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  By: farscapesg1

It all starts with talking my bbw wife into having sex with a blindfold. Unknown to her I have found a well hung (preferably black) man who is hiding in the closet. After getting her "in the mood" with lots of petting and nibbling, I get her up on her hands and knees with her big beautiful white ass in the air. I can see her plump pussy dripping with desire and can't keep myself from leaning in to lick the juice leaking down the inside of her thighs and pressing my face into her wet cunt. After a few minutes, I signal the guy and tell her not to move as I step away from the edge of the bed and let him take my place behind her. I watch as he lines his naked cock up with her we cunt, amazed by the contrast of his black cock stretching her white pussy. Now comes the moment of truth as he starts sliding in. Will she realize it is someone different?


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Part of me wishes she wouldn't notice the difference, even though he is a good 3 inches larger than me. Watching her thrust her ass back to meet his thrusts, her big tits swaying beneath her. Listening to her moan and beg for me to fuck her harder, as I stand by the side jacking off to the image of my wife being pounded by a black man. Hearing her beg me to give her a baby, knowing it isn't going to be my seed in her cunt and finally blowing my load on the floor while I watch him fill her cunt with his baby batter.

The other side wishes she would realize the difference, but starts begging for him to pound her harder, faster, and deeper and pleads for him to cum inside her. She pulls off the blindfold to see me jerking my cock and reaches for it, stroking it for me, while she moans and grunts from his thrusts. Between her moans she tells me how good his big cock feels, how much better he is than me, and how I just take care of myself since I won't be getting any tonight. I go back to jerking myself off while he leans over to grab her tits and really pound her, his hips making slapping noises everytime he thrusts into her causing her ass to jiggle.

Finally, with a loud grunt he buries himself as far into her as possible causing her to cry out as she goes over the edge, her cunt creaming as he empties his balls into her and they both fall forward onto the bed, as my own semen splatters on the floor. Finally, after they have caught their breath, she asks him to leave, never looking at him. After he's gone, she rolls over on her back as his cum oozes out of her and tells me to clean the mess dripping from between her thighs. Without a pause, I bury my face in her sloppy cunt, savoring the difference in taste now compared to before she was fucked by a black cock, knowing that I won't have to trick her next time.

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buster    (2012-01-02 21:23:15)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Fantastic! I actually did something similar with my girlfriend one day... It was... WOW!

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