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this story is somewhat true, somewhat imagination ill let you decide....

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it was a friday night a few years ago. i was still living at home with my parents my brother and my sister. it was a nice house, 4 bedrooms finished basement, good neighborhood. i was downstairs in the basement enjoying a few hard alcoholic beverages when my sister came downstairs to see what was going on. She came over to sit on the couch with me. it was summer time and even though it was very late, maybe 1am she was wearing short jean shorts and a extra tight white tee shirt which clearly displayed her blue bikini top under it.

She greeted me and i returned the greeting hardly paying attention to her, shes my sister, ive seen her like that a million times nothing special right? she sits on the couch and asks me what im drinking on. i tell her some rum and she asks me to make her a drink. Now were both underage and were not driving anywhere so i agree to share a little drink with her.

at this point in time shes almost 16 cute, blonde, blue eyes, 5'7" maybe 110lbs soaking wet. small but well shaped tits and ass. because its summer and shes sporting a slight tan. as for me im 17 almost 18 tall athletic and also slightly tan. but enough about me.

i make her the drink and we watch TV, probably MTV but i forget. we continue drinking and we both were feeling pretty relaxed and were having a good time laughing and talking to one another. she told me she had to go upstairs to piss and i asked her to make us another round of drinks while she was up there.

It was at this time something changed, when she walked away there was something about the way she walked, something about the way her ass shaked... i dont know if it was the alcohol, the good conversation, or was i just now for the first time noticing just how damn sexy my little sister was becoming? as she walked up the stairs i couldnt help but stare. when she disappeared behind the upstairs door i caught myself thinking, did my sister really just give me a hard on? this couldnt be right, this had to be wrong right? i tried to justify my feelings, shes a girl, im a guy its just teenage horomones running crazy. i can control myself its my sister.

she came back down with the drinks and gave me mine, i thanked her and we continued drinking and talking. the TV was still on but neither of us were paying any attention to it. eventually ,no doubt because of the booze, the conversation turned to sex. it was the first time me and her ever had this kind of conversation and it was kinda nice in a wierd sorta way. we were both really comfortable with each other. then i remember asking her if she wanted to play a game, it was up to her to choose one i didnt care. she threw out a few suggestions and somehow we ended up playing truth or dare.

she went first:

"truth or dare"

i was cautious so i picked truth, she asked me when the last time i had sex was and who it was with. i told her the truth it was about 3 weeks ago with a close friend of hers who was slightly older than her. she was a little shocked because she didnt know me and her had something going on. i made her pinky promise she wouldnt ever speak a word of it to anyone and she agreed. now it was her turn. she chose truth, i asked her if she was a virgin, she was 15 and i figured that she was. when she said she wasnt i was a bit suprised. i didnt ask her any details and we went on with the game.

my turn again this time i picked dare, she thought for a few minutes and finally dared me to finish my drink, i downed the horribly strong drink which was about half full in 1 prolonged gulp. she giggled and said ok its my turn. i asked her truth or dare, she was feeling a bit braver and said dare. i thought for a few minutes and came up with i dare you to take off your shirt and bikini top, and told her she could cover her breasts with her hands. she was a bit hessitant at first but eventually turned around facing away from me and took off her shirt and bkiki top, she put her hands infront of her and turned to face me. the look she had on her face when she turned around is something i still remember to this day.

she was biting her lip and looked me right in the eyes, not slutty, not innocent, but really hot. we sat there in silence for a few minutes my eyes shifting from hers down to her hand covered breasts and back up a few times before she spoke. "seen enough yet". i immediatly replied almost outta instinct. "no". she giggled and i laughed too realizing what i had said. i had that liquid courage and asked her if i could look at her bare tits. she looked at me for a second then removed her hands. there they were, a beautiful set of full B sized breasts. absolutly perfect in all ways, full, perky, nipples dark red about the size of a nickle and her nipples were hard. after about 10 seconds she said ok my turn. i picked dare, ofcourse and she said i dare u to give me a back massage. and before i could say yeah she was on her stomach , titties on the floor.

i straddled her back and began to rub her shoulders and neck. she was really relaxed as i rubber her back down to the small of her back. i went up and down her sides getting her rib cages really well when my little fingers rubbed the soft smooth sides of her breasts. she didnt even move a muscle. i got braver and slowly worked my hands completly under her breasts until i was holding them in my hands. she let out a relaxed moan as i massaged her breasts. i then asked her if she was ok with that and she just said, yeah it feels great. i stopped and told her, ok its your turn again. truth or dare.

she said dare i told her i wanted a massage this time and removed my shirt and laid on the ground, she got up and didnt even put her shirt on, she smiled at me and straddled my back. i could feel her smooth legs brushing against my sides and the warmth of her pussy through her jean shorts on my back and she proceded to massage me. it felt like heaven and i was so fucking relaxed. i could feel as she bent forward to massage my shoulders her hair tickeling my back and i shivered from the sensation that shot through my body. i was hard as a rock and kinda uncomfortable from laying on my boner. so i unexpectantly flipped over. she was now straddeling right above my cock. i grabbed her hands and led them to my chest and she continued the massage.

she was smiling at me and asked me how it felt. i said it was fucking great and she giggled a little and got more into the massage. it was then she noticed just how much i was enjoying the massage. i felt her lower her body and her covered pussy grinded on my coverd erect cock. she looked at me and asked me if she did that, and i admitted that she did. i think that turned her on because she slowly started moving her hands down toward my pants, when she reached the top of my pants, she put her hands on the button like she was going to unbutton them , she asked me if she could see it, i said its only fair ive seen you a little naked. and with that she unbuttoned my pants and slowly moved the zipper down.

she pulled both sides of the now open pants to either side and reached her hand into the hole of my boxers. her hand grabbed my cock which was now THROBBING. she manuvered it around and finally got it free. my pre cum glistened in the soft light and i saw a strand of it land on her hand. it was then i realized there was my sister, straddeling my waste topless, her perky tits hanging there for me to see with my massivly erect cock in her tight grasp. for a second i thought this was so wrong, then she started slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, taking her palm and spreading my pre cum around the head of my cock. i reached up and began to play with her breasts, squeezing her tits gently. she moaned and so did i, she knew what she was doing to my cock and it felt great, i moved my hand down to her waist line and she reached down, i thought to stop me, but she undid the button to her jean shorts and pulled the zipper down. she wasnt wearing any panties!

i just about came at the sight of my sisters completly shaved bush. she stood up and pulled her shorts off and kicked them across the room. she asked me how i thought she looked, and i told her i thought she was absolutly fucking sexy. she then laid next to me her tits pressed against my chest and kissed me. we laid there and kissed for a few minutes the feelings i was having were so wierd but it was so hot. i reached behind her and grabbed her ass. streching my arm a bit further i extended my middle finger and made contact with her burning hot pussy. mid kiss i could feel her gasp and she pressed her body against mine even harder. i entered her pussy with my finger, her pussy was soaking wet and tight as hell. i asked her if she was ok with that and she said was "make me cum". she laid on her back and i got between her legs.

i was sucking on her tits and fingering her, she was squirming on the floor in pleasure as i started kissing my way down her stomach. i grabbed both of her thighs with my hands as i gently grabbed her clit with my mouth, swirling my tounge around it slowly. her hips raised and fell rythmically with my tounge motions. i slowly built up momentium and pressure, her hips moving faster, her breathing laboring, her moaning getting deeper. she reached down and grabbed my head with both of her hands pressing me harder down on her clit and i sucked on it and licked it faster. my chin was now completly soaked with her juices and as her hips rose one last time and her body became rigid i felt her body shake with orgasm. her hips hit the floor, her hands pushed my head back breaking the seal my lips had on her clit. she was out of breath, so was i.

i crawled up next to her, kissed her on the lips and asked her how she felt. she said it was the best orgasm she ever had and that she needed a second to catch her breath. i asked her what do we do now?

she said it was her turn to return the favor. she jumped up , pushed me back on the floor and reached down to my pants and pulled them off completly. wasting no time she grabbed my cock and shoved it into her wet warm mouth. she was using her hand in a swirling motion up and down my cock with the head of my dick and a couple more inches in her mouth. her tounge was going around and around and she was using alot of spit. i could feel her saliva pooling in my pubic hair there was so much spit. she was moaning with my cock in her mouth and the vibrations were too much for me to handle. i was hard for the past hour or so and was so unbelivably turned on by everything that was happening. it wasnt more than 5 minutes before my body was becoming stiff and i was telling her i was going to cum any second. she didnt hessitate or stop for a secong and before i knew it i was blowing my load in her hot little mouth. she slowed down as she felt the cum hit her tongue grabbing my cock harder and taking it deeper in her mouth. my head hit the floor out of complete exhaustion.

i felt my cock come out of her mouth and i looked up at her, she opened her mouth and i could see my cum in her mouth. she closed her mouth and re opened it. she swallowed most of my cum, the rest was dripping off her lips and dangling from her chin. she used her fingers to collect the rest then sucked her fingers clean.

at this time i was feeling different feelings, like what we did was wrong. i asked her what she thought and she told me she had been fantasizing about this for years now and it really turned her on that i thought she was sexy. i asked her if she was ever going to tell anyone about what we did and she said no. i asked her if we could ever do anything like this again and she said she hoped so, she had a really good time and the orgasm i gave her was amazing. going on with my 20 something questions i asked her if she ever wanted to fuck me...she said it was a fantasy but she didnt know if we should but said she would think about it. i wasnt going to put any pressure on her

the next afternoon, when i woke up i saw her sitting along in the living room, i came down and sat next to her on the couch, she smiled at me and gave me a little wink. i asked her if everything that happend last was still ok with her. she told me that she enjoyed what happened and would love to do it again asap. i reached over and grabbed her titties through her tiny tee shirt and she smiled and gave me a naughty slutty smile. i knew this summer was going to be one to remember be continued


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steve4play    (2009-09-12 10:12:24)    Flag as inappropiate
steve4play now that was a good read...keep em comin..
steve4play    (2009-09-12 10:12:18)    Flag as inappropiate
steve4play now that was a good read...keep em comin..
easypeasy    (2009-03-15 02:54:05)    Flag as inappropiate
Ooh, very nice! God, it got me all hot wet and hot to read that, mm.
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-22 12:01:05)    Flag as inappropiate story please!
bi_oral69    (2008-06-20 17:15:13)    Flag as inappropiate
Id love to read about what cums next
dobby    (2008-04-22 07:00:29)    Flag as inappropiate
dobby This is really good story and beautifully written. Have a look at mine too, they are also somewhat real/fantasy
wolverine10    (2008-03-15 14:42:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Way to go bro... it was awsome ... Can't wait for part 2....
eminent    (2008-03-09 01:57:44)    Flag as inappropiate
I feel rock hard. pleeeeeease post more.
macker0825    (2008-03-06 01:11:10)    Flag as inappropiate
This is one hell of a crazy story... can't wait for part 2... let me know when you post it... keep 'em coming...
thatperv    (2008-03-04 03:23:38)    Flag as inappropiate
thatperv let me know what u think

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