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She was only 5'4" but got was she sexy. Propper ginger hair, almost copper coloured and very fair skin with a slim waist

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and small pert breasts. I'd met her through her first boyfriend, and when they split up i didn't see her for about 6 months.

Then she started showing up again, but was far more flirty and seemed to have a differnt bf eveytime i blinked. She was

always friendly with me but always in a platonic way, and she even used to get me to help her discorage admirers that she

didn't like. This went on for about another 3/4 months, all my friends were surprized that we never got together given how

fond of me she seemed to be. Then her 21st Birthday rolled around. The party basically took over one floor of the bar we

were in everyone she knew was there, and i was on minder duty again. After a few hours of keeping the undesirables

away from her she came over and gave me a hug and whipsered thanks in my ear. Now she was wearing an elegant tight

fitting dress that night, and as i'd gotten a bit drunk, i'd been trying to see bra/panty lines but so far hadn't spotted any.

Time to check. I ran my hand lightly from her back between her shoulderblades down to the small of her back, then

around and down over her hip. Not one slight raise of material over a strap. Totally bare under that dress. I'm pretty sure

i gave her a stupid grin at that point, but she just grinned right back and went on mingling, so i assumed i'd gotten away

with it. A while later and the party had moved back to her house, a big place she shared with two guys and another girl.

The numbers were begining to thin out as it hit 3am and i went outside for a cigarette. Halfway through she popped out

onto the balcony beside me and we started chatting. I'd lit another cig before long and two draws into it she asked for a

draw. Shed given up a while ago, so i grined at her and said i was obviously a bad influence, then passed it to her. She

arched her eyebrow as she inhaled, then slowly let the smoke drift back out from between her slightly parted lips. I

swallowed as i realised how increadibly hot she looked right then. She blew the last whisps of smoke away and passed

the cig back to me, a very bad influence, she said with a glint in her eye. I took a deep drag as i wondered if somthing

would happen, but just then one of her house-mates appeared with us. He was really quite drunk by now and asked us if

we wanted to come and watch some porn with eveyone else. She arched an eyebrow at me questioningly, and i shook

my head saying i was thinking of heading after i finished my cig anyway. He shruged and went back inside. I turned back

to her, but she was leaning on the railing looking out into the night. Unsure of what to say i finished my cig and flicked it

out onto the street. As it hit the ground she turned

"I'll walk you to the door then..." She headed inside and i followed her towards the door, inwardly cursing her flatmate.

Halfway down the hallway she stopped.

"Wait, i was going to lend you that CD, wasn't I?" I nodded, confused as she headed to her room, "come on then..." I

folled her in and watched as she started searching through her stuff. She bent forward as the waist to look through a

drawer, and the fabric of her dress pulled tight over her ass. I felt myself start to stiffen as i looked at her, suddenly clear

headed and wanting to take her right there. All I'd have to do was hitch up that dress and slide my cock into her...
I stepped forward

"Found it!", she said, strightening up and turning back around to find me standing right in front of her. She handed it to me,

and i gently slid my hand over hers as i took it. Maybe she saw somthing in my eyes, but the next thing i knew she had

grabed me by the back of the neck and pulled me down into a deep kiss. I droped the disc and ran my hands over her

back down to that tight little ass. Het tounge flickered against mine as she pushed her hand down the front om my jeans

and took a hold of my now ridged cock.

"Is that my present?" she whispered in my ear, undoing my flies as i kissed her neck. She pulled open my shirt and pushed

it off my shoulders, then pulled me over to the bed. She kissed me again rubbing my cock as she did, and turned me

around so the bed was behind me. Suddenly she broke off, and i looked down in time to see my prick dissappear into her

mouth. I groaned loudly as her hot mouth slid up and down my shaft, quickly building speed. Before i knew it i felt my

balls start to tighten

"I'm going to cum" i managed to gasp, and she twirled her tounge over my helmet."Right now....." i gasped as i started to

shoot my load into her mouth. She downed it with exadurated swallows, making me cum even more that i'd expected. I

slumped as she stood and opened her mouth to show it was all gone. She smiled, then pushed me back onto the bed,

before reaching behind her and unzipping her dress and letting it fall to the floor. I had been right, she was naked under it.

My eyes roamed eagerly over her body, her small pert tits and smooth inviting pussy. She slowly crawled up my body

and took my hands in hers, pushing them above my head. She leand down and kissed me and i hungrily responded,

feeling her hard nipples against my chest. There were two faint clicks and suddenly she pulled away. I tried to sit up, only

to dicover she'd managed to handcuff me the the headboard while i'd been distracted. She smiled down smuggly, and sat

back on my chest. One hand moved to her pussy and she started teasing it open.

"You like eating pussy?" she asked, running a finger up and down her slit slowly. I nodded enthusicastitly. "Well, lets see

if you're any good with that tounge..."

She arranged the pillows under my back so my shoulders were off the bed, then hooked her knees under my arms so thet

her slit was right infront of my face. she took a hold of the head board and thrust forward slightly. I started lapping her lips

with long strokes of my tounge, enjoying the saltly sweet taste of her juices. I flicked up to her clit that was already quite

swollen and she moaned down at me. I twirled the tip of my tounge around it bearly touching the edges until she was

gasping. I tightened the circle i was tracing, never leaving her nub now and she started pushing onto my mouth. I

increaced in speed and she moaned, tightening her grip on the headboard. Pursing my lips, i started sucking her clit,

pulling more blood into it and she gasped, grinding her pussy onto my face. I flicked my tounge over her quickly as i

sucked. I ganced up to see her biting her lip, eyes screwed shut in pleasure. I gently bit down on her clit to hold it in place

and started lashing my tounge over it as fast as i could. Her hips started bucking as she finally came, rubbing her pussy all

over my face.

She unhooked her legs and moved back down the bed. She leaned over the edge and started rumaging for something,

stroking my cock back to life with her other hand. she came back up with one of my cigs in her mouth and my lighter in

her hand. she straddled my hips and put her pussy against the base of my rehardened cock. She tossed her hair back and

sparked up, taking another deep draw, then blowing it back out through her nose. She looked down, smiling.

"What I want is a fuck-buddy. No holding hands, no romatic dates, none of the sentemental crap." She took another

deep draw, and moved her hips, running her pussy up my cock. "You think you could manage that? All the other asshole

I've been with have been diving me mad." She looked down, moved so that my cock was just touching her slit, then

looked me in the eye. "Think you can manage that? No mushy stuff, just hard, rough, fantastic fucking?" I nodded grinning

from ear to ear. "Glad to hear it...." and she slid down onto me. She fucked me hard and fast, back arched, pushing out

her breasts for the rest of the night....

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