The break in III   added 7 years ago    

  By: zac08

From where we left off :

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The Naughty Meter

She was standing there squirming in her beautiful yellow sun dress and watching 2 naked persons in her room. Her sister laid there on bed sleeping quietly and leaking cum from her freshly fucked pussy. And she started to cross her legs and continued to stare at my direction, at my hard cock. She was feeling all hot and bothered because of the drug which I had planted earlier in the room.

Sitting without a care in the world, I asked her name and she nervously replied, "Jackie". Nodding my head, I casually replied that she had a nice name. Being curious now, she asked me questions now.

"So, how did you get to know Julie?"

In my mind, I Was telling myself, so that was Julie. Nice hottie.

"Did the 2 of you know each other long?"

"And did the 2 of you just have sex?"

Talk about asking the obvious. I looked back at her and answered her questions one by one.

"Less than a day"

"Not very"

"And yes, we just had sex."

It should have been obvious enough, but at the point I didn't realise that she may be more innocent than she looks. Informing her that I was actually giving her sister, Julie a massage to relieve stress and soothe the muscles when one thing led to another, she was looking on in amazement that her sister would dare to be so casual and open.

I then asked Jackie if she would be interested in having a massage as well. And she looked at me with a questioning look. I told her to consider it and I'll go to the toilet for a pee first. And as I walked towards the toilet, I could feel her stare right on me without a break. In the toilet, I looked in the mirror and checked out my body. Getting a lil flabby, but what the heck... As long as I can get the chicks, it's good enough.

After a long pee, I walked out of the toilet to see Jackie standing over her sister Julie looking up and down.

"You haven't seen her naked like this, right?"

She turned around and nodded her head quietly. And her eyes flew straight to my cock which was limp by now but still commanded a presence. And when she realised I knew where she was looking at, she got shy and turned away. And the only other way was towards her naked sister. Blushing, she turned her head down and sat besides her sister.

I walked over and sat besides her and reached over to her shoulders, massaging them lightly. She relaxed and shrugged her shoulders in a motion which bared her white neck sensously. With each breathe she took, she grew more and more pliant as I slowly took my time to rub her aching shoulders to get her to relax even further.

I had moved from besides her to behind her, with Julie lying just a few inches away from me. From my vantage point, I was able to look down her yellow sun dress and see the tops of her creamy breasts just peeking out from her 3/4 cup bra. She slowly turned her head left and right as I pressed on her shoulder muscles with my thumbs and slowly eased off the knots in the muscles. Then I squeezed her upper arms down to her elbows before I moved back up towards her shoulders. Sighing with relief, she was visibly grateful for my massage.

In a soft calm voice, I next asked if she wanted me to prceed on with her middle and lower back. By now, she was lost in a sea of calmness and only nodded meekly. Informing her that her dress was in the way, I unzipped it in one motion and eased it down and off her. Now only left in her yellow bra and matching thongs, she laid down slowly besides her sister.

Massaging her slowly, I took extra attention on her shoulders and upper back before sliding my hands down her back rubbing against her bra hardly on purpose. Apologising for the interuption, I told her that her bra was in the way for the massage to be effective for her and under the influence of my inhibition-relaxing drug, she only manage to softly say yes...

Now with her bra off, I was able to slide my hands up and down her back easily. And I gave her a good back rub as well as a good workout for the muscles in her lower back. Now she was fully relaxed and oblivious to her naked sisted next to her, sleeping soundly. From her soft purring sounds, I knew I was pushing all the right buttons and I was close to my second conquest of the day. Rubbing her round bubble butt, I made it a point to irritate her by rubbing her thongs around. After-which I reminded her that it was interferring with the massage.

A soft "whatever" came back as her reply as if she was so enthralled by the relaxing massage that she didn't want to be interrupted at all. Pulling the tiny thongs down, her round butts wiggled slightly and exposed her tiny bud of her asshole. Moving my eyes downwards slightly, I was treated to her fat labia lips which was very similar to her sister, Julie's. The lips were tightly closed together, protecting her prized pussy.

Giving her further rubs in circular motions, I was adding to her relaxation mood which she increasingly expressed vocally with her purrs and sighs or relief. Sliding my hands down to her thighs, I kneaded her slowly and spread her legs apart to allow me to massage her thighs better. This action also allowed me to see better between her also. Her outer labia opened so very slightly and showed a pair of pink inner labia which was also closed up. Continuing with her massage of her legs, I proceeded up and down her entire length of her legs and as I went back upwards, I allowed my thumbs to slide up and down her slit as I pushed up from her thighs to her butt.

I repeated this a few times until I could feel her getting wet. From here, I told her to flip over and lie on her back so that I could give her a good rub on her front too. She lazily turned over and laid back down in slow motion, and as soon as she was on her back, I used a small towel to cover her eyes. With all the drug inside her now, she was as clam as you can get without being unconsious. I moved around her and started on her head, rubbing her softly. Next, I proceeded down her neck and towards her shoulders. As my hands applied pressure on her shoulders gently, my gaze was down her body looking all over her sweet expanse of flesh ready for my picking.

Her B cup assests stood firmly in the shape of a pear, just like her sister. Man, they were so identical, wonder how people tell them apart. But looking further downwards, I immediately saw a difference. Jackie was shaved totally, whereas Julie had left a small patch of hair above the pussy. After the shoulder massage was done, I moved around her again, this time, I was on her other side. Slowly applying light pressure on her accupoints, I ensured that her legs were eased of her soreness or tiredness.

And with very gentle pressure, I moved her right leg to the side and moved my right knee into the same place. With one knee in place, all I had to do was to repeat it with her left leg and I was able to move right between her. Kneeling between her legs, I was able to see her pussy clearly while I was massaging her legs upwards. Now with firmer pressure, I rubbed up her thighs with both hands. As I reached the top of her thighs, I pushed lightly with my left hand against her plump labia lips. Repeating this a few more times, I allowed my index finger to slide up her slit as I pushed. Her breathing increased in pace and I realised that she was getting increasingly aroused by my massage.

Switching to her left leg, I used my right hand to slide up her pussy and by now, she was getting pretty wet. Now, straddling her left leg, I used my right hand to cup her wet cunt and squeeze lightly. (exactly what I did previously) She gasped softly but did not object or make any other movements. I continued to rub her slide my index finger up and down her very wet slit. Pulling a small pillow from the side, I lifted her hips up and pushed it under her, raising her butt upwards and also pushing her pussy up for a better angle.

Moving downwards, I spread her labia apart to allow myself to see inside better. With her lips spread open by both my hands, I was able to look inside her for the first time. And I was delighted when I saw a intact membrane an inch inside her vagina, a virgin to be deflowered by me soon. Masturbating her slowly with my right hand, I brought her to her orgasm in a few minutes. The aphrodiasc must be assisting to help speed up things, wonder if I can improve on the speed any further?

Well, with her satisfied. Now it's my turn to get my fun.

Without easing up, I continued with my finger assault on her vagina's sensitve zones. And moving back between her legs, I leaned forward supporting myself with only my left hand. Over her, I was able to lick her breasts and suckle on her hard erect nipples while still using my right hand to stimulate her pussy.

Sliding my right index finger up and down her slit, she moaned softly as she began to build up again for another orgasm. While doing so, I dipped my hips down and allowed my hard cock to be right in front of her wet sensitive cunt. In a short while, she was accustomed to my finger sliding up and down. That was when I switched over to my hard cock to slide up and down her. She didn't realise a thing as I proceeded to rub her clitoris and slide my dick between her virgin slit. Once my prick was coated with her slippery secretion, I pushed my cock inside her slowly.

Getting pass her thick labia, I pushed further and slid in an inch more before I was blocked by her hymen. Applying a little more pressure, I tried to pierce it with gradual pressure. And it gave way after a while, eliciting a short ouch from Jackie. She laid still allowing me to fuck her all the way inside her. Especially with a raised hip angle, this was the best way to enter a woman in the missionary position. This allows a better entry angle and also a deeper reach. When I bottomed out and reached her cervix, I pushed hard against her and she cried out in pain and excitement. I took off the towel covering her face and started to kiss her all over.

She kissed back hungrily and whipped her legs around me and held me around my lower back. Now only with limited movement, I could only pull out slightly before pounding back against her. All the cervix bumping must be driving her nuts, she groaned and even pushed back against me when I pushed deep inside her. My drugs must be turning her into a nympho, just like Julie...

Jackie used her hips to grind against me and apply pressure for me to stimulate her clitoris and it must have worked cause in a few minutes she started to shudder and grabbed me with her arms tightly. Breathing very deeply, she came and came, squeezing my cock tightly with her pulsing vagina muscles. The constant squeezing was milking me and I soon came too, spraying her womb with my thick hot cum.

Amazingly, I was still hard after all these exertions and I remained inside her for a while more. She still grabbed onto me with both her legs and arms and held onto me tightly. Manouevering my hands in between us, I began to caress her breasts again and slowly pump in and out of her with a very slow pace. In only 20 secs, she responded by moving back against me. Releasing her grip, I pulled out of her slowly and flipped her around. Now she was lying on her belly just like her sister Julie, just inches away.

Crawling up behind her, I slowly inserted myself inside her. She gasped as I reached her cervix in one smooth jab. Sliding in and out slowly, she was brought up again in her sexual throes and she tried to push back against me each time I pushed in. I looked over to Julie and wondered if she would help me fulfil my deepest fantasy...

Waking her up, I pulled her closer as I continued to fuck Jackie with long slow strokes. She had that naughty look in her as I pulled her up to me and kissed her tenderly. Breaking off the kiss, I looked at Julie and gave her a naughty wink. She got the idea as she began to caress Jackie's boobs. I held on to Jackie's hips and pounded into her butt, the slapping sounds filling the room. If Jackie was ever curious why there were 4 hands on her, she didn't let up. Giving Julie hand signals, I instructed her to move under Jackie in the classic 69 position. Lifting Jackie, I got her into a doggy style position and Julie scoooted quickly under her.

Jackie was pretty surprised at this change of scenario and stared at her twin sister's twat intently. Still behind Jackie, I entered her as Julie looked up at Jackie's freshly deflowered vagina being filled up with my hard thick cock. Julie reached up and licked my cock as I entered, giving me a very interesting feeling. As I filled her fully, Julie switched over to licking Jackie's thick labia as well as her engorged clitoris. Jackie was totally surprised with these and immediately moaned loudly as she was pushed way beyond her normal expectations of the sexual act. Pushing Jackie's back down, she got the idea that she could also give back to her sister and she began to lick Julie with ernest.

Now it's Julie's turn to get excited. Pulling out slowly, I moved around and knelt down, positioning my tool against her pussy. Jackie licked up and down on my cock as well as Julie's slit, doing her best to give back the happy feelings she had received from us. Jackie also helped to spread Julie's labia apart and this helped me to enter her better. Dipping inside her warm canal, she groaned with pleasure and lifted her hips upwards to meet me better. Jackie bent closer but was unable to assist with licking as our bodies were in the way. So the next best thing was to diddle with Julie's clitoris.

I took my time and allowed Julie to get an orgasm before I reverted back to Jackie and also made sure she came with a shuddering cry of pleasure. Then it was my turn...

I placed the 2 of them on their hands and knees side by side, Jackie on the left and Julie on the right. Both of them were just at the edge of the bed and allowed me to stand behind them and still reach them easily. I started with Jackie and slid inside her, right to ber base of her vagina. Pulling out slowly, I moved over to Julie and did the same to her, inserting my cock all the way in, right to the balls.

Alternating between the both of them, I was in heaven. This is a fanasy for a lot of guys, to have sex with 2 girls together is one. Having sex with identical twins is another hot favourite and almost impossible to achieve.

Working the both of them slowly, I was getting close to my orgasm myself and I decided on who I wanted to cum inside. Extracting myself, I flipped Jackie on her back and raised her legs up into the air. Julie moved close and helped to hold Jackie's legs up and I held onto her hips as I moved into position. Julie held my hard prick and rubbed it up and down Jackie's wet, inviting slit. I waited for her to push my cock downwards and I pushed in as soon as I was aligned to enter her properly. With one hard push, I struck her cervix and made Jackie scream in pain.

Without letting up, I pounded her deeply with the crown of my dick bumping her cervix repeatedly and after a while, she was numbed from the pain and was actually pushing back against me. Julie massaged her breasts and suckled on them increasing her pleasures and also helping to distract against the pain. Jackie was beginning to squeeze me using her kegel muscles and the squeezing was a strong stimulus for me to come very soon. Withholding as long as possible, I continued to fuck her rapidly... Until I came with a groan and shot my cum out deep inside her pussy right against her cervix ring, the thick cum coating her insides uniformly.

Withdrawing myself slowly, I looked down and saw my cock coated with a tinge of her blood and still dripping with white cum. Julie looked down as well and leaned over and began to clean my dick using her mouth and tongue. She sucked me clean in seconds and got me hard all over again with her strong sucking mouth. She also didn't want to be left out of the creampie and pulled me onto the bed and made me lie down.

Jackie laid there beside me, cum dripping out slowly, her second creampie of the day. And Julie crawled over and squatted over me, spreading her pussy as she lowered herself onto my hard cock. Moaning as she inserted my cock inside her, she gasped as she bumped her cervix against my cock. Drawing back up a little, she realised that there was still an inch of me outside her. Would she try to get all of me inside her? I wondered...

She pulled up and pushed downwards hard. With a muted cry, she gritted her teeth and looked right at me, tears forming at the sides of her beautiful eyes. Her cervix ring snapped over my cock and squeezed tightly around my dick. As she pulled up, I felt her cervix slip and close as I exited. I didn't allow her to repeat that again but she bounced happily on me and tried to bring me up to another orgasm. With her kegel muscles giving me the extra attention, she acoomplished this in a few more minutes...

I told her that I was close and about to come soon and she increased her pace and squeezed me even tighter. Groaning with the exertion, I shot my cum inside her in spurts and she sat down deep again until I was done. When she lifted herself off me, the cum was still dripping down.

I walked over to the toilet and cleaned up... By the time I came out of the toilet, they were both soundly asleep next to each other naked and cum dripping from their pussies.

Walking out of their room, I looked back and hoped that they would remember this experience...

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