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Our first meeting has been in the works for months. I am a bit of an exhibitionist, but shy at the same time. It is the rush of nervousness, not knowing how you will react when you see me in person, hoping that I live up to your expectations that really has me excited. How I have been excited for this meeting, yet somewhat anxious about it at the same time. I hope you approve of me.


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Getting ready I took my time, making sure everything would be right. I spent a day last weekend sunbathing nude out on my deck trying to even out some of the tanlinearound my waist. I've been doing extra situps to make sure my stommach is nice and defined. Double the time was spent in the bathroom this morning, first trimming my pubic hair up above my cock, and then making sure I had a smooth clean shave around the base of the shaft and the balls, and even shaving a bit of the backside, all to make sure I look good for you. Getting dressed I put on the pair of boxer briefs I got while I was in Italy, soft, smooth and they show off the package nicely.

Driving over the excitement keeps me while not fully aroused, at least partly engorged, making the underwear even tighter.

As I enter your apartment I can feel my heart race a bit. We chat for a bit, all the while I can't help but think about doing the photos we talked about, and then finally the moment comes. We start off slow, taking pictures using the camera to capture the woman's point of view. An anxious young man desiring nothing more than to fully please his lover.

As I enter the bedroom door I am most fully dressed. I begin by taking off my shirt, taking care to make sure that my definition is seen by you. Next, as I near the bed I begin to undo my belt and my pants come off. I am very excited and you can see the definition of my manhood through my underwear. Very clear is the outline of the head through the fabric. You adjust the lighting for better photographic effect as you continue to take pictures.

As I crawl towards you on the bed I trace my fingers up your leg. Starting between the tendons on your foot that extend to your toes, slowly tracing my way up your leg. I take my time to work my way up, slowly caressing your calf and your thigh. Working my way around to slip my hand under your panties on your ass to squeeze it. Finally I rub my hand over the crotch of your panties. I can feel your warmth, and the moistness and know you are excited.

Since this is our first meeting, and it is only a photo shoot you tell me that is enough interaction with you. You tell me to lean back on the bed.

As I do this your hand, with the red nail polish begins to caress my package through the fabric. You tell me this is making for great pictures. Then you tell me to take them off.

As I slide them down, you grab them and practically tear them off. You can see that I'm at full attention now. My heart is completely racing, I'm hoping, waiting for approval. You back up and keep taking pictures. You tell me you want me to pleasure myself in front of your camera. I take this as a sign of approval and a large grin breaks across my face. I begin to stroke myself as you circle around the bed and continue to take pictures of me. Sometimes you put your hand in the pictures to grab my leg or caress my chest, making the pictures very sexy. I can't wait to see them afterwards.

As I near orgasm I ask you what you would like me to do. We hdn't talked about this so I don't know what you would like me to do. You tell me to go ahead and finish. My hannd sspeeds up, my eyes close,my neck arches. My breathing becomes erratic and I release. You reach out and squeeze the last few drops out as you snap a few pics of that.

I go into the shower and begin to clean up. After a few minutes you come in to tell me that the pictures are loaded into your computer and we can take a look at them when I'm out. Strangely enough now I am embaressed to be naked in front of you.

I get out and dry off,I go to grab my clothes out of your bedroom but you call me over to the computer to look at the pictures. As we look through them and critique them, you put your hand on my thigh. I slips between the folds in the toweel and I feel myself getting excitd again.

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puppy    (2010-11-26 18:01:49)    Flag as inappropiate
great stuff.

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