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  By: Jacepk



It was a early morning for me. You had the keys and you walked right into the house. You had a bad with you as well. You noticed my door slightly ajar. My mom said "hello hes still asleep but go on in". Infact i was asleep but what you both didnt know was that i was on my computer..enjoying myself..the door some how was slightly open. You step inside and notice that im asleep with my hand on my cock with a headset listening to some nurses having fun with enemas and what appears to be two girls fisting while a guy was being forced to lick one of the girls and pushed about. You hear my mom leave for work then you slowly sit behind me.


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You delicately tie me up then take some of that pre that was on my cock you smile and smear it in my face, I wake up and you laugh taking off the headsets you physically scold me by taking off your clothing. You put on a full nurse outfit with a corset and all. You also pull out a enema bag and some other medical toys. You sit on my bed and spread your legs. You tease and toy with yourself with the enema hose tip. You laugh at me manically then untie me from the chair. You take me by the cock and pull me to the bathroom. You shake your head as you tell me what a bad girl i was. You dont even use lube and you push the nozzle right up my ass. I scream and whine but obviously since i was still tied by the hands i could do much. You wrap your arms around my waist and stroke my cock till its nice and hard. Then you slap it a couple of times and tell me to get soft or else!

You now have the the enema bag filled. I gave a loud whimper as water slowly drips in. As it drips you complain how im always jerking off..and not being a good little girl. You tell me that i you noticed that i wasnt so clean last time we played. You scold me again with a harsh ass slap and cock pull. You fill me as much as you can with the soapy enema. You tell me if i dont hold in long enough you'll make things much worse for me...

To be continued heh...

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Jacepk    (2008-08-19 16:06:58)    Flag as inappropiate
Jacepk I just notice...when i transfered it from another website the orginal for the girl i sent it to...they sensor stuff..so thats why theres one part of cock sensored i forgot about it blah.

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Location: My House | Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
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