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Back from where we left off...

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The Naughty Meter

I had just visited a college where I had an enjoyable experience.

Now I was out on the road, walking alone to the cluster of shopping malls. The crowds started to increase in size and I had to be very careful not to bump into people accidentally or I might alert someone. On the other hand, I was still game for a little groping whenever possible. I had flipped a few skirts making it look like a gust of wind which had blew the skirt up.

Then I remembered that there was a swimming pool not too far from where I was, it would be the best voyeur's spot in my mind. After some planning, I headed there on a less used path. Along the path, I spotted a young girl walking slowly in front. She was wearing a black blouse and a short black skirt which ended above her knees. Watching from behind, her hips were sashaying from left to right in a very seductive motion.

I crept up behind her steathily and lifted her skirt up, exposing her black lacy thongs. The sight of her pert, round bums was getting the blood back into my cock again and soon, my dick was erect and ready for action. I waited for her to walk close to a small hut on the side of the path and when she got close, I pushed her into the hut. She was totally surprised and let out a small yelp, but her surprise grew when she turned around and saw no one behind her.

I was right in front of her but she couldn't see me at all. And as she turned all around to check out the hut, she had her jaws agape as she couldn't see the person who had shoved her inside this small little hut which was empty save for a few small empty bottles of beer. Probably some bum had lived here sometime ago.

I yanked her skirt off with one strong pull and her bare butt came into view again, she was totally confused by the chain of events here. She couldn't comprehend the fact that she was being stripped by an invisible being. With both my hands, I pulled on her blouse and her buttons popped apart easily. Her black matching bra covered only half her globes with the other half oozing out from the cups. She kept turning around trying to figure out who was doing this to her.

I continued to remove her clothing, her bra was next as I unsnapped it with one hand and it slipped off her easily. One hard yank on her thongs ripped it off her shapely body leaving her naked and desperately trying to cover herself with her hands. Giving her a shove, she fell down on the wooden floor right on her butt and she still couldn't see who was attacking her. Sitting with her knees apart, she kept glancing around to see if she could see the person or being. I knelt in front of her and examined her body from head to toe.

She was nicely built with ample boobs and a slim waist with round hips that showed a decent hourglass figure that most girls want to have. Her pussy was almost bare with only a small strip of fur vertically, her labia was full and plump. Holding both her legs up, she was toppled down onto her back and in total fear of the unknown, she didn't even dare to move or even make any noise. I scooted forward and pluged myself deep inside her with one quick stab. She had her hands together in prayer and was praying for this to end soon. She was convinced that she was being raped by a ghost in broad daylight.

Well, that makes it easier for me then. I pounded her slowly and took my time to enjoy her since she was so co-operative. And her body began to betray her by leaking copiously and began to get aroused too. Hr nipples were erect and she began to push back at me subconsciously. When she realised that she was fucking back at a ghost invading her pussy, she was alarmed and blushed a bright pink.

"This must be a dream, yes... It must be a wet dream for me to fantasize that I want to get fucked by someone unknown." she muttered in her breath.

I chose not to reply in words, but in action. I pulled out of her from that missionary position and flipped her onto her hands and knees. And kneeling behind her, I held my dick against her vulva and rubbed it up and down. In a few strokes, the crown of my cock was slipping in between her lips and easily too due to the lubrication secreted. As it slid in again, I pushed with my hips and thrusted deep inside her to reach her cervix. That deep stroke triggered something inside her and she grew wild with abandon and pushed back against me with each stroke almost like in a porn movie.

This seems like a dream to me too, after all I had been a normal guy with none of these distractions previously. I was brought back to this hot round of sex, forced at first, by her moans and her gripping vagina muscles. The tightness was nowhere to be compared to the 2 virgins earlier on but there was something about it that was getting me ready to ejaculate.

With a long deep push, I held myself inside her as the waves of contractions in my lower regions overtook me and the sperm squirted inside her right in a series of spurts. With my cock spent for the moment, I pulled out of her and wiped myself clean quickly using her tiny thongs which I grabbed hurriedly.

With my cock cleaned up, there was no more traces of me being visible and I was able to watch her get up and dress herself up in a daze. Fully dressed, she staggered out of the little hut with cum dripping down her thighs. I only got up and walked out a full 10 mins later. Back on the journey towards the swimming pool, I trotted along looking out for more.

Sneaking in thru the front door, I made straight for the ladies changing room and sat in a corner watching as streams of women walked in and changed, some headed for the cubicles for more privacy, some didn't bother and changed out in the open. Spotting a real hot looking young girl, I followed her as she sashayed towards the last cubicle in the changing room area.

SHe had long black hair which fell down to her boobs and an angelic face, her small frame was off-set by her ample breasts which should be at least a C cup. Being right behind her, I was so tempted to slap her almost flat butt encased in a tight pair of shorts. Her pace was nice and slow and I overtook her and went inside the cubicle first. Once inside, she began to strip off her clothes and underwear. Her white T shirt was the first to end up on the floor followed by her tight black shorts, next was her white racer backed bra which she unclipped right in front of me. Her white bikini styled panties was the last and she stood buck naked in the room admiring herself.

I too took my time to admire her body which she turned and twirled to display for herself though. I was just a lucky participant in this show. Even though I had 3 sexual encounters previously for the day, my body was still easily aroused and my cock filled up rapidly with blood. Mebbe it would be fun to scare this one? With that thought in mind, I began to exhale heavily. She was startled and looked around, clasping her left arm over her boobs and her right over her pussy.

"I have been dead for a few years already and I only want to fulfil my wishes before I am able to move on..." I droned on in a low voice and almost whispering into her ears.

She was shocked but able to reply, "Uh... so, what do.. u want??"

"I dun want to leave this world as a virgin, can you help me with this request? I want to be able to enjoy having sex at least once. And I need a girl who is willing to help me as I can't do it without the other party's consent." Damn, I was getting better at lying about all these... haha...

Hesitatingly, she kept quiet for a while before she was able to answer the request. "But, I am a virgin too. I'm only 18! Can't you look for someone else?"

I continued lying, "No, only those whom I have an affinity with would be able to hear me and be able to helSp me with this request. Please, won't you help me, a poor ghost out??" "I promise that this will be my only request and if you don't agree, I will haunt you forever..."

"Sheesh... I sure don't want a ghost haunting me for life. So what now?"

"How about I go home with you after your swim? It'll definitely be a better place than here, right?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I dun have much of a choice, do I?"

"By the way, what's your name?"


"That's a nice name, just go enjoy your swim and I'll see u around later."

I crept around the changing room and managed to sneak a few peeks and gropes (esp when they were wet and covered with shampoo). Then I went out into the water, where quite a few of the nice looking ones including Kelly was swimming about.

I waited for them to be clustered together before I snuck in a few gropes. That way, no one will notice, especially with all that jostling around.

Kelly had gotten up and went out back to the changing room and I followed her closely...

(to be continued...)

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now these r some good ones . ill be reading the rest now.

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