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My wife Leslie and I have been big fans of soccer almost our whole lives. Not too long ago we wound up joining a local recreation league. We very rarely played together on the weekends, but one of us was usually there; it seemed as if we took turns. It was a co-ed league, but my wife was the only female on our team "The Serpents". We usually had anywhere between 7 and 11 people out to a game depending on everyone's schedules and we had just made the playoffs. Unfortunately I was going to be out of town for our championship game, but Leslie was all too giddy that she was going to be there, and teased me about how she was going to enjoy the victory without me. My mind raced with possibilities as she said that. I knew our team captain, Rick, was always telling me about how much he enjoyed winning and to be sure that I was around if we won this year. It wasn't to be for me, but I knew my wife was going to get everything she deserved if we did win.

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It was a hot Saturday and win we did. The final score was 1-0 for us. Rick had scored the winning goal, and if I knew him at all he was about to score with my wife. After the game all the players would rush each other on the field. There would be celebratory hugs, and pile-ons. I imagined my wife being groped by the six other men on the field with her that day. Rick, Darcy, Perry, Bob, Nick and Samuel were playing that day. I could see them all on the field with Leslie and Rick paying special attention to each other. I'm sure she would have kissed Rick full on the lips after winning in front of everyone. Rick would then have told her that she would have to kiss everyone on the lips as part of the celebration. The rest of the men would line up as she would kiss them all, and everyone got a little grope in. That's when Rick would announce his plan and fall right into my wife's schemes.

Midfield Rick would tell my wife how hot she looks, and how great a victory it was and how much he just wanted to fuck. Leslie would tell him how I was out of town and how he should take her home tonight, but Rick wouldn't want that and no doubt grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder while smacking her ass. Leslie would protest just a little as Rick joked with everyone that he was going to take her behind the bushes and fuck her, but not to worry he'd have her back in one piece for the rest of the team. Rick then carried her off. He set her down on the ground and began to strip, my wife just getting to her knees would be faced with his huge monster right in her face. Leslie wasted no time and began sucking his cock. If Rick hadn't figured out my wife to be a slut I'm sure he had by now.

Rick and my wife were just behind the field and by now I'm sure the rest of the team was making their way back to see how lucky Rick was getting. I can just imagine the looks on their faces to see my wife getting down and dirty with the team captain. Sucking long and hard on him, while she stroked him with her hands. The fact that they were watching her would only encourage her behavior as she sucked Rick off. By now the rest of the team I'm sure was beating off to this hot scene. My wife stripped down to just her socks, kneeling otherwise naked, in front of Rick taking his length as best she could. Other cocks were getting hard for her as they tugged themselves off.

Rick noticing that Leslie was into it, and I'm sure from the amazing suck job was now getting ready to pop his load. He pulled out and shot sticky jet after sticky jet all over my wife's face. When he finished Leslie cleared her eyes and began to lick up his love juice, and then began to play it up for the rest of the guys watching. Rick then suggested that they should just have the victory party right here, right now with my wife. I'm sure Leslie wouldn't have objected to it as the guys began to stand in a circle around her.

Rick was sitting it out as the rest crowded around her, trying to get as much pleasure from her mouth as she could give. Leslie expertly sucked them off in a row. Bobbing her head from one dick to another and another and another and another. The rest of the men kept stroking themselves off as they watched my wife give in to her animalistic urges and just take them all. Rick just sitting back enjoying a view I so desperately wish for. With all that dick to suck, I'm sure it wasn't long before Rick would somehow want to get back into the picture. Watching my wife suck off everyone would have him hard again as he breached the circle and began to play with her pussy as she kept sucking. Rick whispered how much he wanted to fuck her tight snatch while she sucked, and it wasn't long before he was lying on the ground and she was riding him cowgirl with his dick hammering her hole while the guys took turns on her mouth.

The gangbang continued on as each guy took their turn while Rick fucked her. First Darcy came in her mouth, his seed running down her chin and onto her tits. Then Perry and Bob jerked themselves off over her face. Then Nick and Samuel crammed their two dicks into her mouth at the same time until they exploded. It was too much for Leslie to take and cum was getting all over my wife. By now all the blokes needed a break, and that's when Rick got her on her hands and knees in the dirt. My wife presenting her sexy ass to him. Rick got behind her and began sliding it in and out of her pussy and then pulled out and slid his cock against her ass.

All that love juice getting her nice and wet as he prepared his hard dick for her asshole. Leslie fingered herself as he slid his monster deep inside her, she moaned the whole length. He gave her a few gentle strokes and then began going deep. Leslie pushed her hips back as they fucked, the rest of the guys were hardening themselves up, watching her getting fucked in the ass. Leslie squeezed back and it wouldn't be long before Rick was ready to blow his load again. He pulled out and began shooting his cum all over her round ass, but Leslie wanted more for herself and turned around and sucked all the cum out of his cock without spilling a drop this time. Rick held her head and came deep down her throat as she let go of his limp dick and pushed him away, ready for the next, Darcy and his dick.

Darcy effortlessly replaced Rick's dick as she sucked him for a bit. When she was sure he was hard enough she got him on the ground and straddled him reverse cowgirl. She rode him like that and then began to lean back. The crowd had a nice shot of Darcy sliding his hard cock up my slut wife's cunt and it wasn't long before Perry, Bob, Nick and Samuel had gathered around her again. She began sucking Perry and Nick in turn as she fucked Darcy underneath her. Perry and Nick would be no match for her mouth as they covered her face.

Samuel and Bob were soon in to replace them, but now my wife was about to have an orgasm all over Darcy's cock. She rode him and tried to do her best on Samuel and Bob's cocks. Eventually it became Darcy fucking her from underneath while Bob and Samuel took turns force fucking her face. My wife was turning red, and screaming out with passion as all 3 of them came at once. Darcy firing his huge seed deep into her pussy, while Bob and Samuel jerked themselves off over her face. My wife was covered in so much cum, I could only imagine how ecstatic she must have felt.

By now Rick was back in the picture and he had her on her hands and knees again. He was coming in from behind sticking it in to her used pussy. He kept this up for a while until Darcy came by and asked to have another turn at her. Darcy replaced Rick and Rick moved in front of her and fucked her spunk filled face. They rotated through her until everyone had finally filled her pussy with their semen.

My wife lay naked, dirty and thoroughly covered in cum on the ground. But none of these studs was done with her yet. Rick and Darcy were the first to answer the call as they made her suck them back to hardness. Once there Rick lay on his back on the ground and told Leslie to get on top of him like she was on all fours. He held his dick up as she lowered her well fucked pussy onto him. They began to fuck as Darcy kneeled behind my wife. Darcy got his dick and aimed it at Leslie's tight asshole. Sliding some of the love juice over it and up and down her ass crack, he eventually got in place as my wife was being double teamed. Perry then stood in front of her as she greedily took his cock into her mouth, the three of them seemed to be working her like a machine.

Rick then had an idea and told Perry to move for a second. Rick looked at Darcy and just said the words teamwork. Rick and Darcy then picked my wife up and stood up while leaving their dicks still in her and sandwiching her in mid-air between them. They fucked her good and hard like that for a minute, Rick said he wanted to feel her cum, and that was all it took for Leslie to start howling as she contracted around those two hard cocks. They fucked her hard, slamming into her at the same time. Her head jumping up past theirs as their thrusts met. Her face was going flush and getting redder as she came hard between them. As she got limp the two of them eased her back on the ground. I'm sure Leslie thought it was over, but that's when Perry picked her up and put her on his lap. Her orgasm had left her weak as she became their plaything.

Perry slid his cock effortlessly deep inside her ass, as he held her up in the reverse cowgirl again. Instinct kicked in and my wife was soon bobbing her ass up and down on his cock. Perry laid down, as Leslie leaned back a bit. Darcy stood next to her as she reached out to tug his cock. Bob did the same as Leslie grabbed him with her free hand and began to stroke both men. Samuel began to kneel in front of her, and played with her sticky/wet twat making her aroused enough for him to slide his dick in. That left Rick and Bob. Rick moved around behind Leslie and told her to lean her head back. She did and as she opened her eyes she was confronted with his huge cock, she opened her mouth as he slid in. Bob then stood straddeling my wife and placed his dick between her tits. He held them at the sides as he began fucking them. My wife was literally fucking the whole team now. They moved as a unit until they all finally came covering every last square inch of my wife with their cum. I'm sure she was an absolute mess by the time they were done with her.

I imagined her lying there naked covered in dirt and cum while the men walked away from her. You can imagine how disappointed I was to hear that I had missed our victory party when I got home, but I still haven't gotten the real details as to what went on.

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LauraAngel I'd love to be sandwiched between two guys, while they all cum on my face. My pussy;s hungry for more....Great story.
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Soohard08 This is perfect, Thank you so mutch.
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partywife So fucking hot xxx
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Ashley Love it!
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That's hot!
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wickedheart Thanks for thinking so!!
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Goddamn... That is fucking hot as hell.

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