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so last night I was laying in bed and a strong feeling I had was coming on that I wanted to get fucked so much so I pulled out my dildo and started to fuck myself when that wasn’t doing anything for me I went out side in just a thong and bra to look for a Man to fuck my whore ass and pussy.


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Well it didn’t take long to find one once I step outside there was a car pulling up towards my building with 2 guys in it. They pulled over and asked me if everything was alright.

I said truthfully no everything is not alright but you two could help me in a big way. They looked confused so I went on. I told them I wanted to get fucked with no strings attached and that they could do what ever they wanted to do to me. I would be there toy to please and use. They both smiled at me and said “where would this happen and when?” I told them right know they said get into the car and they would get a hotel room.

I got into the car and the passenger came to the back with me and asked me if I was for real I was like yes I am I want to be fucked so fucking bad. To prove it to him I took his hand pulled two fingers all the way up and shoved them in my pussy. It was soaking wet by then and I just couldn’t wait to get his dick inside my pussy. He looked even more shocked. When he felt how wet I was and he just smiled at me and continued to finger me.

When we got to the hotel the one that was fingering me got out and went inside to get a hotel room that’s when the driver came to the back and saw that my thong was moved to the side and I was playing with myself. He smiled and said “you must really be a slut than aint you” he than sat down next to me and pulled his dick out and started to fuck my mouth. He was pulling my hair up and shoving his dick all the way in my mouth in till my lips touched his balls. He kept pushing further down even after my lips where around his balls. He started to go very fast and began chocking me.

That’s when the other guy came out and he just smiled and got into the driver’s seat and pulled up to where the room was I finished getting mouth fucked in the car and he came all on my face. I took two fingers and wipe it off and licked it off my fingers. He was surprised when I did that.

The one that was mouth fucking me grab my arm and pulled me up the steps and into the room, he threw me on the bed and ripped off my thong and bra and got on top of me and began fucking my pussy. While the other one went and took the towel and covered my eyes with it. He than took something else out and shoved it in my mouth, he said “ we don’t need anyone think we are in here with a fucking dirty whore so keep quiet or it will be worse for you”

The other one still fucking my pussy so dam hard they flipped me into doggy style and hand cuffed my hand and legs together while the one was still pounding my pussy the second guy which then I found out his name was Mike began ass fucking me. He had such a big dick it hurt like hell but was just what I want. These two guys where fucking me so dam hard I don’t ever think I was fucked like that before!

So Mike came in my ass and he switched with the other one name Jaron. Jaron didn’t want to fuck my ass but he did give me a very good ass beating. His large hands slapping my ass one after another my ass was beat red in less then 5 minutes. Mike began fisting me he had his hole arm in my pussy and than started to fist fuck me while he bit on my clot he had me going crazy. I couldn’t stop myself from coming all down his arm and into his mouth. He continued to fist fuck me and I loved every moment of it after I came about another 5 times they took me home and I slept like a fucking baby they night

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dannymike    (2009-03-07 07:40:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, sure made me hot. I have always wanted to be with someone who did things like you described. I would love to have watched through the window. Maybe I would have dared you to do it.

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