My wife is a total slut (part 8)   added 7 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

I was feeling nostalgic one day and decided to check out our old VHS collection. Leslie and had kept a box from when we first moved in together and it had pretty much stayed in the basement since. I was rummaging through it looking for movies that we hadn't bought on DVD and seeing if there was anything worth transferring over to DVD. I found one labeled "Graduation". I knew it wasn't mine and thought it must be Leslie's as I popped it into the machine. It started off innocently enough with the typical high school graduation stuff like Leslie receiving her diploma, Leslie and her friends and family talking to the camera, Leslie meeting her date for the prom. The tape then goes to static for a few seconds but comes back in with Leslie fooling around with her date in a limo. Another man's voice can be heard in the background as he tells her to take his dick out and start sucking it. Leslie laughs and tells the camera man "not until we get to the hotel, silly". The tape cuts out again. I couldn't wait for the next scene, finally, I thought to myself I was going to see my wife fuck. It didn't matter to me that it was before we knew each other, it was hot.

When it cuts back in Leslie and the guy she was fooling around with in the back of the limo are undressing each other as they fool around on the bed. It's not long before Leslie's out of her dress and down to just her black bra and garter with matching stockings and shoes. Someone else is playing with the camera but then comes into view; I recognize him as Tom her ex. She calls the other guy Ray as Tom comes over to the bed and Leslie begins tugging at his hardening cock before she falls back onto the bed and into Ray's arms. Ray plays with her boobs as they continue to make out. Tom is jerking himself at the end of the bed watching them and then joins them on the bed. Leslie is laying on her back as she spreads her legs wide for Tom who sticks his cock into her pussy right away. The two start fucking as Ray and Leslie kiss, Ray teases her nipples as she's being fucked. Tom picks up the pace as her legs move up and down with his thrusts. It's not long before Tom is groaning and he spills his seed early and deep into my future wife.

As Tom pulls out Leslie moves onto all fours ditching her garter and bra as Ray positions himself behind her, doggy style. Tom backs away and takes some pictures of the two fucking, Leslie is thrusting back hard against Ray, she's no doubt well lubricated from Tom's cum inside her. Tom rejoins the two on the bed and kneels in front of Leslie as she takes him into her mouth while Ray continues to fuck her from behind. Leslie thrusts between the two as she's getting ready to approach orgasm. Her face gets redder and her moans get louder as she keeps getting cock at both ends. Leslie cums, collapsing between the two on the bed as Ray pulls out and shoots a heavy load all over her ass.

Tom takes some time to take more pictures of Leslie. She turns around and is back on her knees again. Ray steps up behind her already ready to go again as he enters her. Leslie thrusts back hard on him as Tom ditches the camera and begins kissing her while she's being fucked. Leslie's screaming at Tom about how big Ray's cock feels right before she goes down on Tom. The two ride her out for a while pistoning her back and forth between their cocks. Tom gets up and positions her face down on the bed, her ass high and slamming onto Ray. Ray continues to fuck her from behind as Tom reaches down her stomach and begins rubbing her clit. Tom and Leslie makeout while Ray fucks her to orgasm and proceeds to shoot another load deep into my wife's pussy.

The tape cuts out and for a moment I'm worried that it's over, but it cuts back in again. Same room same players, looks like they took a break as Leslie's had a costume change. She models a corset for the camera that Ray apparently bought for her. Ray comes up behind her and starts feeling her up as Leslie leans her head back so they can kiss. Ray pulls her tits out and begins kneading them at the camera. Leslie takes a moment to look right into the camera and say "see I told you me fucking your friends would be hot baby" as she kisses Ray again before he shoves her onto the bed and grabs her by the hips and starts really giving it to her. Leslie meets his enthusiasm as she thrusts back on him; Tom continues to photograph and masturbate. Leslie's head begins thrashing up and down as Ray rides her harder and faster, he eventually pushes her all the way down onto the bed and keeps fucking her from behind. Leslie is getting loud as she begins to orgasm again.

Leslie gets rid of her top as she hops on top of Ray who is now lying down on the bed. She takes a moment to position his hard cock back inside her pussy as they tongue kiss. Tom finally rejoins them and begins playing with her ass as they fuck. Leslie moans out with pleasure as tom keeps fingering her anus. Leslie screams that she's cumming again and starts begging Tom to fuck her in her asshole, she collapses back onto Ray as the two continue to kiss and fuck. Tom gets up on the bed as he watches them fuck and makeout. Tom slides his cock a few times against her crack before slowly working his way into her ass. Leslie is dying with delight as she moans and screams her way through it. She begs for it as the two slide in and out of her holes. The two work up a rhythm between her as she grips the sheets for dear life, screaming about how she's cumming. The two are unrelenting as they pound her ass and pussy until she collapses between the two.

Leslie comes to and the two men pull out as she rolls over onto her back. Ray is playing with her pussy as her and Tom kiss. Tom soon offers up his dick which she greedily takes sucking it hard and deep. Leslie is writhing on the bed as Tom's dick falls out of her mouth and she begins screaming "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" as she gets off on Ray's fingering. Tom leans down to kiss her and lick her tits as she tugs at his cock. Tom pulls Leslie away from Ray and fucks her missionary as Ray watches and masturbates. Tom pulls out and shoots a load all over her stomach as he leans down and kisses her.

Ray picks her up this time and puts Leslie back on all fours as he slides his hard cock into without hesitation. Tom stands at the end of the bed and presents his hard dick to Leslie which she takes into her mouth. Tom begins to thrust her head up and down his cock, but it's not long before Leslie's screaming again and looses focus on Tom's cock as she yells things like "Fuck me!"; Ray is really giving it to her now. Leslie somehow regains composure and goes back to sucking Tom's dick and is once again bouncing between the two. Tom reaches down to play with her nipples and then grabs her by the back of the head and forces her to suck him off while Ray slams her from behind. Leslie is grunting with every thrust as her body spasms it's way to orgasm again.

The two trade up sides, but not before Leslie gets a little make out time with Ray and then goes down on him. Tom thrusts into her from behind as she grinds her hips back onto his dick. "Oh fuck yeah!" Leslie screams as Ray pinches her nipples, "I'm gonna cum again" she boasts before putting her lips back on Ray's dick. Nobody stops, everyone goes full out as Leslie cums. Tom shoots some of his load inside her pussy and wipes the rest of it off against her pussy lips and ass, as Leslie tries to take Ray's load in her mouth but most of it winds up on her face and neck. The two men, spent, leave the bed. Leslie lies there covered in their spunk as Tom takes more pictures of Leslie as she smiles and waves goodbye to the camera.

I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. I was so turned on watching the tape I had played with myself along with cumming all over myself. As I was cleaning myself up Leslie popped downstairs to catch me red-handed. With a stern tone she asked me what I was up to, as she lopsidedly smiled at me. I decided to tell the truth, sort of, and told her that I had just been watching a porn tape.

"Oh yeah?" she enquired, "What happens?" she asked as she came closer kissing me and running her hand through my cum before grabbing my dick and starts stroking it.

"It's just these two guys fucking this total slut" I say with a smile.

"Sounds hot!' she said before taking me into her mouth.

I managed to get out "It was" before I'm completely distracted by what my wife is doing to me.
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partywife    (2009-09-12 23:11:20)    Flag as inappropiate
partywife Loving all your stories sweety xo can't wait to read more...
Giovanna    (2009-03-05 22:12:44)    Flag as inappropiate
love it, so hot!
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-09 17:07:29)    Flag as inappropiate
These are great, keep them cumming!
gibb0    (2008-06-24 11:48:39)    Flag as inappropiate
fuck yeah loving all these

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