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  By: byts

So by now it must be pretty clear that what J and I love most (besides each other) is rough and raunchy sex with strangers we have just met – preferably gangbangs with a bunch of strangers. But how to find them?!?!

The answer – conventions! You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be) by how many men go to these conventions with the hope/intent of getting some strange ass!

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At first, when money was tighter, we would just go down to the large city near where we lived. By then we had picked up a used “stretched” limo and we’d park it in a local parking garage, picking a good spot for what we had planned. Then we would separately go to the bar in a close by “convention” hotel – something like the Hyatt. J would, of course, be dressed very sexily – something that showed off a lot of thigh and tits, in fact all of her tits when she bent forward (which she did often) since she was naked under the dress. I would sit away from her while J would sit at the bar or at a table, nursing a drink and acting like she was pissed off at the world. Eventually some guy would hit on her and, if she liked him, she would explain that her husband was supposed to come downtown to have dinner, but he had called and said he had to work late and couldn’t make it after all; so here she was, “all dressed up with no place to go!!”

Of course this was music to the guy’s ears and he would offer to buy her a drink, etc., which she would accept. And if they had started at the bar, she would suggest a table or booth and then she would drink her cocktail fairly quickly and act like she was getting drunk fast since, as she explained, she “never had more than one drink in an evening due to her low tolerance for alcohol and this made number 3 for her this night!” So if he hadn’t already made his move (read: started feeling J Up, etc.) she would say something like “you know what I was going to give my husband tonight that he isn’t going to get now?!?” And when he responded “No” she would take his hand and shove it under her dress/skirt in to her very wet and eagerly awaiting, gaping pussy.

Of course I could see all of this and she would make sure I got a good show – pulling her skirt up damn near to her waist so I (along with many others if they happen to check them out) could see her pussy getting finger-fucked. Getting fist-fucked was often more like it since these guys would get so excited by their good luck and J would keep whispering in their ear to “do it harder; go deeper!!” J would rub his cock and balls and try to get his pants unzipped and pull his cock out. Some guys were too nervous for that, but some couldn’t wait to give their hard-ons a little breathing room.

She used to try and go down on them and give them a blow-job under the table, but we had to quit that when the hotel management at one place got upset with us and asked us to leave (actually asked J and the stranger she was throat fucking to leave). It seems it was perfectly OK for some stranger to damn near strip my wife naked and shove his arm up her pussy, but her repaying the favor was a “no-no!” Go figure!! There are places where this is acceptable and even expected, but alas the Hyatt Regency is not one of them!! So after that she just gave them hand jobs under the table. And if they were not too nervous to cum, she would catch most of it in her hands and then suck and lick it off while she looked at me and smiled. If she wasn’t drawing too much attention she would make a big deal of holding her hand above her head and letting the cum drip off and catching it in her mouth!

Eventually J would look in my direction and lick her lips when it was time for the change of location and then she would tell the lucky SOB that she needed to get back to the burbs, but if he would be a gentleman and escort her to her car, she would not be a lady when she made sure it worth his trouble!

No one ever refused and once in the garage as they neared our car, she would strip off her dress and walk naked to the vehicle like she was tipsy/drunk, wearing nothing but high heels and a necklace. She would get to the car turn around and face him with her legs open and hands on her hips and ask him, “What do you want in way of a ‘thank you?’” I would be positioned where I could see it all, but out of his direct view, of course. And what the guy would want would depend on the guy – some would be so turned on that they would drop their pants and fuck her right on the car fender or hood while others would worry about the risk of getting caught and want to get in to the car first.

One “rule” or agreement we had was that if they started fucking outside the car, J wouldn’t stop if someone walked by – the guy might, but J was to keep fucking and trying to get him to keep fucking her until they both climaxed. We really didn’t need a “rule” after the first few times as J quickly realized that the only thing better than getting a raunchy fuck from a complete stranger within minutes of meeting him was getting that fucking while a bunch of other strangers watched.

Where we picked to park there was not a lot of traffic (top floor, last parking space), but on occasion someone would wander by and get an eyeful. Some would just keep going while others would stop and observe the action (it is not every day you get to see a beautiful women completely naked getting her not inconsiderable brains fucked out in “public” and enjoying every second of it - and even more so now that there was an audience!).

On more than one occasion the man/men would want a piece of J too and we played it by ear based on how they looked/appeared, how the first stranger reacted, etc. Some would be intimidated by it all while some got turned on by J’s willingness to take on all cummers! Of course some would act like jerks, get their rocks off and walk away leaving J naked and alone to get fucked by whoever wanted sloppy seconds, thirds or fourths. But I was always near to make sure nothing got out of hand.

In any case, most of the time things would proceed as described until I would walk up and join in on what was happening. And on those nights when everything went well, I would get to say something like “well now that you have fucked the shit out of my wife, why don’t we take her somewhere a little more comfortable and see who cries ‘uncle, I can’t take any more of this!!!’ first?” If we were batting 1,000 he would agree and J and the guy(s) would get in to the back seat while I drove. As we headed to one of our preferred fucking locations (often in what was termed a “forest preserve” – a small wooded park) where we could spread out a blanket and work J over under the stars, or just stay in the limo if the weather was not in our favor.

As I drove she would be back there in the huge passenger compartment putting on a show for me in the rear-view mirror (as well as for the guy(s) back there) - putting her double-jointed legs behind her own shoulders and then fist-fucking her pussy, etc. In short order she would be sucking him (them) to erection and if the angels were really with us, in a few minutes more time she would be giving me a wicked smile and blowing me kisses as I stared in to the dash mirror and watched some stranger’s dick sliding all the way in and out of her ass hole while J moaned and cussed in extreme pleasure and would keep saying over and over loud enough for me to hear “do it harder; go deeper!!!.”

Prologue: So no, it did not always go perfectly and sometimes the stranger got cold feet – especially when he started questioning his unbelievable luck in being pursued by such a beautiful, insatiable nympho, or the isolation of the garage would make him nervous (was he being set up to be mugged or ‘rolled’?!?!), or other people showing up (me or someone else), or he wasn’t in to the group thing, or he was nervous about driving away with strangers, etc… But what I’ve described above is what essentially happened on many, many nights. And one thing is for sure – we did this one well over 100 times (we lost count!!) and never once did J fail to get them to the garage where she strutted to the car naked and laid herself open for his and my inspection! So that is why it is a fantasy rather than reality – ‘cus we fantasize that everything went perfectly every time!!!

RC & J


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