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  By: Nathalie


That day, my master had requested that I take a day of from work. I had, and when the morning came, he woke me with a tug on my collar and those words :

- Today, you find out what it is to be a cock-slave


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The Naughty Meter

- Master, I am your cock’s slave, always.

- I did not mean my cock.

I stiffened and got aroused almost at the same time. What did he have in mind? I hadsuspected something would happen, for him to require I take a day off, but what exactly ?

He picked my outfit for the day – lingerie. A thong and matching garter belt, a pair of black stockings, and pumps with straps that lock around my ankle. He also ordered that I put on makeup, something that almost never happens.

He made me suck him hard, and ordred me to stop before he came. Slipped something into my pussy with one swift gesture. One of his vibrating bullets, on a wireless remote. He switched it on on the lowest stength, and began talking, looking me in the eye.

- When we first talked about it, a long while ago, you said it would be okay to make you suck an other man’s cock. I have made you do that, several times. Always when you did not expect it. Today, you can expect it. You will do nothing but suck cock, the whole day.

The whole day ? Oh my god, what ? How ? I had so many questions, and fear too, and… and arousal. My body was my master’s, my mouth as my master’s, if he enjoyed lending those, Iwas happy to make him happy.

- The problem, he said, was finding enough men for you to suck. And where to do that. Well, that was simple. You will spend the day in the basement.

As most French appartment buildings, ours has a series of storage spaces in the basement, each attributed to a separate appartment. The have a door, with a lock. We did not use ours, having nothing to put into it. So I knew that was possible. But that left a question…

- Yesterday, he explained, I put aout fifty of those on cars in the neighbourhood.

He produced a flyer. I shivered. There was a picture of me, bound and blindfolded, kneeling with my legs apart, mouth open and cum on my face. Around the picture was written :

« Free blowjob – Nathalie is waiting for you » and instructions for our basement storage space. It said anyone who slipped this under the door would be admitted in and sucked off – no question, no selection, nothing.

My mind was reeling. Fifty ? Fifty ? I could never… How could… Was…

I could hardly believe it. I was stunned. Would my master really make me do this, after barely a few strangers sucked off, never more than one at a time ? would he subject me to such a test ?

Well, not much time to think about it. He slipped a metal hook up m yass, and fastened a chain between that and my collar. I had no choice but to straighten up, and keep my chin up. He made me wear a longish jacket that covered my ass but not my stocking tops, and that did not have any buttons – I could not fasten it closed ! I held it best as I could, in case we bumped into anyone. But no. The elevator stopped at the underground floor, and when the doors opened, my master ordered me on all four. I obeyed, and he dragged me on a leash to our basement space.

There, he unlocked the door, and led me inside. A metal ring was fastened in the floor, quite shiny and new. There was a kind of cushion near the ring, and master made me kneel there. It was soft and thinck at the same time, and I did not feel the hard concrete floor at all.

He took a stretcher bar from a corner, fastened the leather cuffs around my ankles and spread my legs wide, then fastened the bar to the ring. My legs were spread open, but I could not get up at all, nor close my legs. That felt very vulnerable, and the idea of being presented like that was terribly humiliating and erotic.

Tied there, I was maybe twenty centimeters from the door. Master made me stretch my arm and open the door, just to check I could. Not a problem. He then pointed to a corner in front of me, near the floor.

- This is a camera. I will be watching from time to time. You must suck each man who comes in here, and let him come where he will. You must never try to cover yourself up, or clean yourself up, no matter what. You can speak only if spoken to, and then only with respect. Everyone who enters here is better than you. You are nothing but a mouth today, and you will make me proud, whore.

- Yes master.

He then took my coat, got out and closed the door behind him, without locking it. Thus began the wait.

Well, it began and soon ended. Maybe five minutes after my master left, I saw a flyer slip under the door. I whivered, and stared at it for a while, until I was awakened by a voice on the other side.

- Well ? Anyone ?

I opened the door. A guy inhis forties, dressed in a suit. A leather case in his hand, a newspaper… someone going to work, most likely. Probably someone from around, who had thought he would give it a try.

- Well, he said, I’ll be damned. You must be Nathalie. Is that right ?

- Yes, sir, I am.

- And what are you doing here ?

I guessed he wanted to hear it before anything. Well… my master would be watching, and I wanted to pass this test. I wanted to please him.

- I am here to suck cock, sir. Would you like me to suck your cock ?

He snickered, stepped forward and closed the door. Then opened his fly and put hic cock on my face.

- Yes, suck it quick, I have important things to do.

Well, taht was that. I opened my mouth and started sucking him off. I cupped his balls and massaged them, while going bacwards and forth on his shaft. He didn’t last long, probably very aroused by the situation. He pulled out, came on my breasts and said :

- I wanted to get you clean, and now no one else will. Have fun today.

He grabbed a handfwul of my hair, wiped his cock clean and got dressed.

Alone again, I started to understand that this would be the reste of the day. How could any guy come in here, find me bound and half-naked, soaked in cum, and not feel dominating, not feel free to humiliate me ? I would spend the day subjected to all kinds of abuse. No doubt it would be an exhausting day. But then… yes, I could already feel hot from the situation, and all the thougts going through my head.

Another flyer slipped in. I opened the door. The same kind of man. But not any talk for him. His cock in hand, he came in and forced himself in my mouth, without even closing the door. His long cock found its way into my throat, and he barely left me the space, from time to time, to breathe. Very soon, his energetic thrusts made him squirt his seed into my throat, and he left again. The realization that not once he had looked into my eyes felt a shiver through my belly and my pussy.

Then came others. I did not count. They came on my face, on my breasts, often in my throat. Some told me to let their cum dribble out of my mouth onto my breasts. Two came in my hair. A couple masturbated, most let me suck them off. A few fucked my mouth raw and hard, calling me names. They tried to cover me in shame, as well as cum. Always, it aroused me, and I thought each time of my master, watching through the camera.

A groupe of three, quite young, at one point, barely legal I’d say, came in giggling. Virgins, I would have said. Or at least, guys who did not have a lot of experience. The oggled me for a while, until one worked up the courage to touch my breasts. He pinched and pulled, making me moan aloud. I have sensitive breasts, and pain there automatically translates as arousal. I was soon breathing fast. Then the boy took back his hand, and wiped in it my hair. I was sticky with cum. Encouraged by my reaction, the other two approcahed, and began touching me. They pulled out their dicks at the same time, and began jerking off real fast. One of them said :

- First one to come on her face wins !

Well, I don’t know who won, but i twas a close call. Pretty soon, I herad the three of them gasp, and felt cum spraying my face. It felt like it would never end. I felt their jizz pool on my face and drip down, felt some fall on my thighs. I opened my eyes again, and they were looking at me smiling. Then they each posed next to me while their friends took pictures with their cell phones. I would probably be a sensation for their friends, that day ! The last one pinched my breasts again and laughed at my moans, commenting for his friends :

- Gee, what a total slut !

They left without closing the door. Master had not told me to close it if that happened, so I left if opened, even though I was scared someone would find me, someone not interrested in what I was there for, I strained mye ars. Finally, I heard someone come by. The steps seemed wrong, but I was too afraid/aroused/weirded out to quite understand how exactly. When the person stopped and looked at me, I realized : this was a woman, wearing heels ! Whe stood there watching me, and I thought about the sight I must be. Bound in place, half-naked, face, breasts and thighs sprayed with cum. Wether whe liked what she saw or not, there could be no doubt about my being a slut. I had become one for my master, and felt a pang of pride at being so totally at his command that I could behave like that without hesitation. Not once had I hesitated when those men had presented their cocks to my lips.

And there was this woman, and her eyes changed everything. I was not an object of desire anymore, someone whose whorishness could arouse. I was the bitch, the bad girl, the one who made all women look like whores. I felt the shame come. Then she put her hand in her jacket pocket and produced a flyer ! She hiked up her skirt and sshowed me her pussy.

- You know what, Nathalie ? I sax this and thought you must be a hooker. But then, I see you’re already sticky in many men’s cum, and not even a coin on the floor. So maybe you like being a cum depository. Is that it ? Do you like being the lowest form of object there is ?

- Yes madam. Because my master tells me to, and I love him.

- Ah, I get it. You’re a, what, a submissive ? A good little obedient girl who creams obeying orders ?

- Yes madam.

- Perfect then. Well, you’ll be happy to rest your throat. Lick my clit, Nathalie. Lick it good.

And she shoved he shaved pussy in my face, arching her back.

I licked her as hard as I could. I tried to get my tongue into her, tried to lick her clit and her pussy, but she took one step backwards.

- Nathalie, you are filthy with I don’t know how many men’s worth of cum. Do not get near my pussy. Just lick my clit to make me cum.

I apologized, and did just that. I made her cum in a few minutes, at which point she groaned, and pulled her skirt back.

- Oh dear. Paul was right, you’re good.

She took out her purse, and took out a two-euro coin. Let it fall on the floor while looking me in the eye.

- You were happy and proud doing this for fun ? Yours or your master’s ? Well, now you’re a two-euro whore. That’s what coming on your face cost me. You don’t have to kie it, I paid for it.

And she left, closing the door behind her.

I was aghast. I know she wanted to, but the coin really made me feel wheap and degraded. I knew I wasn’t a whore, and yet… But the humiliation soon gave way to arousal. I was cheap, yes. So cheap I was free, free for anyone and everyone who walked in there. Did that coin really make a difference ? I did, and it didn’t. But I felt my pussy twitch. I was so wet, for so long… I remembered the other thing she had said… Who was this Paul ? Probably one of the guys who had used my mouth. He was talking about me ? Maybe he was the one who had fiven her the flyer. Would they send more people ?

I had no idea how much time had passed. Sometimes there was a while between two « visits », and sometimes they seemed to almost ump into one another. I know three men actually did cross, one entering while the first was leaving, and the third arrving halway through the severe throat-fuck the second one was giving me. I was still gasping when the third one put his cock in my mouth.

Sometime after that, I saw someone had scoth-taped the flyer to the door. I know not all the men who came in showed me the flyer. I don’t know if they wame because they knew, or because someone had told them about the cum-hungry slut. As for me…

I was crazy. The smell oof cum in my nostrils for hours, the dicks I was coming and going, the verbal abuse, the pinches and slaps on my breasts… I wanted release, I wanted some to fuck me, to finger me, to lick me, anything ! I wanted to come, so hard it hurt. I practically jumped on every man who came in to get at his dick. Had my master known I would react like this ? I would turn out so eager to suck off dozens of men and flaunt my sluttiness ? Probably. He always seems to know what I will appreciate, what I will need and what will arouse me most. And that day, he had shown me a facet I ignored about myself. I loved him so much. I did not feel like I was cheating. For starters, he had set me to suck these men. And I did not really consider them as people. They were cocks, like I was a mouth. Through them, my master was using me, making things to me, and that much was clear to me. So to speak, they were only accesories, toys like vibrators or clamps. Only living, and full of cum they repeatedly sprayed me with.

I remember the last one. He was the first one, and whistled through his teeth when he came in.

- Whoah, Nathalie, looks like you have been a busy cumtrap. How many men emptied themselves on you ?

- I don’t know, sir. I lost count. I thing two dozens.

- Two dozens. Do you realize most women do nost sleep with that many men in a lifetime ? And you just drained them in a day, without knowing them.

- Yes sir. I am a bitch. I wear my master’s collar, and he has trained me for this.

- Trained you ? Well then, bitch, be happy, I have a bone for you. Ha !

He took his cock out again, and took my mouth. I sucked him off, as well I could. My mouth was sore, my jaw ached, and my tongue was tired. But I was so aroused, I gave my mouth like I had this morning.

He kept talking with his cock in my mouth.

- Marianne tells me you lick a mean pussy too, Nathalie. You know, you should tell your master if he ever wants to lend you, I know people who would really be happy to use you for a while.

He pulled out his member, and came on my forehead. Cum dribbled on my eyelids and my cheeks.

- You know what ? There, I’ll leave you my card.

I felt someting press on my forehead. He had stuck hix business card on the cum on my skin. I felt it cling there, and licked my lips to swallow the cumbbefore it dripped.


A while after this man, my master came to me. He was carrying something.

A square mirror, about forty centimeters on a side. He held it in front of me.

- Look at yourself, Nathalie. Look at what they saw, all day.

I was… there were no words. A horrible mess. My hair were matted, plastered to my temples and forehead from all the cum. My ckeeds and chin glistened, by patches, and the business card was stuck askew on my head. I could see the cum already getting trhuogh the cardboard. My makeup had run, of course, from all the cum, and that sight was incredibly compelling. Cul-running makeup always makes me thing of extreme sluttiness.

My breasts and belly were much the same, and my stockings had stains that could only be the cum dribbled from my face and body. And I thought, « this could have been worse. I swallowed quite a fex. » I was transfixed by this reflection. Cum hadd pooled on my neck, around my collar. This I could not get my eyes away from. I as covered in cum because of this collar, it was the origin and the means of my… my freedom, to be who and how I wanted to be. I felt such warmth, such love for the man who had just given me this. I had to tell him.

- This is what you made me, master. I love you.

- I love you, whore. Now, let’s get you home.

He stepped behind me, and began unfastening the stretcher bar from the ring in the floot.

- Nathalie, do you know how many men came in here today ?

- No master. Not really. Many. One of them came twice. In here and on me.

- Yes, I was that. You must have made quite an impression. I will keep his card, I am sure he will be handy. Him and his charming friend. But you sucked off twenty eight men, today. Plus the one pussy you licked. Get up.

I did. My legs had a hard time straightening, at first, after kneeling for so long. But they did. My feet were apart, because of the bar. He undid that. And slipped a hand to my pussy. I gasped and begangrinding my hips on his hand immediately.

- Stand still, bitch. (I did.) I see you liked this a lot. You’re soaking wet. Well, I have good news.

He fastened my leash to my collar. Then slipped a vibrating egg inside me and turned it on. Then, he tugged on the leash and pulled me out of the cellar. I only then realized he hadn’t brought any coat !

- Walk proud, look anyone we encouter in the eye, and I will allow you to come quickly.

The state I was in, that was all the encouragement I needed. I obeyed, walked proud, naked and covered in cum. We did not see anyone. I came like crazy in the elevator, and sank to my knees, gasping and trembling with elation. I think I came five times, without my master even touching me.

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Slowdive    (2008-05-24 22:42:34)    Flag as inappropiate
I wrote a fantasy, dadicating it to this story :)
Slowdive    (2008-05-24 17:27:48)    Flag as inappropiate
WoW! you have really hit my spot with this tail! I`ts EXACTLY what i dream of for so long!!! you are amazing! thank you for the very very exciting story! I hope you had as much "fun" writing it then me reading it :P Merci beaucoup Nathalie :)

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