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I had seen her before, always on the same path, on the same days; always moving at one hell of a pace and looking very good while doing it. Apparently I wasn’t the only runner who was a creature of habit in this area, and while I normally ran for the fresh air and relaxation, I was more than happy to enjoy the scenery my fellow athlete was providing. Dressed in well fitting sweat pants, with only a tight spaghetti strap tank top between her nipples and the cool evening air and a worn blue bandanna holding the wisps of hair that escaped her pig tails, it was clear she wasn’t interested in walking any red carpets, but then this girls speed was far from a walk.

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As I closed the distance between us I turned down my I-Pod and could hear what was blasting out of her ear buds. It wasn’t anything I recognized, but I could distinctly make out a combination of piano and violin playing at a feverish speed. Slowing down a bit I trailed a few yards behind her watching her tight ass despite the face that it was too toned to bounce much. Based on her figure I would have guessed her 22, about 5’ 11’’ or so and not an ounce over 120 lbs. I am not usually one to ogle women; but this kind of raw beauty I find hard to resist.


I had only been following for a few minutes when out of the blue she slowed to a near jog. I couldn’t just slow with her without being a creep so I swung quickly onto the left side of the path to get around her. Despite my initial disappointment at the loss of such an attractive pace setter, I quickly set my music volume and running speed back to normal with the intent of finishing my usual course. It wasn’t long though before a break between songs allowed me to hear the sound of foot falls in my wake. At first I thought little of it, I was on busy path so any one could have fallen in behind me in the past while. My curiosity however, was peaked again when after a short time no one appeared from behind to pass. Again I turned down my I-Pod and immediately began to smile as the sounds of piano and violin seeped out of someone else’s ear buds... the cute little pace setter was now following me.


My interested peeked the volume went up and I picked up speed to see how bad she really wanted to tail me. As it turned out, she was either extremely competitive or interested in me for some other reason. I went on playing mouse to this attractive feline for another half kilometer or so before anything happened. Then slowly but surely she moved up on my left side matching me stride for stride. After a few hundred meters more she turned her head to the right and fixed a playful and seductive gaze on me. Then as quickly as she had slowed before, she took off ahead of me at a full sprint, leaving a great deal more than my competitive nature stirring. I raced after her, knowing that few people could maintain that speed for long. Soon after and without warning, she slammed on the breaks and turned to face me with a brazen fire in her eyes. Whether it fit into this girls master plan or not, I don’t know, but given the lack of distance and the speed at which I was moving it wasn’t avoidable... I smashed into her tumbling toward the ground and coming to rest on top of her with us both looking directly into each other’s eyes.


Before I could orient myself enough to get off of her, she lifted the back of her head off the chip trail and kissed me hard and long. Completely off my guard, but pleasantly surprised, I let her tongue slither through my lips and over the top of my mouth. Without much thought to what was going on I responded with equal lingual skill, softly caressing the bottom of her tongue with the tip of mine. This continued for a few moments before I felt her hands snake down my sweaty back, under the draw string of my shorts and grab onto my ass cheeks; pulling me upward into her crotch. If this was going where I thought it was going, we needed to get off this path as I was surprised there wasn’t already a collection of people gazing at us in shock. Deciding to make the next move I quickly shifted up into a kneeling position, grabbed her hand and pulled her with me to our feed. Looking to either side of the path I moved off to the right through thick bushes which her hand still tightly grasping mine.


The bushes where scraping my lower legs raw but I knew she would be feeling much less through her sweet pants, so I kept going long enough to find a slight clearing of dry moss completely obscured from the path by the dense brush. As I slowed down she spun me around and again planted a tongue laden kiss on my mouth. As she went to work on the back of my pallet her hands tugged my shirt up ward and over my head, pulling it over my head she slowed only to carefully free the cloth from my head phone cord without dislodging them from my ears. Given the attention she paid to keeping my personal sound system intact, it was clear she wasn’t interested in talking. Once over my head she tossed my shirt away into the bushes and her hands went straight to my draw string.


Not willing to let her have all the fun, I brought my hands into the action and went after that tight tank top. Given how she had roughed her head phones it didn’t take much to free her ample breast without robbing her of her obviously precious sound track. Before I could toss it away in the manner she had disposed of my shirt, she dropped to her knees taking my now untied shorts down with her. With apparent urgency she inhaled my swollen cock like a porn star, and began to work it as though she was just as skilled. It wasn’t long before my knees were getting weak and I became increasingly interested in returning the favour. Dropping down to the ground I tenderly laid her down on the moss sweeping small twigs and leaves away with a free hand. Once she was settled I quickly moved to her waist line and then downward tugging her still tied sweat pants along with me. Had her draw string been as tight as mine had been I wouldn’t have gotten them off, but with a touch of persistence on my part and a few well timed wiggles of her bum the sweats were off and in a pile at her feet. As I looked upward and her glistening vulva I realised this girl was about as interested in underwear as she was in bras, which was all the better for me.


Taking my time, I set about demonstrating I was just as “orally gifted” as she was, and before long she was writhing in the moss. As her excitement began to peak, she again took control of the situation, sitting up and pushing me to my back. Without giving me a chance to protest (not that I would have) she straddled my face and bent down to once again put her gifted mouth to work on my cock. In a near state of euphoria but not wanting to be out done I again began to flick my tongue across her clit. We both went on this was for a short while before the song changed on my play list bringing on the loud rock music I used to keep me going for those last few kilometres of my usual circuit. Empowered by the tunes I decided to go for broke.


Rolling her over and making a quick one eighty, I position myself between her knees and looked her strait in the eyes for any sign of approval before taking our situation any further. Instead of giving me the accepting look I was hoping for she again reached down my back, grabbed my ass and pulled. This time without clothing in the way, her pull planted my cock up to the hilt in her wet cunt. This was all the permission I needed, and I went about thrusting to the rhythm thumping out of my head phones. Within moments I was brought back to reality as she began to bite her lip and her pelvic muscles started to contract. The site of this beautiful and brazen woman’s eyes rolling back in her head was the last stimulus I needed, and my penis seemed to explode inside her. With a few final thrusts I pull myself out and collapsed on the moss beside her. Catching my breath, the sequence of events which had unrolled over the past twenty minutes flashed through my mind leaving me in utter and complete amazement... This is a girl was unique... this was a girl I needed to know even more...

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