My wife is a total slut (part 2)   added 8 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

My wife Leslie loves to fuck and I'm sure that I'm not the only one she's been fucking. One of my favorite fantasies is that of her with her ex-boyfriend Tom and his friends. She hangs out with them quite a bit still, often they'll just phone her up when they're in the neighborhood and see if she wants to hang out. It's usually under the guise of cruising somewhere and smoking a joint. She's usually gone for hours on end and I can only imagine what they're getting up to.

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One night some months ago she got her usual phone call and informed me she was going out, and like always I had no idea where she was going or when she'd be back. Tonight she was hanging out with Tom, George and Paul. She had once let it slip that she often met Tom at Hotel bars, and that it had been a favorite hobby to meet up with Tom at hotels in the past (although I'm sure they still do it now).

Leslie gets in the car and is in the backseat with Tom and Paul, while George was driving. They smoke a joint (something that always gets Leslie horny) passing it around in the car, and it's not long before Tom starts groping her body and she lets him. Paul is watching them and it's not long before he's groping her too as Tom and Paul kiss-pass her back and forth. George is watching from the front seat in his rearview. Leslie is getting wet by now as she has two ses of hands all over. Tom is undoing her fly and starts fingering her, and asks George how long it will be before they get to the hotel, George informs them not much longer. They continue this act all the way there, with Leslie winding up only partially undressed.

It doesn't take long for them to find a room, check in and get to the antics. Leslie strips completely naked upon entering the room and tells all the men to take off their clothes. She stretches out on the bed, touching herself as they do. Tom is always the first one ready, he approaches her first placing his hard dick in her mouth as she sucks him with her mouth. Her other hand is playing with her dripping wet pussy, but it's not long before George joins her on the bed. He's kneeling on the other side of her face offering his hard dick up to her. She starts taking turns on the two guys while Paul is still watching, masturbating at the foot of the bed. George has taken over Leslie's pussy playing duties as he encourages Paul to join in.

By now all three have made it to the bed and Leslie's still on her back. Paul begins to lick her smooth pussy while Tom and George take turns holding her head and fucking her mouth. She's begging to be fucked and Paul doesn't miss a beat and trades his tongue for his big cock. Leslie moans all over George's hard cock as Paul slides all the way deep inside her tight pussy. He lifts her legs onto his shoulders, she grips on and raises her ass off the bed as he begins to pound her hard. Leslie is screaming in ecstasy as the first wave of orgasm is undoubtedly rushing through her. Tom and George are getting hard pressed for attention, but still manage to force their cocks into her mouth at times.

It's already becoming a wild scene as George and Tom move out of the way and let Paul finish her off. Paul has her at the end of the bed and he's standing as he thrusts deeply into her. Leslie's face is red, and she's thrashing around trying to keep that dick deep inside of her. She's cumming all over Paul and it's soon that Paul is cumming too, before he does though he pulls out and aims for her face. Warm jets of semen soak my wife's gorgeous face, just before she manages to take Paul's monster into her mouth and suck him clean of the rest of his juices.

Paul moves away and George is soon replacing his cock into Leslie's mouth. Cum still adorns her face as she sucks George, no doubt it's getting him hot too. George begins to play with her pussy again and then pops his dick out of her mouth and tells her to get on all fours. Leslie obliges him, presenting her ass high in the air as she rests her face and shoulders on the bed while she plays with herself for the men. George moves behind her and tunnels his cock all the way inside her pussy. As they're fucking Tom gets on the other side of her and Leslie is sucking his cock while George fucks her pussy.

The two of them begin to fuck her violently, and trade ends. Tom is now fucking her pussy and slapping her ass, calling her slut while George is holding her head and forceably fucking her face. Gagging noises are being made now as she spits up saliva all over George's dick. Tom is pinching her ass and squeezing it hard as he fucks her to another orgasm. As she writhes beneath them, each man fucks her until she's gone limp and then pull out and slather her entire body with their cum.

My wife is left naked and totally limp on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Paul comes over and kisses her on the lips, their tongues dance. He begins to massage her asshole, and she wiggles back on his finger. Paul gets on the bed with her and lies down, Leslie crawls on top of him - still kissing. She straddles his waist as she aims Paul's hard cock at her well fucked pussy. He slides in effortlessly as she goes all the way to the bottom, gasping as their pelvis' touch. Paul is fondeling her ass and spreading her cheeks wide as he starts to rim her asshole with his finger.

As Leslie rids Paul's cock like a cowgirl, George and Tom are ready for their second round. Tom moves behind Leslie and takes over Paul's asshole duties. While George stands on the bed beside the action wanking his hard cock in front of Leslie's face, but it's not long before she takes the bait and she's fucking Paul while sucking George. Tom is finger fucking her ass now and she's expertly rolling her body between the three men. Tom can't wait any longer and he's kneeling behind Leslie and positions his cock at the entrance of her ass. Leslie thrusts between Paul and George's cock as Tom tries to fit into the groove. It doesn't take him long before he's feeding his monster into my wife's tiny dirtbox.

All three are moving now. Leslie his sucking and stroking George's dick while she's getting double teamed by Tom and Paul. With three dicks in her I couldn't imagine it would be long before she was cumming again, this time the mother of all orgams would rip through her body. The three of them would ride her to unconsciousness, no doubt her body would be going limp from the thorough fucking and she'd be close to passing out from her wild orgasms. The men would forceable keep moving her body, force fucking her as she began to loose it, but her orgasms are making her body expand and contract wildly making it impossible for any of them to hold back and soon all three are cumming at once. This time no one pulls out and George's seed is being force feed into her mouth. Cum escapes her lips as she can't take the entire load. Paul thrusts hard from beneath burrying his seed deep inside my wife's cunt, while Tom fucks her tight ass as it seals around his cock; sucking him dry.

Eventually they all just collapse, exhausted, sweaty and cum splattered on the bed. They all fall asleep. Leslie takes this time to slip away into the bathroom and call me to tell me she's coming home soon. She doesn't show up for another hour and a half. When she gets back I notice her climbing out of the middle seat in the back of the car while Paul and Tom paddle her ass, she stops to give George a kiss and then runs back across the street and into our house as if nothing ever happened.

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partywife    (2009-11-04 22:59:42)    Flag as inappropiate
partywife Your wife sounds like a bad girl xxx
hotbody2    (2009-06-15 03:35:17)    Flag as inappropiate
My kind of woman. I would like my wife to do that, only I want to watch

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