The Intruders (chapter 1)   added 7 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

It was early in the morning or maybe late at night, either way, it was dark out when Samantha woke her husband, "Steve, get up!" she said. Steve rolled over and heard a loud thump; he shot up out of bed. "You heard that too?" Samantha questioned. Steve nodded, hoping not to look too scared. Suddenly there was more bumping noises and a crash. The couple looked at each other, more thumping and some footsteps. Whoever this was wasn't trying to be quiet about the whole thing. Steve reached beside the bed for a brass bar that had fallen out of their headboard some time ago. Steve tightened his grip on the bar as he gathered his courage. "Stay here and call the police" he told Samantha, hoping to reassure her. Steve stepped out of their bedroom and heard footsteps coming up from the basement. "Be careful!" Samantha pleaded.

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Jack rubbed his forehead as he turned from the freshly destroyed phone lines and began to take the steps two at a time. "Hurry up, and bring the ropes" he told his buddy, Mike, as Jack bounded through the basement door and found himself in the kitchen. Jack looked around, so far so good, he thought to himself. Jack and Mike had been watching this house for several weeks. Both of them first cruised through the neighborhood with the intent of robbing it. Instead the two of them had been admiring the shapely young wife that lived here. They'd seen her work the lawn and garden, and her husband. Newlyweds, Jack scoffed to himself. Jack stretched up to his full 6'3 height as he motioned for Mike to join him in the kitchen as Jack motioned at the doorway and stood beside it. A dark figure approached the kitchen doorway.

Samantha snatched up the phone and dialed 911. She didn't realize it right away, but there wasn't any dial tone. She starred off into space, hoping that her husband would come back safe.

Steve approached the kitchen, he was sure there was someone in there. "Who's there?" he shouted to no avail. Steve took a deep breath and stepped slowly into the kitchen. Jack stepped behind him and smacked him hard across the back of the head with a lead pipe. Steve fell unconscious to the ground as the bar rolled away from him. Mike quickly jumped over Steve and raced upstairs to find the wife. MIke rushed down the hall looking into each room as he passed. Samantha was found in the last room, the dead telephone was on the floor, she was reaching for her cell. The two took a moment to size each other up.

Samantha saw a big guy, in a leather jacket with a scar on his face. Mike thought she looked good as he flashed back to the times he had seen her out front in her short shorts and bikini top, but tonight she looked even better. Mike shoved her to the floor as the cellphone went flying from Samantha's hand. She tried to scramble around looking for it frantically on the floor. She found it the same time Mike's boot did and he crushed it "I don't think we need to call anyone else. Do you? This really should be a private party." Mike said with a smile as he pushes his boot down on her hand.

The blood in Samantha's veins turns cold at the sound of his words. She pulls her hand back sharply and frees it from the stranger's boot. Samantha rises from the floor and backs away, suddenly becoming very conscious of the fact that the only thing she's wearing is one of Steve's old T-shirts. Samantha looks around furiously for some kind of weapon, anything that would get her away from this approaching hulk of a man. Samantha wonders where her husband is; her heart sinks as she bumps into the bed. Samantha tries to go with it, thinking she can roll over it and out the door. As she does Mike grabs her arm, roughly, yanking her back across the bed to him. Samantha's mind is focusing on where her husband is as she frantically tries to break free only to have him hold her tighter. "You bastard! Let me go and leave us alone! We don't have anything you want!" Mike's laughter sent chills down her spine.

Jack enters the bedroom, with Steve over his shoulder. He spots a heavy Captain's style chair and dumps his limp body into it. Samantha stops her fighting and goes silent, in shock of seeing her husband this way. "Toss me the rope" Jack commands Mike. "Is he..." Samantha begins. "He's fine..." Jack finishes "...Let's see if it's true..." Jack challenges Samantha. Samantha looks back not knowing what he means. "You look pretty damn good in shorts and a bikini, I bet you look even better in the buff" Jack says as he finishes tying Steve up and tosses the rest of the rope back to Mike who's still holding Samantha down (although she's stopped struggling). Jack pulls a roll of duct tape from his pocket and puts the finishing touch across the husband's mouth. Samantha still speechless as the two burly men smile at her. Jack then turns back to Steve and slaps him awake. "I want you to see your lady entertain us" Jack taunts Steve, "let's see what she's got" as he advances towards the bed.

Mike grabs Samantha by her shirt collar and gives it a quick tear that rips most of the front open. Samantha struggles, but in seconds the men have reduced the shirt to tatters as it falls on the floor. Mike stares at her ass and thinks, priceless, as he shoves her onto the bed.

Samantha tries to cover herself with her arms, legs and whatever bedding she can find. Mike grabs her again and prevents her from moving any further. Samantha gazes at her husband helplessly, seeing the anger building in his eyes as he attempts to free himself from his confines. Suddenly Samantha's being tossed around the bed like a rag doll. The bed is soft, but Samantha still hits hard. Samantha tries a sudden scramble to the other side of the bed, away from these intruders, and into the bathroom. As she does Jack grabs her ankle in a vice like grip, she tries to kick it away but he hangs on. Mike is laughing at her efforts. Samantha turns around and she sees Jack holding the rope, and the cruel smile on his lips.

"NO! NO! Let me go - please, PLEASE! Don't do this, DON'T!" Samantha pleads as she struggles again. Without warning Jack slaps her hard across the face. The momentum causes Samantha to fall sideways onto the bed. Her vision dazed. As Jack comes back into focus, so does Samantha's anger and she lunges at him. Her nails rake the skin of his arms. Samantha receives another hard blow to the side of the head from Jack, as this time she feels she might slip into unconsciousness. "Looks like this bitch is getting a little too feisty for her own good" Jack comments to Mike and tells him to tie her to the headboard. As Mike begins tying her up, Samantha tries to pull away; she begins to scream long and loud. Samantha thinks someone has got to hear it and save us.

"Damnit! Stop screaming bitch!" Mike yells as he smacks Samantha on the side of the head again. The slaps stops her movement cold. "I don't want to have to gag you, but one more peep out of your mouth and I swear I'll beat the living hell out of your husband over there. Understand?" Samantha closes her mouth and nods. The fear of what was happening begins to set in, it's almost radiating off her, and yet in a way she thinks it's, strangely exciting. Mike turned around upon thinking he saw the husband moving again. It was too no avail, as Jack had tied him up too good. You could see the helplessness in Steve's eyes. Jack began to look around the room. Nicely decorated, he thought, looks like they had some money but not a lot.

Their car in the driveway said the same thing. Jack's attention turned back to Samantha, she looked magnificent laid out on the bed. Her wrists bound to the headboard causing her full breasts to ride high on her chest. Her nipples were hard from the cool night air. Her legs were pressed so tightly together that he could only see her bald bush. Undoubtedly maintained for the small teasing bikini she used to show her body off to the neighborhood, he thought. "Now that things are a little more civil, what do you think we should do?" Jack said with a shit-eating grin as he slapped his hand down on Steve's thigh, while looking at his pretty wife tied to their bed. "You take her first" Jack tells Mike.

Steve's anger and frustration showed in his eyes. No matter how hard he tried to free himself, he knew he could do nothing for his wife now. These two thugs had her naked and tied to their bed. Steve knew what was going to happen, as he was forced to sit there and witness it. Steve closed his eyes and wished this would end. Steve feels another hard slap against the back of his bruised head.
"Hey, buddy... Open your eyes!" Jack commands, amused at his struggles.
"Don't wear yourself out bud, I was in the service and my knots stay good."
"Hey buddy, let me drag you closer so you can see your wifey take it from a real man!" Jack says as he pulls Steve and the chair beside the bed, gaining him a full side view of his wife and Mike.
"I got this theory, see, it goes like this... All men dream of their wives being raped... and get turned on by it. I bet you'd love to join in, once we soften her up huh?" Jack stares Steve in the eyes. Steve was despondent, but he also wasn't turning away.

Jack moves towards the doorway, Samantha struggles some more and lets out some more moans as Mike is now naked and begins to touch her. Jack calls over his shoulder and says "I'm going to take a tour through the house, and see what goodies they have. I'll give you two lovebirds some time alone" Jack laughs as he walks away. Mike didn't care about the house right now, right now Mike only had one thing on his mind. Mike began to run his hands up and down her body as Steve watched. Mike caressed Samantha's breasts and squeezed her nipples. He ran his his hand over her abs and tight belly, but did not say anything to her. Samantha stared at Steve on her side, she tried to let Steve know that she didn't blame him, that they needed to be strong. The words of the stranger that Steve might actually like to see her be raped and abused caused Samantha's skin to crawl. NO! Not my husband! My husband has always been kind and gentle and loving. He would never treat me in this manner....NEVER!

Samantha wanted to scream these words. Samantha knew what was coming, but she was not ready to accept it. Mike turned her on her back and looks into her eyes, good, I like it when they resist, he thought to himself. They always come around though, I'll make sure it takes all night. Samantha figured Mike was waiting for another reason to strike her again. Samantha pulled against the ropes one last time, hoping one of them might give. Mike leers at her as Samantha tries to rationalize her situation. How can she escape. The idea that Steve has to watch is only making things worse. Mike's hands continue to probe her body, as she jerks from his touch but he just grabs her harder. Mike's hand makes its way down to Samantha's pussy.

Samantha can no longer resist and with all the energy she has left she spits. Hitting him squarely in the face. The hit of Samantha's head snaps her neck back and she feels dizzy for a few seconds. Samantha's eyes begin to focus and she sees Mike with something in his hand. Samantha blinks and sees some kind of strap. "Oh, no, NO - please, I won't do that again! I won't resist! NO! Please!!!" Samantha screams as tears well up in her eyes. Samantha screams as his first strike hits her body. Mike raises the strap once more, Samantha's eyes stay open in terror as another lash falls upon her and another; screams escape her lips.

Apparently she wanted to get it rough. I could have taken her the easy way. I would have even made sure she enjoyed it. But the bitch went and spit on me, Mike thought. Mike couldn't resist smiling at the look on her face as he lashed her. When he stopped her eyes opened wide as she stared right at his 10-inches of hard meat. Mike moved his hand to her cunt again, Samantha stopped struggling and let him force one, then two fingers into her hole. Mike's thumb reached up and searched for her clit. I'm going to make her get wet in spite of herself, Mike thought to himself.

Steve sat in the chair, furious, that he was unable to protect his wife. Tears began to well up as the stranger touched her naked body, she fought back. I just want this to be over and for them to stop hurting her, Steve thought. Steve struggled with his ropes, only to feel them getting tighter. The man had begun fingering his wife and Steve knew this was happening. There would be no rescue from this; he began to cry.

Jack walks the main floor eyeing up the couple's possessions. Not much worth taking he thinks to himself as he eyes up their entertainment centre. Jack cuts back through the kitchen and looks around for anything else they could use. Jack chuckles as he spots a cucumber and grabs it. As he begins to walk back upstairs a flash of headlights illuminates the front hallway. Jack moves quickly, but cautiously, to the window. He sees another car pull up and another woman approaches the door.

Linda grabbed her bag as she stepped out of the car and headed for their doorway. She couldn't believe she had gotten her this early to see her friend's Samantha and Steve. Impatiently she rang the doorbell several times, giggling to herself she thinks, Maybe I'll catch them in bed screwing. No one answers, Linda reaches into her bag and pulls out a key. She closes the door carefully behind her and begins to tiptoe down the hallway. Linda notices a light on in their bedroom and some moaning noises. Linda let's her hair down and thinks maybe she has gotten her wish. She starts picturing Samantha and Steve fucking, her shorts and halter top seem to get tighter as she pictures Steve plunging in and out of Samantha.

Embarrassment rushes through her body and Linda thinks that maybe she should go, but as she turns around she's greeted by an unfamiliar voice "Hi!" it says as the mysterious figure grabs Linda's arms. Jack's hands brush all over her in the dim light, he can't help but feel her firm, full curves as he struggles to contain her. Jack pulls her arms behind her, and grabs the front of her top giving it a strong pull off her body. Linda lashes out like a wildcat, her hands and feet kicking backwards. Linda begins to scream "Let me go, you bastard!" aiming another kick at Jack. Jack spins her around and with his right hand smacks her hard on the face. The force of the blow sends Linda hurtling towards the carpeted floor. Jack kneels beside her, Linda curses at him, but her body remains limp. Jack runs a hand over Linda's breasts, checking her out in the moonlight.

"Damn, you're almost as fine as the one my buddy upstairs is fucking" he chuckles. "Shove it up your ass!" is Linda's response, Jack chuckles at her again before hitting her face with another hard slap. "How about I do the shoving up your ass sweet pea" Jack says as he stands up, grabbing a handful of her hair that forces Linda to her feet. Jack is half pulling, half dragging her up the stairs, "let's see what you look like in the light". Linda curses him all the way up the stairs, she tries to pull her hands free but fails. Linda collapses onto her knees in front of the bedroom doorway. Jack picks her up and throws her onto the bed beside Samantha. Jack tosses a cucumber to Mike and says "try this on yours". The two men chuckle as they begin to tie Linda down next to Samantha on the bed. Steve emotionally exhausted can't believe that this has actually gotten worse.

Jack looks over their new acquisition and starts to undo his pants. Cold dread seeps into Linda's mind as she begins to realize the severity of the situation. All she can think about is the fact that she's in her fertile time of the month when she looks at the two stranger's erections. She begins to plead, "please, please don't do this. I'm begging you, I don't want to get pregnant". Jack and Mike say nothing, then turn to each other and smile. Jack begins to stroke his erection and moves closer to Linda.

Steve sat there forced to watch a bad situation get worse. He knew there was nothing he could do to save them. Steve kept wiggling against his binds, he had to try, hopefully the two intruders would be distracted long enough for him to make the ropes budge. Mike had moved back to Samantha, while Jack was playing with Linda rubbing his hands all over her flesh. Mike had moved his attentions back to Samantha's pussy. He rubbed her clit and along her lips before roughly thrusting his fingers back into her.
"What's your name bitch?" he asked, Samantha did not reply, nor even look at him.
"Maybe I should teach you some manners" he said as he got on the bed, kneeling between her legs he began rubbing his cock head over Samantha's full pussy lips.
"I asked you your name. You really should be more sociable. You aren't much of a hostess" keeping his cock poised at her entrance as he stared into her eyes while roughly handling her breasts.

Jack is still feeling Linda up. His hands make their way to her shorts. Jack pulls and tears at them until finally they are in tatters as he throws them to the floor. Tears begin to roll down Linda's cheeks, she continues to beg. "No, no; I'll do anything! Please don't get me pregnant!" she sobs as she tries to bury her head between the pillows or in the mattress. Jack grabs her by the hair and forces her to sit up. He looks her dead in the eyes, and loosens her bindings. He puts Linda's head between Samantha's legs. "Ohhhh please!" Linda begs. Jack pulls her back a bit as Mike continues to play with Samantha. Linda realizes she is going to have to watch her best friend's rape.

Samantha lay their silent, almost comatose. Her brain was reeling from the events that were taking place. Samantha finally awakens when Linda is thrust between her legs, as Linda gets pulled back Samantha tries to plead with them. "NO! Leave her alone! Please! She's done nothing, let her go, I beg you!" all Samantha sees is two men with blank stares, looking back at her as if she said nothing. Mike moves back in between her legs, Samantha can feel his cock at her entrance again. Samantha begins crying again, tears are flowing down her face, she pulls at her restraints as she pleads with them to please stop. Mike is back to asking for her name again. Samantha can't think of anything to end this or make him go away. Samantha begins to shake her head, "NO!" she exclaims. Mike reaches back and slaps Samantha hard again, her head jerks back from the stinging blow. She looks back at him; he's enjoying this, the idea of raping a wife in front of her husband. Finally she gives in "Samantha, my name is Samantha, you sick fuck!" Samantha recoils fearing another slap is coming, but instead he just laughs again.

"Well, Samantha," Mike begins "I think you'll find I'm a fair man. I'll give you a choice. I don't know who this other little tramp is to you, but I do know I will fuck someone before I leave tonight. Will it be you or her? Keep in mind if I fuck you and it's no good I'll move on to her. If you don't make a choice I'll fuck you both. So now that I've laid out your options, what will it be?" Mike looked into Samantha's face. Horror filled her eyes as what he said sunk in with her, it made him smile.
"Well, bitch, what's it going to be? I want an answer now!" he demands.
"Please don't hurt her..." Samantha tries to think quick on the spot and for some reason says "she's my sister, don't touch her. Let her go, I'm begging you!"
"Well that means you're the one that gets fucked now. Better make it good slut!" Mike says as he bends down to lick Samantha on the cheek.

Linda tries to look away, but Jack is there to make sure she is forced to take in the scene. Linda opens her eyes as Samantha's sobs turn to moans, Linda can see the anguish on her face as the man slips his cock into her, Samantha feels herself stretch to accommodate his member; she's surprised by how wet she actually is. He holds it inside of her as he smiles down at her "seems like you're enjoying this Samantha!". Samantha pleads with him, but he just smiles holding his cock inside her. "I haven't had a cunt as wet as yours in a long time. You ever get this wet for hubby over there?" Mike questions as he looks at Steve. Before she could respond Mike had rammed into her again hard. Samantha moaned as she felt as if she was being ripped into two. Her moans were then muffled by his mouth and tongue. Mike moved his hand under her ass, he grabbed at her painfully, as he pulled her closer onto him. Samantha remembered what he said about making it good. Her lips started to respond to his, her tongue met his. Samantha moved her hips upwards to meet each of his thrusts, allowing him easier access to her already sore pussy.

Jack pipes up and looks over at Steve looking for a reaction.
"My man, you got the best seat in the house, why aren't you smiling?"
"Look at these two fucking hot whores in front of you."
"What's wrong, don't like girls" he shot before laughing at him, Jack got up and walked over to Steve.
Jack leaned down and whispered in his ear "you know I don't care what my buddy says, these two sluts are going to get the fucking of their lifetime from the both of us."
Jack looked up to see Mike thrusting his hips into this man's wife, she was even thrusting back. His cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Jack looked over at Linda who seemed to be a deer in headlights as she watched. Jack looked back at Steve who had a similar reaction, but it was the reaction in his pants that caught him most off guard. Maybe hubby would enjoy this after all, he chuckled, as he walks back over to the other side of the bed. Linda had rolled away again, it was unbearable to watch this she thought.

Jack was soon there, forcing her head sideways, forcing her to watch this scene. Linda can see the horror in Samantha's eyes. She looks over at Steve, who is also forced to watch his wife being raped. Linda wonders why he does when no one is forcing him to watch his wife being impaled by this man. Tears run down her cheeks again as the sound of Samantha and Mike's bodies begin slapping against each thrust into her. Mike starts to moan, Linda can see Samantha's eyes get big as her hips flex upward. Linda sees the confusion in Sam's eyes, it looks almost like she's enjoying this?!?!?!?!?!

As Mike fucked Samantha he reached over to Linda and placed his hand between her legs. Linda struggled a bit, but her bindings and Jack were holding her in place. Mike's fingers began to seek out her entrance and forced their way in, Jack's hands were all over Linda's breasts, and Mike slammed into Samantha harder and harder. Linda isn't as wet as Samantha, but she does begin to respond as his fingers move in and out of her. Samantha's pussy begins to contract against Mike's rod.

Mike leans down and whispers into Samantha's ear "this little whore is getting wet just watching me fuck you" his words make Samantha jolt back to reality. Mike wipes his moist fingers on Samantha's upper lip "mmm, doesn't she taste delicious?"
Mike keeps fucking her, but holds his orgasm back.
Mike looks at Steve "dude, your bitch is totally spasming all over my cock. Is she into girls? You ever fuck these two sisters?"
Steve stares back expressionless "they're not sisters" he adds although it's muffled by the duct tape.
"What?" Mike questions, before leaning over and ripping the duct tape off his mouth.
"They're not sisters" Steve finally repeats.
Mike thrusts in, saying he's letting wifey finish her orgasm before he pulls out of her. Mike looks down at Samantha.
"You lied?" he asks her.
"So what? I was just trying to get her out of this" she says.
"You lied, and you must be punished." Mike says as he looks around at Sam's bindings. He begins to untie her, a twisted look crosses his face.
"Reach over and touch her, do it!" Mike insists.
"Come on slut, it's not like she's your sister. If you don't do this all bets are off and sister or no sister she's getting fucked either by me or you, your choice cunt!" Mike says as he pulls her by the hair across the bed.
"Please, no, you said you would leave her alone" Samantha begs.
"That was before you lied, so do it now or I'll fuck her instead" Mike says harshly.

Samantha's eyes are full of tears as she looks at Linda, trying to beg forgiveness. At another moment this might be hot, but being forced to do this in front of strange men (one of whom who just fucked you) and in front of her husband no less, seemed to be negating any of the good feelings she might be having. Samantha moved her hand slowly tracing it's way down Linda's full breasts and taut nipples. Linda gasped, her breathing became irregular as she almost faints, and her back arches at Samantha's touch; her body betraying her. Samantha is shocked that Linda is responding to her touch.

Mike breaks the spell "shove your hand in her cunt, bitch!" each word punctuates itself in the air and hits her swollen flesh. Samantha reaches down, lightly touching her sparse curls over her mons, then slides her hands between Linda's thighs. Linda feels smooth and moist as Sam caresses her pussy lips, Linda's face blushes as she realizes how wet she is. Linda's clit is starting to swell as she becomes slippery from the attention at the same time Linda's breathing becomes more and more rapid and soft moans fall from her lips. Samantha finds herself rubbing her own clit now, before she runs her fingers down Linda's entrance. Samantha can't believe how wet Linda is getting. Sam traces her fingers around her again before inserting one finger into her. Sam looks over at Steve when she does it. Linda lets out a gasp when Samantha enters her.

Steve watched helplessly from the chair, he felt broken down, like there was nothing he could do. When Steve realized the unimaginable was inevitable, he could no longer take it and he did become aroused, and he was ashamed. Samantha notices that her husband is no longer crying or protesting, though he does seem to be straining against the ropes. It is the ever increasing bulge between his pants that gives Steve away. My husband is actually becoming aroused at the sight of his wife being fucked by another man and then forced to fuck another woman?! Steve could see his wife staring back at him and seeing his erection. Linda saw it, hell everyone did. When Steve watched the one man penetrate her he thought he would die, but somehow it became erotic.

Watching his wife bucking back onto this strange man. She didn't love him, she just wanted this to end; Steve loved her for that. Steve just hoped Sam and Linda would forgive him afterwards. Samantha turns away from him noticing the other man, Jack, holding Linda down and stroking his cock as she plays with Linda. He's watching Samantha slide her hand in and out of Linda, opening her for him to view. Jack leers at Samantha and grabs one of Linda's breasts and squeezes it so hard that Linda yelps in pain. She tries to twist away to ease the pain as she's caught between passion and pain.

Jack sat watching the two women engage each other, he sat there, stroking his cock while holding Linda's head down. Jack looked around and even noticed the husband's bulge, he was loving it. A smile crossed Jack's lips as he grabbed Linda's tit hard again. Jack thought it was time to give hubby something else to get hot about. Jack moved to the front of the two women, standing beside the bed he waved his massive 12-inch cock at them. Looking at Sam he said "either you can suck this or this other slut can, you or your sister-or whatever the fuck she is?" a smirk crossed his face as he wagged his cock at the two of them. Steve unexpectedly felt a leap of excitement hit his belly as he wondered who was going to get it this time.

Steve watched his wife playing with Linda, although he had fantasized about the two of them (heck the three of them) together, he never envisioned it like this. Steve tried to struggle one last time as the men were occupied with the women once more. Samantha looked at the huge cock placed in front of her face. There was no way she was going to be able to swallow that whole thing, but she had to try for Linda. Samantha opened her mouth slightly and Jack took full advantage immediately shoving his cock between her lips until it hit the back of her throat. Samantha's air was cut off and she began to gag, Jack was delighted. Samantha tried to back away, but she's pinned underneath him. Jack finally eases up, slightly, as he pushes his cock in and out of her mouth. Samantha sucks it and licks his huge head. Jack holds her head again and begins fucking her mouth as if it were a pussy.

Mike moves behind Samantha on the bed, placing his cock between her ass cheeks as he slides it back and forth. Samantha's hand still sliding in and out of Linda's pussy, and now Samantha was taking Jack's cock into her mouth. Mike and Jack double teamed her for a bit, Mike fucked Samantha hard until she was wet again and her pussy started to contract. Mike pulled out and put Samantha on top of Linda's face, "lick her!" he commanded Linda. Samantha sat straddling Linda's face, as Jack kept force feeding her his cock. Linda looked up and could see Samantha's swollen red lips from the pounding she just received.

Mike moved down the bed and took over Samantha's fingering duties. Mike shoved his fingers inside, Damn she was tight, he thought.
Samantha pulled her mouth away from Jack's cock "You said you'd leave her alone!" she cried out.
"Look whore, you just suck me off. Don't worry your head about that slut" Jack responded.
Mike just laughed at her and said "I lied, get back to work bitch!" as Jack grabbed her head and forced his cock back into her mouth, tears streamed down Sam's face.
Mike spread Linda's legs apart as he placed his hard member at her entrance.
Linda pleaded one last time "please don't! I'll get pregnant!"
"Then do what I say and I'll pull out before I cum", Mike answered, "it's the best deal you're going to get tonight".

Linda's body language had said she had resigned herself to him as she lowered her head and stuck out her tongue, licking Samantha's clit again. Samantha felt herself grunt involuntarily when Linda's wet tongue touched her. Sam could feel Mike bucking into Linda as she felt Linda's tongue sliding up and down her snatch. Sam looked down and saw Linda spread eagle with Mike ramming Linda, like he had her only moments before. Samantha looked back to the man who's penis was in her mouth. He looked down at her with an evil smile as he encouraged her. Samantha began to suck his length again, she used her hands to stroke his shaft and cup his balls. Linda was licking her pussy, Sam was surprised at how soft and gentle her tongue felt.

Samantha felt Linda's nervousness, her humiliation and how wonderful her hair felt against her thighs, her lips on her clit, her tongue against her lips. Samantha felt her hips involuntarily moving towards Linda's mouth. Mike grunted and knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer as he put Linda's legs on his shoulders and drove deep down inside her. His hands admired her tight twin globed ass as he slammed into her. Mike felt the rumbling in his balls as he cried out "The first load is always the biggest and best, that's why I saved it all for you honey pie". Linda barely heard him with Samantha sitting on her face, but she soon realized it when Mike held her tight by the hips, she felt his cock pushing deep inside her body, it's tip reaching her cervix. Samantha felt Linda's face grinding deeper into her pussy, and her body begins to shake with her second orgasm. Sam's hips bucked against her friend's face, as she attempted to cry out around Jack's cock, her body betrayed her again. Then Linda felt it, he fired a huge load right into her womb, coating her fertile insides.

Steve watches the scene as his wife reaches orgasm first. Her best friend is licking her clit, while she sucks another man's massive cock. Her pussy grinds hard onto her friends face, as the man fucking Linda announces he is cumming. He fires deep inside of Linda, shot after shot fills her insides with millions of his sperm. He's fucking her so deep, it isn't long before Linda's body betrays her too and her legs shake as he finishes his final thrusts into her. Then it happens and Jack takes his cock out and makes the wife jerk him off all over her. He aims for her face and mouth, trying to get her to keep it open the whole time. Linda looks utterly defeated as she hangs her head and weeps. Linda feels him finally remove his impaling cock as the wetness runs down her leg.

Mike pulls back looking down at Linda, and takes a perverse pride knowing that she will have his child. Samantha looks at Mike, "don't worry, I'll get you soon enough" he tells her. Linda is in tears as the bed sheets are coated in Mike and Linda's juices. Cum runs out of Linda's pussy. Mike looks over at Steve who was still sporting wood. Mike walks over to him, loosens his bindings from the chair but makes sure his hands and ankles are still tied. Mike walks him over to the bed and pushes him roughly down on it. Steve hits the bed like a wet sack and is laying between Linda's legs.

Mike kneels down next to him, bringing his face closer. "I've probably just knocked her up. The little tramp even had an orgasm! I mean that's just going to pull my seed even further into her body. The only chance she's got is for you to clean her out before I make her cum again. If I were you, I'd be getting to work" he says hitting Steve on the back of the head. Steve looked up at Linda, she seemed to be looking back down at him. A brief glimmer of hope and pleasure were in her eyes, or was that just the tears?

"Hey man you don't have to do it, but I'm not kidding she's going to get pregnant. I guess I could get your wife to do it. Oh wait. My buddy just covered her face with his cum. I guess that wouldn't make much sense." Mike said before shoving Steve's face into Linda's crotch. Linda lay there motionless, almost unaware. Jack and Mike moved back around securing the two woman back to the bed. Steve was broken as he looked back at the two men and then again at Linda's cum filled pussy. Both women were now lying on their fronts tied to the headboard. Jack watched Steve grappling with the idea of licking out his wife's best friend in front of an audience. Jack picked Samantha's head up by her hair and smacked her in front of Steve.

Then Jack pulled her ass cheeks apart and spread her pussy open. Jack began to lick at it in front of her husband. "Look man, nothing to it, tastes good too" he added as he laughed at him. Jack then began to move his fingers over her, and ran one over her asshole. "I wonder how she'll like it when I stick it in there?" he said as he teased her asshole with his finger. Samantha began to scream and tremble as she lay there bound and helpless. Mike chimed in "Why not eat her out? We both know you want to, hell we might even let you fuck her too if you want". Mike turned back to Samantha "wouldn't you like to see your husband fuck this slut too, bitch?" Jack spoke up as he was positioning his tool at the entrance of my wife's ass "ten seconds to make up your mind or I'm going to ram this whole thing into your whore wife's ass".

Samantha lay there unable to look, she just focused on the uncomfortable fat cock that was pressing against her asshole. Soon enough he'd push it through she thought, she tried to relax. How could she relax, Steve was about to be sucking Linda's pussy in a moment. Steve, her husband, had once brought up the idea of a threesome. Steve who was moving closer and closer to licking up another man's cum from her best friend's pussy. Samantha felt her asshole opening, as the thought seemed strangely erotic.

Steve lay there feeling helpless to save these two women. He was still bound, Linda had just been raped and was filled with cum. His wife had been raped twice now, forced to eat pussy, forced to suck cock and was currently getting her asshole stretched open. Steve wanted to save Linda and certainly didn't want his wife's asshole to be next. Steve was confused, he wanted to save them, his cock was hard and he wanted Linda, he also secretly admitted to himself that he wanted to see Samantha take that big cock up her ass; he felt ashamed. Steve looked up at Samantha for an answer, but every time they made eye contact Jack gave Samantha a smack. Steve could tell that his wife was stuck somewhere between pleasure and pain.

The intruders just weren't giving him much of a choice either. Linda lay there, immobile, crying, she needed to be saved. Steve resolved it in his mind and began moving his face to her crotch, wanting to do anything to spare her from being impregnated by that fucker. Steve moved to the inside of her legs, Linda made no effort to stop him. Mike yelled at her and told her to spread her legs wide, which she did. Steve looked at his wife again, she was looking at the wall as Jack kept playing with her ass. Samantha looked over and opened and closed her eyes at the sight of Steve. Steve moved closer still, the smell of cum was all over her pussy, he closed his eyes and dove in. Steve licked wildly and began slurping at her juicy snatch. Cum was everywhere as he sucked it out. It was humiliating and revolting for him.

Steve sucked out as much as he could, trying not to swallow it. Steve tried to clear his mind and eventually the opportunity had caught up with him as he began flicking Linda's clit and teasing her lips as he sucked her out. Steve could finally taste Linda on his tongue, and she seemed to be getting wet. Her hips rolled as she ground against him. Samantha lay there watching her best friend and husband. He seemed to be enjoying this, and Linda's moans and reaction said she was enjoying it too. Jack and Mike were laughing at Steve's cum covered face and his new found enthusiasm. Linda was blushing and moaning from Steve's tongue lashing, Linda couldn't hold it back and came all over Steve's face. A wave of semen was flushed out and onto his face along with her cum. Steve then felt a pair of hands pull him away from Linda as she collapsed into blackness on the bed. "I thought you might want to see this" Mike said. Steve turned when he heard Samantha scream out in pain. Jack had just slid his cock all the way into her asshole. Steve couldn't turn away.

Samantha's world went almost black as Jack rammed his huge cock into her ass. Sam tried to catch her breath, trying to scream, but there just wasn't enough air. Samantha felt once again that she might be torn in two. Once Samantha regained some composure she was able to scream as she tried to pull away from the man violating her ass. Jack held her shoulder and smacked her in the mouth again. "Shut up bitch and take it! I know you like it!" Jack insulted her as she whimpered. Samantha began to realize her body was beginning to respond to his onslaught and ass pounding. Slowly she started moving her hips against him, and found herself raising her legs to wrap around his waist; the depths he reached felt incredible to Samantha and she began to want more and more. Mike came around to the other side of the bed and knelt down next to Samantha's ear as Jack was still slowly fucking her ass.

Mike turned her head to face Linda and Steve.
"Look at that Sam..." he began.
"Did you see how he ate her out? He seemed to really enjoy it" Mike emphasized.
"And that little tramp friend of yours was loving it, look how flushed she looks." Mike paused.
"It looks like they've probably done this before. I'll bet they do this all the time behind your back." Mike paused again, trying to let the words sink in.
"Doesn't that piss you off?" Mike reached around and untied her hands as he stood in front of her letting his hard cock bob in front of her face.
"Show him how that makes you feel Sam. Let him know how that looks. Make him hurt like he is hurting you" Mike tried to encourage her.

The cock in Samantha's ass kept pounding it in rhythm, she could no longer look at the leering face staring down at her. The knowing grin and mocking eyes were more than she could stand. Sam glared over at Steve and Linda, she was shocked and horrified as to what had just happened between them. Mike's murmurings were echoing her same thoughts. Steve did look entirely too at ease with what he was doing, and my best friend! She was certainly no stranger to what was going on between her thighs! Samantha looked back up at Mike, his grinning face and eyes filled with challenge. His huge cock pointing at her face.

Her hands are untied. She looks over at Steve once more, he looks back, watching her. What are we doing? Both of us are almost free and he's just sitting there watching me. Well I'll give him something to watch! she thought to herself. Samantha positioned herself so that Jack was allowed to fully enter her ass. She couldn't believe how deep he hit, her breath is almost gone with each heavy thrust. Samantha reaches up with her hands and takes Mike's cock between them. She strokes him, running her fingers over it, cupping his balls and firmly stroking him again. She brings a drop of pre-cum to the tip of his penis. She pulls Mike in front of her on the bed as he sits propped up against the head board. Sam circles the head of his cock with her tongue, following the ridge, and then back to the top. The cock pounding her ass feels almost painful now. Jack is fucking it like a pussy.

Samantha's eyes open wide as she stops to moan and glances over at Steve, she opens her mouth wide again and engulf Mike's cock once more. Samantha closes her lips around his cock as she starts to suck, her tongue licking and darting, her hands stroking the base and squeezing his balls. Suddenly Samantha cared not for the circumstances behind the two men invading her body. Sam didn't care that these strangers, rapists really, were violating her anymore. Samantha wanted Steve to know that she was enjoying what was happening to her, she wanted to hurt him as he was hurting her. Sam continues to suck Mike's hard cock with renewed vigor, as Jack lifts her ass and goes deeper still.

Linda regains her composure, slowly what has happened and is happening come into her consciousness again. She wanted to tell Sam that she had no choice, but Linda sees Samantha stuck between two cocks. Linda is shocked and turned on to watch her best friend getting ass fucked and sucking cock. Linda notices that Samantha is untied and apparently enjoying it. Linda looks over at Steve, who is sitting at the foot of the bed, just watching his wife and the two men. Linda tries to rollover onto her back, and crosses her arms as they are still tied to the bed.

Steve sat there watching his wife moving in perfect time with these two strangers. She was taking an incredible pounding in her ass, while sucking on the other's cock like a champ. Steve knew she was enjoying it. Mike moaned and ran his fingers through her hair, "Oh yeah Samantha, that's so nice, take it further baby" he encouraged her. Samantha immediately buried her nose in his pubic hair. She was so deep on him that he could feel the muscles of her throat contracting around the head of his cock as she deep throated him. Steve could see the bulge in his wife's throat as she took him all the way. It was all Mike could take as he announced "here it cums Samantha. Make it look good. Show that bastard what he's missing".

Samantha found his words encouraging, and she sucked even harder, she crammed even more of him into her mouth. Her ass was being assaulted even harder as she groaned on the cock invading her mouth. She tries to open her eyes, they're filled with tears and look glassy, she looks at Steve and she notices that he is riveted on her with a man in her ass and another with his cock buried in her mouth. Samantha glances up at Mike just in time to feel his cock spurt his load into her mouth. She tries to swallow what she's being fed, but Mike removes his cock from her mouth and jerks it all over her face. It gets all over her face and in her hair, Samantha has to close her eyes as he seems to aim for them. She opens her mouth hoping to catch it, the cold smile on her face betrays her emotions. She can feel him stand up as he wipes his cock on Samantha's face. Mike then wipes the cum from Samantha's face and eyes and walks to the other side of the bed where he smears his cum covered hand all over Linda's face and forces his fingers into her mouth and commands her to suck them clean.

Mike pinches her nipples and pulls on Linda's hair to get her to comply. She sucks his fingers and licks them with her tongue, her stomach starts to turn but she manages to keep the cum down as the fingers slowly exit her mouth. What else could they do? she thought as she allowed her body to rest again.

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LauraAngel    (2011-06-29 07:30:19)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel I would love to have them happen to me. Then, I'd stick both in the closet, and use them as sex slaves. Scrumptious....Good writting...
unknown    (2009-06-11 18:38:44)    Flag as inappropiate
This story is beyond words, going the full distance, I am tingling with wetness showing through my panties...blush...damn I like your writing skills !
christina09    (2009-06-08 16:35:03)    Flag as inappropiate
christina09 i really love this story you took it to another level. soooo horny here... write some more im dying to hear the rest.x
slavesteve    (2009-05-25 13:46:54)    Flag as inappropiate
I want to be there and be dominated and to be fucked. please whip me and fuck me.
Cuffman    (2009-03-11 10:49:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Great Story. Is there a part 2 ? Are you going to get Steve fucked up the arse ? That will teach him a leason.
naughtyscarlet    (2008-10-18 23:20:40)    Flag as inappropiate
naughtyscarlet OMG.....this is SOO Hot....I want u to know there is a big wet spot in my bed now.....I can't wait to read chapter 2....Thank You!!!!
emmach    (2008-10-08 21:06:03)    Flag as inappropiate
this is so wrong on so many ways,but it was very exciting!!!!!!! and i could not stop reading. keep it up.

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