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  By: Finguru

I have fantasy where my girlfriend is submitted to bukkake

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My girlfriend is kinda kinky and slutty girl. Not like in everyday life where she lives kinda controlled and "normal" life. We have always been very sexual as a couple and been able to fullfill our fantasys. We both like to play it rough. My girlfriends like to be treated like whore in bed. She likes to wear sexy pvc outfits, corsets, platformboots and stockings. She does really storng slutty makeup and likes to called names like "whore" and "cumslut". She has perfect doubleD brests and slimwaist. Her ass is round and big. She very good figure. Her beutiful face and gorgeous redhair sure turn heads when we go out.

I know she liked to have groupsex, with three guys she told me. So we went looking for two guys online. After some hours chatting we got two candidates. As you will soon findout i had allready planned this with these guys, but more on that matter later. So we met this guys for coffee in a local resturant. Guys were polite, good looking and my girlfriend aproved both. Idea was to have kinda "mini bukkake" at first. My girlfriend sayed it was for me and for her to get used to idea of many men. She knew i was i big fan of bukkake.

I have friend working in a local stripbar and place is closed on sundays. I was able to rent it for this "private" party. We had the whole place for ourselves for whole evening. Plan with my girlfriend was that she teases as guys on stage with a little dildo show and we are only alowed to watch and jerk off. When she is ready she will knell on stage and i will come and handcuff her on the pole. She likes to be tied down. I sayed i wanna use legcuffs also and she agreed. After this she would be at our mercy and we would make her beg for cum. When we are pleased on her begging we shall cum on her face. She will thank us for our cum and clean herself up with herfingers as soon as we release her. So not a bad plan. My girlfriend just dosent know this, instead of three guys there will be more like 50guys.

I've been collectin and contactin men from internet, pornmagazines and almost everywhere for about a year. I have sended pictures of my girlfriend arond and invated people to join this bukkake. Everybody who has agreed to come has recived instructions. Every men must wear a black skimask, nothing else. They must not ejaculate for five days before the bukkake. They can only cum on my girlfriends face or head area. No touching, but they can call her names and verbally abuse her. So my girlfriend is gonna get it big time.

Stripbar has three bigger rooms, backstage, stage/ main bar area and underground level. Underground level has rooms for private shows and some storage rooms. Extra 50 men are waitng on this level, they have video accees on my girlfriends opening show. We play dance music on main bar area as we escort my girlfriend backstage for her makeup and clothing, so she does not her anybody from underground floor. She has been drinking a little so she's more kinky than usual. She starts to do her make in one of the dressing rooms backstage. Me and two other guys look at her almost drooling. Shes tells us to leave her alone, if we see bukkake whore before the bukkake it's bad luck, she tells us laughing. So we go on bar section to wait for her show. When we are in bar i check with contact downstairs, everything is in order. 54guys all skimasked and ready. Everything is going as i planned.

Music changes and my girlfriend enters on stage. She is wearing above the knee high platformboots with 7½” heels. Under boots she has black fishnet stay-up stockings. Corset is new even for me and it leaves her brest fully open but lifts them up on display. Corset is shiny pvc material, black with red stripes. She has also a small fabric collar to symbol her status as whore. On her hand is big black realistic looking 9inch dildo. She starts to dance and we boys loose our clothes in seconds. First she kneel in front of the stage and starts to play with her brests. Big heavy brests jiggle on her hands and she starts to breath heavier. Soon her hand finds it way between her legs and on her shaved pussylips just a small stripe of hair is not shaven. Her breathing turns on to moning.

I want to have some cock she says and firmly takes take hold of dildo. She dosent waste any time and forcefully inserts dildo on her pussy. She goes on her back and spreads her legs. With two hands she fucks herself like there is no tommorw. We are watching with our hard cocks ready to shoot their full blast of storaged cum. We watch her as hypnotized. I have to slow down so i don't shoot my load early. My Girlfriend is starts to moan very loudly and her body starts to shake a little bit. She reaches powerful orgasm and collapses on stage for a moment. We just look at her amazed. She rises up back to her knees and moves next to the pole. I start to climb on stage with my accessorykit. I have everything that i need to make her completly helples on that pole.

First i put small metal sleeve on pole. I thighten the sleeve with srews on the bottom of the pole. Sleeve it self has i ring attached it where i will lock my girlfriends cuffs. As soon i have sleeve on place i bring my girlfriends ankles near the pole. Next i use legcuffs and secure her ankles on the pole. She brings her hands ready behind her back and waits them to cuffed too. I lock her handcuffs on her leg cuffs so she can't rise up from her kneeled position. Now she is at our mercy and it is time to move on with my plan. I take two things out of kit and tell to our two kandidate boys to inform the basement team. My girlfriend shakes as she hears me mention ”the basement team”, but for some reason remains quiet.

Two kandidates leave us and disapper in the darknees of the bar. First of my extra accessory is normal butterfly vibrator from local sexshop. This small jelly vibrator is placed on klitoris by two elastic bands and it can be operated by smaal remotecontrol. I snad the butterfly on and it makes a small humming noise. My girfriend tryes to move but she can't. Soon her breathing is getting faster. Butterfly is working. Second item is big leather collar, wide and made out of storng black leather. I thighten it around her neck. Collar keeps her chin up and face upwards so he can't dodge any cum.

- Now you are ready to become a true cumslut. I wishper to her ear and back away from her.

Lights turn on the bar section. My girlfriend can see all the guys rising up the stairs and moving closer the stage. All wearing skimasks and hard cocks on their hands. Soon first men climb on the stage. My girlfriend starts to speak something in a kinda scared tone, but her sentence is cut short as first shot of cum hits her face. Men cheer and yell. I start to cirle around stage to get a better wiew on my girlfriend. When i get in front she's allready receiving second load. First two loads were total big ones. Shes allready messed up.

  • We are just getting started you slut, aaahhhh you dirty fucking slut. Says next man as he cums.

I see that guys have been following instructions course loads are big. Her face as nearly drowned. She keeps her eyes shut. I know she dosen't like cum on her eyes even she likes it on the face. I turn butterflys power up by few steps and my girlfriend starts to breath even heavier. I can sense that she dosen't want to enjoy this but she can't help it. Cum just keeps coming and she's drowning. I let her have even more and put power almost full. She starts to moan like total whore. She even opens her eyes looking straight at the next guy coming. She looks so slutty, makeup all messed up and first cum dripping on her tits.

  • I need your cum guys, i so want it, make me your cumslut, please. She starts to speak on a very sexy tone.

I can see that cum stings on her eyes but she manages it like professional whore. I put the vibrator on maxium and watch her lose it completly. Men can't wait anymore. She gets it from all directions. She is begging for cum and cathes some on her open mouth. Shes a total mess. When you have a bitch this horny 50guys cum pretty fast.

Soon i notice that there are only two guys left and other one is allready cumming, so i start to move closer. My cock is so ready to explode, all this pressure from long jerking and weeks of saving cum.

  • Look at me bitch! I command when i stand in front of her.

She open her eyes and looks at me smiling. What a happy whore i thinks when i let my cum go. Ooooh it fells so good...


After this men get dressed very fast and we leave my wife there cuffed and cummed. Soon one of her girlfriends is coming to pick her up. I arrenged this girl to pick her up course she is going to be our next victim. Just imagine the shock of finding your best girlfriend, dressed up as slut and full of cum...


Ok that's it. Sorry for my english, just wanted to share this with the world.


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Jon    (2009-04-19 09:50:26)    Flag as inappropiate
loved it! what happens to her girlfriend?
farker    (2008-07-09 10:42:56)    Flag as inappropiate
farker pretty hot, thanks. i especially like the part when you cum on her face.

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