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  By: zac08

From where we left off previously,

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I just took the virginity of a school girl while she was totally out under the influence of cholorofoam. And just as I was about to clean her up, the door opened.

Another young girl of about the same age entered the infirmary, probably to check on her condition. Her jaws dropped as she took in the scene. Her classmate was almost naked on the bed and her legs were wide apart with cum and blood dripping from her vagina.

She stood there for a while stunned, mouth opened. Then she recovered herself and looked around for the guy who did this. When she coudn't find anyone in the vicinity, she relaxed a little and walked up to her friend.

"Lily, wake up... Lily, what happened here??"
"It's me, Kerry. Who did this to you?"

But to no avail, Lily as her name was now known to me was gonna be out of it for quite a while. Luckily I had cleaned my cock earlier on before planning to clean Lily up or Kerry would be able to see a floating blood covered cock.

Kerry placed her hand on Lily's shoulder and shook her as hard as she could, but Lily just laid there immobile. My mind was spinning now, trying to think of the next course of action and if I wanted to get Kerry as well. Kerry looked pretty hot too, her skirt being much shorter than what Lily had worn. Her white blouse was also a thin piece, barely able to cover the fact that she was wearing a pink bra underneath.

Kerry climbed onto the bed and looked at Lily's exposed pussy with great amazement and wonder. She probably was another virgin by the looks of her face. I stood directly behind her and looked up her skirt which was draped over her firm butt. Her pink panties were clearly visible as I knelt with my face inches away from her bum.

Kerry's pussy was full and filled the gusset of her panties well. There was even a hint of cameltoe as her labia pushed against the material. I sniffed deeply, getting in Kerry's scent. Then when I stood up and looked at the both of them again, Kerry was very close to Lily's pussy now. Kerry took a whiff and wasn't turned off by the scent of the cum or the blood. Examining Lily's vulva, Kerry was taking her time and she used her fingers to experiment as well. Getting back behind Kerry, I waited for Kerry to insert her fingers inside Lily's wet sloppy pussy before I went closer.

Experimenting further, Kerry had scooped up a dollop of the sperm and placed it in her mouth. She sucked on her own fingers before deciding that it wasn't so bad after-all. Her right hand went forward towards Lily's wet cunt and her left hand snaked back down and reached under her skirt. Her fingers started rubbing up and down her panties which were growing wetter by the minute. Then soon, she lifted the material of her pink panties aside and rubbed her pussy lips.

My nose was just inches away from her glistening pussy, moist with her secretions from her rubbing. Kerry's head was bobbing up and down, probably licking Lily's recently violated hole clean. And her fingers were concentrating on her outer lips only, further re-inforcing the notion that she is a virgin. Even though I had just fucked a girl minutes ago, I was so turned on by Kerry's lesbian moves that I knew I had to have her.

I waited and as continued to stimulate her labia and her clitoris, she soon tensed up. Her muscles grew taunt and she let out a muffled cry in Lily's pussy as she climaxed. Panting away, she laid there, not moving at all with her rump still in the air presenting a perfect target for me.

I rammed my cock straight inside her pussy, piercing her hymen in one furious stab. Surprised, she tensed her whole body instantly, gripping my cock even tighter. Holding myself inside her for a minute, she was so confused by this chain of events. She had came into the room to check on Lily and had found her naked and recently deflowered with cum flowing out of her vagina. Then she had tasted the cum and began to masturbate while sucking on Lily's pussy. Now she had also been deflowered by someone, or something which she couldn't see or comprehend.

Totallly stunned, she didn't even dare to move. She froze on the spot and with her jaws agape, she turned around and tried to take a look at who or what was behind her. Unable to see anyone, her face contorted in an expression of extreme fear. At the same moment, I began to stroke in and out of her. Her mind went into overdrive, what was she feeling inside her pussy, was it part of her imagination? And if so, why was there fresh drops of blood on the sheet? Stimulated by hr initial masturbation and my fucking, her body began to react and without knowing it, she started to move her body to fuck back at me.

Her left hand went to her boobs, massaging them slowly. She seems to be in a world of her own as she touched herself and was fucked by an invisible dick which she could only feel and not see. Almost like a figment of her imagination. Without letting up, I picked up the pace and fucked her faster and harder, slamming into her butt with each stroke. Her arousal level was increasing with each movement and I could her her breathe harder and her body tensing up for another orgasm.

With a cry, she gripped me tightly with her kegel muscles and collapsed onto the bed with her head still on Lily's mound. I continued mu fucking and just a few strokes more brought me to my climax as well. Dipping in deep inside her, I came inside her and spurted out the thick white cream inside her womb.

Before Kerry could turn around and looked at me, I quickly cleaned my blood coated cock on the sheets and moved away from the bed to the chair a short distance away. Sitting down there, I observed her. She took about 5 minutes before she moved again and as she sat up beside Lily, she looked around.

She still couldn't see anyone, but she had just been royally fucked. Getting up from the bed, she pulled a few sheets of tissue and cleaned herself up. After-all, no one would believe her story of being fucked by an invisble being. After cleaning herself up, she also cleaned up Lily and dressed her up nicely.

I followed Kerry out of the room where she left Lily sleeping still on the infirmary bed. She walked briskly towards the classroom where she sat down in her place after explaining to the teacher that she had checked on Lily and Lily was still unwell and sleeping it off.

Getting on my hands and knees in front of the class allowed me a very good view up the skirts of the girls who were sitting in front. So many colours and patterns in view. After a while, I got bored and walked out of the school.

Where to go next?

(to be continued)

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unknown    (2009-06-12 08:48:58)    Flag as inappropiate
I am waiting for you, I"m in the second seat of the third row with my legs spread ;-)

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