Watching porn with my mate   added 7 years ago    

  By: Darkshores

This happened a few years ago.


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My friend and I had been hanging out around his house,chatting and listening to music. He still lived with his mum but she always went to bed early so we had the run of the downstairs. This nght he mentioned that he'd got a porno from another friend of his and I, being such a porn lover :-) asked him to put it on so I could see what it was like.


We sat on the couch watching it;it was a german film and was set around a night club. It was nothing special but I was soon hard as a rock watching the guys and girls fucking and sucking on the screen. We made small-talk as we watched it,saying what we liked and what turned us on in the film and I noticed then that I was slumped quite low in the chair so my hard-on was really visible through my jeans. I glanced over to my friend and noticed he was in a similar position and I could see the outline of his hard cock.


As we continued talking he became a little sheepish and started to say something then stopped...he then half-whispered "I think I might be bisexual". My heart skipped a beat as I've known I was bisexual since I was young and my cock got harder. My mind raced at what to say in reply but he then added "...I hope I haven't said the wrong thing". I reached to my jeans and slowly unzipped them and then took one of his hands and placed it on my throbbing cock. He soon began caressing my cock expertly while I unzipped him and returned the favour. We sat there playing with each other for a few minutes watching the action on screen and then i turned to him and smiled to reassure him everything was ok. He smiled back and then leaned in and kissed me. Our tongues teased each other and we were both breathless with excitement. Our hands still played with each other's cocks and we kissed for a while longer. I couldn't hold back any longer.


I slid off the couch and knelt in front of him. I teased him for a few moments and then lowered my mouth on to his hard cock. I flicked the helmet with my tongue a few times and then sunk my entire mouth over it. I could taste his precum as my hand played with his balls and he pushed back as I sucked down. He was panting pretty hard and and his hands gripped my hair as I took his length in my mouth. I could smell sweat on him and it turned me on so much while I sucked him hard and long.


I was determined to make this last so I came back on the couch next to him and he immediately went down and put his mouth around my throbbing cock. He may have been a beginner but he certainly knew how to suck cock. His fingers gently tickled my balls and mine furiously worked his cock. He began sucking more urgently and I realised he was about to cum.


I tried to put my mouth on his cock again but he was enjoying himself right where he was. He kept me sat back as his hips began to buck and I saw him pump out thick cum over his belly and my hand. This started me off and I concentrated to keep myself from cumming too. From out of nowhere he suddenly slipped his hand under me and began probing my anus with his index finger. Of course the pleasant shock of this broke my concentration and I came strong and hard in his mouth. He greedily swallowed my cum down as my orgasm slowly subsided. We lay there, both exhausted, for what seemed like ages...until we both got hard again :-)

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ashley44    (2009-08-21 07:55:03)    Flag as inappropiate
very good, but i think your holding back a little,lol
blowbi    (2008-05-02 22:55:50)    Flag as inappropiate
great story i had a similar thing happen to me

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