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Several years ago I was stationed in Taipei, Taiwan. When I had time, about once a week, I would go downtown for a massage. In their culture, massage was an honerable profession, reserved for the blind. However, they cheated and their were several massage parlors staffed mostly by lovely young Chinese and Taiwanese ladies. For $2.50 you could get a steam bath, shower and massage, or a shower and massage. And If you wanted, a hand job to end the session. I normally opted for the shower and massage and "fun at the end" option. I had gone to my favorite place, but Amy was not there that day and I the girl I got was new to me. After my shower, I laid down on my stomach on the padded table.


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She started with my neck and shoulders and very soon I knew that she was an exception. I was almost limp from her wonderful kneeding fingers and gentle, but firm hands. She worked down from my shoulders and was approaching my hips, which are extremely sensitive. I recall as she approached, my legs parted a couple of inches. Suddenly she stopped, skipped my hips and began working on my feet and ankles. Again very nice, firm but gentle, then up to the back of my knees, then my thighs, where she "accidently" touched my balls occasionally. Finally she began rubbing my hips. Round and round, it was wonderful. She finished that portion of my body by tracing the crack in between, starting at the bottom, again touching my balls, and moving up, stoppping and gently massaging my anus. As you can imagine, by this time I had a raging erection. I was enjoying so much and suddenly she stopped and in broken english told me to turn over.

Now I was lying on the table, my cock standing at attention. She ignored the obvious and began rubbing my temples and neck, then working down to my shoulders. My erection soon began to go down, but when she got to my nipples, those wonderful hands and fingers soon had me standing back at attention. She moved on down to my stomach and gently rubbed and kneeded and "accidently" touched my cock a few times. Then down to my feet and again slowly working up my legs, to my knees and then thighs. Finally after teasing my thighs, she gently took my balls in one hand and with the other, gently rubbed and squeezed, ever so gently. The slight pain was exquisite. Finally she began masturbating me, slowly rubbing up and down on my cock, which was so hard it was almost painful.

Her had was magnificent, but then the completely unexpected. She put the head of my cock in her mouth!!!! She did not move, and I did not feel her tongue, or anything. I suddenly had an orgasm, BUT!!!! I did not have an accompanying ejaculation!!! It was marvelous, and then she removed my cock from her mouth and continued masturbating me. And of course, in just a few strokes I had another orgasm, but this time with the accompanying ejaculation, and as I recall, I came all over, all the way up to my chest. She smiled and towelled the cum off of my chest and stomach, said goodbye and left the room. I was still shaking a little, as I got dressed and left. I went back and asked for her several times, but never saw her again. What she did when she put my cock in her mouth is still a mystery to me, an experience I will always remember, but unfortunately, will probably never have again.

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shutzblanks2    (2008-07-21 10:25:22)    Flag as inappropiate
This is not a fantasy, it's true!!!!!!!

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