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Part III of the story.

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The Naughty Meter

2 conquests so far and 2 slaves in the making. Now for the third one. The japanese cutie pie.

It's been a few days since my last conquest of the hot blonde and I believe that her period should have been over by now. Now to plan my next move...

How should I get to her this time round, I've tried 2 different tactics so far. What shall I do next? Esp. one who likes to dress sexy on the inside only, does this mean that she has a secret inhibition? Hmmmmm.....

Gotta think about this. Back to my "control room" and wait for a suitable timing now. My external cameras spotted my first conquest approaching the toilet alone. Mebbe she can be my pawn in this new round. I allowed her to enter the toilet and into the last cubicle again. Once inside, I exited my "control room" and walked over towards her. With my master key, I unlocked her cubicle door and barged in. Before she could react, I reminded her to keep quiet or the videos will be on the internet.

She then held her hand to her mouth and stiffled a cry. She was in a pink soft cotton blouse today and matched with a pair of denim skirt which was at the moment around her knees. Her dark blue panties were also pulled down around her knees as well. I reached over to her blouse and raised it to expose her skin toned bra which covered her breasts fully. Snaking my right hand around over behind her, I unclipped her with a single snap between my thumb and fore-finger. As I moved my hand back towards the front, I held on to her bra and lifted it up to ease the boobs out of their confines.

With her hand still over her mouth, I started caressing her breasts and even though she wasn't in the mood, her nipples were betraying her as they got erect. Standing out at firm attention, they were my cue for the next step.

I reached down between her legs and grabbed her crotch. She gasped into her hand and didn't dared to move. Stroking down there, I was aware that she was beginning to get wet. And though she was still in fear, her body betrayed her and lubricated her vagina in anticipation of sexual intercourse.

Using both my hands, I lifted her up from the toilet seat and made her stand up. The action made her skirt and panties drop down onto the floor around her ankles. Next, I lifted her left leg up and rested it on the toilet seat, spreading her open. Moving in between her gap, I extracted my hard cock and aimed it right against her slopping wet cunt and plunged right in.

Fucking her slowly, I allowed her to build up her sexual emotions and as I increased the tempo, she started to get in tune as well and began to fuck back. Deciding that it may be better for her in another position, I pulled out and grabbed her by the hips and re-positioned her in the standing doggy position. Pounding her deeply in this angle allowed the both of us to build up quickly. She came first and as her contracting pussy walls massaged my hard tool, I too came with a rush.

As I cleaned up, I began to remind her that she was now my slave and that she must help me in any way I wanted. With no other options available for her, she began to nod her head and listened intently. Mebbe she is getting to like this.

I was really in luck and planning the right move this time. The jap cutie is her classmate and from what she told me, the cutie also lives alone and does not have any boyfriends. They do talk a bit here and there, but only on simple daily stuff.

Cindy as I got to know her more would be my instrument in the next move on the jap cutie, Kaori. I told Cindy on how I wanted her to act and she complied willingly.

The next day, they had late classes and I waited in my "control room" for the 2 to appear. And as told, Cindy managed to delay Kaori from leaving early and also persuaded her to accompany her to the toilet after the rest of the class had left.

Cindy let Kaori in first and once I saw Kaori enter the second cubicle, I emerged from my hiding area and winked at Cindy. She understood and took out her laptop and inserted the CD which I had passed her earlier. Playing the video, she waited for Kaori to exit the cubicle. I was still half inside the janitor's room and I ducked in again and waited for her to complete this next step.

Kaori was shocked to see the video of her in her most private moments inside the toilet and she quickly realised that she was in a fix now. Cindy told her that there are more of such videos and if she didn't comply with my wishes, she would be a public star in a very short time.

Tears forming in her eyes, Kaori only nodded meekly and wondered what would happen next. Cindy switched off the laptop and kept it. Then she moved over to Kaori and told her to strip. Kaori was totally shocked by the request but she complied slowly and took off her garments piece by piece.

Her black blouse came off and she was left clad in a pink satin bra with a grey knee length skirt. The skirt slid down next and her pink and white satin bikini cut panties were exposed. Cindy could stand her slow speed anymore and walked up to her and yanked her panties down. As she stood up, she unclipped her bra and took it off as well. Now Kaori was totally naked and she quickly placed her right arm across her boobs and her left hand covering her pussy.

Cindy told her not to cover up and to turn around and face the wall. As she did so, Cindy went up behind her and started to grope Kaori from behind. Now's my turn to get in the action... Stroking her up and down, Cindy was taking her time to arouse Kaori and with great success. Her nipples were hard in Cindy's fingers and Cindy also reached down to finger Kaori's wet pussy. Strumming her clitoris slowly, Kaori was brought to a slow boil and it din't take long for her to work up to an orgasm. As she wriggled and writhed in her orgasm from Cindy's ministrations, I came up behind her and took over from Cindy.

Kaori didn't realise it but I started to stroke her and bend her down to expose her wet cunt better. And as I finger-fucked her, I had also removed my clothes and got my dick out. Removing my finger, I used my cock to stroke Kaori's pussy. As she pushed back against me in the hopes of a second orgasm, I allowed my cock to penetrate her. She probably wondered why the finger grew in size but she did not stop anyway. With a quick stab, I forced my way deep inside her and she cried out in pain. Was she??

Pulling out my cock halfway out, there was blood on it... So she was a virgin. No time to stop now, I continued to fuck her. Her whimpers of pain diminished in a few more strokes and she realised now that she was being fucked by a cock and not being pleasured by just fingers.

Turning her head back, she took a peek at me and now Cindy was on the sides filming all this down in a handycam which I had also handed to her just for this purpose.

I pointed to Cindy and she followed my finger's direction to gasp at Cindy who was right behind the camera. I gave Kaori a few deep thrusts to remind her that I was still inside her and she was currently my partner in this act of copulation. She squealed in response and could not hold back her rising emotions.

I could see the look of fear, sexual wanting, meekness emanating from her eyes. There were probably a whole lot more which I wasn't able to sense or comprehend anyway. And as I continued, she let out a long sigh. Probably a sign of exasperation from this turn of events which she was led into like a sheep lured into the abbatoir.

Slowly, she started to grind back at my hard cock and struck her butt out further to the rear to allow for a better angle. As she did that, I knew that this conquest was more or less complete. I signalled to Cindy to leave the camera on the tripod and join us.

And as I fucked her slowly, Cindy bent over and played with Kaori's breasts and also helped to stimulate her clitoris even further. Kaori warmed up even more with Cindy's massage and squeaked with pleasure every now and then. Sliding in and out, I twisted slightly to allow my cock to bump her against the sides of her vagina and this greatly increased her sensations making her squeal even louder. I felt her spasm and her freshly deflowered pussy began to clamp down on my cock in a series of contractions. She must have just came... Carrying on, I continued to fuck her and was close to cumming myself when she groaned again and started another series of contractions which began to milk me of my semen as I shot out deep inside her love canal.

Removing my wet and blood covered member, I looked down at my latest hunt with a sense of achievement...

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