My Wife Become a Slut for my Birthday   added 7 years ago    

  By: odb18

It’s my birthday and my wife tells me she has a very special peasant for me. She says she will make one of my fantasies come true. I have told her my fantasy of watching her fuck other men, getting sloppy seconds, fucking in public, making her the star of my homemade porno and my biggest fantasy of having a sex slave. I hope one of these will come true tonight.She tells me to get ready and wait for her in the living room while she puts on her special outfit.I get ready in a flash and sit on the couch waiting for her, trying to guess what fantasy will come true..


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After what seems like a long time my wife comes in to the room, and my cock gets hard when I see what she is warring. She has on a very sort white mini skirt made of a thin material so I can see her painties. To top it off she has on a sheer white top that I can clearly see nipples thru. Finley she is warring black fishnet stockings and high heels.She asks me “Do you like what I have on?”All I can say is “Yes”.

Then she says “Do I look like a slut?” My wife has never dressed or talked this way so I didn’t know what to say.After a few seconds she asks “Do I look like a fucking slut?!!”I still didn’t know what to say, but did not what to make her mad and change her mind about whatever she had planed for tonight. So I undid my paints, and pulled out my hard cock. “Does this answer your question?” I say.My wife walks up to me grabs my cock and says “It looks like I had the desired effect.” she releases my very hard dick. Then she says “You have two chooses, we can stay home and make your fuck flick or two we can go out and I will fulfill at least one of your perverted factices”.

I ‘m so hot and horney I start to tell her “get the video camera”, but then I realized she said at least one fantasy. I put my cock back in my paints and say “Let’s go”.She says “OK, but first some rules. Once we leave there is no turning back I will not stop until everything I have planed is done. Since most your fantasies evolve other men I will need to met and seduce them, so no one can know I’m with you. I look like a slut and I will need to act like a slut.”I get up and start for the door.She says “One more thing, no matter what happens before we go to bed you will make love to me, however and for however long I say”.I say “OK I will make love to you”.

I look at my hot wife to see why she is not heading for the door, and when she sees me looking she says “I guess I won’t need these”, as see lifts her skirt and pulls her panties off.I say “You can’t go like that I can see your pussy through your skirt”“Good then you will be able to see all the cocks that are going to be filling my sluty cunt tonight”Well now I know one of my fantasies that will be fulfilled, I get to watch my wife fuck other men. On the way to the club my wife starts to rub my cock and says “I love to fuck, and suck big hard cocks. To bad the only thing around is your little dick. I can’t wait to find some big cocks to fill up my pussy”.

When we arrive at the club my wife tells me to wait 10 minutes before I go in so we don’t look like we’re together.My wife who never dresses sexy enters the club dressed like a slut looking for cock. I hope she finds what she is looking for.I follow 10 minutes later. When I enter I look for her, I spot her on the dance floor with some guy. When she sees me she takes his hand and directs it to her ass. When he starts to squeeze her ass she lifts her short skirt over his hand giving anyone looking a good look at her naked ass. With his hand on her tight ass, my wife’s skirt is lifted just enough to show off about half of her ass. I take a quick look around and see several guys looking at my wife’s ass. When the song ends she reaches down and give the guy’s cock a little squeeze and tells him something I can’t hear, but I could see her lips to know she said the word cock.

My wife walks off the dance floor and right to a table with two guys. She says something to one of the guys and he moves over to let her sit down. But instead she slides in-between the guys rubbing her ass on the lap of one. She starts talking with the guys, but from where I am can’t hear or see anything. While I wait for a seat closer to my little slut, she takes turns dancing with them. When she is on the dance floor where I can see she allows them to grope her tits and ass. A few times she let them finger fuck her while doing a slow dance. Finely a seat next to them opens, and I waste no time sitting there. I can now see and hear my wife and her new friends. I can’t hear everything, but I hear my wife say “That’s enough finger fucking, I need some hard cock”.

The guys just look at her, so she reaches down and starts rubbing there cocks, one with each hand. I think my cock gets hard before the other guys.My wife looks at me; I think she wants to make sure it’s ok. I smile and nod yes.As I watch as my wife unzips one guy's fly and pulls out his cock. She then moves over to sit on his lap. From my view point (slouched down in my chair) I can see her guide his cock into her cunt. I can hardly believe it, until now I am the only guy she has fucked without a condom. As she sits on his cock fucking him in public she looks right at me smiles and mouths the words “I love you”. She then reaches over and take the others guy’s cock out, and starts to jack him off. All of a sudden the guy fucking my wife starts twicking and my slut sits all the way down on his cuming cock taking his full load inside her pussy.

She looks at the other guy and asks him “Have you ever had sloppy seconds?” He says “No”. My cum filled wife says “There’s a first time for everything”, and slides over and forces his cock in her messy cunt. Now I wish it was my cock entering her cum filled pussy, maybe latter.She only slides up and down a couple of times on his cock before he adds his cum to the load already in my wife’s pussy. I hear her say something about sucking cock. Both guys kind of shake there heads. Then my wife stands up monetarily showing anyone that’s looking her freshly fucked pussy. She then adjusts her skirt and looks around and heads right for the guy she was dancing with when I came in. I guess she really wants to suck a cock. This is good because I want to watch her.

She is standing near my table talking to the guy and I start to cum running down her leg. The guy notices the cum and asks her what it is. She points at the table with the two guys and said “I just fucked them and let them cum inside my pussy and I didn’t even get to suck a cock”. The guy doesn’t say a word. My slut then said “Maybe I can suck your cock?”The guy says “OK, but you have to let me fuck you and shoot my cum inside your pussy also”. Then my wife says “Take me home and let my suck your cock and you can cum anywhere you what”. He says “OK”. That is my queue to go home and get ready.I sit in the dark waiting for my slut wife to get home and fuck the third guy of the night. Hoping she will let me fuck her cum filled pussy when he’s done. Just thinking about sliding my cock in her sloppy pussy makes me hard I pull my cock out and start to jack off, but am very careful not to cum yet, I want to save it for my hot little slut.

Finley, the door opens my wife lets the guy in then follows him in closing the door. The guy turns to my wife and asks “How do you want to start?”As my wife kneels down in front of him, she starts rubbing his cock, and she says “I want to see your big hard cock”. She unzips his paints, and reaches her hand in his boxers and says “your cock is fucking huge”. She then pulls his big fat cock out and starts to stroke it. I see his cock in my wife’s hand; she can’t even get her hand all the way around his dick. He is also at least 2 inches longer then me.Just then he sees me in the corner, watching them and playing with my cock. The guy asks who’s that.My slut wife says “Just ignore him, he is just my husband and his small, dick can’t make me cum, I need a big hard cock, just like this one”.

She then opens her lips and takes one big mouthful of his cock. She can only get the head of his cock in her mouth. Then she stops for a second, and looks me right in the eyes saying “his cock tastes so good, and it fills my mouth”. Then she winks at before she goes back to sucking his cock.After sucking his cock for a while, she stops and asks him “What would you like me to do now?”The guy says “I want you to suck and lick my balls”.She says “I have never sucked balls, not even my husbands”. The guy looks at me and I nod yes.The guy says” You asked me what I want, and I want you to suck my sweaty balls”.My wife grabs his cock, lifts it out of her way and starts licking his balls.

After sucking his nuts and giving him the best blow job I have ever seen my wife looks at me and says “I need his big, hard, throbbing cock to fill my hot slutty cunt with cum.” Then my fucking slut of a wife asks me “Do you want to see a huge cock fucking my hot pussy or watch my face as I feel a real cock fuck me for the first time?”I say “I want to see your nasty cunt fuck by his big cock”.She looks at me and says “Fuck you!! I want to watch you as you realize I’m getting fuck liked you never could with your small dick”. She then gets on all fours facing me, and crawls to about a foot away and says. “I want you to see the look of ecstasy on my face when my pussy is penetrated by a real cock”. She looks back at him and says “Put your cock in my messy pussy and fuck me like the slut I am”.

He looks at her dejected and says “I don’t know if I’d like sloppy seconds”. My wife looks at me and smiles. Then turns back him and says “Put your fucking huge cock in my pussy and fuck me, or leave now!!”He slowly starts to slide his cock in her pussy, she looks right at me and says “Oh god his cock feel so fucking good in my pussy.”, she then pushes back and forces his whole cock in her pussy. She tells him “Fuck me hard, ram your cock deep in my pussy.” After he fucks her for about 10 minutes my slut says “I’m going to cum fuck me hard and fast so my husband can watch me cum on your cock.” He does as he’s told. My wife looks me right in the eyes as she cums and tells me “That’s how to make a slut cum.”

Now my slut of a wife tells the guy to lie down on the floor with his feet in-between mine as I sit in a chair. She gets in position facing me with her dripping cunt right over his cock. She asks me “Do you still want to see this big cock (as she grabs it) enter my pussy and fuck me”.I don’t say anything. I want to see him fuck her, but I’m afraid she is enjoying his cock to much.She says “If you don’t answer me I’ll take my cock in the bedroom and you won’t see anything”. Now that I know she is going to continue to fuck him anyway I say “YES, I want to watch you fuck that big cock.”She does not move for a long minute. So I beg “Please fuck him, put his big fat cock in your little pussy and fuck him” “What’s that?” she says.I continue to beg “Sit on his cock. Fuck him and make him fill your pussy with cum. Let me see your pussy filled with cock, and cum”.

She smiles and says “Wasn’t watching two cocks fuck me in the bar enough”. “No, I want to watch you fuck other men all night, I want to cum pouring out of your pussy” I answer.Finley she starts to vary slowly lower her pussy on his cock, and tells me “His Hugh cock fells soooo good in my pussy”. When she has just the head of his cock inside her she continues “Just the head of cock feel bigger then when you have your whole dick inside me.” Then she sits the rest of the way down at once and screams” I’m Cumming” as she shakes with the must intense orgasm I have seen..” His big fat fucking cock made her cum even before she started to ride it”My slut wife looks at me and says” This cock has made me cum twice already, do you still want to watch me fuck it?”I answer “I’ve been waiting since we get marred to watch you fuck another man, so fuck that big fat cock that’s buried deep in your slutty pussy.

She starts to move up and down on his cock. As she is riding his cock she keeps telling me how good it feels to have a real big hard cock fucking her hot slutly cunt. When she senses he is getting ready to cum. She asks me “Do you want me to eat his cum or take a third load in my cunt”. I just look at her and smile, she already knows the answer.She tells the guy “Don’t stop fucking me, my pervert husband wants to fuck my pussy after you fill it with your hot cum.” They continue to fuck and after 5 minutes my wife cums on his cock for the third time, and tell the guy, “My little dick likes sloppy seconds but I don’t know if I can fuck any more after being used by your big cock”. She then sits all the way down on his cock. It’s finely too much for him to handle so with his cock deep inside my wife’s hot pussy he shoots his load into my wife’s pussy.Still sitting on his cock she looks at me and smiles.

Her smile lets me know everything has gone by her plan and soon I will be fucking my wife’s cum filled pussy. Not wanting the show to end I ask my wife” Can I watch you suck his cock clean?”She doesn’t say a word; she gets off his cock and gets on all fours her ass facing me. Then sucks and licks his cock until it is clean of his cum and her pussy juice.Without moving she looks him in the eyes and says “Leave”.He starts to say something, but when he see me leering at him he gets dresses and leaves.My wife roils over one her back and spreads her legs wide to show me the cum oozing out of her well fucked pussy.

With one of my fantasies complete (watching her fuck other men) and another one about to (sloppy seconds) I feel very lucky to have a slut for my wife even if it is only for a night, on my birthday.After she gives me good look at her freshly fucked pussy she tells me “Guess what one of your fanatics I’m giving you next.”I response “Well your pussy is full of cum, and you made me promises to fuck you, so it must be sloppy seconds”“Wrong”, she says. After a short pause she says “Master, I will be you sex slave”.I say “But my birthday is almost over, I won’t have time to enjoy it”.My slave says “I enjoyed being a slut for you tonight so much I don’t want it to stop, and so if you agree to “order” me to fuck a big cock once in a while I will be your slut wife sex slave forever.”

“I loved watching you fuck so much I will order you to fuck other big cocks a lot. But right now my cock needs some fucking”“How do you want me master?”I don’t answer I just grab her ankles push her legs apart and slid my cock all the way in her cum filled pussy.As soon as my cock is in her pussy she asks “Do you like the way my cum filled pussy feels?”“Your fucking sluty cunt as never felt so good, I going to love getting you fucked so you pussy will feel this good a lot”.I can’t stand the feeling of my wife’s well fucked, cum filled pussy any more and I start pumping my load in her.She cums with me, or at least she puts on a good show.

Then she asks “Did I do a good job tonight, Master?”I answer “Yes, and did you”“Yes master, you made me cum and even better then I made you cum”“I think a much bigger cock then mine made you cum”My slut says “Only your cock can make me cum”. “You’re a not good liar; now tell me who made you cum and how many times”She tells me the two guys in the bar made her cum playing with her pussy, she came again fucking the fist guy in the bar, she came on the ride home sucking cock, she came twice being fucked at home, and she cam when I started to cum.“So you came six times on my birthday, but only once because of me”.“No master I came all six time thanks you making me a slut wife, now we have to try to beat that.”I can’t wait…

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biguyasianwife    (2011-01-30 02:11:10)    Flag as inappropiate
biguyasianwife My wife and I are looking into this
leggyjo    (2009-07-17 08:41:55)    Flag as inappropiate
showing my hubby,thats my night out planned
hotbody2    (2009-06-15 03:37:24)    Flag as inappropiate
I like your story. What a turn on. I am working on my wife to copy this example.
dannymike    (2009-02-24 11:44:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Fantastic fantasy, or is it a real story? Guess I will never know.

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