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We were out on the town tonight with a group of our friends. One of Leslie's friends, Anthony, was in town tonight too. She had always spoken very foundly of him, and I suspected that she had already been with him and if not she would be tonight by the way she kept going on and on about him. She was such a wreck before we left, that could be due to all the pre-drinking she was doing. At one point she had called me into the bedroom to help her pick out an outfit for tonight. Without even hesitating I suggested one of her shortest cut dresses that was nearly backless and had a swooping neckline that tied only at her neck.

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"You really want me to wear that?" she questioned.
"Why not?" I replied, "plus you look totally hot in it".
"OK" she said, almost questioning my choice with her eyes, "but remember you picked it".

Even as she wore it around the house I could see it riding up her legs, and catching glimpses of her black underwear was a frequent occurrence. It was going to be a fun night indeed. The whole way to the bar in the cab her and Anthony just kept text messaging each other back and forth. I could only imagine what they were already talking about. We got to the bar fairly early and greeted the others that had already arrived. Drinks kept coming all night and Leslie was making sure I was getting good and drunk like her. I wasn't sure what her game would be yet, so I just kept drinking.

The night went on and as soon as Anthony arrived Leslie was dotting all over him. She introduced us immediately, and we talked for a bit. He seemed like an interesting guy, and I could tell why Leslie would be attracted to someone like that. After a few more drinks and a few dances, Leslie's friend Amy came over and asked if she could cut in. Leslie smiled as Amy and I stayed on the dance floor and Leslie disappeared. I figured this must be a part of her plot, getting Amy to distract me so that her and Anthony could have some more time to "catch-up". To be honest I was having a fun time with Amy, and I was pretty trashed by this point.

I eventually had to excuse myself and go off to the men's room. When I came back out it had appeared that most of our party had vanished. I went out to the back to check the patio and most of the group were there except for Anthony and Leslie. I went back into the bar to see if I could spot them on the dance floor. I couldn't but I ran into Amy who grabbed my arm and told me we were going to a new bar. We got outside and I saw Leslie and Anthony sharing a smoke and she was hugging him. Amy looked over to check my reaction, but it was fine. Leslie then ran over and hugged me huge saying "I thought we lost you". "Not this time" I replied as we walked to the new bar.

The crowd had thinned out by the time we got there and when we did we found out that there was a private room in the upstairs back reserved for us. It was an ultra swanky place filled with neon lighting and modern furniture. The room itself was adjacent to the bar so we could get in and out easily, but no one else could see in. There was a group of maybe 6 of us. It wasn't until then that I had even noticed that Leslie was totally hammered. She was slurring her words, had problems standing up, and kept fondeling all the people in our group. At one point Anthony and I were off talking in the corner and Leslie just approached us and lifted her skirt showing us her nakedness (her panties were gone), everyone in the room saw and cheered. We then told her to get on the table and dance for us. Which she did and kept constantly flashing us. I was getting so turned on by a group gawking at my wife like that. Eventually the evening began to wind down as everyone was super drunk, and Leslie had decided that Anthony would be staying at our house tonight and asked me if I minded.
"As long as he doesn't mind listening to the fucking I'm going to give you when we get home" I said.
"I don't think that will be a problem" she said.

The three of us got into a cab and somehow made it back to the house. Leslie got Anthony settled downstairs on a couch, as per his request, and then made her way back up to our bedroom. She stripped down and jumped on the bed, she looked really sexy. I asked her about her underwear and she told me she took them off before we went out. I was drunk so that seemed to make sense, besides she had already gotten my cock into her mouth. I held her head as I bobbed it up and down on my hard rod. I continued to strip down and we fucked hard for what seemed like a long time and in many positions. Anthony if he could hear us was getting a good show indeed. I told Leslie I was about to shoot a load as she rode me reverse cowgirl, she immediately lept off me and got on her hands and knees and sucked all the cum out of my exploding cock. It wasn't much later that I was passing out.

I did however notice her get up a little later as she ran downstairs. I was too out of it to really investigate, but I lay there imagining what was going on. Leslie had slipped downstairs in just her bathrobe. Anthony was lying on the couch no doubt waiting for her. As she approached he through his covers off revealing his hard cock.
"Fuck, I thought your husband would never go to sleep" he said as he stood up to kiss her.
"Mmmm, I know I really gave him a good fucking though, he should be out for a while" she said as she kissed him back.
"Good" he said as his hand moved past her opening bathrobe and to her snatch.
He began teasing her parting her moist lips as they tongue kissed. Her hand finding it's way to his cock as she began to jerk him. When he was fully hard he threw her on the sofa, she was leaning and facing out the bay window as he bent over and began to lick her pussy. He was all tongue and fingers as he began to get her off, she would be begging for his cock. Only more than happy to oblige Anthony then slipped his hard cock into my wife's wet cunt, grabbing onto her hips as he fucked her. I'm sure it wasn't long before the sheer situation had her cumming over his hard dick as she pushed back on it and began screaming.

He then picked her up and placed her on the living room table, she was on her back as he raised her legs onto his shoulders. From his standing position she would be in almost piledriver position as he fucked her from above. This is another favorite of Leslie's so I'm sure she was going from one orgasm to another. Eventually she would start to go limp and Anthony would pick her up, still inside her, her legs now around his waist, while his hands supported her by the ass as he lifted her up and down on his hard cock. He would carry her to the staircase where after another exhausting orgasm he would place her down on all fours again and do her doggystyle from behind.

At a few points I woke up for a few seconds in the night while Leslie was out of our bedroom. I heard really vague moans/shouts but couldn't really place it or stay awake enough to be sure. I imagined that this was one of those points. Leslie would have been drained and on the edge of a virtual collapse as she grabbed the railings for dear life. Anthony would be merciless with her fucking her hard and fast, while at the same time teasing her clit until she reached a melt-down sized orgasm. The pleasure would be too much and she would be shouting all kinds of profanity up the hallway, it's just too bad I didn't catch it all. Leslie's legs would be trembling as she moved closer and closer to blacking out, but just before that Anthony would have pulled out and had her sit on the steps while he jerked his cock all over her face. I'm sure Leslie would have left her mouth open as giant load after load painted her face with his cum.

I awoke the next morning and Leslie was still gone from the bed. I made my way downstairs as she razzed me for being so hung-over. I asked where Anthony was and she told me he had already left. I asked her about the noise and her leaving bed she told me that she came back down because she couldn't sleep and her and Anthony just stayed up talking. As far as the noise went she wrote it off to the neighbours dogs. She handed me a coffee and gave me a kiss on the lips.

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partywife If it were me I would have totally woken you up and let you watch xxx I did it for my husband on our wedding night.

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