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Being a JC teacher has it's perks. Plenty of young schoolgirls who are awkward about their bodies as well as those who still don't know how to behave properly. These girls are just growing to accept their new maturing bodies and some still don't know that little gestures which may be acceptable when they were much younger may now be considered a tease.


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The Naughty Meter

The lecture rooms were a great source of comfort as well as discomfort occasionally as I would be in the front of the whole room trying to bring across some lecture or subject when I would occasionally get some female students who would love to sit high up and not even bother to cross their legs or sit with their thighs together. There would be lots of glimpses of these young girls flashing their cute underwear in all sorts of patterns and colours.

Josephine or Josy as she prefers to be called would always be one of these girls who would be forever teasing me sub-consciously. She would sit in her chair dreamily, thinking about some matter and keeping her knees wide apart, swinging them in and out flashing her pink, black or blue panties. Today she was wearing a pair of white ones though with cute little red hearts on them and she was giving me a eyeful. Her young tender pussy lips were full, pushing against the material of her undies showing the shape clearly as though as the cloth wasn't there at all.

As much as I loved to keep my gaze there, I had to move around a bit and also look at the other students just to keep them on their toes, else they would start dozing off or day-dreaming. May, sitting on the other side of the room was already in her dream mode. She had initially kept her knees together but I noticed recently that whenever she was not concentrating, she would allow her knees to slide open and show her panties too. Today she was wearing a beautiful pair of cream coloured high cut panties which had laces lined around. I kept my gaze on her slightly longer, with a good excuse this time as she was day-dreaming.

"May! Could you kindly pay attention to the lecture instead of dreaming away?"

She stammered an apology and immediately closed her thighs together, blushing away. Well, I have to act like a teacher no matter what the temptation... At least that was what I believed so far. It didn't occurred to me yet that I would throw away those values in an instant in a few days time.

The next day, May came up to me and asked about her grades. It was close to the term grades and she was doing really badly at her papers as well as her projects. She was trying to find out if I could help her out in any way to help her pass. I was non-commital as I knew it wouldn't be really difficult for me but I didn't want to make it too easy for her either. So I told her that I would think about it and see what I could do to help her.

While I was thinking of how to help her, I began to think about her and her exposed panties as she day-dreamed in class. My loins were stirring as the thoughs ran through my head of how delicate she may be under the lacy panties and how nice it would be to be able to sample her body in her teenage form whilst she continued to mature as a woman. I soon realised that I was having unpure thought about my student and I shook my head to clear them out of my head.

But as much as I tried to keep those thoughts out, each time when I see those panties flashing at me in class made me think about ravishing those innocent young girls even more tempting. May came back the next day after class and as I was thinking of how I should be enjoying her sweet tender body, she knocked on my door.

"Come in."

"Uh. Mr Stone, I am here again and I really need help. My other subjects are just average and right now the only one pulling me down under the passing grade is your subject. And I really need to pass this in order to get the scholarship for the next year."

"I see. And yet, you have no qualms about day-dreaming in my class. Such actions are the reason why you are not getting the required passing marks in my class."

"Mr Stone. I beg of you. Please... I'll do anything." She was sobbing now as she sunk down to her knees in the knowledge that she was really at my mercy.

My mind went into overdrive as soon as I heard the phrase, (I'd do anything). That could be a really strong blank cheque which she had drawn up as she tried to negotiate for her grades. The gears in my head were spinning rapidly now as I began to conjure up thoughts of May in lewd positions as she submitted to my whims and fancies.

"Ms May, are you sure of this? Giving another person the option of having anything is quite a strong point, you know."

"Mr Stone, I am fully aware of this and I assure you that this will not go out of this room. I really need to pass the grade or I will be in big trouble. My father has already stopped giving me any more money and if I don't pass this year, I will not be able to continue any more in my studies. And this is crucial for me as I really need to get into the university."

"I see... Are you sure that you'll do anything?"

"YES! I really need to pass. Please, PLEASE help me!"

"All right, here is my address. Come over to my place this Saturday night and I'll see what we can do" I quickly scribbled my home address on a slip of paper and handed it over to her.

She is legally of age and since she is consenting, I don't see any more problems at all. But to be safe, I think I better cover myself. I got over to the electronic mart after work and picked up a few pieces of gear and tested it out at home. Perfect, everything is working fine.

May knocked on the door lightly and I answered the door almost instantly as I was anticipating her for an hour already. She was dressed up in a white halter necked summer dress which ended above her knees. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail behind her which bounced as she came inside the house. I brought her to the living room first and I got her to sit down in a low sofa chair while I pulled up a stool from the side. As she sank down into the chair, her knees were left pointing to the ceiling. I sat down next to her and stared down her skirt pass her thighs which were slightly agape, probably from her regular sitting posture.

Her white panties were tight and held tightly against her pussy and I stared down for a few minutes before she brouhgt me back to senses with a remark.

"So you're gonna sit there all day and just stare?"

"Nope... here, have a drink first."

I pushed a whisky to her and allowed her to take a big gulp first. Her face flushed red and her eyes went from wide open to half-droopy. She must have not drank much before. Making sure the camera was trained on her, I aimed the remote control at it and turned it on.

"May, please tell me again, how old you are."

"I'm 18 now..." she slurred.

"Ok, are you here on your own free will and do you know what you may be doing next?"

"Yes. I know what are the possible actions next and I am here because I want to."

"Good, can you please remove the dress from your body first."

She stood up and reached behind her back and I heard the rustle of fabric as she undid the knot of her dress. With the knot off, she pulled down the dress and stepped out of it with a smile and soft giggle. She stood there in her matching knickers and bra set proudly and waited for my next instructions, though she seem to know what was going off next as she had her arms behind her in anticipation.

"Loose the bra, May."

She reached back and unhooked herself deftly and slid it off to the front allowing her beautiful assets to be exposed. These young boobs stood out proudly with little sag and should be a decent C cup from my estimations. Walking forward towards her, I lifted one side of her breast and made a motion of weighing it in my hands and she stood there smiling proudly of her body.

Kneading it slowly in my hand, I took my time to play with her and in no time at all, she was aroused and her nipples were erect and stiff. Using both hands now, I groped her openly and squeezed her but not too hard of course. Adding to the teasing, I latched my mouth on her boobs and suckled them noisily getting her even more aroused.

Sliding my left hand downwards, I dipped inside her panties and went straight for her pussy. Wiggling my index finger up and down, I fondled her clitoris gently. Her clit stiffened and got engorged with blood as she started to gasp for breath from this intense stimulation of her sensitive nether region. Adding a middle finger to the equation was a quick and easy move, dipping inside her slit and sliding in and out of her vuvla lips spreading her juices around.

Switching to the other breast every now and then helped to increase her arousal and I did not let up on my left hand either. Finger fucking her now with a steady pace, she moaned in approval with a low guttoral tone. Her eyes closed like the young lamb for the picking, she apeared so deliciously to me as I drew back from her and observed her from head to toe.

Still standing there, she still had her eyes closed and waving slightly.

Grabbing her by her arm, I escorted her into the bedroom and set her on the bed. She sat there almost naked save for her wet panties. I pushed her down slowly and lifted her legs up and dug my fingers inside her waistband of her panties pulling it off slowly. Her bare slit was slowly exposed to the cool air of the bedroom and I know my hidden cameras are taking all these down in various angles.

After removing her damp panties, I took a whiff of the scent from her juices and tucked it away for a momento of this encounter. Spreading her legs open wide, I dived down between her legs. Her pink lips were inviting me to go closer and sample her as it gaped open slightly as I pushed her legs open wider still. She probably had took gymnastic lessons before as she managed to do a full split!

Using my knees to hold her legs open, my index fingers pulled her labia lips apart. Her little clitoris bump popped out under the hood and peeked at me. My tongue made contact for the first time and she gasped loudly as she felt oral administration on her pussy for the first time ever in her life. I licked her around her clitoris and sucked on it, getting it engorged with blood.

Her breathing deepened as she tried to concentrate all her efforts in trying to get off from this oral masturbation of her sexual organs. As I continued to lick her, I added my right index finger to the equation and pushed inside her wet pussy slit. I know this is very effective in getting girls off and I continued to do so for the next few minuted. Her moans grew louder and she began to thrash about, I hooked my finger upwards and teased her G-spot area where I could feel her bumpy texture of her vagina walls is different from the smooth sides. That triggered her off as she shuddered and climaxed strongly.

I didn't let up yet and continued with the finger fucking and licking and she managed to climax once more before she couldn't take it anymore and tried to push me away. I had already removed my clothes while I was giving her oral sex and I climbed up above her and reached her face, kissing her.

Our tongues tangled and my dick was sliding between her legs against her crack. Right between her, I allowed it to slide enticingly up and down further increasing the amount of lubrication flowing out of her. She was kissing me enthusiastically now, holding my face in her hands and aligning me to get the best angle for her to reach deep inside my mouth.

Our tongues moved against each other tasting each other's saliva and mouth. Still basking from the glow of the orgasm just minutes ago, my hard cock slid in between her wet pussy lips and dipped in slightly every once in a while to tease her more. Slipping inside one more time, I didn't pull out and left the crown of my cock inside her. She gasped with the intrusion and began to breathe faster again.

Fucking her with short strokes, I only allowed the first two inch or so to get inside her. Her legs scissored behind my butt and gripped me, trying to get me to enter her deeper. I held back and prevented her from getting her way, continuing to dip inside only slightly, nearly driving her nuts.

"Mr Stone. Please... Please fuck me deeper"

"You want more of me? Only for today??"

"No... I want you! As often as I can."

"Well, that can be arranged. Mebbe you can help me with some other stuff."

My mind went into overdrive, thinking about the other girls which I may be able to savour later on if my plans can be fulfilled.

For now, I would just take my time and enjoy May's body as much as I could. With her promise, I proceeded to plunge deeply inside her and give her a royal fucking of her life. She was flexible enough and was able to take my hard cock inside her fully. As I pushed down with each stroke, I was able to reach her cervix and make contact with that sensitive ring.

With each successive thrust, I managed to get her huffing away in a made rush towards her next orgasm. As I felt her pussy muscles tightening up around my sensitive cock, I realised she was very close to her climax and I thrusted harder in reply.

Her hands dug into my back and gripped me tightly as she convulsed in her orgasm which triggered me off as her pussy muscles milked my cock of my thick creamy cum deep inside her. Panting away, we stayed in that position as she continued to massage my cock with her amazing muscles. Finally we disengaged and fell back onto my bed, tired...

(to be continued...)

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