Pulled In By The Police   added 7 years ago    

  By: DirtyWelshMan

OK here goes, ive been developing a fantasy recently, where I'm out driving and get pulled in by two really hot and sexy policewomen, both about 5'8" tall, one with long red hair and the other with short blonde, the blonde is rather tomboyish where the redhead is rather well endowed in the chest department. They ask me a whole bunch of questions and then ask me to come back to their car.

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I sit in the back expecting just to be given a ticket or something but then they both get in and drive away to an old warehouse type building that looks abandoned, they park up the car and drag me out and into the building, locking me into a cage that seems to have been prepared.The redhead one comes into the cage with me and tears my clothes off me, i struggle but she is a lot stronger than her sexy feminine body would have me believe, the other cop comes into the cage wearing a big ever hard strap on cock, her partner forces me to my knees and pushes my head onto the fake plastic dick, whilst she unzips the front of her uniform to reveal a huge pulsing girl cock.


The two cops take turns fucking my mouth till the strap on wearing cop moves around behind me and takes out her truncheon and starts rubbing it at my ass hole, i squirm and struggle but she doesn't care as she prepares me for her strap on with it, pushing in and out slowly, deeper every time.She soon feels I'm ready for her big plastic dick and proceeds to penetrate me with one swift and hard movement, i whimper in pain around the massive girl cock in my mouth, but that just seems to excite them more, for hours they seem to be pumping my holes, only slowing down to kiss each other and slap my ass.


The girl pounding my ass begins to pant harder and harder as she starts to reach her climax, and i feel the girl cock still ramming my throat begin to throb excitedly as the tranny cop prepares to blow her load, they both start to cry out with glee as they cum together, almost in a well practised fashion, the tranny pulling out to shower my face with hot sticky girl goop.They throw my clothes and car keys at me and walk from the cage, leaving my coughing and naked on the floor in a puddle of my own cum, the taste of tranny juice still on my lips

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Comments for Pulled In By The Police

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DirtyWelshMan    (2009-10-19 02:45:49)    Flag as inappropiate
if the cops really were like that you'd be doing all sorts of things to try and get their attention, lol
outlawandy    (2009-09-26 18:37:41)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawandy Why can't I get cops like that?!
DirtyWelshMan    (2008-06-21 19:28:53)    Flag as inappropiate
feel free to comment on my fantasy everyone, would love to know what you all think

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Location: Other | Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: I will tell you later