tricked by girl!!   added 7 years ago    

  By: bigshow25

Here is another fantasy fulfilled by me and my girl the other month!

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My girl has a wicked side and we love experimenting but nothing could have prepared me for what she did last month!

She came home drunk from a night out and told me that she had brought another girl home for us to have fun with!

She then tied me up and blindfolded me telling me not to peak then left the room....



I was lying there naked and was getting hard with anticipation...the door went and I could hear people walking in...

I heard cloths coming off...then the bed move...

I was imagining the hot young girl my girlfriend had brought for me, then all of a sudden I felt this thing in my face!



My girl removed my blindfold and there were two black men in my room...I was a little shocked but I was handcuffed and my girl ordered me to suck their big black cocks.

I know people say black guys have huge cocks and sometimes it aint true...let me tell you it was in this case!

They were slapping them around my face smothering me and jamming both into my mouth at the same time


Now I am not gay but I like to indulge sometimes! Just as I was really starting to enjoy drooling over their girl pulled them away to the couch in our room and told me that I had to watch as they fucked me!

I was unbelievably turned on and frustrated that I was tied and couldn’t join in!!



She sat on top of one of them and squealed...then the other came behind her and started giving her a hot double vaginal fucking!

Their cocks must have been at least 10 inches long and thick as my wrist! They were making her moan and cum over and over like I have never heard!!

Al I could do was watch...and all I could see were two big black guys fucking my girl and in-between their legs I could just see my girls pussy stretching as wide as I had ever seen it as her pussy juices literally poured out onto the couch and covered their hard black cocks!!



Eventually they all got up and came back onto the bed. They knelt over me and my girl guided their wet cocks into my mouth...stretching my lips and deep down my throat.

My girl then said that she would untie me if i promised to be a good little slut and ride their cocks while she filmed me taking it like a bitch.

I was so horny I didn’t care I just agreed!!



She then untied me and proceeded to get out some lingerie....she had obviously been shopping lol as it looked too big for her! She ordered me to get into it then took out some red lipstick and put it on my lips!

“you are going to get fucked like a cheap little whore by these black guys and I am gonna film you”, she said in my ear as I felt her hand massage KY jelly on my ass....

She then stepped back and told them to be rough with me a treat me like a 2 dollar whore...


Bending me over one of the black men slid his big, thick dick into my ass as I sucked the other’s huge member...

She started shouting instructions to me...’grind your hips into his cock’, ‘suck his dick like a little bitch!’.

I started to really get into it...wearing lingerie and lipstick...getting fucked hard and having my throat fucked!


She then started telling the guys to call me a little girl...and to humiliate me...all this time she was filming me laughing and moaning in a wicked tone!!

Then she ordered me to get on my knees and swallow all their cum....



I knelt down and they started fucking my throat hard...spit running down my face...

When they came in my mouth there was so much I couldn’t swallow it all it poured down my face and onto my chest!!

Then she went in for a close up with the camera....cum drenched with my lipstick smeared everywhere!!!

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DirtyWelshMan    (2008-06-20 18:54:36)    Flag as inappropiate
wow man, thats a pretty hot one, would love to see that video lol

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Location: A bed | Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it | Nature: Humiliating