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  By: Slowdive

Again, it was night. One o`clock in the morning to be more precise.. And the hunger has returned to my brain.

Suddendly feeling complete indifferent about the fact that my neighbors over the street have a full view into my room due to the white and highly transperent window covers that i used. But it didn`t really matter, it was night and my girlfriend already has gone to sleep in our bedroom. It was my night and i was gonna take advantage of it and feed my brain with the delicious desire of fetishes, of young perveted girls who crave for the domination and abusement from men. It would get me drunk in a sense, drunk of all the excitement, desire and in some way hatred. But it would not be the usual hatred, it would be the product of unfurfilled dreams and wishes more like a torture that nurishes a kind of despise. Sometimes it feels like losing ground, giving oneself to the sole command of hormones which take your senses and make you do things you would normally not want to do.
So it was time to break loose and search for a victim.


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The Naughty Meter

I have downloaded some porn the other day, but the usual stuff just wouldn`t make it... the usual "bick coks and young willing sluts" apeared to just wouldn`t do it that day. Despite the fact that i`ve downloaded some bondage and light S/M I felt the need of something more concrete, more real and personal. Like a sexblog site or an adult dating community. I have already checked some of those communities and have met some interesting people around but still..it was al old. Wondering on the internet like a drunked sailor has led me to a sister-site of a sextorrent, named padora`s secret. I figured I haven`t read something erotic in awile so i would give it a try.

After a view stories about familly sex, which i didn`t really enjoy (those things always make me think of my familly) I stumbled upon a cute name : Nathalie. I began to read one of

her stories that`s called "De-basement". And from the beginning she captured me with things like master/slave, collar, oral sex(which is my fav) and harsh commands with immediate obedience. I couldn`t help myself whilst I was reading to not get hard and incredibly arroused as I was reading line after line, abusement after humiliation, colarred, ass-hooked tied-up slave girl by her master in the basement and made to suck cock to many many strangers. The finess, detail and especially the described feeling of arrousal by abusement and humiliation drove me nearly insane. As I reached at the end of the story I was not the same man anymore I was 20 minutes ago. I was so horny that I couldn`t even breath normally nor think straightly.

This feeling, or should I say this undeniable drive inside me, led me straight to the intrument of my

freedom. The only thing that could help satisfy my hunger was the pussy, mouth and ass of my sweet little, 19 year old girlfriend who was sleeping peacefully in my bedroom.
As posesed as I was, I couldn`t think of my girl as a normal person. I knew she was a little slut! a worthless peace of meat there for me to use and abuse. To work her tight pussy till she screamed for "help".
I knew she wants it. Dirty, hard and without an ending. But I had to make a plan and stick to it till end. I had to arrange it so she would go through with it.
I searched for the cuffs a friend gave Ana for her birhtday. As i searched i thought to myself "I think she

sucked him off too, like the many other fuckers she used to date for one night at the bar or dico while se was drunk. She just got another cock stuffed in her mouth everytime se was drunk and partying. What a stupid cunt!

I`ll pay her back as the little bitch deserves it"

Finally, armed with 2 pairs of cuffs, a scissor, lubricant and a huge black dildo I got as a joke-present for

my 18th birthday(now I`m 23). I went in the room.
Ana was sleeping quietly, probably dreaming of whatever other idiot she might has fucked in her "youth

years". I slowly cuffed her hands to the bed`s metal grid above her head. She waked up for a second without opening her eyes and gave some weird noises out of her. Probably thinking that I`m just getting into bed to sleep she passed out again quickly. She was turned on her back, and I was a little amazed how she could still sleep with her hands cuffed above her head. But probably she was tired.
Fortunetly, my cock was not. As I imagined what I prepared for my beloved girlsfriend this

night and the things I will do to her and she will surely enjoy, my cock began to swallow and slowly get hard.
I pulled the blanket off her body, revealing her. She was wearing nothing but a slight t-shirt and a sexy string.
The view was simply stunning! it got me off completely. Seing her slender and fragile body lying peacefully on the back, streched. And her round, B-cup sized, breasts sticking out the thin black T-shirt made out of cotton. It was probably a size smaller and it perfectly conturated her forms, also leaving her tender and fragile stomach uncovered.

Downsides she was wearing this black string with fancy work in the front. It was an unusual hot Mai night, and sitting on the lower end of the bed, watching Ana`s beautiful body lying like that handcuffed to the bed just waiting to be taken.

I think it was this combination of knowing shes a slut and her angelic sleep that motivated me to move on. So i gently grabed her chin and opened her mouth so that i can stuff it with my already throbbing cock. Of course, after a few secods as i breached in deeper with my cock feeling her soft tounge and the warmth of her mouth, she waked up and looked a little desoriented becouse she didn`t know why I was suddently over her, sitting on her chest and her head positioned between my legs.

She asked me rather anxious - "What are you doing? why am i bound?" I consequently replied "Shut up" and I opened her mouth again so I can stick my cock in it. After a while she realised what was going on and kept sucking my cock for a few moments. I repressed every try of her to say something with going in deeper into her mouth till i reached her throat. Only making short brakes of pulling a bit out of her throat so she can take one breath.

I started feeling really good at the sight of her sweet head sucking on my cock so willingly. I realised she played along, she wanted sex, she was beggining to like it. So got even more angry at her for being a slut and grabbed her head by two hands and thrusted my cock repetently deep into her throat, making her gag and choke. During the skull-fuck I tickled her stomach with one hand reaching back, only to mock her while she was throated. The choking and gaging didn`t stop, becouse i really wanted her to feel cheap and helpless.

She was even perspirating at a moment and was dizzy, constantly not getting enough air. She eventually at one point wanted a break and tried to free herself from my cock. That didn`t work becouse I grabed her by the hair and slapped her face saying "I told you to shut the fuck up and suck my cock". She looked very surprized becouse despite the fact that we often talk dirty during sex I never slapped her or pulled her so hard by the hair. She looked at me with those big, black eyes a little shocked, like not knowing who the man is on which cock she sucks. She was surprised by my determination and indifference towards her feelings. But I guess that turned her on becouse soon after she took the cock all by herself..

I was very pleased by the submissivness of Ana. I was pleased that she was willing to do things she`d never done before so she can please me. I always wanted her to feel gratitude for making me happy and furfilling all my wished. I will turn her into a sub, who will ejoy pleasing and feel very proud about that.

Perhaps she thought that was it. A throat-job, maybe cum eating and end of story. But I had bigger plans for that night. "You don`t think you`re getting away with just a blowjon and my cum, are you? put your toung in my ass, I want you to taste me" She emidiately obeyed and gladly reached her tounge underneath my balls and liked my hole. She was agressive and I wouldn`t have thought that this humiliation could turn her on like this. That this feeling of being a sex object could make her so willing. She was madly liking my ass, balls and cock like being drunk on the smell.

"Ok, that`s enough bitch. You`ve been good so far. Now you need to prove yourself to me. [spitting in her still open mouth, she choked] Now before I subject you to your next humiliation I want you to tell me how much you love me" - "[breathing very heavily and at a far pace, from excitement] Oh my god, I love you for this[I spit again on her face and slap her once]" - "stay still and don`t move" I took the scissors and started cutting off her T-shirt from the bottom slowly to the top. As I was reaching higher I could see in her eyes that she was scared by the sharp scissors that were cutting her shirt and thus revealing her round and firm breasts to me.

end of Part 1. Hope you enjoyed it! This is my first writing of this kind, so I`d be gratefull for comments.Thx for reading.

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Nathalie    (2008-05-25 16:48:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Nathalie Very good! And, well, tee-hee... I'm flattered I can help "spread the good word" :D
What did happen to her next?
gibb0    (2008-05-25 11:22:07)    Flag as inappropiate

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