The break in II   added 7 years ago    

  By: zac08

With my new improved drug, I was on the prowl again. It seems like my previous victim was not even aware of what had happened to her during that night. She probably woke up with a very sore pussy and not a single idea of what may have happened.

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Now I was back at the same dorm with a new plan in mind. I had checked out this area and found out that there was a pair of twins living in one of the rooms together and they were pretty hot looking as well. With their location determined, I had bugged their room and also placed my release device inside their room during one of their lesson times.

Monitoring their daily movement, I had noticed that one of them actually returns a little later on wednesday nights. This shall be the planned time for me to make my move as it's easier to take them on one by one. I waited for the night and when one of the sisters were in the room, I released the drug and waited for the effects to take. It did not take long and I walked up to the door and knocked...

She opened up and asked what was the matter in a very coy voice with a demure smile. With that query, I was assured that the plan was in place correctly. I asked her if she wanted a free demonstration massage which is very good for relieving stress, esp. those of the schoolwork. And she was very appreciative of this gesture, and invited me in without a second word.

Once inside her room, I spread out the beach towel which I packed along for this session. And I asked her to remove her clothes so that I would be able to massage her better. She hesistated at first, then relented when I passed her a terry cloth robe. Heading inside the toilet, she removed her clothes and emerged out of the toilet in the robe tied tightly around the waist.

It seems like the inhibition relaxing part of the drug is still not strong enough. Got to work on that part for the next session. And since I'm immune to this drugs which I have created, I tweaked the dosage higher with my remote control inside my pocket. And it showed when she tried to squeeze her thighs together in an attempt to hold her emotions in check. With a small towel, to cover her back, I got her to remove her robe as I began to massage her on her shoulders which was tensed with a sexual awakening as well as her study stress which was starting to mount as the exam period is approaching.

I kneaded her tight shoulders with a decent amount of strength and she was beginning to relax even more. Next I proceeded down to her middle of her back and began to rub in circles on both sides with my thumbs and she just sighed with relieve of pleasure. With the circular rubbing motions, I kneaded downwards to her lower back and the towel was beginning to ride upwards with my massaging pressure and expose more and more of her butt. She was starting to get more and more calm and had her eyes closed and her face to her right.

I continued the rubbing of her back and ensured that she was relieved of all her stress before I moved on to my next step. By then, the towel was only covering the top of her butt and had exposed her pussy to my view as I knelt on her left side. Her pussy lips was dark red and glistening with moisture, of her vagina secretions as she got more and more aroused by my drug.

Rubbing her round tight butt, she started to realise that mebbe her protection level of the small towel may not be sufficient to cover her modesty and she started tugging at the bottom of the towel downwards. I allowed her to do so, and as she did so, the top of the towel came down and exposed more of her back. Moving back upwards, I began to run her shoulders which was exposed to the air now. Previously, I was massaging her thru the towel and now with skin to skin contact, she began to feel more sensous about this massage.

Sliding my hands down her sides, I caressed her body slowly and reached toward the sides of her breasts. Kneading slowly, I took my time and allowed her to get aroused increasingly with the help of my drug. She begun to moan softly with her eyes closed, and raising her body slightly as well so as to allow me to access her body better.

Rubbing further downwards, I began to caress her boobs and squeeze them lightly. She gasped as she half-realised what she was doing, allowing a man to massage her breasts openly. Getting her to turn around, I was going to be able to see her body fully. Now, without hesistation she turned over and allowed me to look at her openly. The drug must be taking it's full effects now.

Using both my hands, I groped both her breasts and kneaded them all over before twiddling her nipples which were now erect and standing out like pencil erasers. With my thumb and fore-finger, I squeezed both the nipples lightly and then I used my palm to rub over the hard erect nipples to tease her even further.

With her all hot and bothered, I continued massaging her body lightly and moved down to her thighs and legs. And after I was done with her calfs, I moved back up her legs to where her legs joined her body... Right there, I cupped my right hand over her pubic mound and squeezed her lightly. I could feel the wetness from the slit oozing out. Rubbing her furry patch, I allowed my middle finger to slide between her lips. And as I continued even more, she grew wetter and wetter. The lubrication allowed my finger to slide inside her, from there, I began my massage of her vagina from within...

She kept her eyes closed and was squirming lightly as I finger fucked her slowly. My left hand was roaming all over her body, teasing her onwards. And with her response being so positive, I allowed my mouth to latch onto her right nipple as well to suckle on her. With my first suck, she gasped loudly and stared into the ceiling for a while. But as I continued, she closed her eyes again and was drowned in her bliss of foreign masturbation.

With my careful manipulation, she was soon close to her orgasm. And while I was masturbating her, I had already removed most of my clothing piece by piece. And as soon as she came with a great cry of pleasure, I was in between her legs and rubbing my dick up and down her wet cunt. Gasping from her sexual pleasure, I did not let up and plunge my hard cock inside her with a quick thrust. She groaned with pleasure and looked down with disbelief that she was being fucked. Using long slow strokes, I calmed her down and brought her to another height of arousal.

Now moaning with ecstasy, I brough both her legs up and held them against my shoulders. With this position, I was able to fuck her deeply and I used this to ensure that she was in constant stimulation of my hard cock against her sensitive cervix.

Squealing loudly each time I bumped inside her, she was clenching her fists tightly besides her. Holding her hips tightly, I pumped her repeatedly and almost drove her nuts. I wanted to get her over her limit even more, and I allowed one of her legs to slide down to the bed. Now with her half-way on her side and one leg up on my shoulder, this was even better for me to reach inside her for maximum penetration. With each push on my part, she was almost howling with both pain and pleasure. And I better keep her from making too much noise, lest I get into trouble early.

Stopping the deep penetrations, I turned her over and placed a pillow under her belly. With her half-lying down, I was right behind her and this allowed me to take her from my favourite position, DOGGY style... I slid in her smoothly and even though she was pretty tight, I was able to move in and out of her very easily. She was really wet now.

Bumping her round butt against my hips was making me enjoy it. And in a short while, I was feeling contractions in my balls, signalling my urge to cum in a short while. Squeezing her hips tightly in my hands, I held onto her and gave one last thrust and slammed right against her cervix and squirted all my hot creamy jizz inside her.

Pulling out of her, I watched as my cum spilled out of her. Creampies are always so much more fun especially when you get to see it flowing out of a freshly fucked hole. She was exhausted and laid there without a care in the world.

I sat on her bed for a while to catch my breathe. And the door opened and her twin sister walked into the room and saw the both of us naked, with her sister lying prone with cum dripping out of her pussy.

I reached over to my remote control and turned up the dosage immediately. She took several quick gasps in shock and inhaled quite a bit of my improved drug. And in a short while, she got flushed in her face, probably in embarrassment and probably by my drug as well.

I smiled at her and did not bother to cover up, my half-erect cock was exposed to her stare and grew slightly, amazing her even more. She was dressed in a yellow sun dress which covered her to her knees. And she was an exact replica of the girl I just fucked, makes me want to have her as well.

When she started to squirm where she stood, I knew that she was going to be mine pretty soon too... (to be continued)

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