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The hunt is still on.

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The Naughty Meter

After the last round of hunting. I was rewarded with the prize of a young horny girl.

Now to look for new prey. From those possible targets, I had chosen a few more with more emphasis on their looks and characteristics. (i.e. more likely and pliable targets)

Number 2 on the list is a young and very sweet looking japanese girl. She would normally be clad in a simple blouse and a long skirt. But underneath, she would normally be wearing some nice sexy underwear, like very lacy bikini-styled bottoms. Number 3 on the list is a hot looking blonde who loved to wear hot clothes and hot undies.


She had her period a few days back and during those days, she was using tampons. The last day she had her period, it was pretty light and before she replaced the tampons, she actually used the tampon and applicator to masturbate till she came before inserting the tampon for use.

So do I go for number 2 or number 3? Hmmmmm....

Looking into my remote receiver, I discovered that number 2 had just entered the toilet and pulled up her long skirt to reveal a white cotton panties with a slight bulge. Was she on the rag now? Peering closely, she pulled down her panties and removed a soaked pad and rolled it up before she disposed it inside the sanitary bin. After she was done on the toilet, she reached into her bag to retrieve a pad which she then stuck onto her panties before she pulled it up.

Looks like number 3 would be my choice then until number 2 gets off the rag. I looked out for her (number 3) on my screen and waited for her to pop up on the screen. She didn't take long to appear and she was as usual dressed up to her nines. Today she was in a red A line skirt which ended just above her knees and paired with a red tank top showing off her C cup assests beautifully.

She was heading for the first cubicle in the ladies and as soon as she closed the cubicle door, she hiked up her skirt and tugged down her matching red silky panties. She then jumped onto the toilet bowl and eased herself with a look of relief.

I walked out from the janitor's closet and towards her. In my hand was a hankerchief dosed with a good amount of chlorofoam. I waited till she exited the toilet cubicle before I grabbed her from behind and covered her face with the hankerchief. In a few seconds, she was out cold. I then pulled and dragged her to one of the units which I knew was vacant and I had managed to make a key for my personal use.


With the both of us safe and away from the public eyes, I was able to carry out the remainder of my plans. Prior, I had installed cameras to film down the act in this room and I activated them with my wireless remote. I lifted her tank top off and dropped it onto the floor. And reaching to the rear, I unclipped her skirt and slipped that off as well.

She was left in her red 3/4 cup bra and her silky panties which I had seen earlier on the video-feed. I unclipped the bra from the front and her breasts escaped from the confines of the bra cups and jutting out the reddish nipples pointedly.

Tugging off the silky panties, I caressed it between my fingers for a while before I allowed it to drop onto the floor along with the rest of her clothes.

Now she was naked and in my arms, limp as a dead fish. I carried her to the rear of the room where I had left a sofa bed for my use in such situations. The sofa was already in the bed configuration and I deposited her on the bed.

Stroking her lightly, I caressed her firm and full breasts. Kneading it gently, I flicked her nipples and made them erect in a few seconds. Bending over, I suckled on the nipples as well as her aeroles. As I suckled, I licked the nipples with my tongue and
they grew even harder in my mouth.

As I did this, I snaked my right hand down and felt in between her thighs. She only had a light patch of fur above her slit and I rubbed it lightly before I slipped my index finger inside her pussy to rub her clitoris. I circled the little bump under the hood slowly and made sure it had plenty of attention. In a few minutes, I was ready to check her wetness and she was certainly wet.

Her vagina was wet and ready for action, I made sure that this was captured in the video feeds and I inserted my finger and pumped in and out a few times before I extracted my finger to show the wetness to the camera.

Pulling off my trackpants and t-shirt, I got naked in record time. Spreading her legs wide open, I moved between her legs and reached down to stroke my hard cock against her wet and slippery slit. As I stroked, my dickhead slipped inside the wet lips and out against her clitoris. Satisfied that I would be fucking a wet cunt instead of a dry pussy, I penetrated her slowly and felt my cock reach deep in and bump against her cervix.

Taking my time, I slowly fucked her and played with her breasts as I did so. Turning her on her side, I began fucking her from the side with her right leg up against my chest. This allowed me even deeper penetration and I bumped hardly against her cervix ring and almost forced it open.

Taking it slowly, I next faced her downwards and allowed her legs to drape down from the sofa bed. Standing behind her, I stuck my cock inside her in a standing doggy position which I favoured. Pounding her quickly, I grabbed hold of her hips for better control and increased my pace in anticipation of my orgasm. The powerful feeling got hold of me and I gave in to the pleasure and felt my cock spasm and squirt out thick strings of cum right against her cervix. Shuddering from the intense feeling, I grabbed hold of her tightly and allowed myself to rest for a moment before I disengaged myself to clean myself before putting on my clothing.

I wiped her down and douched her before I dressed her up. I kept her silk panties though and carried her out to the toilet.

Placing her onto the toilet bowl on the last cubicle, I left a CD stuck to the cubicle door with a typed note : "View this at home at your own pleasure."

It was a few more hours before she woke up from the drugged effect and spotted the CD and note. With great aprehension, she took the CD and left the toilet.

I'll contact her again with a even better video...

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