A Double Scat Introduction   added 7 years ago    

  By: Godfather_78

This is from one of our dirtiest moments in a .. Swingersclub (where over a 100 couples are every d) but again i must tell you we aint a couple anymore. just banging each others brains out and she uses me as a toilet when she needs one.

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The Naughty Meter

A Dirty Relationship:

My Dominatrix N (and ex girlfriend) Is a girl who's 24yr old back then, this story happend somewhere around 2004 in the summer on a dirty night.

Chapter 1: The first Wish "Learning to Enjoy the taste of Champagne"

It was Saturdaynight and we know eachother for 2 months now (fucked on the first day) Her parents werent home that night so we had the whole house to ourselfs, as soon as N was home she ripped the string (lace) and smacked it far away on the ground somewhere, the smell of Porn was getting greater and greater, by then i could swear i could smell the smell of her dirty,sweaty ass crack, we started to kiss and my hand found its way to her Moisty Fully Shaved Cunt, My cock was so fucking hard and she commanded me to lick her asscrack and cunt firmly (so i did)

She crawled on me like a 69 position and i had a perfect sight of her nice lightbrown kaviar coated ass crack and ofcourse the size of that large ass only a inch from my nose, without noticing it i had my nose up her crack sniffing the smell of Porn sex and kaviar, just when i pressed too hard with my nose up her ass crack she farted on me (the bitch) it didnt even sounded like a fart it was more a nasty little air coming out without any sound,

Pfffft it sounded, shal i put a finger in your ass? NO she said if you do that too far i will piss, so i said well okay piss on me then...and i knew With this answer she turned her head and asked me if i was completely nuts and she laughed, Okay go ahead stick that finger in my ass then if you want it that bad.

She thought by herself: " Shall i accept that dirty mind of him it or shall i disapprove it, well she never said anything about that but then all of a sudden she told me she had to piss and pushed me aside with Brute Force and with this line added: I gotta PISS...and If you dont move over NOW im gonna piss on you instead NOW move!.

I didnt moved a muscle and i said to her i am dreaming to drink or catch the piss of a girl, but never dared to ask it to any girl (Well i lied there a bit since ALL my ex girlfriends used me as their toilets)

Well Allright have it your way she said but i warn you : Lie down and open your mouth, so shut the fuck up and get whats coming to ya Dirty sick perverted Bastard, i wasnt quick enough and she pressed me down to the ground, and asked me: well..still wanna go on i cant hold it forever? I choked in the heavy stream of her piss! and said STOPPP! your choking me! and she said: No more? and i replied: nah it was a bit too much but dont stop though.

She said: Even if you crawled back now i would force you to drink it im starting to like this game of yours...how much piss do you want to drink? She asked, well i want it all offcourse I said, Really Boy?

Prepare yourself then because i have been drinkin a lot this night, and i can assure you its a big load of gold, i started to rub my stiff cock up and down and before i could even do it for a second time She punched me in the face. telling me "did i said you could touch yourself there? NO! she barked at me. so dont make that mistake again or youll be sorry.

And then it happend, she asked if i was ready and when I wanted to answer her she pissed my mouth full with the power of a waterfall, i started to drink heavily to keep it all inside my mouth, without any warning again she started to piss even harder causing me to choke on her champagne again, instead of moving her cunt from my face she started to sit on my face with her 90+ kg BUTT, she smiled at me and all of a sudden her smile changed into a evil grinn (thinking to myself..omfg now what...) have you got more of those kinky fantasies/ she asked.

Not at the moment, but hey this was really horny dear,i told her, just when she was about to lift that heavily armored vehicle from my face she stopped...and wiggled her ass making my brain go crazy, since i cannot hide the feelings for a nice (filled) ass for anyone (its my weak point), again she wiggled her ass even harder,i saw her reaching behind scratching the nice lightbrown asscrack, and she yelled:

RICH!!! (my name that is) Do what you must, but the itching must stop now, (this was my chance i have been waiting for) shall i try my tongue? or my finger.. I DONT CARE JUST DO IT NOW! she yelled at me, so i started to lick her nice lightly coated Ass Deeper and Deeper, Then i made my finger wet and pressed it up her (still wiggling) Butt, she pressed backwards so my finger top was in her ass crack...i pulled back my finger and she got really mad by now.. What did you just do? did i told you to stop? well ehm.. ( i stuttered) what if there was some soft brown stuff, or chocolate inside..you know...i asked her,

She replied: Well you will just have to clean it up afterwards..is that such a big problem for you toilet? (yes she is starting to get in her role even more now) i pulled my finger out and she farted again right in my face , soft brown stuff was coming a bit out of her ass when she did. after that she asked: whats a matter? dont you like it? GO ON i aint finished. she yelled.

why did she farted at the beginning? i asked myself "or" she did it on purpose like now "or" she farted because she was getting so intense wet and Horny, she appologized to me and i told her ah well " shit happens" right? and come to think of it...the thought of she farting again in my face made my cock rockhard!

I fingered her ass and felt something sticky and real soft.. my mind went beserk since i didnt want her to know i allways liked scat but damn it felt so fucking great, You can stop now the itch is gone..thanxx.. then i slowly pulled out my finger from her ass and she shouted: Ow grosss look at your finger, well you know what to do right? go on wash it!

I had a slight idea what my next job would be, but i didnt yet gave in, yet i told her it smelled real sweet like peanut butter, and raised my lightbrown coated finger to my noise, (she kept on watching to see if i would really clean that finger with my mouth, didnt thought i would really do it)

Suddenly i opened my mouth sticked my finger in it, and i was sucking and rolling around my finger with my tongue, Ow my god..you didnt...i mean...did you??....GROSSSS!!! but right after that again that same devlish smile appeared. and i heard... hmmmmmm...

Now? I Was Sure I would turn her into a real scat dominatrix feeding me when she wanted to and if i refused she could force me, days past quick and in 3 days she was starting to get more and more dominant towards me. At least..all boundaries were gone,


Chapter 2: "All I Want for Christmas is your ass candy"

By Now We Known each other for about 4 months, and we discovered a swingers club in our own town, we dated with other couples and girls (Sometimes a nice guy) till we finally found out we liked boy and girl both when we were in the darkroom (cant see jack shit!) and i was being sucked by a girl then she stopped sucking and there movement but then again i felt the lips close around my cock only this time it was a bit more..ruff.

My hands were leading their own life, now and in the dark i was hoping to catch a face or a glimpse when some opened the black leather curtains, my girlfriend was moaning and all of a sudden i saw a young fella (22yr) sucking my cock...i froze right that instant, and i looked next to me and saw my girl was being pussy and ass eaten by another really foxy but handsome dark chubby chick almost as old as she was maybe even younger.

We liked our newly met dates and decided to go to a cabin there, but the guy was called by someone he came back and asked it was a problem if he declined this hot chance to have some real steamy sex, no it was okay. (thinking to myself: Yesss alone with these 2chicks)

The Dominatrix and Lesbian (damn why didnt i saw that) said to my girlfriend, lay down and watch the magic come out, (magic whut? we both thought) watch and learn a really wet experience.. (she grabbed 2 towels and a kitchen roll paper and shoved it all under my girlfriends ass) then she started to suck on that clit and finger her really fast, my ex farted in her mouth a bit, and i could swear i saw some peanut butter coloured stuff enter her mouth, I Knew what she was doing because my girlfriend grabbed my hand and almost broke my vinger bones into tiny pieces, (the pain the horror!!) she was having a huge orgasm like she never had, was she gonna squirt? when she squirted her ass opened and the chubby girl ate her damn shit..just like that!

KNOCK..KNOCK...people its time to shut down the time is now.

Fuck someone was at the door we heard knocking, the chubby girl, my ex and i
stopped at once and decided to go home and finish it there and ow boy was i in for a suprise. when we got home the girls yelled at me to make them a nice cold drink (so i did) but one thing i shouldnt have done and thats getting a drink for myself.

I tried to take a sip of my drink and i got smacked in the face WHACK!! i looked up and the girl said : OW NO mister you are going to have something different than a normal drink, go into the bathroom get naked and STAY THERE, so i did, i start jerking myself this was so fucking hot!

I took a peek inside the room carefully and saw the lesbian chubby girl fingering the filthy ass of my ex girlfriend...i took my camera from the bathroom and made a picture

quick i went back to the bathroom the 2 girls came covered in shit to me and said...

LAY DOWN NOW i dont know how long i can hold it...so open up, i thought i was given some piss to drink but i saw the girls stand above me and open their asses, my ex released with a loud fart really soft kaviar, i got smacked in the face they yelled:

EAT IT ALL UP and SWALLOW ALL! or we will let you suffocate in it and hold your nose closed!, i tried to swallow, and finally i did it. i swallowed extreme much...then the dark chubby girl SAT on my goddamn face and pressed the sphincter on my lips and soft diarrhea was pressed with HIGH FORCE into my throat, and all the bitches did was laughing and feeling sorry for me...(NOT!)

When they were finished i could finally stop swallowing...and i thought i was done, when i came up they both spread their ass cheeks and squirted liquid shit all over me in my face, everywhere..

I came.,..i blew my load almost to the ceiling...damn that was SO fucking hot!

End of This Chapter,

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dirtyfucker    (2010-04-07 13:34:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Hi Godfather

I enjoyed your scat fantasy, I feel it was real, lucky you.

Do you do Cam scat on Messenger conatact me if your interested. (dirtyfucker)

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