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  By: EroticSammy

It started as any other one had started. I would watch them for days sometimes weeks to learn them before making a pratice run and then going for what I wanted. I found her where she worked. I was actually shopping for more supplies. She was working the counter at an electronics store. She was perfect. Her name was Wendy she was from Texas and working to help pay for school. It always amazes me what girls will tell you in small talk. I was able in the three or for times we talked to learn her classes schedule her off time routine (tanning, studying, and favorite place to eat). Wendy was making this very easy. Being from a small town she was very trusting. leaving her car unlocked and her purse in it made it very easy to get her keys and have copies made of them.

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I was ready and so was she. This little girl was about to get the experience of a life time. She had rented a small house that was hidden in a very large patch of trees. Well hidden from the road and the neighbors were on vacation. On Wednesday nights she would study until nine when the library closed and she had the last appointment at the tanning salon. She would get home around 940. I would be waiting.

I parked my car a few blocks away and walked to Wendy’s' house. It was starting to get cool out so it which made it easier to hide my supplies in my coat. I get to her house about 900 and get everything ready. The camera is set up the computer is on so it goes right on my hard drive. I've flipped the breakers so no lights can be turned on and turned the phones off. No interruptions. I hear her pull up her headlights on the front of the house. I see her walk in front of her car her headlights still on. She is wearing a little top, shorts and flip flops. Fresh from the tanning bed I can already smell the oil she used in the tanning bed. I’m in position just waiting for her to get inside. The anticipation the adrenaline with everyone is the same. Her key slides in the lock and it starts to turn. The door starts to swing open and she slowly steps in. As she turns to lock the door I make my move. I wrap my arm around her so she can’t get away as my other hand covers her nose and mouth with the rag soaked in chloroform. It doesn’t take long and she is out.


I pick her up and move her to her room. Not concerned with her waking up I take my time. I go back to the breaker box and turn the power back on so there is light for the video and pictures. Upon returning to the room I begin to undress her. Starting with her shirt its very thin and almost see thru. The camera’s are on and recording so they catch every second as I begin to tear her clothes away exposing her young beautiful body. In my supplies I made sure to pack various toys for pleasure and torture. Retrieving a set of nipple clamps I place them on her pert round nipples. She is very well groomed and has recently trimmed to almost bare around her pussy. She has a heart shaped area just to the left of this area from the tanning bed where she would place her sticker. To my surprise though she has her clit pierced and a tattoo just below her waist line out of sight to those she does not want to show. With her clothes off and in shreds I grab the camera and start shooting pictures.


Her hands are tied together then tied to the headboard of the bed. Her legs are spread wide tide at the thighs to the side of the bed the rope run under the bed then her feet are tied to the foot of the bed. I planned it this way since I met her. Pillows stack under her hips help elevate her ass off the bed to allow for anal penetration and it helps immobilize them as well. Retrieving the remainder of my supplies I set in to do my way with her. Rubbing lube on her ass and sliding a nice fat dildo in her to make room for me later. Not a flinch she is out. Stun guns leave marks needles can break but good old fashioned chloroform works like a charm every time. Blindfold securely in place for a precaution she does wake up but in the past they never do while I’m there. I get to read about some of them the one that go to the hospital or police but not many.


I’m am rock hard my cock is at full erection so hard it almost hurts. She is beautiful tanned and spread inviting me in. I don’t hesitate I shove my cock in her. She is so tight I barely fit. I push my way in and start pounding my cock in her. The dildo in her ass and the fact she has only been with a couple of guys has left little room for anyone or anything to pack her pussy. It doesn’t take long and I fire my load in her. Disappointed and upset that it was over so soon I take a dildo and start fucking her with it trying to recover my erection. I push it deep inside her then grab the camera to get some good shots. Looking at her on the screen starts my cock to rise. The dildo in her ass the one in her pussy, ya that’s it won’t be long now. I move up by her mouth. My cock laying on her lips. That’s it almost there almost hard again. My cock engorged again ready to go eager to explore what I think until the dildo was her virgin ass. I set the camera down and set it to multi shot so I could have some of me in her ass. Sliding the dildo out placing my cock against her ass I push. More lube needs more lube. With a generous dousing of lube I’m in. Slow long strokes turn into a rampage of long pounding strokes quickly. She feels incredible. Watching her tits bounce as I ram inside her is just about to put me over the edge. Shoving all the way in her then stopping to prolong this time. No, no not this soon it wont be over that quick again. The sensation passes and back to fucking her ass. I slide a little to far and slide out. She’s to tight I would never fit in her pussy with the dildo there, or would I? My cock pressed against the bottom of her pussy my head swollen with cum lube lots of lube. With a steady push then a pop OH my god I’m in. Pausing to enjoy the feeling for a moment then starting to work it in and out. Picking up the pace faster then harder until full strokes pound her wet full pussy. Not wanting to finish in her pussy again back in her ass it’s shoved. With just a few strokes in and out she is full of my cum again.


I climb off her and use her shower to clean myself up. Washing all the toys saving the video and packing everything up doesn’t take long. Finding the perfect souvenir however what will it be? There it is the picture of her and her sister in Florida on spring break. Both in bikinis both hot as hell. I wonder when she will be visiting maybe another visit from me will have to be scheduled. Last thing to do untie her and leave.


Another satisfying night and some really good picture and video. Until next time, girls will never learn what to tell strangers and what not to.


Anything you say can and I will use to get you...


Who will be next satisfaction only last a short time then more is needed.

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Not bad mate not bad, hope you write some more

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