I Fought The Law And The Law...   added 8 years ago    

  By: byts

J and I met when in high school and became soul mates almost instantly. After graduation we went to different universities that were about 200 miles apart. We wanted to go to the same university, but J wanted to be a teacher and her university specialized in accrediting teachers. I intended to be an engineer and went to a well known engineering school.

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As often as I could I drove my old beater car up to see her on the weekends. Money was tight so we couldn’t afford a motel every time and in those days there were no coed dorms. One weekend I drive up and we go out to a quiet place in a park we have frequented often. It was about 8:00 p.m. and we were in the front seat of this old station wagon and the windows were open as it was warm and we needed the breeze (no air conditioning!). We are making out and pulling our clothes off and just as I got my dick partially in to her pussy, there is a sudden rapping on the back glass and several bright flashes from the direction of one of the open windows. Then someone slides a flashlight in the open window. I push myself up and J slides out from under me and jumps down on to the floorboard and tries to hide while grabbing for her clothes. The man in the window tells us both to not move! I pull up my drawers anyway and start to climb out the window while asking "who the fuck do you think you are??!?!" He immediately answers “I’m Deputy Sheriff Martin, that’s who I am!!” and I freeze in place half way out the window.

I look at him for the first time really and he is indeed in uniform with a badge on his chest and a gun on his hip. He placed his hand on the butt of the gun as I started out the window. Now he yells “I told you to not move, so dammit, don’t move you little fuck up!!” I glance behind to the rear of our car and sure enough, there is a Sheriff's car and his partner standing on the other side, rear of the car.

He asks for identification and so I dig out my wallet and hand him my driver's licenses; it has expired and I had not gotten around to renewing it yet. He shines the light on J to get a good look as she reaches over the back of the front seat to gets her purse where she tossed it on the back seat - leaving nothing to his imagination as she does. He smiles very big. She uses the move to grab her dress, but he tells her to put it back "don't touch anything" he yells! This is not going well at all!

J tries to cover her tits and her pussy with her hands and the cop starts in on how we were breaking the law - I’m driving on an expired license, we have open beer bottles in the car and we are both 20 years old and the drinking age is 21, and we were found naked in a public place and having sex, which it seemed was also against some law still on the books of that state. We were scared shitless! “And”, he states with a big smile while holding up a camera, “I have you two on film as naked as the day you were born!”

He doesn't like J trying to cover herself up so he tells us to get out of the car. J doesn't want to and I don't either. He says, "Adding resisting arrest to the list!?" We didn’t know jack shit about what laws we were breaking - we never before had any reason to understand any laws we might be violating besides exceeding the speed limit while driving. But when Martin put it all together it sounded really bad.

We finally decide we'd better get out of the car like we were being told to. When we did he turns us around and puts hand cuffs on us with our hands behind our backs. And then he turns us around again and it is very clear that the cuffs are to keep J’s hands out of the way. About this time his partner comes over and looks her over too - very slowly. She is still completely naked except for some sandals she managed to slip on as she got out of the car. I’m just wearing my brief underwear. Martin snaps some more flash pictures of us, mostly J.

They keep telling us all the laws we've managed to break and how our parents were going to be devastated when they see the pictures of us naked and screwing in public!! They made it seem they were going to send the pictures to our homes using the address information from our driver’s licenses. Oh shit!!! Our lives as we know them have ended. Not to mention our relationship given how old fashioned and deeply religious her parents are (you have to remember this was back in the 80’s). So after looking her over a lot and scaring the shit out of us both they walk away and keep pointing to our driver's licenses on a clip board while they seem to be debating over how to proceed.

Eventually they come back and Martin says he thinks we need to be taken in, but his partner thinks we should get off with a warning - still checking out J all the time. Then he asks, what do you think of us letting you go? I answer “that would be great, and we'd agree to do anything if he would!” – that was the wrong choice of words!!

He answered “I am glad you feel that way” And then he said “We'll deny saying this, but if your girlfriend does for us what she was doing for you, we'll let you go! Otherwise, we are taking you in!” SHIT I think!!

He tells us to talk it over and make our minds up and they walk away again so we can talk. I'm thinking "if she only would do what they want we could get out of this, but I can't ask her to do that!" Later I find out she is thinking "if he would agree we can get out of this, but I can't say that to him - what will he think of me?”

Finally I say something like, "I guess this is the end of us as a couple." She answers “it doesn't have to be!” I look at her and ask "you'd do that?" She asks, “Will you hate me or be mad at me or repulsed by me if I do?” I answer “Hell no!!; why would I feel that way when you were willing to do that to save our hides,??” She says it is OK with her if it is OK with me and if I am sure I will be OK with it afterwards. I tell her I will be perfectly OK if she is and that I would owe her big time.

They two officers back near us and we tell them she will if they promise to let us go completely and not tell our parents or anyone else, etc. They agree and Martin walks around J and looks her over. When he is in front of her again he reaches for her nipples on at a time and “twirls” them between his thumb and finger. His partner walks up behind her and pushes her to bend forward and when she has he sticks two fingers in J’s pussy and says “she is already wet and hot – I do believe she is excited about fucking 3 guys in one night!” J doesn’t answer.

While J is bent forward Martin unzips his pants and pulls out his dick. His cock was quite large, but J was used to that. With her cuffs still on he sticks his cock in J’s mouth. She starts sucking him off stealing glances at me the whole time to make sure I am not getting upset. The other officer moves closer behind her and unzips his fly and takes out a dick a little smaller than Martin’s. He starts to enter her pussy from behind and she stands up and yells "wait!"

She tells them she is not on birth control. He answers that he will pull out in time, pushes her to bend forward at the waist again and slips his dick in to her pussy and begins moving his hips to gain full penetration. J opens her legs to make it easier for him to enter.

J bends back over to go back to work on Martin's dick and the other guy starts really fucking her – at first slowly, but then hard and rough. And with her hands in cuffs behind her back, she can't keep her balance with both guys working her over. So they take the cuffs off, and get this, she puts her hands on Martin's thighs to steady herself and starts rocking to get them in synch, back on one, forward to the other. This improves the rhythm and penetration for both ends. And she is moving the full length of their dicks - almost all the way out and then back the other way.

The one in back pops out of J’s pussy and she moves her legs further apart and hunches her butt up to help get him get his dick back inside. What the fuck!?!?!?!

The officer behind J is staring at J’s bouncing ass checks as he pounds her hard and then he says, "We’ve got a choice back here - and I know one of them can't get you pregnant!!” And with that he pulls out of J’s pussy presses the head of his dick to her asshole and starts pushing it in. J looks over at me to read my reaction and whatever she thinks she sees she steps back and moves her hips around a little as he presses and pulls her mouth off of Martin’s dick for a second and says “go slow at first!” Hmmmm….

Just as he did with her pussy, he starts slowly, but before long he is thrusting his hips in to her hard while pulling back on J’s hips. The two officers build up to a frenzy and I began to worry they would physically hurt her the way they were pounding her.

Finally Martin yells he's going to cum and he does - a lot. Before she can do anything the other one spins J around and shoves his dick in her mouth and she has to start swallowing just to breathe and she swallows as fast as she can. He cums a big load while he is holding her head tight with his dick stuffed in her mouth and she just keeps swallowing. No gagging or anything. I admit to being more than a bit intrigued by all I am witnessing!

After a few minutes of “rest” Martin radios another patrol car and asks them over to help out with a situation. But I protest and say if anyone else comes over he can go ahead and take us home. They think about this now that there is a lot evidence of what they did to J. So he says something like "no problem, we know where you live", looking right at J. We know this isn't likely over.

They look her over for a bit while they think about it and then Martin calls the other officers on the radio and tells them they are no longer needed. So J and I are standing near each other and wondering what will happen next when they decide they want another round, but with the ends reversed. I start to complain and Martin says – “we never said how many times” and smiles. And after waiting several seconds to see if I am going to make any real stink they start up again and J is even more into it the 2nd time around! What the fuck?!

And they work her over for a little while longer the 2nd time and when the officer with his dick in her mouth finally blows, J swallows his cum as if she can’t get enough - I swear she is sucking out every last drop she can on that guy when Martin spins her around and says “I want you to taste your ass juice” and tells J to lick his dick and balls clean without using her hands. And she does – I would say hungrily!

After a minute or so of J licking her ass juice off his dick and nuts, Martin spins her around again and crams his dick straight up her ass in one fast shove. Then his partner drops his pants and drawers and bends over and spreads his ass cheeks and Martin yells at J to “give him a rim job!” At first J refuses, but Martin uses the weight of his body to force her forward and once her face is up against the guy’s ass, she starts licking his asshole. And in a few seconds she is really working it over like she is enjoying it! And he is for sure!

Martin is banging J’s ass like a drum and her head is bouncing all around as she tries to check the guy’s prostate gland with her tongue and finally Martin slams his hips in to J’s butt and cums deeply in her ass. As Martin’s movements slow down a bit J keeps licking his partner’s asshole and as she does she is looking at me out of the side of her eye and I think she is smiling at my shocked look. What the hell, I'm really pissed off - no one said anything about throwing herself in to it and enjoying it so much! Marin looks my way and says “you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch, son, you got yourself a real freaky anal slut for a girlfriend and it seems she will fuck anything with a dick!” I’m shocked in to silence as I am seeing matters in the same light.

They finally decide enough is enough, or maybe they were on a dinner break and needed to get back to whatever Sheriff’s officers are supposed to be doing, and they let go of J and start getting ready to leave. They take my cuffs off then.

J goes and sits on a tree stump and puts her hands behind her and leans back with her legs a little open. She doesn't even try to cover up!!!! Two guys she doesn’t even know, and who should be ensuring our safety, just screwed her every which way they could – raped her really - and she is shooting everyone beaver shots!! What the fuck again?!?!?!

Martin tells her she can get dressed now and she thanks him, pulls her dress near, but doesn't get dressed or even cover up. She has a Mona Lisa smile on her face that is both driving me nuts and pissing me off. The officer senses something strange is going on between us and gives me a business card "in case we need their help in the future!" Yeah, like that will happen!! Not!! I was somewhat short-sighted way back then. As the two officers are leaving they say something about us not staying too long as someone else might stumble on us and not be so considerate. Oh yeah, right!!

They drive away and I start laying in to J about how she had acted and her grin just keeps growing. And finally she asks “didn’t they let us go?” And I answered “yes, but you didn't have to put so much effort in to it!! You did things with them I would think someone supposedly in love with me wouldn’t think of doing! And J responded by opening her legs wider and swinging her knees open and closed several times. Then she smiled more and pointed to the front of my briefs. I looked down and you could clearly see that I had a huge hard on. And there was a big wet spot on the front of my briefs and cum was running down the front of my left leg. I must have cum at least once while watching J “perform.” She then says “I could see what it was doing to you and how much you were enjoying what you were watching and that excited me beyond any thought of stopping!”

Then J tells me to come closer and she pulls down my briefs and starts licking the cum from my dick and balls, while making it clear she is swallowing all she is licking up. There is quite a mess, but she attacks it with a relish that seems to be working against my anger for some reason; she even licks the cum off the inside of my briefs. When she has most of it lapped up, she tells me to do what they did. I ask her what she means and she answered "fuck me in the ass, pull out and cum in my mouth! I don't want their cum to be the last I eat tonight!" OK, what happened to my anger?!?!? Big hard on, yes, but anger, no!

J stood up and leaned over the hood of the car and reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks open for me. Cum was dripping out of her ass and I was a little squeamish about the sloppy seconds thing, but she looked at me with a “you have to do it” look, so I did. The cum actually made a good lubricant and I easily slid my cock in to the hilt! In fact her ass was so full of cum it made a squishing sound as I stroked and that kind of turned us both on and we pumped hard in to each other until I was soon ready to cum. As I reached climax I pulled out and J twirled around and swallowed my dick. She sucked on it so hard I thought of that line used to describe women who give great head – “she could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose.” And that was the first time I wondered how much cum a guy can produce in one night, or a lifetime for that matter!

When I came in her mouth she worked my dick over a lot harder than she did theirs, acting like she wanted to suck my balls through my dick. Then she pulled my dick out of and said “I still have the taste of that asshole’s asshole in my mouth” and with that she guided me to lay on the hood of the car as she had been and had me use both hands to open my ass checks, also as she had done. Then she is kissing, licking and tongue-fucking my ass. At one point she said “now that tastes much better!” After about 10 minutes of that bliss J slid under and between my legs and took my dick in to her mouth and started blowing me again. Then I felt her slip her index finger up my asshole after she first spit on it a couple of times. I started to stiffen and straighten up, but J said “relax, you’ll enjoy this if you do!” So I tried and she worked her finger in as far as she could and then started using it to fuck my asshole while she sucked my cock, building up speed on both. And to my complete amazement I came again! It seemed like another huge load, but it might just have been the number and intensity of the contractions wracking through my body.

J then looked up with the tip of her tongue playing with the hole in the end of my dick and said – “see I did hold back with them” and she smiled big and squeezed hard and milked out a final drop of cum which she greedily licked off the end of my dick.

We rested for a bit and snuggled in the front seat of the car. And then she told me that since the officers had pumped 4 loads of cum in to her, and I had only cum in her 2 times so far, that I could go for the tie if I wanted to. But I told her that while my mind could I didn’t think my cock could in time to get her back to the dorm before curfew. So we dressed and I drove her back to her dorm and I went to the YMCA where I had gotten a cheap room for two nights.

But the next day, Saturday, we could not keep our hands off each other. So we worked each other over for most of the morning and afternoon and we kept talking about the previous night and all that had happened and how it felt and everything. And after a little rest J would ask if I was ready to screw again yet. DAMN!! And she finally made me admit I enjoyed watching her do the two deputy sheriffs.

We were scheduled to go to a dance that night so I went back to the YMCA in the late afternoon to shower and change. But after my shower I called J and asked her if she was really up for a dance that evening and she answered “not really.” And then she said what I had actually been thinking for a while – “I would like to go back to the park though!” Pure music to my ears!

We took a blanket with us this time and after making out for a while I stripped J naked as I kissed her all over. I kept my clothes on as I couldn’t bring myself to wait naked for a couple of guys to maybe show up. But as I heard the sound of a car motor approaching I asked J if she was sure she wanted to “do this” and for her answer she took my head and pressed it down to her pussy and said “I want you to eat me now and then eat me again when we are done with them! Well, “OK, I guess” I thought.

So that is how the officers found us, me fully clothed eating out a completely naked J. But, to our small surprise, there were two cars that night – 4 officers. I guess we all knew that if we came back to that same spot after what had happened the night before that there were no longer any rules or restrictions. And there sure weren’t based on how that evening went!

To be continued…


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awesome... can't wait for the continuation

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