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I had been roped into going out with a few mates but wasn’t really looking forward to it as they where all in couples and guessed they just wanted a designated driver, which I thought I’d play along with, until we got to the club that is.

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The Naughty Meter

Inside was chocker, full of people thinking they where class at dancing but really falling all over each other. The music was loud and I was thinking I’d have to do quite a lot of catching up to do to be one of the crowd.

I made my way to the bar and ordered my drink and was surprised to find it was on the house as the bar tender had nodded towards someone standing behind me. I swung round to see a tall man behind me, at first I thought he had mistaken me for someone else as this man was so god dam fit he couldn’t of been here alone.

“It’s on me” he bend down a little to whisper in my ear, “Oh erm thanks” I said still in a little shock, my god he was gorgeous. “Bit noisy in here, want to go somewhere a little quieter?” he asked, and while all of my first reactions where saying no I couldn’t stop my self from saying yes.

He took hold of my hand and led me to the outside gardens that had just been fix up lovely because of the no smoking ban, I thought It was going to be just as packed out here but I guess people where too busy getting drunk then wanting to come out in the cold for a quick fag.

There were benches under big canvas umbrellas and we sat on the table at the far end of the gardens in which was close to a huge wall so it was quite warm. We placed our drinks on the table and he took off his coat, placed it over my shoulders and wrapped his arm around me to keep in the warmth. “Oh it’s ok I’m very warm here” I told him as I felt bad on him being cold.

“You don’t recognise me do you?” he said, so I turned to face him to make sure he hadn’t got the wrong person and also to check to see if I did no him. “No” I said “I don’t” “It’s Jake, I work in the law firm across the way from where you work and I stop to watch you walk in to work most days, I have been dieing to ask you out for a while now but with no luck, so when I saw your work colleges I started to ask them lots of questions about you and I think they guessed how much I like you and have arranged for us to meet”

“Oh I feel bad now I thought they just wanted me to come so they could get a free lift home so I was planning to get very drunk and make them pay for a taxi” I replied with half a smile, “So they didn’t tell you then no, well I hope you don’t mind then?” “No not at all, but not sure if they told you I am kind of in a relationship but he works away all of the time” “yes they did say something but I know how hard it is to be a lone all of the time I mean he has been gone for the last 18 months now hasn’t he? And well what’s wrong with a little fun for a change?".

I took a sip of my drink while I thought about what Jake had just said he was right, I am only 28 with my life put on hold because of always waiting and there were another 6 months before my partner came home and then what? We hardly even spoke on the phone any more and I received an odd email if he wasn’t too tired to send it after he came home from work. Yes Jake was right, I didn’t grow up thinking I was going to become a nun but that is what I was ending up like.

I took another sip of my drink turned to Jake and smiled, his deep blue eyes sparked as he gazed at me and for some reason I still didn’t feel uncomfortable I felt like I had known him for a long time and I must admit it was a turn on just knowing that he had been watching me going into work.

“Look he said I don’t live far do you really want to stay here or want to come back to mine? I promise to be good unless………… well you know.” Again I heard my voice saying yes but again I’m not sure where it came from and before I knew it we where both stood up getting ready to go.

Walking back though the club I saw where my friends where and told them we where going, after a few sneers of “oh that was quick” and “he must have the gift of the gab” we left and walked down the road looking for a cab.

“I know I said I would be good, but girl your looking so hot I could do some naughty things to you right here” he whispered as he took hold of my hand, I think he noticed me blushing but I was only blushing because I was thinking the same thing. I noticed a dark ally way and pulled him in to it.

We started to kiss passionately while he pushed me towards the wall and stared to run his hands up my bare legs, up my short dress towards my arse and pulled me closer to his groin. I could feel he was excited and I mean really excited and I could feel my self becoming wet.

I unzipped his pants and slid my hand in to play with his bulging pack, there wasn’t much room to play with the size of him straining his pants already, so I released him in to the air, oh my god I can’t believe how much I’ve missed this, I want this so much.

I slid my body down until I was facing his huge man hood and I tickle the end with my tongue, he tasted so good so I slip my lips around, there is no way I was going to fit him all in my mouth but I did know one thing I was going to try my best to give it a go.

I began to stroke the base of his cock with my hands while I began to swallow his shaft, deeper and deeper I went until I could go no more and then I slowly came back up again. I could hear Jakes moans and this really turned me on so I started to build up speed until my head was bobbing up and down.

His hips where now swaying in time with my head and for each push he tried to push him self in a little deeper until I was gagging on his huge cock tears where rolling down my cheek but I could hear the pleasure in his moans which made me want to take even more.

I moved my hand down to rub my soaking wet pussy through my lacy thongs I was so turned on. We could hear laughter from drunken people walking past which only intensified our pressure. I could hear him saying “don’t stop” My whole head was in a spin I couldn’t believe I was doing and with a complete stranger, but I was loving every minute of it.

Faster and faster I sucked his cock with strong suction from my mouth, I could feel him buzzing as the contractions began and knew he was about to cum, his legs where shaking with excitement. I looked up to see him looking back at me trying to hold it back but as soon as our eyes met he couldn’t hold back any more.

My intensity grew as I sucked even harder to let him know it was ok to cum in my mouth, he placed his hands on to the back of my head and with one final thrust he exploded in my mouth. Gallons of hot jism filled my mouth after each spurt, I held him in my mouth while I felt all of his cream slide down my throat.

After taking a moment to compose ourselves Jake helped me back up to eye level and told me he couldn’t wait to get home. We casually walked out of the ally way and flagged down a taxi.

Jake gave the address to the driver and turned to kiss me his hands where all over my body I kept peeping over his shoulder to see if the driver was watching, he was. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend he wasn’t there but I could feel his stair and couldn’t help but to peep again, to my surprise he was loving it.

Wow I thought this was amazing I let Jakes hands roam my body while I roamed his I couldn’t believe it he was hard again, already! I loved him ravishing me with his hands and his lips, his kisses so tender but so strong and I couldn’t help melting in his embrace.

Before long we where at our designation and we scrambled out on the kerb, “lucky bastard” moaned the taxi driver as Jake paid the fair. We where barely in the front door as we started to pull at each other clothes, tearing them off each other and letting them fall on the floor, while kissing each other frantically.

Left in only our underwear Jake picked me up and carried me to his kitchen side, it was a spaced out fitted kitchen and the worktop was in the middle of the room. He placed me on top of it and lied me down, taking both of my ankles, that where now dangling down, he picked them up and placed my feet on to the worktop.

Jake slid my thongs over my bottom and down towards my feet looking at each curve as the knickers crawled over my skin and I noticed my self starting to grind as he did this. Jake looked deep into my eyes as he gently but firmly parted my knees. His lips so lush gave me a cheeky smile, his head moved towards my clit.

His tongue twisted and turned as he teased my clit and I could just barely hear him say how nice and smooth I was as he delved deeper down. I couldn’t stop my self from moaning now as he was nibbling on my clit while sucking and pulling on it, I could have squirted right there on his face but was trying so hard to hold back.

He started to tongue fuck me while devouring my pussy juices and I start to squirm as the pleasures intensified, my moaning became louder and I don’t think I can take much more.

The whole of my body is now tingling and shaking with desire I could really do with getting fucked right about now but don’t want him to stop until I have cum. I find my self grinding faster and faster so I take his head with both hands and pull him in to me more, oh my god this was out of this world. I have had cunnilingus before but never like this.

Jake starts to rim my arse with his finger gently but with firm control, Wow sensational feelings run wild all over my body, my toes start to curl, my legs are trembling and like a huge explosion I start to orgasm, it seem to last for ages with my body still tingling.

“Mmmm that was nice” Jake said as he resurfaced “Mmmm I know” I said while still purring. Jake held my hands to help me to sit up and then he slipped his cock inside of me which is just what I needed. My virginal walls where still pulsing. Jake grabbed hold of my arse and pushed his way deeper in to me, my throbbing pussy took every single inch and I pushed my arse forward to make sure he was all in.

Jake started to grind, I used my arms on the worktop to hold my self up, Jake took this as a chance to cup my breasts while still grinding. His grinding was slow but controlled he felt like a drug and I was addicted wanting more much more and now worried that I would want too much.

Jake arched his back so he could kiss my stomach he ran his fingers from my neck down my chest over my breasts and with both hands grabbed my waist as he started to move a little faster. His eyes seemed to dance with joy with how tight I was and I could tell he was loving this just as much as I was.

Jake eased my arms down and again lay me on the worktop and just as before took hold of my ankles while still moving in and out of me, he placed each ankle on each of his shoulders and ran his hands down each of my legs until they stopped at my thighs. With my thighs held tight he used them to pull me closer, I didn’t think he could get any deeper how wrong I was.

By now my moans must have been heard from his neighbours but this didn’t seem to bother Jake as he was doing everything in his power to make me louder. I brought my hand down and started to play with my wet pussy and watched Jake as he was now pounding me. I could see the delight in his eyes as I masturbated, I couldn’t believe his stamina.

Just when I thought he was going to cum for the second time tonight he slid himself out and helped me to my feet, he turned me around and bent me over the worktop and slid himself back in. I could feel my juices sliding all over his cock as he pushed his way back into me.

He sliped his hand around my front to play with me, how he got it so right from there I will never know but it felt so amazing. With his other hand he glided it up towards my neck and he held up my chin, I could feel little droplets of sweat falling from his face and rolling down my back.

Jake thrust backwards and forwards faster and faster and the faster he went the more I felt in ecstasy he truly was amazing. As I could feel his contractions inside of me I knew he was about to cum electricity seemed to surround us and flowed through each others bodies. And with one final thrust Jake came Oh my god words couldn’t describe how I felt at that moment, but it felt like I had had an outta body experience.

Me and Jake still stay in touch and every now and again we hook up and every single time it’s more mind blowing then the last.

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