The break in IV   added 7 years ago    

  By: zac08

The twins were a wonderful distraction from the daily grind...

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And I'm wondering if I'm able to get any better than that session. And I've not gone for any hunts recently, the appetite is growing inside me. Time to plan my next move to ease my hunger. And working on my drugs had some new breakthrough. With this new "toy", I won't even have to break in anymore.

There were some parts that needs to be tested on live subjects soon. And I have a good idea on where to look for those guinea pigs.

With it's latest form, I am able to deliver the drug in an aerosal spray which is almost indetectable and right under their nose. I have also made it such that I have immunity to the drug in any dosage.

Walking to the hiding place near the dormitory, I waited in place and made a mental note on the possible targets that would appeal to me. The first test subject was choosen to ensure my drug works properly and I confirmed that she was living alone in the dorm room, close to the rear.

The next time I saw her, I walked up to her and asked her for directions to the mall which was pretty nearby. When she started to direct me to the location, I gave her a dose of the spray right under her and she inhaled a large amount of it. Continuing to chat with her, I allowed for it to work. I asked her for her name and she replied drowsily, "Melissa" Following this small success, the address was next. Confirming that she lived in the dorm, I asked if she would allow me to take a look at her room as this dorm looks pretty nice.

She nodded her head and proceeded to take me to her room. Walking along the corridors, I asked her about her family details and why she was living in the dorm alone and I was updated that she was from out of town and lived in the dorm alone as it would give her privacy to do what she like. She did not have much friends also and was normally a loner.

Once inside her room, I began to give her suggestions like the room was pretty stuffy and warm. She took the suggestions and began to remove her red sweater and her denim jeans. The inhibition relaxer was working and she didn't even twinge as she sat opposite me in her white bra and white thongs.

It seems that this new toy of mine is working very well. She was very slim with small pert breasts, and a very thin waist. Her long hair fell down and covered part of her boobs, and her angelic face framed with a thin metal framed spectacles. Up til now, I have not even touched her yet. Walking up to her, I lifted her chin with my right hand and looked down into her brown eyes. She dreamily looked back at me and I continued to suggest to her that she was begining to feel sexy and horny.

Moaning softly, she massaged herself thru her bra. I watched as Melissa slowly caressed herself and work herself into a hot, sexy mood still with her undergarments on. She rubbed herself somemore before realising that her padded bra was preventing her from feeling even more. Reaching to her rear, she unhooked her bra and stripped it off, leaving it onto the floor. Working on her boobs again, she rubbed in circles avoiding her nipples at first. Then she twiddled her nipples, and pinched them till they were hard and stiff. I sat opposite her watching all this while, thinking to myself if I should join her yet.

I sat closer watching still, as she continued to masturbate herself slowly. As she began to stick her hand down her thongs, she leaned over and stuck her breasts right into my face. I just opened my mouth and inhaled in her long erect nipple. Suckling on her, she was moaning away almost immediately, the aphrodsiac must be kicking in now. And as she fondled her vagina area, she was leaking away, almost soaking her thongs. Pulling down her white thongs, she sat on my lap and began to grind down on my crotch which was beginning to sport a huge erection from these fondling.

I pulled off my pants and underwear in a flash and allowed her to help with my t-shirt. Totally buck naked, we looked at each other all over. Her boobs were small, about A cup I guess but they were deliciously nice for her body frame. And her hips were also narrow, just giving her the even curves which makes a female body look nice. I had a medium sized frame which was punctuated with a small paunch common of guys in their 30's. But I have a good sized cock which girls semm to like.

She looked at my hard cock which was standing at attention already and she reached out and touched it softly. I wonder how many she has actually touched before, with her unease of such contact even with my drugs working on her. I grabbed her by the waist and held her close to me, bending slightly to get to her mouth. I passionately kissed her for more than a minute before I inserted my tongue inside her mouth slowly and felt around inside her mouth. She breathed very deeply and almost melted in my arms as I continued to french kiss her. As she held onto my body around my neck, I lifted her up and sat her over my hard erection which nestled nicely under her crack.

She slid back and forth against my cock and rubbed her boobs against my chest. Advising her that she would love a hard cock inside her, she began to rub against my cock with even more force and urgency. Lifting herself up to allow the crown of my dick to get into contact with her slit, she wiggled in small circles trying hard to get her clit into reach of my cock. Giving her sometime to play with herself on my dick, I busied myself with her small boobs, groping them lightly and also bending myself to reach her with my mouth.

The urge to stick it inside her grew increasingly and I lifted her up by the hips, Holding her up just above my cock, I used my cock to rub against her wet slit back and forth. As I slid between the labia lips, I felt it spread slightly and allowed my dick to slide inside the lips. Once inside her labia, I let her down onto my cock slowly. Her wet canal spread open slowly and swallowed my member inside in slow motion. She was so tight, that I was beginning to think she is a virgin. When she gave a yelp of pain as she sat down deeper onto my cock, I realised that she was indeed a virgin.

I laid back onto the bed behind me and looked at her impaled on my hard cock, blood dripping down in trickles. She allowed me to scoot further back on the bed and she then squatted over me, raising herself up and down fucking herself on my member. She took her time and began to increase her pace slowly. Just lying there, I was enjoying myself with no effot on my part. Reaching up, I grabbed hold of her small boobs and caressed them all over.

Using both my index fingers and thumbs, I pinched her nipples gently and twisted them and elicited a moan from her. She was pounding herself up and down, with her eyes closed and almost wild abandonment. Sitting up, I pushed her down onto her back and I moved into the missionary position and began to fuck her hard repeatedly. Her head was hanging over the bed and as I pounded into her, she slid slowly down the bed. I let her down slowly and raised both her legs over and apart from her body. Only her upper back and head was on the floor, her back arched up presenting her blood covered deflowered vagina. I stood over her and fucked her downwards from the top. She was groaning from the exertions and pleasure.

Turning to her side, I had my legs between hers in a standing scissors position and fucked her slowly, rubbing along the sides of her sensitive pussy. After a while, I got tired of it and I disengaged from her and carried her back onto the bed. Placing her on her belly, I kneeled behind her and stuck my hard cock deep inside her tight hole which was squeezing me so tightly as I fucked her deeply.

Her first sexual experience and she's only able to remember half of it due to my mind control elements of the drug. What a pity, well at least I'll give her loads to try to remember in the end. With such a tight constrictive pussy, I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out long. And I rammed it inside her, bumping her small butt repeatedly. Melissa didn't ease up either and fucked back with gutso, thrusting her butt against my downstroke. The tingling feeling began trembling thru my body and my orgasm was very close, a few more bumps against her and my cock began to squirt out thick white cum onto her cervix.

I was still hard inside her and I pulled out slowly, looking at my blood covered cock which still dripped cum. Moving around to her front, I stuck my dick right in her face and told her to clean it up. She licked it all over and sucked me clean in a few seconds. I flipped her around and placed her on her back and raised her butt with her pillow. Getting in position between her, I plunged inside her with one straight thrust. she groaned at the forceful insertion and closed her eyes. I fucked her in this modified missionary position for a while and raised one of her leg up and turned her to her side.

With her left leg up in the air, I was still inside her and began to thrust deeper inside her. She felt so good in this position and I took my own sweet time to enjoy it before I would come again. She came again in this position as I fucked her, clamping down on my hard cock tightly. It felt so good, and I increased the sensation by letting her leg down. Now I was fucking her with her on her side in a modified doggy style, this gave me the tightest sensation you could feel because her legs are closed and you are doing her from the rear.

Dipping in the honeypot hasn't been so fun in a while, especially a virgin one. And it took me only a while more before the sensations overtook my control limit and tipped me over. I shot my cum deep inside her one more time and pulled out in a wet sloppy stroke as I walked slowly to her toilet to clean up. She was exhausted and fell over in a deep sleep very quickly.

Putting on my clothes in leisure, I walked out knowing that Melissa would not have much recollection of this encounter by the next day. The only thing she would recall would be that she invited a hot guy to her bed and she won't recall much details...

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