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  By: zac08

After 3 conquests under my belt, I am still planning on the next few possible targets which I did not mention earlier as I was preoccupied with the first 3 :

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Cindy, the horny chinese girl
Mandy, the hot and sexy blonde.
Kaori, the japanese virgin tag-teamed by Cindy and me.

Now going thru my video footage, I found another possible target. A young malay girl who was into taking photos of herself in the toilet, esp in sexy poses...

I already had some videos of her in various stages of undress as she prepared to take photos of herself in different outfits. But who was it for? Hmmmmm... That'll be something to find out later.

Compiling those footages into a video, I made a copy in CD-ROM format and prepared to send it to her. I placed it into a unmarked envelope and prepared to mail it to her from the address which I had extracted from the work server.

Included was also a set of instructions on what to do next or else I would make the footage public on the internet. Next would be the waiting part, and to observe if she would comply with my instructions.

Waiting in my "control room", I sat there waiting and viewing the other girls who went about their normal toilet business and discovered some interesting behaviour with some of these girls. One was probably afraid of being peeked at and wore 2 sets of underwear. Another was on her period and used both a tampon and a pad, double protection I suppose. And one took out a small vanity mirror to check herself out, her nether regions. It was pretty interesting to see her bend over and peer at herself via the mirror. Wonder what she was trying to check...

And as instructed, the slim malay girl showed up and proceeded to the last cubicle and undid her jeans and hung it over the door. She hesistated a while before she did the same to her black t-shirt. Now in her black seamless t-shirt bra and her matching black panties, she sat down on the seat and waited.

I made sure that the coast was clear first before I made my next move. It was the end of the day and most of the people had left the building and I checked with the other cameras to confirm that most had left.

Once I was sure that we would not be disturbed, I came out of the room and removed the jeans and t shirt from the door and kept them inside the "control room". This way, if she wanted to leave she'd be left in only her panties and bra. Before I left it inside, I took a quick look and confirmed that she was a size 26 for her waist.

Opening the door from outside, I entered and greeted her. She was unresponsive at first but I reminded her to co-operate or I would take actions which she would not want or like. She then reluctantly complied by answering the greeting and also informing me of her name, Salina.

I probed her some more and asked on who she was taking those pictures for. She replied that she has a new boyfriend and only dared to show him the pictures as she didn't want him to go any further. I asked if she was a virgin and she replied yes.

Reminding her that she's my new conquest, she was to break off with her boyfriend and not let him know anything. She just nodded her head and kept mum. Reaching over, I caressed her over her soft t-shirt WIthout a word of complaint, she allowed me to proceed. Kneading her soft breasts, I took my time with her and used my right hand to reach over to her rear and unclip the bra easily. Sliding it off her shoulders, I removed it from her totally and examined it. Good taste, she was wearing a triumph t-shirt bra in size 34B.

Now braless, her dark aeroles surrounding her firm nipples were exposed to the cold air and it caused them to stand out even further to the extent that it was causing her discomfort. Glancing down, her bikini cut panties were still on her and I made her step out of them. She stood up and removed them slowly, and I took the panties from her and stuffed them into my pocket.

Next, I made her touch herself. I checked with her if she has done this herself and she confided that she masturbates using her fingers only and she does it quite often in the bath.

She started to touch herself starting with her breasts. Massaging them slowl, she rubbed them with both her hands and ocasionally twiddled with her nipples. I watched her as she did all these and she moved her right hand down towards her lightly furred pussy and began to stoke her slit up and down with her index finger.

I squatted down and stared into her pussy slit which was getting wetter by the minute. As she continued to slide her finger up and down her pussy, she lingered a while at her clitoris and ensured that it had sufficient attention. She started to moan lightly as she started to get into the mood. I gave her a hand as well, and started to strum her clitoris in a series of rapid flicks. As she began to breathe even harder, I switched to my thumb to stroke her clit and inserted my index finger into her wet pussy lightly.

I couldn't enter too deep as her hymen was still there and I didn't want to break it with my finger. Moving closer to her, I began to suck on her brownish nipples. She yielded to my oral massage and increased her tempo on her clitoris to a circular motion. Both our efforts helped to push her over the edge faster and if what she said was true, this is probably her first time being touched in the buff by a guy. This normally drives them over quickly since it's a new experience for them.

Her passion rose to a crescendo and her body was showing all the signs. Her breathing increased to short gasps, her fingers were moving rapidly and she was still massaging her right breast with her left hand. I continued to suckle her and proceeded to massage around her vulva so as not to interfere with her masturbation of her clit.

In short order, her body started to spasm and she moaned loudly as she had her first orgasm with the help of someone else. She almost went limp from the excitement and mind-blowing experience. I grabbed her in my arms and continued to caress her and stroke her lightly. Standing behind her, I pushed my slacks down quickly and removed my t-shirt in a quick motion.

Holding both my hands over her sensitive boobs, I kneaded them and twiddled the nipples. Moving even closer to her, I allowed my hard cock to slid under her wet pussy. Using just my hips, I stroked her cunt slit back and forth and rubbed against her clitoris occasionally. And I could feel her close to a second orgasm already, she was squirming even more against me and rubbing her butt back towards me. Such a slutty virgin.

I waited and allowed her to come a second time. She wiggled sexily against me and as before, she slumped backwards against my body. I held her by her hips and moved her slightly forward, her butt jutted out towards me invitingly. Thrusting forward with my hips, my penis slid against her wet slit. Pulling back, I allowed it to slide into her pussy lips gently. The next thrust allowed my cock to penetrate her, but I did not go too deep. I continued to slide it in and out only an inch, allowing her to enjoy the shallow fucking sensation.

As she recovered from her second orgasm, I aimed my dick at her pussy lips. With a quick hard push, I forced my way inside her virgin cunt. She cried out in pain and whimpered a little... Luckily I was holding on to her hips or she may have pulled away from me instantly. Taking a firm hold of her, I held on and kept my hard cock inside her for a while longer before I started to fuck her slowly with long slow strokes.

She recovered from the lost of her virginity pretty fast and took to fucking me back in an attempt to get to her 3rd orgasm of the day. Doing her the rear was pretty enjoyable but I wanted to relax more, so I pulled out of her and sat down on the toilet seat. Pulling her on top of me, I allowed her to proceed to fuck me. She faced me at first, but it was also tiring for her and before she could get me almost close, she grew tired too. I then faced her away from me into a reverse doggy style and she lifted her butt up and down to fuck me on her own accord.

I could see the blood glistening in the light as she swallowed my cock inside her deflowered vagina repeatedly. Taking it slow, I let her set the pace and control the angle she was comfortable with. She began with a more verticle up and down motion and changed to a back and forth one as she got tired.

When I saw that she was really getting tired (esp. after 2 knee-buckling orgasms) I pulled her off and got her to sit onto the toilet seat facing me and raised her left leg up into the air. Squatting down, I held on to her ankle and entered her in a modified missionary position. Fucking her in such a position wasn't easy and I was allowed a deep penetration which I used to bump her cervix each time I reached the end of her pussy. Each bump was a double dose of sensation for her as I both stimulated her cervix as well as her clitoris.

Increasing my tempo, I fucked her deeply and in a short while more, I was very near my orgasm too. She also began to pant again, signalling that she probably was getting close too. Keeping a quick pace, I plugged her deep and bumped her as hard as possible on the downstroke. It was causing her discomfort but she was trying to concentrate on the pending orgasm as much as possible. Giving her a few last thrusts, I clenched my butt in anticipation and slammed in deep against her wet pussy. As I started to squirt my thick cum inside her, I could also feel her tight pussy gripping down tightly on my cock in a pulsating motion. It was as if she was trying to milk my penis of all my sperm into her womb.

With my cock drained of the sperm, I slid it out of her well-lubricated canal and watched as she dripped a mixture of blood and sperm out of her vagina onto the toilet floor.

I left her there to clean up and I dissapeared off the scene...

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george    (2008-05-21 08:51:10)    Flag as inappropiate
that's a niced thing to work with girl...

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