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  By: kauflux

Ellie lifted her blouse and felt her flat toned stomach. She pinched a little of the skin, hardly an inch to spare. She stoked her backside. Tight, but disappointingly shapeless under her skirt. Her breasts were little to be proud of either, a B cup, sitting barely noticeable in her bra as she unbuttoned her top. She pulled her skirt down and let her hair loose, picked up her other clothes and began putting them on. A loose grey crop top replaced the bra, her legs then covered by a figure-hugging pair of elastic sweatpants.

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As much as her body was an immaculate, toned and petite showcase of conventional beauty, Ellie’s fantasies were completely different. She yearned to be a big, soft, blubbery mass of female, jiggling and falling out everywhere. A big pig of a girl. A cow! A big ungainly mass of hot warm fat and femininity. She left her old life in secret, knowing that nobody would ever understand what she wanted to be become.


Ellie walked up to the machine, her slender legs trembling slightly from the anticipation.


“500lbs, that’s all,” she tried reassured herself, knowing that she had dreamt of a lot more hanging off her.


The mouthpiece of the funnel was soft and fit snugly into her mouth. She gave a groan of sheer happiness that her fantasy was about to be fulfilled, knelt on the ground on all fours and turned on the feeding machine.


The sweet fat-paste burst into her mouth, filling her cheeks immediately. She quickly swallowed before the next one. It was an amazing liquid, incredibly addictive and with the ability to assimilate into the body practically on impact with her stomach. Unlike normal animal fat, it was devoid of much cholesterol and created very soft, fluffy fat. It put little limits on how huge Ellie was going to make herself.


After about 3 minutes Ellie could see and feel the benefits. Her breasts had inflated and begun to tug slightly on her crop top. She was now covered in an inch-thick coating of fat, little ripples beginning to form where her new belly reached her growing hips.


Before long, she could feel her belly begin to spill over the elastic of her sweatpants, the elastic itself now stretching due to her blossoming rear. Ellie was no longer toned, but now approaching the limit of being clinically overweight. She was now a curvy beauty, big bust, soft hips and belly, along with a pair of very luscious legs that were filling her sweatpants nicely.


In her mouth, her tongue helped lap up the paste frantically. She loved the sensation of filling out and feeling her clothes squealing under the strain. Whenever Ellie gave a shudder of ecstasy her belly and boobs would now sway a little. A potbelly, and a DD. Her ass and thighs were also plumping, the ripple next the belly now a soft, flabby fold.


She sat up on her knees and felt around her new body, playfully kneading her big plush belly, running her hands down her widening thighs and cupping her supersized breasts, moaning in appreciation.


Sitting down, it was obvious that Ellie was now a fat girl; her curves had now begun to grow folds of their own. Eyes closed, she marvelled at how incredibly soft she was all over. The crop top snapped and her breasts drooped out. She pushed the elastic of her sweatpants back and felt down to lift up her big soft belly, letting it fall between her legs freely


“What a piggy I’ve become,” she thought, looking at the scales; 321lbs.


Ellie was now obese. She could hardly have felt sexier. Her ass and thighs were now so large that they formed a balcony of fat for her ever-expanding belly to fall onto at her hips. Ellie was so excited that she couldn’t help jiggle, feeling the fat of her thighs ooze between her fingers.


She lifted herself onto her knees again and felt her belly hang downwards between her legs. Her arms, hands and fingers were now pretty chubby and she could imagine the roles beginning to form on her back. She loved how the fat was changing her, making her so droopy yet unbelievably soft everywhere she could think of touching.


Like fresh, expanding dough, Ellie fattened and grew to 470lbs, 480lbs, 490lbs, 500lbs!


She didn’t stop. She watched the scales, and felt with tantalising glee herself losing control. She fell forward onto her belly, returning to all fours, her final position as a woman. She felt her sweatpants begin to dig into her flab before giving up and unveiling her huge trembling behind. Her thighs were mammoth trunks of cellulite and pudge that had developed big dimples and spilt over her calves and knees. Her ass had lost control also, it’s new ripples beginning to mould into the fat of her back,


“So big. So fat. So big. So fat!” she couldn’t stop thinking as the fat kept piling on.


Her belly reached the floor and her breasts jutted out in front of her. Everything on her was becoming rounder, the folds developing into orbs of hot flesh, some parts of her body becoming lost completely under her flab. Her belly was so large it had actually begun to push her huge curvaceous legs apart, all the while Ellie sucked greedily on the machine.


750lbs. Ellie was oozing everywhere, most parts of her body were now under layers and layers of flab, so much so that her body no longer resembled a 25-year-old woman, be it a very fat 25-year-old woman. Mountains of flesh piled onto Ellie, her body now jiggling and plumping its way to the floor. The fat from her neck pushed up under her head, her thick blonde hair lay strewn on where her shoulders used to be, now a sea of cushiony softness.


Every move she made sent her unquantifiable soft, fatty flesh into endless ripples and jiggles. By around 900lbs her belly fat was now out of reach of her chubby fingers, almost covered by the fat from her arms. Ellie couldn’t stop the machine even if she wanted to, but the paste’s addictive characteristics had now sent Ellie’s fatness into realms neither she had imagined. With seemingly unstopping moans and groans Ellie was now a 1 ton pile of oozing and undulating fatness, but underneath wiggled a woman bathing in her own self-made ecstasy and joy.


“Ooooooh I’m soooooo faaattt now!!”


The machine whirred down, out of paste and power. Ellie lay there, her body making satisfyingly sexy sloshing and slapping sounds as she struggled to move.


Automated cranes arrived and lifted Ellie, her belly sagging and swaying underneath her immeasurable girth. She was moved slowly out of the room. By the time Ellie was out of sight Cathy walked in, paused, and began unbuttoning her top.

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BgrBtr    (2008-12-29 12:55:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Your fantasy is very hot! The idea of a very fit girl getting extremely fat is an amazing fantasy.

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