Running Wild Part 2   added 7 years ago    

  By: Distraction

The following is a direct continuation of Running Wild part 1

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I was still laying in the moss catching my breath and thinking about how unique the nude woman next to me was, when the music pumping through my ear phones abruptly stopped. My running play list was at least an hour and a half long and I had left my house some time shortly after 8, which meant it was getting late, a fact confirmed by the lowering light levels and air temperature. Sitting up I looked over at this girl who’s name I didn’t know, her eyes were wide open staring up into the stars and smiling with her fingers tapping the beat coming out of her I-Pod on her bare stomach. Given how quickly this encounter had occurred I took the moment to look her over from bottom to top.



She was still warring her runners, muddy and wet from the trail and covering up the one and only part of this amazing girl’s body. Her legs were smooth and muscular lying wide apart allowing me to see rose like lips of her pussy, still red from the recent pounding. Her torso was long, with armour like abdominals and a little innie belly button below a small scar suggesting she may have had a hernia as a child. Her breast were ample, not overly large but nice and rounded, with nipples hard as rock in the cool air. To cap it all off she had the most beautiful face I had ever seen, a tiny little nose, spotty freckles and a smirk that would have you believe she just robbed Fort Knox. But what really caught my attention was her eyes, a pail shade of blue full of both poise and confidence staring right back at me.



Once again she broke me out of my daze when she quickly sat up, for a brief second I could see the leaves and bits of moss stuck to the sweat on her back, and in the midst of this debris I saw what look to be a tattoo between her shoulder blades. Before I could get a decent look at it she turned at the hip, placed a hand on my chest and slammed me back in the moss. With her one hand still on my chest she reached over to the arm band holding my i-pod and twisted the screen into view. As she started to work the buttons the bright background light powered up and bathed her chest and face in light. My attention drawn back to her perfect rack and stunning face I could feel myself again become aroused. Tunes started flowing through my ear buds again and she let my arm fall back into the moss. Staring me directly in the eyes, she slowly mouthed the words “are you having fun” and lifted her eye brows in question. Without a moment’s hesitation I nodded yes and he smirk quickly turned to a smile identical to when we had first embraced in the clearing no more than an hour ago.



While her one hand still remained on my chest, her other slid down my side, over my hip and in between my lets. Her cool hand cupped my balls and gave a gentle squeeze, while her for arm brushed over the top of my penis. While still playing with my nuts she leaned down and began kissing my chest, moving downward toward my throbbing member. After each kiss, the cool air chilled her saliva leaving a lingering icy trail down my body. As her head crossed over my hips I could feel her warm tongue snake out across my penis, and with a quick turn of her head I was once again in her mouth. As she sucked away the her own juices left of me from our initial encounter I reached down and pulled the hair band our of her pony tail. Her golden locks falling around her face obstructed my view of her mouth hard at work on me, but the sensation of her soft hair trailing across my pelvis as her head pumped up and down more than made up for it.



Without much warning she stopped and used her hand on my body to lift herself upward. After a quick smile she rolled, grabbed she sweat pants and began working them over her shoes. As sad thoughts of this amazing situation coming to an end began to flood my mind I wondered what I had done wrong. Stopping to look in my direction a look of impatience flashed across her beautifully freckled face, and one hand gestured me to get moving myself. Still not quick knowing what was going on I stood up and began looking for my shorts. After finding them a short distance away I put them on and turned back to my new partner, who in the mean time had managed to get her pants and skin tight tank top back on. Moving toward me she took my hand and began leading me out of the bushes back toward the path. I still didn’t have my shirt on, but at this time of day on a running path a guy could easily pass without a shirt.



As she pulled me through the thick bushes, my mind wandered back an hour to when I was the one pulling her to are recently departed hideout. All of this had started in the most peculiar way, both of us out for our own Friday evening run end up racing down the path against one another. Then all of a sudden this woman had turned in front of causing us to collide and end up on the ground with her sucking my face. This kind of thing just isn’t supposed to happen, I didn’t know her name, hell I hadn’t even heard this girls voice yet because of the music pounding out of both our ear phones. Now she was pulling me through the bushes, my cock still throbbing from the half blow job she had given me wondering what was to come. As sudden and strange as this evening had turned out to be though , I was having the time of my life. Never had I meat a girl who apparently lacked so many inhibitions or knew what she wanted like this one... and I wasn’t going to let her get away.



As we came out onto the path she let go of my hand, ran ahead a few steps, turned and beckoned me to follow before breaking out in to a quick run. Hoping that keeping up with her would mean she would finish what she started, I took off after her. Coming along side her, she turned her head to look at me, not into my eyes like before but at my crotch. Looking down I could see why, through the thin material of my shorts it was obvious I had a massive erection. She smiled at me and kept running, we rounded a few corners and then broke from the main path and ran up several flights of stair to an obviously expensive two floor apartment complex. Moving about half way down a row of doors, she gradually came to a stop in front of a door. There was a key pad above the key slot which she used to quickly enter a pin number and then opened the door and pulled me inside.



It was even darker in this apartment that it was outside but I could see her move inward toward an entertainment center, grab a CD and slip it into a large stereo system. Soon two sets of tunes were playing in my ears, one from my head phones and one from this stereo. Irritated by the conflicting beets I pulled out my head phones, only to realise this new music was so loud I couldn’t hear any thing else. I saw my unknown girl take out her earphones as well and then without much ceremony begin to strip just tossing her tank top and sweats on the floor. Catching the drift of what was going on, I slipped my waist band over my hips and still engorged cock and let my shorts fall to the floor. Both naked we walked toward one another and embraced. I could feel my cock pulsing against her warm belly and she pressed her body against mine. Her tongue began to explore my mouth and mine hers, while our bodies ground away against one another finally to the same tune. As the first song came to and end she singled with a finger over her lips that I wasn’t to talk and then lead me through a doorway into a bedroom.



Once in site of a bed I couldn’t hold back any longer, grabbing her under the ass I lifted her into the air and guided her sweet cunt down onto my erect member. As she wrapped her lets around my back and her arms around my neck, I bounced her up and down feeling the tightness of her twat squeezing me. As my legs and arm began to tire from holding her up I stepped toward the bed and flopped down on it with her under me. The extra momentum of flopping down onto the bed slammed my cock more deeply into this woman than I had gone with any other, which was all it took. She squirmed under me in orgasms, her muscles contracting around me so tightly I thought my dick would fall off. As her eyes rolled back in her head for the second time this evening I started to fuck her with all the strength left in my legs



Again the song changed and she seemed to come back to life, jerking with her hips she sent me rolling onto my back, and in a split second she had mounted me. Smiling she reached between her legs and guided my penis back inside her. The music started again but it was a slower song with a nice melody, and she began to gyrate her hips to the sound. Sitting up on me she traced one hand down my chest and into her own crotch. Her fingers easily parted her wet lip and started to stroke her clit, all the while grinding herself down on the cock that impaired her. She licked her lips and drew her other hand to her chest and began kneading a breast. From the way things were progressing she wasn’t expecting much from me, so I simply laid back and allowed her to ride me, afraid that if I were to add any more stimulus to this situation I would come in a second, and I was enjoying this show too much to let it end. Soon it didn’t matter, I was going to come if I wanted to or not, and my partner seemed to know. She started to bounce up and down on my shaft, lifting up quickly and slamming down hard. That was all it took and again I came insider her my cock seeming to pulse to the beat of the music.



Following a few humps, she lifted herself up letting my cock slide out of her and then collapsed on top of me. The warmth of her body, the exhaustion from both running and screwing and the soothing music over took me and my eye lids got heavy and I drifted away...

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