Big Fat Transformation   added 7 years ago    

  By: warmaniac

I was kidnapped by five she-males. My hands are bind. I yelled at them, calling them creepy trannies. The one with the biggest boobs came to me, licked my face and said, "I will make sure you become one of us, though you won't have a big dick like ours."


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They then took me into another room, where they held a meeting. I was forced to listen to the whole ordeal. They each raised all sorts of ideas on how they want to transform me. At then end, the verdict was to turn me into a big fat 300-pound slut who loves skinny dicks. I screamed, "No way!!" Then I was sent into darkness.


Next thing I could remember was raped continuously day and night by different "men". I believe it lasted for a few weeks. I was injected numerous substances. The strange thing was the more I was raped, the more I wanted to be raped. There was no single day my ass wasn't fitted with less than 20 cocks. At first, they would rub my dick and make it cum. But as time passed by, I have less and less urge for my dick and had my first anal orgasm.

All this time my hands were still bind and I was locked in a room with a small window. They feed me a lot of food and I just had amazing appetite for all of them. Soon, I believe in a month, I grew a big belly and to my surprise I also developed breasts. This must have something to do with the injections.

They kept on doing this till one day, a real man came in, and asked if I want a cock. I sincerely beg him that I want some cocks into my ass. He fucked me hard and gave me a facial. I didn't waste a drop of the cum. He called me a fat slut and left. Next day, those five trannies came in and said, "You are ready. We will take the final step today." Then it's total darkness again.


I woke up, and I notice I lost my dick. My hands were untied. I looked at my hands. They were smooth and chubby. I got off the bed. I bet it's been a few months before I could freely walked. It was difficult. I saw mirror and I looked into it. To my horror. It's an obese woman standing in the mirror. That couldn't be me. I covered my plumb face with my fat fingers and broke into tears. There was a lot of fat at every part of my body. I check my bottom, and as they said, my dick has long gone. It's a fat pussy there now!


The five came in. They ridiculed me. Then they together fucked and cum on me. They said, "you big fat tranny slut will feed on our dicks from now on! oh sorry, you don't even have a dick, so what should we call you?" They laughed. "Don't worry, we will keep on feeding you with food and cum. Enjoy your new life."


After they were done with me, they introduced me to my "present". A skinny guy came in naked with a small dick. He looked very pale. "Sorry to let you know, this is Mandy, your wife. We have transformed her into a man. We just exchanged your organs. She responded well with the testosterone and look, his beard is great. I hope you will enjoy the small cock of the previous you. By the way, we have trained 'him' well, and he has fucked over 100 different girls for the last few months. His sex drive is incredible."


Mandy then came to me, and start rubbing my clit and nipples, as I indulge my fat into his chest hair and male stink.

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cristy    (2009-01-30 15:22:46)    Flag as inappropiate
it is true??

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