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  By: byts

So we have realized that conventions are the place to be to meet lots of out-of-town men who are looking for some sexual action and adventure. And eventually my work sends me to a convention in Las Vegas. Well, duh!! Where else should we be going to get J’s every hole hammered by a large group of strangers?!?!?

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So we get her a ticket to go too and I extend my business trip by a couple of days on the back-end. Since I will be working during daylight hours for the first 4 days, and I have some customer/vendor dinner obligations on 3 of the evenings, J will have to find ways to fill her free time. J assures me she will be up to the challenge!

Our outing actually starts as we drive to the airport (can’t count the stuff at home ‘cus that is an “every day” occurrence). J has decided to wear a short black skirt (not too tight so she can easily open her legs to provide good beaver shots), a sheer mesh and lace black blouse and black leather boots that come to just below her knees.

Most blouses of the “sheer mesh and lace” variety have lace bits strategically positioned to obscure most of the areola and nipple areas on women who might be wearing the blouse braless. But we searched far and wide and found some that have more mesh in front and let J’s areolas/nipples clearly show – hey hookers and street-walkers need to be able find those clothes they wear somewhere!!

But J will wear a black lace bra at the onset, at least until we ensure there are no kids, coworkers, uptight prudes, etc., at the airport common areas or in the lounge. The two layers of material on top will make it presentable enough for all but the extreme prudes and to them we say “fuck you!”

While “no panties” would seem to be the obvious choice, we actually prefer to have J start out wearing a pair of skimpy sheer panties. Then, after she is sure some guy has had a good look at her pussy with her sheer panties on, she takes them off and provides him another look – essentially saying to the guy “I know you were looking at my pussy through my panties and wishing I wasn’t wearing any. And I want you to see my naked pussy as much as you want to see it, so I took my panties off for you so you could get a better look!”

And when he realizes what she’s done and looks her in the face with surprise, the wicked smile and straight eye-to-eye contact she makes as she spreads her knees open wider says to him “I want you to look, and I want you to get a really good look and, if you have the guts, come talk to me and see if you win a chance to bury your face in that pussy you are staring at now!”

So even though we have decided what she will wear “in public”, we always make our road trips an adventure, even if we are just travelling to the airport 30 miles away. We load the car with our luggage and hang up J’s travel outfit on the clothes hook in the backseat. J gets in the car (while it is still in the garage) naked. I get behind the wheel and pull my cock out and J lies down on her stomach and starts sucking on it.

I open the garage door and pull out of our drive at a pretty speedy clip as there are neighbors who it would be OK to stop and chat with while J is in the car naked and blowing me and there are others with whom it would not be OK – and you can never predict who will be outside and “chatty.”

So I do the “hi/bye I’m on a really important time-sensitive mission so gotta run” wave to several people as I head down the street. Near the end of our street I see a guy we have been “playing with” for a few years. His name is Curt and he is in his front yard and about to start his lawnmower.

I pull over to the curb and lower the darkly tinted front passenger window. J keeps blowing me knowing full well that someone is about to see her, but trusting that it will be someone “we know that way” or a stranger who doesn’t know who we are. She opens her legs wide so whoever it is gets the maximum view and she starts deep-throating my cock like a madwoman.

When she hears Curt’s voice saying “hello RC” and then “and hello to that fabulous ass and pussy too!”, J flips over on her back and opens her legs and, as Curt’s face lights up, she starts fingering her pussy for his enjoyment… and hers…and mine.

I tell Curt we are headed to Las Vegas and ask him to keep an eye on things at our house if he gets the chance. Curt’s wife doesn’t swing. In fact she doesn’t enjoy sex at all. So Curt really enjoys his shots at J, the last time being about 10 days ago. J senses it is a little unfair to put a banquet on display and not offer any to a hungry man, so J asks Curt “have you been saving your cum for me since I saw you last?”

Curt nods yes and says “every drop is waiting for you to tell me where you want it!” J then asked “would you like to make a deposit now?” Curt answers “sure, do you have enough time?” And I say “we always head to the airport way early so we can have some fun on the way – so climb in!”

Curt gets in the back seat and I roll up the tinted windows as I drive away so J can climb over the front seat in to the back without Curt’s wife seeing what is going on if she happened to be looking out the window just then. If she did notice this and asked Curt why he got in to the back seat of my car he can explain that I needed a hand with some “heavy lifting” and that there were boxes stacked in the front passenger seat.

Curt has already pulled his shorts off as I pull away from the curb and he wasn’t wearing anything under them. He has a nice cock – average length, but very thick. And he has big balls which J likes ‘cus she says he cums buckets in to her, probably aided by the fact that he doesn’t get much action at home.

Curt is already rock hard from watching J masturbate and she dives on his cock and deep-throats him as best as she can given the girth of his cock. Next she changes to licking and sucking on his balls and goes back and forth between his cock and nut sack.

After a bit of this she starts pushing Curt’s legs up so she can get to his ass. Curt, knowing well how oral and anal J is, takes the cue and lies back and raises his legs for J. J spits on her fingers and rubs two of them along the crack of his ass, massaging his asshole as she blows him for a while until Curt finally says “please?” in a pleading tone.

J responds, “please what, Curt?” and Curt says “please, eat my ass, J” And J answers, “I’ll eat your ass any time you ask, Curt, so never be shy!”

J loves to hear guys ask her to do the nasty things they want her to do but are embarrassed to ask for directly and specifically. And with the formalities out of the way, J attacks Curt’s asshole with gusto and the car is soon filled with sucking and slurping sounds from J and moans and groans of pleasure from Curt.

After about ten minutes of tossing Curt’s salad, J goes back to sucking on his cock while she massages his asshole with 2 fingers that she keeps putting back in her mouth after every few strokes to suck and rewet. Finally, J presses her fingers to the opening of Curt’s asshole and gently forces her two fingers in a little as Curt moans with pleasure.

J pulls her fingers out and sucks on them again and reinserts them, deeper this time; and Curt moans louder. J tells Curt to get on his knees with his head on the seat and to stick his ass in the air and he does as directed. J gets behind his butt and licks his asshole and her fingers as she works to get the 2 fingers in all the way; Curt just moans and says “yes, yes, yes” over and over.

When J is finally able to slide her 2 fingers in all the way to her knuckles, she adds a 3rd finger and follows the same process once again. But this time getting them in to “knuckle deep” goes much faster. Then she adds the fourth finger on her hand and Curt starts shouting, “Yes; do it; do it now!”

I’ve pulled the car in to the quite end of a shopping center parking lot so I can enjoy J’s work and J smiles at me and asks, “do what Curt?!”

Curt: “You know what I want you to do!”

J: “How would I know for sure what you want today, Curt?!”

Curt: “Put it in, please!” J smiles at me again

J: “Curt, if you don’t tell me exactly what you want, I won’t know what to do!”

Curt: “Put your whole hand up my ass like you always do!!”

J: “I always stick my whole hand up your asshole, Curt?!?!?; well aren’t I just a dirty little anal slut then!”

J laughs as she puts her fingers in to a tight bouquet and presses them in to Curt’s asshole and starts rotating her wrist back and forth as she presses harder and harder. Curt reaches behind, grabs her arm just below the elbow and helps J shove her hand in until her wrist finally “pops” past his asshole’s sphincter muscle. Curt lets out a guttural moan of extreme pleasure and J lets out one of satisfaction.

J starts fist-fucking Curt’s asshole and then climbs under him on her back and Curt lowers his hips and slides his cock in to J’s mouth and starts face-fucking her while she continues to fist-fucks his ass. I reach back and help J hold her head up to relieve the neck strain. They go at it like this for a while picking up speed and force, both of them giving the other a good pounding.

Then suddenly Curt places his hand under J’s head too and pulls it up sharply as he shoves down hard with his hips, driving his cock well down J’s throat. J knows this is her cue and she shoves her hand as far as she can up Curt’s ass and then makes a fist with her fingers and pulls her hand back swiftly until her balled fist bangs in to his sphincter muscle from the inside.

Curt grunts loudly and cum starts exploding down J’s throat. J rapidly shoves her hand in and out of Curt’s asshole two more times and the last time keeps her fingers balled and pulls out on his ass muscle as hard as she can.

Curt keeps shooting gushers and starts repeating over and over things like “oh god, that is great!; you are so good!; I can’t believe how great that feels!” With each spasm Curt crams a little more of that thick cock down J’s throat.

I don’t understand the physiology involved in what J is doing to/for Curt, but for some reason, if a person can handle it this anal routine apparently leads to the world’s greatest orgasms - for men and women!

Curt’s cock is so far down J’s throat that she really doesn’t have to swallow, just avoid gagging – which is no easy feat considering the amount of cum Curt is pumping in to J and that thick cock of his wedged in her throat.

Eventually J pushes back against my and Curt’s hand on her head and pushes up on his hips and slides enough of his cock out of her throat to let Curt finish cumming the old fashioned way – in her mouth. Even with the amount of cum that went straight down her throat, J still collects quite a mouthful.

J is still hornier than a 4-balled Tom cat!! And as soon as Curt has relaxed his ass enough after trying to drown J with his river of cum, J extracts her hand, pushes Curt over in to a sitting position and climbs up on his lap while he is still hard. J first sticks Curt’s cock into her pussy to get it well lubed and then slides it up her asshole. Curt is too spent to do much, so J bounces her ass up and down, and fucks her ass with Curt’s cock.

Once J has a good rhythm going and Curt has recovered enough to at least put his hands on J’s hips and assist her with her “ leg squats”, J locks her still cum-filled mouth on Curt’s and they both open their mouths and do a tongue dance with each other.

Curt, like me, and any men that want repeat time with J, know that she has certain kinks as we all do. And our swinging “rules” say you cannot ask for anything you are not willing to do yourself. Everyone we swing with will learn this up front.

One of J’s kinks is liking to tangle tongues with a mouth full of cum – and not necessarily the cum of the guy she has her lips locked on. But, by our “rules” , if you want to cum in J’s mouth and watch others cum in hers, then she gets to “cum in yours.”

I personally prefer her actual cum (refer to female ejaculation articles), but what ya gonna do?!? Once you have seen and experienced J in action, you will do anything she asks to get some more of her!

When J is kissing a guy this way she moves their heads so the cum flows back and forth between them and each time it flows to her she swallows a little of it until it is all gone. At that point she has the guy stick his tongue out as far as he can and she sucks it clean – a very erotic feeling!

While that is her normal modus operandi, she will on occasion pull her mouth away and tell the guy to “swallow.” And again, if you refuse no more play time with J!! J has become a strong advocate for “what is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander” philosophy.

Today J has decided that she has consumed enough of Curt’s cum herself and, while picking up the pace of her ass fuck, J tilts Curt’s head back, pulls her mouth off of his and instructs Curt to “swallow.” When she sees Curt’s Adam’s Apple bob up and down from swallowing the cum she has passed to him, J slams herself down hard on his lap ramming his cock up her asshole as far as it will go and she cums violently while shouting “fuck, fuck, fuck!!!”

Curt’s balls erupt again and he cums deep in J’s ass as orgasmic waves send spasms through her body. Curt lets out a deep guttural moan as his last once of energy is sucked right out of him.

After a minute or two of winding down, J climbs off of Curt’s now limp cock. His lap is a mess, J has gushed quite a bit (not quite squirting, just a very, very wet orgasm) and there is Curt’s cum in the mix too. J says, “not to worry, I’ll clean you up” and she bends over and starts licking and sucking Curt clean.

As J Hoovers Curt’s cock and balls she sticks her beautiful ass up and toward the front seat where my face is and slaps one ass check with her hand and then uses the hand to spread her butt cheeks open. This is my cue that she wants me to use my mouth/tongue to do the same for her as she is doing for Curt. And since I don’t have a choice, and really don’t want one, I lean over the front seat, grab her by the hips and make sure she has no reason to criticize my tongue’s handiwork!!

When J and I are satisfied that Curt and J are as close to the “before” state as they are going to get, Curt pulls on his shorts and we take him back home as J climbs back in to the front seat. Poor guy though, he no longer has the energy to mow his lawn!!!

When once again parked at curb in front of Curt’s house I roll down the front passenger window as Curt exits the back seat. J is on her back again so Curt can see her clearly, but his wife would not be able to.

As I explained in other “fantasies” I posted here, J is very double-jointed. And one of her favorite “tricks” is to put her legs behind her arms/shoulders and her feet behind her head. When she is in this position and bends her upper body forward as far as she can, her mouth is in relatively close proximity to her pussy – she can get her tongue to her clit, but not deep inside her pussy.

But if she employs a large strap we had specially made for her, she can use it to take some of the pressure off of her back muscles and lick herself long enough to climax, which I simply love to watch. But she usually prefers that I tongue-fuck her pussy while she licks her clit. We just have to be careful or we bang our heads together!

Also, when J is strapped down that way, it very easy for me to rapidly move my cock between all three of her fuck holes, something that turns us both on. When we finally finish she has 3 gaping holes within a space of a couple of inches and cum and sex juices draining out from every one of them! And of course we can both work on the tongue-bath clean-up phase!!

But today, since we don’t have the strap with us, I have my hand on her upper back applying a little pressure to help ease the back strain and with my other hand I am holding her feet together for her to help secure his position. As Curt watches J is feverishly licking her own clit while one of her hands is stuffed completely in her pussy and four fingers of her other hand are finger-fucking her asshole.

J stops licking long enough to says to Curt “we’ll be back in about a week – is that enough time for you to save up another huge load of cum for me?!?!” Well, the way she is bent over it actually looks like she is talking to her pussy, but Curt understands!

Curt smiles weakly and answers “you are one beautiful and freaky lady and while I have no understanding of where your insatiable sex drive comes from, you are welcome to my cock and cum whenever you desire!” J , smiling wickedly responds, “don’t forget your balls and asshole, I want them too!” Curt shakes his head in amazed admiration and says “all yours, crazy lady, all yours!!” And we drive off.

We’ve burned more time with Curt than I had planned, but we left the house a full 5 hours before our flight. And since I am the kind of person who actually does as directed and arrives at the airport at least 2 hours ahead of departure, we have around 90 minutes or so to kill before we should head to the airport.

So we opt for a repeat of something we’ve done many times before and head to Cabela’s which is on the way to the airport. If you don’t know what Cabela’s is look it up at This huge superstore attracts a mix of macho types from hunters to mountain climbers to long-haul truck drivers and we have used this place for several different types of fun. But since we are in a bit of a hurry today, we opt for this one…

J gets in the back seat naked on her back and uses her Rabbit vibrator on her pussy and asshole. Then I drive around the parking lot searching for a reasonable looking guy heading to his vehicle. When I have a mark in sight, I drive up beside him and roll down my window and say “hey buddy, can I ask you for a hand with something, there is $20 in it for you?”

If he stops, and they all do, I roll down J’s window and say “my wife is a sexaholic and I just can’t satisfy her by myself!” J is on her back with one foot on the back of the front seat and the other behind the little headrest on the top of the backseat really working herself over with the vibrator in both holes. She says something along the lines of “please mister, I’ve got to have some cock now or I am going to explode inside – please let me suck your cock!!”

By now I have the $20 in my hand out the window. And of the hundreds of times we have done this, only 3 guys have walked away. And I am convinced it was because they were concerned that no way in hell would a lady as good looking as J be asking to blow them unless something bad was going to happen if they agreed. Or maybe they were strong Christians or faithful to their wives – not really sure; don’t really care.

But the vast majority of those macho rednecks just accept that they are god’s gift to women and of course someone like J would just naturally want to suck their cock if she had the chance - and even pay for the privilege (although most don’t keep the $20 after she has performed her magic on them)! Whatever!! In any case, J had time to suck off three guys before we had to leave.

One of her “pleasure targets” was a young black man with a very long, but not very thick cock. That meant J was able to easily deep-throat him all the way down her throat and put most of his ball sack in her mouth too. J knows this is something I love to watch her do. The first time I ever saw that little trick was when Linda Lovelace did it in the old classic porn flick Deep Throat and I vowed right then I would find me someone who would be able to shock and impress Linda!! And J exceeded my every wish!

Since she knows I like this “technique” quite a lot, J tries to do it for me whenever the opportunity presents, which is to say whenever she gets a long but not too, too thick cock to suck! The young man must have liked it too ‘cus he started to cum as soon as J started massaging his balls with her lips, and, like Curt, he was so far down her throat when he came that there was no swallowing necessary – just try and not gag.

J did pretty well on the gagging front, but did choke a little as he finally reeled that long black snake out of her throat. But she kept it mostly under control. Finally head off to the airport for “real” this time and J puts on her travelling outfit when we parked the car and then we catch the shuttle to departures.

We checked our larger bags at the curb kiosk and headed to the Admiral’s Club where we sit apart from each other. J decides she wants a Bloody Mary and orders one at the bar. After being served she turns around on her stool and checks out any potential beaver-shot recipients.

I guess it is technically not a beaver shot since she is shaved completely bald. And I guess “shaved” is not technically correct either since she had all of her pubic hair, and a few stragglers in the crack of her ass, permanently removed electronically. So she only has a small patch of public hair north of her clit that she shapes or shaves off.

As she scans the room J notices 3 guys sitting together at a table directly across from her. One is an attractive looking tall blonde, one is an even taller good looking black guy and the 3rd is an average looking businessman type. J really likes the first 2. And, while she is seemingly looking around the club aimlessly, she opens her knees and makes sure the table gets a perfect view of her pussy covered by a small, sheer piece of material – so small that that the panties are actually tucked in to her slit with her pussy lips clearly visible on both sides.

I’m sitting behind the guys’ table and I see the blonde guy react and jab the other two in the ribs and point toward J. She keeps them waiting a minute or so and then opens her legs wide. The guys are beside themselves. After a couple more well spaced shots, J finishes her Bloody Mary and heads to the restroom to take off her panties.

She has frequently taken them off while staring at the guy she wants to please, even in busy public venues where others are tuned in to the “strip show.” And she has started to pull them off and stopped about mid-thigh and then gestured to the person she is manipulating to come over and take them the rest of the way off; she never had a refusal. But we don’t need any problems at the airport today that might interfere with our trip to Vegas.

When she comes back out J swings by where I am sitting and she talks to me like I am a coworker she is surprised to run in to in the airport. But I realize what she is really doing is letting me see that in addition to taking her panties off, she has folded the top of her bra into the bottom cup and all of the lace is now under her tits, essentially turning it in to a “shelf” bra.

Technically still wearing a bra, but all it is doing is pushing her tits up and out, pressing them up against the sheer fabric of her blouse so her areolas/nipples are just about as clearly visible as they would be if she was topless. It seems she has decided that since there were no children or coworkers around, and only a few women, that she was safe in “showing off.” I guess…

In fact, the club is not very crowded this day and most of the patrons are crowded around the big screen TV rooting or booing at whatever sporting event was being broadcast. J chooses to sit in a stuffed leather chair on the far end of the lounge area farthest away from the TV and across from a sofa and other similar chairs.

She places her smaller carry-on bag in front of her (the “standard” rectangular ones with a handle and wheels that so many people drag around with them today) and puts her feet up on it. To the casual observer this probably appears to serve as a way to help her hold the magazine she begins flipping through at a better “reading” angle. But it is really intended to angle her legs up in a way that makes it easier for everyone to look down her skirt and see what she wants to show off.

As she sits down she slides her skirt up to where there are only a couple of inches of material down her thighs, just barely passing her butt. It only takes a couple of minutes before the 3 guys relocate to the seats across from where J is sitting and I relocate to a chair behind them, out of their line of site unless they turn around, but able to look directly at J.

She smiles to herself and moves her legs apart. There is so little material with her skirt slid up that high that there is no shadow from the skirt to obscure any of the view. I can see her pussy clearly from where I am sitting, so I’m sure the guys can too and their body language confirms it.

And as she intended to do, she has surprised me! In addition to taking her panties off, she has inserted a large butt plug in her asshole. And there is something written on her pelvis which I can’t make out from where I sit, but later learn she has used a lipstick pencil to write “4 UR” followed by a drawn pair of lips with a long tongue stretching to her clit.

J continues “to read her magazine” but she is also watching me out of the corner of her eye and I decide to have some fun in return in response to her “surprise.“ I flash a hand movement that she knows means “open up wider.” She opens he knees wider and now there can be no doubt that she is purposely exposing her pussy and plugged asshole for any and all to see.

I don’t know if it is true for all women, but when J gets sexually aroused her pussy lips open up and gape – the wider they gape open the more excited she is. I always thought it was her pussy’s way of inviting a tongue or cock to enter her. J’s pussy was gaping so widely now that she must be at level 11 on a scale of 10!

The three guys were animatedly talking amongst themselves while staring right at J’s pussy. She looked in my direction and I gave her a motion to pull her skirt up and open her legs as wide as she could. She looked at me a little nervously and asked with her expression, “are you serious?!?!?” and I looked around, made sure no one else who might be a problem was paying attention and then I nodded “yes!”

So J put the magazine down and waited until all 3 guys were looking at her and then she put her hands on the side of her skirt and raised herself up enough off the cushion to slide the skirt up, sat back down and then put her feet up on the chair cushion and opened her legs as wide as she could.

I used my arms and the arms of the chair I was sitting in to describe what I wanted her to do and J used the double-jointedness in her hips to stretch her legs over the chair arms, virtually straight out at an upward angle, as when someone does a split, with the leather-booted legs bending at a down angle at her knees as they hooked over the chair arms. The guys almost went in to apoplectic fits!

Then J took back the initiative and dropped her hand to her pussy and ran her fingers up and down the inside of her gaping snatch back and forth. Her look to me said “hah – got you again!” Her look to the blonde said “if you want it, come and get it!”

But I don’t like to be topped in these things so I give J a jester that communicates I want her to use her hands and spread her pussy open. She smiles at me and does it. Then she smiles again and sticks the fingers of one hand deep in to her pussy and starts masturbating before I had a chance to give the next direction.

No way am I going to give up on being the director of our fantasies turning in to realities and I gesture for her to fuck her ass with the butt plug using her other hand. She almost laughs out loud that I’m still insisting on being “in control.”

As J starts going to town with both hands the 3 guys are trying to figure out what is going on here – some kind of X-rated Candid Camera for adults?!?!? Then J touches the tip of her tongue to her lips and licks them in both directions and then pulls the butt plug out of her asshole and puts it in her mouth, making a big show of sucking and licking on it before she puts it back in her asshole with a triumphant smile to me. You have to admit, she is good!!

That’s it – the guys trip over themselves crossing the short distance to get to J. The Scandinavian looking guy pulls up a foot stool right in front of J and she is a little startled by his rapid and close approach and reflexively starts to move her hands and close her legs, but I signal to her to not, so she returns to the wide open and spread out pose while working on both her holes.

The blonde dude finally leans forward on his stool and places a hand on J’s thigh within an inch of her pussy and asks J “why are you sitting like that?” She answers “because you were looking at my pussy when I had my panties still on and you were wishing I wasn’t wearing any; because I wanted you to get to see my naked, wet, excited pussy since you wanted to; and because my husband told me he wanted me to sit like this and do these things for you…”

That last comment caused the 3 men to look around furtively until they spotted me. I smiled and waved gently at them. Then blonde guy slowly turned back to J and said, “My name is John, can I ask what your game is?” J replies “no game; I’m an insatiable oral and anal nymphomaniac and my husband, RC over there, wants to be part of how I satisfy my addictions, that’s all.”

John looks over his shoulder at me again and then back at J and asks her, “and what is it you want right now?” J looks to me and I wiggle my fingers at John and her and she says in a very serious voice “right now he wants you to take your hand off my thigh...” John jumps back and pulls his hand away. And then in a sensual voice J continues “and stick it in my pussy!” as she takes her fingers out so he can slip his in.

John eventually smiles, leans forward again and slips 2 and then 4 fingers in to J’s pussy. J grabs John’s wrist and starts to masturbate herself with his hand. The other 2 guys stand up and do a quick scan of the terrain to make sure they are not the object of scrutiny or concern, as I have been doing continually. Now standing, the other two guys try to use their bodies to shield John and J from the view of casual observers. But it seems that everyone else in the club is busy yelling at the TV or working in the cubicles at the other end of the large space. I get the 2 guys’ attention and let them know they are blocking my view and they move to the side slightly.

J pulls John’s hand out of her drenched pussy and brings it to her mouth and greedily licks and sucks her pussy juice off his fingers, then returns to fucking herself with his hand. John uses his other hand to take the butt plug from J’s hand and starts reaming her ass with it. J uses the strength in her legs to raise herself off the cushion about 6 inches so John and I get a good view of the pussy and asshole he is reaming and then lets herself back down on the seat cushion.

After a while john pulls the plug out of J’s asshole and puts it in J’s mouth to lick and suck and then returns it to her ass. Then J smiles and takes john’s fingers from her pussy and pushes them to his mouth and he licks her juices from his digits then returns it to her pussy where J lets him do all the work on that hole too since he now knows she want s it hard and rough!

J reaches for the butt plug and John pulls it out and starts to move it to her mouth, but J places her hand on his wrist and pushes it toward John’s lips. I, of course, saw this coming when John wanted J to lick her ass juice off of the plug, but he didn’t. John at first resists, but he can easily read the look on J’s face that communicates “do what you had me do, or it all ends now!”

John finally starts licking the plug and then pops it in his mouth and twirls it around before returning it to its “proper place.” John’s buddies are shocked senseless at everything they have witnessed going on here, but they are also beginning to wonder what action they are going to get, if any. They remain on guard, vigilant for any potential problem, unable to hide the huge boners in their pants.

So picture this – my beautiful wife is sitting in the Admiral’s Club of a major airport in a major U.S. city, naked from the waist down and wearing a see-through blouse with her naked tits clearly visible. Her legs are spread as wide open as is as humanly possible – virtually straight out – and a guy she just met is finger-fucking her completely shaved pussy while he fucks her asshole with a butt plug with his other hand! And they are sharing her pussy and ass juices as two other strangers and her husband look on!!! Only in America!!

J grabs John’s wrist again and starts pounding her pussy harder and faster which I take as a sign she is about to cum and she does indeed. A nice wet orgasm - no squirting per se, but then she is seemingly a little uptight about being naked and masturbating in an Admiral’s Club! Go figure!!

As J is cumming, and then cumming down from cumming very deeply, she has crammed John’s hand as deeply in to her cunt as it will go – which is somewhat constrained by the fact that his thumb is on the outside of her pussy and banging in to her clit. But she finally relaxes and releases the pressure on his wrist and he eventually withdraws his digits from her very moist and still quivering box. And without J’s prompting John puts his sticky wet fingers in his mouth and licks them with a “finger licking good!” flair.

John, also suffering from a serious hard-on, asks J, “so what now?” J looks at me and I hold up one finger to signify the first thing and then point to my mouth, then John, then J’s pussy. Then I hold up two fingers to indicate the 2nd thing and point to a walk-in coat and storage closet in the corner behind where she was sitting and drew a circle to include all 3 guys.

J looked at John and said “if you have the nerve to eat me as I sit here, then I’ll make sure you get all you could want from me!” John doesn’t know exactly what that means, but after a look at his buddies and me for the “all’s clear” sign, which we give him, John gets down on his knees and starts eating J’s pussy, using his fingers to finger-fuck her. He must be doing a great job based on J’s body movements!

After a couple of minutes of this, J pulls the plug out of her ass and lifts her butt off the cushion again and presses down on John’s head – she wants him to give her a rim job. In response John slides his hands under J’s ass cheeks and raises her even higher and tilts her back at the waist so he can get to her asshole easily and then he dives on her asshole and starts eating it out as he had been her pussy. J fingers her clit with one hand and “guides” John’s head with the other one, having him lick her all the way from her clit to her asshole and then back again and again.

The three of us watching the action were so absorbed by the “J and John” show that we didn’t realize someone had joined us until we heard a male voice say “now that’s some freaky shit!” We all jumped a little and turned to see a young black man who was making the rounds cleaning ash trays and picking up drink glasses, etc. When J heard him talk she opened her eyes, which had been closed in intense pleasure, and John jumped up.

J started to close her legs and I motioned to her to stop and leave them open. She was nervous given the sudden change in dynamic, but did as I asked and kept her legs open for the new comer to get a good look. I signaled J to put the plug back in and give him the complete show which she did, closing her eyes to help get herself back in “the mood.” Before long she was rocking and rolling and was able to open her eyes and smile at the admirers she was pleasing, especially me.

The young man (we later learned his name was Dwanye, which he pronounced DeeWayne) was just standing there with his mouth open repeating sounds like “hhhmmmmm, hhhmmmm, hhhmmmm” and “freaky shit!”

I made a fist with my hand and pointed to J’s pussy which she knew meant I wanted her to fist-fuck her pussy. She did so, which is easy for her to do with her slender hands/wrists and years of practice. And while she always enjoyed the way this made her feel and the reaction she got from whoever was watching her for the first time, she really enjoyed the responses she got this time which included Dwayne nearly yelling “I ain’t believin’ this!”

John’s black colleague, Arik was his name we came to learn, reached in to his pocket and took out several bills and handed them to Dwayne and I’m sure requested his discretion on a “bro to bro” basis. And he pointed to me so I’m sure he was saying something along this lines of “hey, it’s his wife and he wants her to do this, so who are we to object?!?!?”

Dwayne finally moved on, completing his duties while keeping an eye on J working herself over as best he could without drawing attention to where the action was. J looked at me and I nodded, meaning it was time to move to the coat/baggage area.

J put her legs down and stood up and started to pull her skirt back down but then looked at me to see if she should or was I going to direct her parade around virtually naked which would surely get noticed. I nodded it was OK and she pulled down her skirt. John came over to her to see what was going on, figuring we might walk out on the previous “agreement.”

J says to John “I’m going to put my carry-on case in that storage closet over there and in about I minute I may need your help placing it on the top shelf. So come and check on how I’m doing and bring your two friends with you.” John smiled and went to relay the instructions while J rolled her case in to the closet.

I had not given J any specific directions on what to do, but she was a bright girl and this wasn’t our first rodeo! John waited more like 2 minutes and then the 3 headed to the storage room. I followed to watch the door and the action.

What they saw when they entered the room was J completely naked except for her boots, bent over at the waist with her hands on the wall and her butt-plugged ass sticking out at them. She was looking over her shoulder wearing a big smile as they entered and she said “fuck whatever part of me you want, but first you have to eat what you are going to fuck!

John had too much invested already and he eagerly pushed his way in and grabbed the plug and popped it out of J’s ass and in to his mouth for several twirls and then put it in J’s mouth. Then he dropped to his knees and buried his mouth in J’s ass like he was a school kid eating watermelon!

J softly moaned and swayed her hips and rocked back and forth and then finally said loudly “stick your cock in my ass and please have a big one!” John stood up and dropped his pants and pulled out a very stiff, slightly larger than average cock and crammed it up J’s ass in one swift thrust. So much for being a gentleman!!

John was so excited by all that had happened that he came in about 3 strokes, grabbing J’s hips and pulling back hard as he trust forward. J would have liked a little more action from John, but you had to take what you could get in these situations! As john eventually pulled his cock out of J’s ass, she handed him the butt plug and told him to put it back in, which he did.

Then J told John to come to her and drop his pants and briefs and when he did she took his cock and balls in one hand and started to suck and lick them. John just stood there enjoying it all immensely, gently stroking J’s hair as she worked her oral magic on him.

Arik, was next. And he sorely wanted to fuck J’s ass, but he didn’t think he could eat it out after another guy had cum in it. Hell, he wasn’t sure he could eat her ass if no one had ever touched it before – he had never done anything like that or nor had it done to him.

But just then, J had John turn around and bend over and she started rimming John like it was the last meal of a condemned person. And when Arik heard the sounds of sheer pleasure John was making, he said “oh what the fuck!” and popped out the butt plug and threw his face into J’s ass. J knew Arik was an anal oral virgin, so she tried to keep her colon muscles contracted so very little of John’s cum made its way into Arik’s mouth.

About then a woman walked up toward the storage closet wheeling a suit case and I quickly blurted out “sorry, but this one is temporarily closed; they are trying to catch a mouse or rat that is chewing on peoples things!” The lady grimaced and shook her hand “I’m out of here” as she hurried off.

Arik had a decent cock and gave J’s butt a good banging and then dumped a heavy load of cum in her ass. He then replaced the plug and moved up and took John’s place at J’s mouth for a good tonguing front and back.

John put his pants back on came to chat me up a little, wanting to understand what J and I were about and how he could “stay in touch.” I took his contact information, but we seldom went back to the same folks – there were too many people out there we hadn’t done once yet! J

The last of the 3, Louis, wanted to fuck J’s ass too, but he could not bring himself to rim her, so he kneeled under J and began eating her pussy. John, who was Louis’ and Arik’s boss, started making chicken clucking sounds and then we all joined in, even J.

Louis stood up in a huff and gave everyone an angry look and then pulled the plug out of J’s ass and touched the tip of his tongue in to J’s gaping asshole about three times and then looked at me with a “is that enough?” question on his face. I said “go for it!”

Louis pulled his small cock out of his fly and tried to get it in J’s ass, but they couldn’t get the angles right. So eventually they dragged a piece of luggage over for Louis to stand on to give him the right “angle of the dangle” and he went for maybe 6 strokes before he came and teetered off the luggage pulling J over with him.

J got the plug back in her ass and told Louis to just stay on the floor and she pulled his pants and boxers down and started licking and sucking on him where he lay. Next J had him flip over and get on his knees with his head down on the carpet, holding his ass cheeks open for her. Louis almost screamed when J’s tongue bored in to his asshole, but it was from pure pleasure. And as J continued working her moist magic, Louis kept mumbling “Beverly (his wife’s name it would appear) is simply going to have to learn how to do this!”

Dwayne wandered over about then, making another ashtray/drink glass round and said “so far you are still cool; no one is talking about anything to do with you. You can probably thank the close game for that; it’s the quarter-finals!” I thanked him and gave him another $20. He peered around the door frame and gets a full view of a naked J with her butt plug in place eating out the ass of a pantless Louis and said “man oh man…is she really your wife?”

I answered “for more than 10 years!” And he asked, “why do you let her do that to other men?!?!” I responded “because it makes her very happy, and making her very happy makes me very happy! And, she feels and does the same for me!!” Dwayne just watched and shook his head slowly.

As J finished with Lewis she recognized the young man she had put a show on for earlier and waved him in. Dwayne shook his head “no” and said “I’d be fired if I got caught!” I said “you just said all was quiet, so you won’t be missed for a few minutes.”

Dwayne kept shaking his head “no” so J who was thinking “after you saw all of me as you did, doing what I did to ‘entertain’ you, you can’t at least put your black cock in one of my holes?!?!” stood up and walked toward him.

Dwayne started backing away and J kept walking toward him until she reached the door and asked him “are you going to make me chase you across this club naked?!?!” Dwayne continued to back up thinking she couldn’t be serious!!!

But I knew when J gets this way she would be willing to walk naked around New York City’s Times Square to get what she has set her sights on. And when I see the look in J’s eyes now I immediately think “oh shit, we are not going to make it to Vegas today!!”

Since Dwayne keeps backing up, J eventually steps out of the secluded closet and keeps walking toward him. If anyone had looked in our direction they would have seen a completely naked white lady in tall boots walking intently toward a young black man. I could only pray that the game on TV was totally riveting!!

Suddenly Dwayne reversed course and said “OK, OK, you win, let’s go back inside!” But J said, “no, you made me walk out here this way to get you and now I am going to suck your cock right here!” Dwayne looks like he is going to freak and starts to back up again, but John and I are between hi m and his path to escape.

J dropped to her knees, unzipped Dwayne’s fly and pulled out a nice, but not exceptional cock. It was semi-stiff, which told me he was horny but nervous. The 4 of us formed a shield around them to block the view from the TV and bar area, but anyone who got close would easily see J hungrily sucking Dwayne’s cock to a complete erection and using it to tickle her tonsils.

As J moves her mouth up and down Dwayne’s shaft he eventually starts moving his hips in rhythm. They both picked up speed and were heading to a climax when there was a loud cheer and a group hand clap from the TV crowd. Dwayne jumped and popped out of J’s mouth just as he started to cum and shot a huge load all over J’s face, hair and tits. He kept cumming and J tried to get his cock back in her mouth, but Dwayne was too nervous and twitching and so J just said “aim at these , aim at these !” and cupped her tits together and offered them to Dwayne’s cock. Dwayne pumped all he had left on J’s tits and then hurriedly put his cock away and said “thanks!!” and left as quickly as he was able to move. I grabbed one of the cocktail glasses off his tray as he did.

J stood up and said to me, “I know you want your turn at me, but first there is the matter of all of this cum on my tits and belly and face.” She placed one hand on the back of my head and the other on John’s and pressed us each to one of her breasts and we started licking her clean as we moved her back in to the coat closet.

Arik decided he did not want to be left out of any future “get togethers”, so once J was back inside he dropped to his knees and licked J’s Belly and pelvis clean and then gave her pussy some special attention “just in case!”

After we had her licked spotless, J moved back to where she was and bent/leaned forward. I dropped my pants and pulled out the butt plug and was about to stick my engorged cock in her asshole when J said “uh, uh – not so fast; you know the rules!” So I dropped and did my best impersonation of a kid eating watermelon.

But unlike Arik, J knew I was not an anal virgin and I could feel her contracting her muscles to feed me a cum-fart cocktail, which I swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed like a good boy. Finally she said, “OK, fill me back up!” and I stood straight and slid my cock in her ass and started banging it hard.

Arik and Louis watched the door and John came back, dropped his pants and bent over in front of J. J grabbed his ass checks to hold on and he braced against the wall. J opened up John’s ass and looked over her shoulder at me and said, “RC dear, John here, who I have only known for an hour, wants me to kiss and lick and suck on this asshole you see right in front of my face and to use my tongue like a dick and to fuck his asshole with my dick/tongue!! As someone who loves me deeply, what is your reaction and direction?!?!”

I answer “John, new friend, it will give j great pleasure to do as you request and me great pleasure to watch J kiss, lick, suck and fuck your asshole with her tongue! My only request is that you let her know how she is doing as she does it all and that you sing her praises far and wide so that one day we might hear from some other “new friend” oh, you must be the “J” I have been hearing so much about!

And to you my lovely wife I say I love you more than is humanly possible and if you do a really good job kissing, and licking, and sucking and tongue-fucking our new friend’s asshole, I will love you just a little bit more!!”

With that J laughs loudly and throws herself into tossing John’s salad like she had to win a bet or loss everything she possesses. And after a few minutes when J pulled back and stretched John’s ass open for me to see how widely she had gaped his ass using just her tongue, I exploded in her butt for what seemed like minutes! As I pulled out and reinserted the plug there was too much cum in her and some squished out around the plug. She was still working on John, but she managed to say “lick it up!” and I obediently did so.

J was jerking off John’s cock as she ate his ass and as he was about to get his rocks off J turned him around and milked John’s cum in to the glass I had taken from Dwayne and handed to her. Next she pulled the plug from her ass and squatted over the glass and squeezed out as much cum as she could, damn near filling the short cocktail glass. J stood up then with the glass in hand, said “cheers all!” and emptied the glass in several deep swallows.

Finally J did the obligatory porn movie thing of using her finger to get as much cum out of the glass as she could and smacking her lips as she licked and sucked the cum from her fingers.

It was time to get dressed and catch our plane so J said “any of you who had a good time today and would hope to repeat any of it with us, there is a certain way we always say “au revoir!” RC, would you please demonstrate?”

I answer, “of course my love” and as J bends over I spread her ass open and give her now somewhat inflamed asshole a final lick, suck and loud wet kiss. I step aside and John quickly follows and completes his turn, then Arik, and finally Louis who lingers licking and sucking on J’s asshole as if he regrets not doing it properly the first time around.

J puts the plug back in to help with any residual leaking, gets dressed and heads to the ladies room to get cleaned up a bit; the guys head off to the gents to do the same. After we are as presentable as we will get without an actual shower and fresh clothes, we grab our carry-on items and head to our gate as they are announcing our names over the P.A system and threatening to throw our luggage off the flight since we are delaying departure. Leaving the club lobby we get an overly enthusiastic wave of good-bye and appreciation from Dwayne who, by the starry-eyed look on his face, obviously believes he just died and went to heaven.

We board our flight getting dirty looks from everyone we pass. Then I notice the look change on the faces of the men and I realize J has left her bra folded under her tits, so the men are pleased by what they get to see through the mesh. But of course this makes the women even angrier.

And although they profess that it is a question of morals and decency, what most women really hate is that J is making all their husbands think “why doesn’t my wife keep herself in such good shape so she could wear clothes like that?!?!” And for those with wives with decent bodies simply “why won’t my wife wear something like that – at least at home if not out to public places?!?!?”

We find our seats and the plane is not very crowded (yeah, this was a few years back!), so we do not expect we will have someone in the 3rd seat next to us. But then this guy puts his luggage in the overhead bin behind our row and then acts like he confused about something and finally sits down in our row next to J who is in the middle seat with me in the window one. J had been checking him out and she looked at me and pointed to her tits and then hooked her thumb over her shoulder to the guy sitting down next to her. She is telling me that he saw her tits hanging out and decided he would change his seating assignment.

J bets me she will make him cum before we land in Phoenix (layover/plane change), but I say that is too easy she can just give him a hand job under a blanket as she has done to me and others before. I say she has to make him cum in her mouth and without leaving the seats (no mile high club in the restroom stuff). We agree on the wager and shake on it!

But that is another story... Stay tuned in!!

RC & J

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