
juice21    (2009-07-10 21:45:37)    Flag as inappropiate
juice21 i love how she falls asleep twice legs wide open pussy wet nd sticky full of cum!
juice21    (2009-07-10 21:42:39)    Flag as inappropiate
juice21 i love how she falls asleep twice legs wide open pussy wet nd sticky full of cum!
juice21    (2009-07-10 21:42:36)    Flag as inappropiate
juice21 i love how she falls asleep twice legs wide open pussy wet nd sticky full of cum!
juice21    (2009-07-10 21:42:29)    Flag as inappropiate
juice21 Man this story is like heaven 2 a guy that is friends with a cool family with a hot dirty virgin girl around his age or younger as long as she's 18. but this story is fuckin awesome.
easypeasy    (2009-06-27 12:30:47)    Flag as inappropiate
Well, I'm glad it worked that well for you, hotforit! I'm glad my actual first time was a lot less scary, honestly, but I sure get off on thinking about getting fucked at some of those other, more risky times. :)
hotforit    (2009-05-03 19:40:29)    Flag as inappropiate
I would have loved my first time to be exactly like this!
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:18:56)    Flag as inappropiate
Thansk for commenting, penetrator. I'm glad it worked for you. :)
easypeasy    (2009-03-14 15:18:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Well, it's a pretty hot fantasy anyway, Kraid. :)
penetrator    (2009-02-26 06:31:38)    Flag as inappropiate
penetrator love the last scene,would have enjoyed coming to you tenderly in the night
Soohard08    (2008-12-21 17:34:40)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 You are such a good writer, i will send you an email to you My Friend///
Kraid    (2008-12-19 01:16:01)    Flag as inappropiate
I've always wanted to do that.
easypeasy    (2008-11-19 20:16:44)    Flag as inappropiate
You are so welcome, MotorSpike. I'm glad it worked for you. :)
MotorSpike    (2008-10-28 15:02:29)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot story, thank you
easypeasy    (2008-10-18 15:49:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey, glad you thought so. Thanks. :)
Ron1x    (2008-10-13 05:22:47)    Flag as inappropiate
thats pretty hot

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