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  By: zac08

It's been some time since I went hunting.

And I have some new toys on hand to play with...

This new hunting location of mine is quite badly managed and after checking out the whole place, it seems that there are no CCTVs to monitor the place and there is only a cleaner cum security.

The ladies toilets in the building is quite large and empty. Which may be a advantage for me to hide inside, but difficult for me to plant my new toys for any survillance work.

After some more casing out of the place, I realised that one of the levels is used for a educational centre. That should be a good place for me to start on. And since such places operate mainly in the daytime, I starte during one of the nights and planted some of the cams I bought recently from a surplus store.

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The Naughty Meter

The receiver is linked to a storage device hidden carefully. And only a few days after I had planted the toys, I was already producing results. I had managed to capture quite a bit of raw data and needed some time to process these data for better usage.

Lucky for me, I had remembered to enable the time log and this helped me to manage the time frame better for the different angles. Skimming thru the data, I saw some possible targets of my new plans.

Having recorded some of the footage data, I have narrowed it down to a few likely targets. And those were largely from the education centre. One of my targets was a cute looking chinese national who had a habit of going to the toilet to masturbate almost twice a day. Seems like she has a pretty high sex drive.

Other possible ones were a mixture of good looking ones which I picked out from all those I had monitored so far. After getting a couple of clips ready and uploaded on my ftp server, I made a copy of the clips on CDs and placed them in plain envelopes. These would be the chips for my gamble.

I planned on the cute chinese girl first of all. I had also checked up on the girl who was here on a study visa. But the best part was that she stayed alone. I also noticed that she liked to carry out her second solo activity when her class ended late.

That would make her stay later than the other students in the building, and this is what I wanted. To be able to isolate her. Now armed with a load of data from my cams, I had an impressive amount of clips of her during her "break time". And having discovered that tuesdays was a day when her class ended late, I waited for her in a janitor's closet. As predicted, she arrived into the toilet and walked right in to the last cubicle and as I watched on my wireless monitor, she had already started to remove her clothing for her usual fix.

Emerging from my hidden location, I went to the main door and hanged a out of order sign and locked the door carefully. Then I proceeded towards her and unlocked her cubicle. As I pushed the door open, she was totally shocked and was about to scream, but I was expecting that from her. I pushed my hand right over her mouth and told her to keep quiet or I may hurt her. She then realised that she was still partially naked and wanted to cover up, but I prevented her from doing so.

I showed her the wireless monitor and told her that I was enjoying her shows that she was putting up daily. And I warned her that if I were to be delayed by any authorities from reaching home before 11pm, the programmed FTP server will release all her clips onto the internet and be viewed by everyone.

Defeated, she fell back onto the toilet seat and left her arms dangling on her sides. I walked closer and stripped her totally.

Her white blouse had been pushed up earlier and her white lacy bra was already unclipped from the front. All it took was a quick lift and she was topless exposing her ample B cup boobs. Her denim skirt was hiked up and her panties was pulled down to her knees. I left the skirt on and removed her white panties totally and stuffed it into my pocket as a momento.

As seen previously on my videos, she was almost hairless on her pussy, with only a small strip of hair above her clit. I told her to carry on with her masturbation and I watched as she carried on pleasuring herself. She took a much longer time though, and I stood her up and bent her over the toilet. Watching from behind, her pussy was exposed wide and I was able to watch her insert her finger into her pussy and wriggle it as she rubbed her clitoris at the same time.

Being a fan of her acts, I had already knew her body language will give her away as she reached her orgasm. So I watched and just right before she came, I stuck my erect cock inside her and pumped away. As she climaxed, her pussy began to grip down rythmatically on my cock and that was a real pleasure. I carried on fucking her doggy-style and after a few more minutes I came inside her, squirting my thick cum deep inside her.

Reminding her that I owned her now, she just slumped over the toilet and I cleaned myself off before walking out of the toilet...

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great story

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