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A few months ago, I got an unexpected followup call from my audition. I hadn't thought about it in a while and figured that they weren't interested and I was excited when they told me how much money I could make as a fluffer on their film. Maybe I could translate that into an on-camera role where I could be the center of attention for tens of thousands of guys around the world! They asked me if I could come to their studio a few weekends later and I agreed. Being a fluffer means that I would be entirely off-camera, but I still wanted to dress to impress so I put on a light blue sheer half shirt that barely covered my breasts, a black thong, and light blue boy shorts that tightly hugged my ass.

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When I arrived, I figured I was going to have to suck a few cocks from time to time and there would be a lot of sitting around. There were 10 guys and maybe 3 other girls there and they were going to be shooting several scenes at the same time so I thought I might be a bit busier. A guy showed up and introduced himself as John, the producer, and the guys started to undress. He introduced the other girls as the starlets and told them to go change. He stopped by me and said "you must be the fluffer." "Nice outfit," he said, making me blush. "In about 20 minutes, the girls are going to start coming out and we're going to shoot their scenes. They need to get changed and get stoned. When they get out, the assistant directors are going to pair them up with the guys and it's going to be your job to fluff the male talent. Whenever a director or an actor yells for a fluff, you've got to go over and get them ready again."


Sure enough, about 15 minutes later one of the girls came out of the dressing room. Her eyes were glazed over and I could tell that she was pretty stoned. That might not have been a bad idea, in retrospect. Anyway, it was time for me to get to work. I went over to where they were prepping for her scene and they introduced me to her partner. He was already naked but his cock was totally limp. He sat down in a chair and spread his legs and I hesitantly got down on my knees in front of him. "I don't have all day," he snapped, "do your job."


Chastised, my head dove down into his lap and I started to suck his dick. It gradually stiffened in my mouth, much to my satisfaction. He grabbed the back of my head and pumped it up and down his cock for another few minutes until he was rock hard and about that time I heard "Fluff!" being called out from the other side of the room. I got up and hurried across the room. There was a naked guy holding a cup of coffee talking to a cameraman. The naked guy, without even so much as acknowledging me, took the back of my head in his other hand and pulled me down. I got back down on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He kept talking to the cameraman while I gave him head. I looked up at him from time to time and he wasn't paying any attention to me at all. "How many girls have sucked this guy's dick?" I wondered as he nonchalantly took a sip of his coffee. Within a few minutes, his cock had gotten ready and I had to hurry over to another guy and get him hard.


I spent most of the next hour running from set to set and then getting on my knees and sucking someone's dick. The guys would do a few shots with the girl they were with and then the cameraman would set up the camera from a different angle. In the meantime, the guys would just hang out and talk to each other and once the camera was in the right place I'd have to suck the guys' dicks until they were ready to be filmed again. I didn't even really have time to see any of the shooting since I was nearly constantly on my knees, eyes closed, with a cock in my mouth. My head was spinning from the running around and all the blowjobs I was giving that I didn't even think about it when one of the stage hands yelled out "Fluff!" and I started sucking his dick. It barely registered to me that he was still pumping my head while his cock was so hard until he held my head down in his crotch and shot a load down the back of my throat. I stood up with cum dripping from my lips as a bunch of the stage hands all laughed at me. It was a joke to them that one of them came in my mouth. It was all so degrading that this further debasement almost didn't phase me.


While I was sucking some guy's dick, I wondered "How many mouths have been right where mine is?" These guys were professionals at having their cocks sucked and there must have been so many girls just like me who have gotten on their knees for them. How many girls had given a blowjob to this guy? Thirty? Fifty? A hundred? I felt so small and insignificant as these guys just ignored me and expected me to use my mouth to service them. And not even service them ... just service their cocks. I realized that I was there just to service cock after cock and that I was just as anonymous to them as they were to me. It was true whoredom and all I was going to have to show for what I was doing was some cash, sore knees, and breath that smelled like fifteen different dicks.


Over the next few hours, things quieted down a little for me and I had some chances to rest. I watched the women work and they had totally different attitudes to what they were doing. Some of them seemed so bored and disinterested in between takes. Some of them hung out with each other and talked like any other girls at work. One girl was really into what she was doing and would flirt with some of the guys who worked on the set. None of them talked to me at all, and none of the guys really did, either. It was strange and made me feel so isolated, like I wasn't even a person. I was a service.


At the end of the day I was tired, my jaw was sore, and my knees hurt. John, the producer, called me back into his office and said he had my money. His office was nicely furnished and he told me I could sit down on his couch and relax for a few minutes if I wanted. We chatted for a bit and he asked me what I thought of my first time. I told him that it was difficult and not really what I had expected, but I managed to get through it okay. He told me that I did a decent job and said that if I fluffed for his company a few more times they might consider giving me an on-screen part, which would obviously pay much more. There was no need to make any decisions now, he said and he put two envelopes on his desk.


"The first envelope has the money we agreed on for your work today. The second envelope has some more cash in it that's yours if you suck my cock. I was watching you give blowjobs all day and I want a taste of your talent for myself." At first, I didn't know what to say. I can't say that I didn't expect this and I looked in the second envelope. There was a significant amount of money there. He sat down on the couch and took his cock out and put a pillow on the floor between his legs. John could tell by the way I was looking in that second envelope what my answer was going to be. This was another guy who had received a LOT of blowjobs in his life.


Of course I did it. I got on my knees yet again and sucked yet another dick. John made me take my shorts off because he said he saw my picture with the thong on and wanted to get the same thing that the casting director got. At this point, I can barely remember how it went because I had sucked so much cock that it all blended together in my mind. John took my head in his hands which was actually kind of nice because I was exhausted and my neck was sore from bobbing up and down all day. He started me out slow and quickly got more aggressive, going faster and started to say demeaning things. "I love how you look with a dick in your mouth," he said. It didn't matter to me at that point, I just wanted to suck his dick and go home so I let him call me a slut, a whore, and tell me that I was worthless for anything other than taking cock for money. Soon, he started to cum and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and came on my breasts. He tried to pull my shirt up and out of the way but didn't really succeed. Most of his cum hit my breasts but a decent amount of it landed on my shirt.


As a final gesture of disrespect for my dignity, John peeled some money out of his wallet and threw it at me, trying to get it to land on the streams of cum on my breasts. He told me I could keep it if I spread the cum all over my tits. What was the point of saying no by then? I had been used, degraded, humiliated, and objectified all day so what was the difference if I did one more thing? I kept telling myself that I was there for the money as I rubbed his cum around my breasts until they were slippery and glistened in the light. He wiped his cock off on my face and left me there on the floor. John got up, pulled his pants back on and went back to his desk and started to work again. I pulled myself up, tried to fix my shirt, and looked around for something to wipe the cum off myself with but there really wasn't anything so I left with cum already starting to dry on my breasts and my shirt sticking to me.


What a day.

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UH60drvr    (2010-02-24 18:59:17)    Flag as inappropiate
I'd love to reciprocate.......On you only!
jspringr    (2009-07-13 22:37:30)    Flag as inappropiate
I want you to sit on my face. I want to suck your pussy and asshole forever.
MotorSpike    (2009-03-11 15:50:43)    Flag as inappropiate
Very hot story, it made me really hard. Thank you.
dannymike    (2009-03-07 07:47:02)    Flag as inappropiate
loved it, wouldn't mind doing it myself.
Soohard08    (2009-01-26 19:11:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Lovely story babe, I dreaming off be part off a pornomovie, as i am a porno freak who cant get enough off wet hungry pussy.
Hope they let you be part off some movie soon.
bi_oral69    (2008-04-21 16:35:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Id love to have that job, doing both the men and women
bi_oral69    (2008-04-21 16:35:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Id love to have that job, doing both the men and women
moana08    (2008-04-18 22:33:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Reallly want your jobs honey.... working on women too as I do fantasizing it. Btw, does women need fluffer too?
remo    (2008-04-01 03:25:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Very very sexy, makes me hard thinking about it.

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