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  By: tnafaz

For years I had been trying to entice whoever my current girlfriend is to let me have sex with her sister or sisters. I've always had this desire to sleep with a girl's sibling with her consent, especially if she is watching or even better if she is joining in. I admit this is a rather bizarre fetish, but this is what I have wanted for as long as I can remember.


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The Naughty Meter


It is probably why I have never had a long term relationship, about 2 months is the longest. I don't really care; all I want is to screw a girl with her sister.


Then one day my life changed - I fell so madly for Angela that I was scared to even think about my fantasy in case I lost her. Here is what happened.....


I met a girl a few months back and believe me when I say she was the most stunning brunette you could imagine. She was half Spanish and half Irish, with the most amazing blue eyes and dark hair. Her figure would put most teenagers to shame and she knew it. Perfect breasts that were plump yet firm. Just the right size to fondle and suck (for me it is a 32B) and a pussy that tasted fresh and sweet you could lie in it for ever. I thought she was no more than mid twenty, but she was 31, I'm only 28 and normally preferred young 18-20 yr olds.


It was quite a shock to me to find an older woman of this beauty and perfection, but she was such an amazing fuck and what a body.


I am a project engineer for a small company and we often use the local university to supply us with students to help with development work as part of their projects. It was a warm October day and I was making my way to the new Engineering department to introduce my self to the new head, however since the new year had just started my eyes and mind were also focused on the new intake of young girls, eager to find out about adult life away from home.


It was here that I bumped into Angela; I took her to be a mature student and asked her if she could tell me where the new engineering building was. She introduced herself as the new administrator for Design and Engineering and offered to accompany me across the campus as she was going to her office.


The university has a large campus and we got to chatting as we meandered through the maze of buildings. I kept glancing at her at every opportunity, her slim body moved with such grace as her shoulder length hair bounced and swirled. I had never felt myself taken to someone so quickly and with such force. I just wanted to grab her there and then and breathe in her sweet fragrance and embrace. I felt sure she could read my thoughts as my breathing was getting heavier by the minute, yet she didn't let on. We talked about general stuff, etc until I found myself at the door of the Head of Engineering.


"Ah Angela, could you get me this years project files please" said Dr. Roberts as he opened the door and ushered me in.


Angela, could she have had a more perfect name? An hour or so later I said farewell to Dr. Roberts and made my way out of his office hoping to catch Angela again.


There she was talking to one of the students, crouching down to get some papers from a drawer. Her skirt was tight around her buttocks and had ridden up slightly so her perfect thighs were ever so slightly visible. Lucky sod I thought as I knew from where he stood, the student was getting a glorious view of her cleavage.


I waited a second and Angela looked over to me and smiled a warm hello.


"Are you done now?" she asked. I told her I was on my way out. Since it was close to 1 o' clock I took the opportunity to let her know I was on my way to the canteen to get a bit to eat "have you had lunch yet?"


Beyond all my hopes she said "no, but the canteen is not open yet, so we'll have to go next door to Arts and Media"


We'll have to go - wow.


Over lunch she explained that she was new to town, she moved here 2 weeks ago to start her job and was staying on campus with the students until she got her own place. Her voice was so smooth, slightly wispy and with a little Spanish accent. Before we knew it, 2 o' clock had come and gone. I apologised for making her late, but told her I would love to have a proper dinner with her. She accepted my invitation for the following night.



It's been 2 months now since our first date; we have met nearly every evening for dinner and most days for lunch. Most nights we have ended up at my place and what glorious fun we have had. Angela is such an amazing fuck. She has an insatiable desire for sex, but not in a slutty way.


She is always happy to suck my ever ready cock and loves it when I eat her moist pussy, but what really turns her on is when I suck her breasts as I pound her cunt - boy she could moan for England. What more could I ask for - except to meet and screw her with her sister.


I found out that Angela had enjoyed a very open and frankly promiscuous sex life, but this didn't put me off in any way, after all I had enjoyed my fair share of pussy and her experience only helped enhance our love making beyond comprehension. We always used protection and enjoyed sex in every room and every position you can imagine.


I was so happy with Angela that I put my fantasies and desires on hold, I was so happy with this glorious woman in her physical and sexual prime, that I didn't want anything to jeopardise our relationship. I also got the impression that she and her sister or for that matter her family didn't see each other very much.


One day she came round as usual about 8 and had a very serious look on her face. I was worried asked her what the problem was. She told me that she had to move out of campus and she had not yet found a place to stay. Without thinking I said 'move in with me' OOps!


"Oh that's so sweet - but I couldn't burden myself on you, you don't even know me really" she said.


Even though this was a good opportunity to get out, I kept insisting. 'What more do I need to know? We're great together; sex every night, dinner together and we get to fuck before work!"


She blurted out "I've got kids"


"Huh? What..?"


Where did that come from?


She hesitated a bit, not knowing where to look and what to say; finally she said "I've got 2 daughters"


Then she told me that she was taken advantage of by an older man she trusted when she was just 13. She had never had sex before and her first encounter got pregnant. Coming from a strict catholic community in Ireland she was automatically an outcast. Her family rejected her and she was forced to leave home and go to a type of commune for 'girls without morals'


Luckily her Aunt who lived in England stepped in and took her in. After the twins were born she continued her schooling in Norfolk whilst her Aunt raised April and Jen.


Aunt Kelly was very well off and quite the liberal, she was an embracer of the new age and lived life to the full and with gusto, her home was always full of visitors and much that happened there could be considered as brushing the fringes of legality. 18 years ago this was a real hippy house and everything that came with it. An unmarried Angela with 2 babies was not considered even a little odd, and Angela soon grew to learn about sex and its wonders as she grew up in modern England.


My girlfriend was a mother, with 2 teenage daughters! I was confused, angry, frustrated. I got up and walked away into the bedroom. She came after me a few moments later and hugged me. "Sorry - I should have told you earlier. But this is exactly what I feared, it's what always happens. This time I really don't want it to end, cos like you. I'm sorry but I couldn't find the right time or way of saying it'


I didn't know what to do; I just grabbed her and held her whilst thinking about all this.


Slowly she stroked my back and I held her tight, before I knew it we were kissing and fondling each other. Then she stopped me and asked 'Is this a goodbye fuck?'


"No" I said, "It's a welcome Fuck. Now, bend over and let me screw you, then we'll go and get your things so you can move it" She bit her lip to stop it trembling, I knew she thought I was going to dump her, but there was no way I was going to let Angela go, 18yr old twins or not.


I was 2 am and both of us were exhausted when I asked her about her daughters. Both were going to start at the Uni the following year as Medical Students, apparently they were very much like their mother and the 3 were often mistaken as sisters. I told her I couldn't wait to meet them.


2 days later it was the weekend, Angela had moved in and the girls were coming over to visit. I had a large town house with 3 bedrooms and an office. Only one of the spare rooms was furnished and this was right next to ours. I had bought a pair of extra large Queen sized beds when I bought the house, I shared one with Angela in our room and the girls would have to share the bed in the other room. Angela had said that they would not have a problem with this and anyway girls often slept together.


I was a bit concerned that tonight might be the 1st night we didn't get a fuck - Angela might be embarrassed to screw with her daughters’ right next door, but she told me that the girls were old enough to know what sex was and that she had a very open relationship with them. She told me that since a young age she had been very open and explained all about sex to them, she had even let them watch her once with a guy she had been dating - though he never knew about it. She also told me that although both April & Jen had been with many boys, they had promised to tell her before they decided to have sex. Neither had told her so, and she was very confident that both her girls were still virgins.


"Would you tell me if they were watching us?" I asked.


"I wouldn't let them watch" she replied. "What we have is special, with him it was just a fling, but with you it's personal and they respect that. But," she said "They will tease you no end and try their very best to embarrass you. Don't take heed of them"


In my mind I was confused, but at the same time I was already having fantasies about the girls listening to me screwing their mother as they played with each other right next door.


Saturday morning, 10 am and the door bell rang, April and Jen had arrived. They stood in the doorway, a mirror of each other. Trim and slim they hugged their mother and said their hellos to me. Both were dressed in long ankle length coats, Jen wore her hair to shoulder length and April's fell to just below her back. They looked very pretty and like their mother very beautiful. I welcomed them in and took their stuff to their room"


When I returned mother and daughters were sat in the lounge talking away like old friends, they did look like sisters. Jen was dressed in green knee length shorts with a tight fitting red top. April had a green top with red shorts. They shared their mother’s dark hair, but had lovely green eyes and their legs - oh I wanted to be a pair of shorts on them. Neither of the girls looked like they had ever been anything but gorgeous.


I couldn't stop staring at the 3 beautiful women in my house. This was going to be more difficult than I thought. How I could I stop Angela noticing that I was attracted to her daughters.


Angela got up and came over to me; kissing me gently on the cheek she grabbed my cock through my pants and whispered loud enough for the girls to have heard “I want that in me."


What was she doing? I didn't know where to look, but glanced automatically at the girls who just laughed and said "Mum stop being such a tart. He's cute, but it's only 11 o' clock and you must have had some not long ago!"


After lunch the girls said they wanted to go into town and see the town, we gave them a spare key in case we were out when they got back.


As soon as the front door closed, Angela lunged at me and started to rip my clothes off. "I feel so horny" she said. "I could see you eyeing up my girls you filthy old man, and now I want some of that lust!"


Who was I to refuse, right there on the couch we screwed and shagged. Before we knew it, the light was fading and it was getting a dark outside, I looked at the time, shit it was nearly 4, I bet the girls will be back any minute.


We picked up our stuff and threw it on the bed as we passed bedroom on the way to have our shower. Although it was a large house, there was only one bathroom on the 1st floor.


Whilst I was soaping Angela's pussy she said "so you want to screw Jen and April don't you?" just like that.


"Hm, well yes. Hell any hot blooded male would. I mean they are so fit, just like their mum, how could I crave your body everyday and not want to look at theirs?"


"Crave mine and it's all yours" she said She let it go at that and we finished showering.


"Is Mum still in there" said Jen as I walked out of the bathroom with the towel round my waist. I looked up to see Jen staring boldly at the bulge in my towel.


"hm a..." I started.


"Is that for me or did she not finish you off properly?" Jen whispered into my ear as she squeezed past my shoulder on her way into the bathroom. From the way she brushed her breast against my shoulder I knew she was trying to tease me even more.


Confused, excited and aroused, I walked into the bedroom talking off my towel as I entered. My cock was even more erect after the encounter with Jen.


"Whoa, a salute" said April, she was sat on our bed between our discarded clothes calmly looking through one of my lads mags.


"April, get out of here" said Angela as she came in. "You two are going too far"


"Oh don't be a prude Mum" said Jen as she followed her in "It's not like the first time we’ve seen you with a bloke. Just thought we'd check Dave out - make sure he's ok for you"


I was still stood there in the middle of my room, butt naked, towel in one hand, cock standing to attention, unsure what to do.


Nice to meet you Dave said April looking at my cock. "You be a good boy and keep mummy happy" Then she jumped off the bed, grabbed my erection in her hand, pumped it up and down as if shaking some ones hand and practically skipped out of the room still holding my magazine with Jen in tow. I could hear the girls giggling in the way teenage girls do.


"Oh I'm really sorry about them" said Angela "I'm so embarrassed, how could they do that to me"


By now I was seeing the funny side of it all and burst out laughing "It's fine" I said "They're having a good time, it's not a problem". Angela too started laughing, but I could tell she was annoyed with the girls.


We got dressed and on the way down shouted to the girls to come down for dinner. Half way down the stairs I turned back saying 'just a sec' and dashed back up to the bedroom. 2 secs.


I knocked on the girls’ room, opened the door and entered. April was standing up
looking at the spread in Nuts; it was lying on the bed in front of Jen who was lying on her front.


The topless girl in the mag had nice plump breasts and shared the same olive skin colour as Jen and April. "Does she turn you on Dave?" said Jen looking at my crotch.


"Sure she does. But if want to know, she is nothing compared to your mother" Then to test the water I added "you two almost look like Angela by the way" Saying that I walked out leaving the door open.


"Why don't you get freshened up, and come down for dinner, it'll be ready in half an hour" I added said walking away. I can play just as well I thought.


With dinner nearly ready, Angela told me to go and get the camera from upstairs and get the girls to hurry up. I went up stairs, the door was still open, wider than I had left it and I could see most of the room in the mirror. Jen was already dressed and was helping April put on her dress. April's head was covered in her dress and Jen's back was to the mirror, so neither saw me watching. What excited me was that under her dress April would be butt naked and I figured that Jen would be too...


I knocked on the door frame as I went to the office to get my camera. I came out to see both girls standing there wearing matching tight black dresses that started just above their breasts and stopped well short of the knees. As they posed for me I took a few photos. "Is this too sexy for you Dave?" they said, to which I replied


"No not really" as I walked past them.


Dinner was a great affair, 3 gorgeous ladies and I huddled around our small table. We retired to the lounge and April and Jen sat on the couch whilst I took the armchair with Angela perched on the arm. From here I was sure I'd catch a glimpse of pussy from one or both as the couch was quite deep. We watched TV and chatted for quite a while and I did get quite a good view too. The girls were playing quite a lot of show and tell when Angela wasn't looking. Both knew I was looking and both made sure to show a bit just before Angela could catch them. I was amazed Angela didn’t realise as my manhood was clearly straining at the fabric of my trousers.


Just as the news came on, Angela said "come on, leave these two here and pulled me up"


She kissed the girls good night and led me out the door, I turned round to see the girls one last time, both flashed me kisses and their actions made it clear that they knew what was going to happen.


In bed Angela said "I can't stop thinking about you screwing my daughters!" to which I replied "neither can I"


She hit me hard. And got really angry. "You keep your eyes and mind off them and on me, you hear".


"Look they are flirting with me - and I can't stop looking at them! They are just like you and you make me hungry every time I see you. I can't stop my attraction, but I promise you nothing will happen"


"Nothing better had, or there'll be hell to pay! My daughters are not here for you to take advantage off"


"Ok OK" I said.


She grabbed hold of me and we started making out. Her lust seemed deeper than usual and I felt she was trying really hard to please. I made the most of it and enjoyed our foreplay.


When we first started having sex, we quickly found each others limits. Neither of us is into anal, she loves to suck my cock, but one time I shot my load in her mouth she quickly pulled away, now I love it as much as any guy when a girl swallows it, or even plays with it, but Angela doesn't, so I have always pulled out before shooting it.


But today, when I realised I couldn't hold it any longer and tried to pull out, she just took it in deeper. The way her nails dug into my buttocks and they way her lips clamped on my member, I knew she wanted all of it. Great fountains of hot cum shot out of me and deep into her throat, she swallowed it and sucked for more. Before I knew it, she was licking my balls and along the length of my shaft, getting me hard faster than I though possible.


I was now riding her hard and she was screaming into the pillow, our bed could possibly not last much longer, and in my mind I was seeing April and Jen lying on their bed fingering each other whilst sucking on their breasts.


Jen was now licking April, who was grinding her moist mound into Jen's face. Jen's arse was pointing up to the ceiling, her pussy moist and ready to start dripping, one hand was clawing at April's breast, the other deep within her own thighs. Listening to the muffled moans from their mother, feeling the pounding on the bed through the walls the girls were gyrating to our rhythm of ecstasy.


Then with a huge groan I didn't even try to conceal, I came once again as Angela climaxed on her 3rd orgasm. I collapsed exhausted on Angela's bosom, her still erect nipple pulsating at my lips as she kissed the sweat of my brow and stroked my moist hair.


From across the wall we heard the girls clapping and hooting, but we were too exhausted to respond.


Then Angela said in a soft voice, "you can have them". Before I could even understand what she meant she called out "Girls, can you come here" Her voice was so firm, it was almost a command.


A few minutes later, just as I was pulling the duvet up, the door opened and April and Jen walked in. Neither had a teasing look left on their face - I think they thought they'd gone too far.


Only the bedside lamp was on, so the room was quite dark. Angela & I were sat up in bed; Angela hadn't bothered to cover herself up and sat there in all her glory.


"Jen" she said "Have either of you broken your promise"


"No" they both replied.


"Good" she said calling them over. Both April and Jen, dressed in short lacy gowns came over. Jen came to Angela's side; April had to crawl onto the bed between us to come to her mother. They embraced for what seemed like an eternity and then Angela calmly said,


"Now if you want, you can both get in bed with Dave and I'll make sure you both enjoy your first time more than I ever did"


Looking over at me she said "I'll understand if you say no, but I know you want to do it and as long as you don't mind me being here guiding my girls you can help them become women"


What was going on? I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing. I was being asked by a mother to screw her virgin daughters whilst she held their hands? Was this for real? Did I want to do it? Hell yes, of course I did, but after the shagging I'd been through I wasn't sure I could get the performance.


"Angela, I’m ... I'm. I don't know...”


"Oh grow up Dave, of course you want to, stop with the pretence"


"It's not that" I said. "I'm not sure you've left anything in there" I said pointing down "for me to give"


"I'm sure we could give it some help" said Jen with her mischievous smile returning


"Or we could just play with him till he recovers" added April, pulling down the covers and grabbing my semi flaccid cock gently but firmly.


Lying between two naked 18yr olds, nuzzling at their long nipples and sucking on their breasts whilst 2 hands toyed with my cock and balls, my powers soon returned. I realised that both April & Jen had longer nipples than Angela, and whilst their mother had amazing breasts, both Jen & April were still developing into mounds of ecstasy.


The moistness of both their pussies confirmed that what I had been imagining going on whilst I was pounding Angela had indeed happened. And I also realised that they shared their mothers taste. Their juices were still so fresh and sweet and I drank my fill from both whilst Angela went to have a shower.


When she came back she helped guide me into April as Jen massaged her sister's thighs. Even though I had no cum left to pump into April, Jen seemed to share April's climax. It must be something to do with the bond twins share.


After that I was too exhausted to continue, so Jen said she could wait till the morning.


"After all I still came into the world first didn't I?"


Its summer now, the days are much longer, the nights shorter. April and Jen visit us regularly ever few weeks. When we are alone Angela & I still have sex nearly every night. But a few days before the girls arrive, Angela tells me to save myself. Then from Dusk till dawn the weekends are for her girls to practice everything possible with me.


Angela watches and instructs, even giving the girls ideas we have never done before together. She tells me it is to make sure that when WE do it together it is perfect.


I don't know how long this is going to last. Both April and Jen are due to start Uni in a few months. They will stay with us and each will have her own room. Maybe they will find boys their own age; they may even bring them home. No mater what, their mother has made sure that they know what sex is and how to enjoy it. And I have had my dream fulfilled and then some.


I got to screw a girl with her sister and mother in tow!

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