Ele and me the first love making...   added 8 years ago    

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Today was the start of the weekend, and I and ele were in the back of the car with our mum driving us to an aunt. We both protested about it but mum would not listen to anything, it was some special birthday or something. Ele was getting bored and was looking at my crouch then ele shouted MUM! i am tired can i lay down until we get there..? Mum said ok honey but can you put the blanket over yourself so if a police man or someone looks the don’t see that you are not wearing a seat belt. Ele had this wicked smile and she said ok mummy. and she layed down with her head on my legs!!. I was bit shocked. I mean i knew what she was thinking and she could already feel that i was hard in the back of her head but we had never done anything while mum was around.

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Ele started moving her head slowly and i was very uncomfortable, then she turned put the blanket on her head while pretending to be sleeping. I was scared.. shit what if mum sees us i mean she is not a child she will know what she was doing specially if she starts bobbing her head.

Anyhow i was rock hard and it took some doing for ele to get my cock out of my pants, i did protest by trying to push her head away but you know ele, she don’t listen to no one. In end i left it be, and ele took the head of my cock and just started nibbling on it, it felt nice and it kept me hard for the next hour while mum was driving, i also pretended to be asleep because if i spoke then mum would hear the change in my voice. Ele kept flicking her tongue around it and kept it inside her mouth about half way.

Then mum said, oh the service station is coming, dobby, can you get a box of chocolates? I pretended to be asleep and mum said awww. sweet kids. she parked the car and went to get the box of sweets. I waited for her to be gone, and then checked the area and there was no one there, then i shouted ELE!!! You would get us in trouble! ele was smiling, she said you enjoyed it though no? I said yes i did but ele if we get caught it will be impossible for us to do anything. Ele said, what is it that you want to do?.. I was bit surprised by this and i said when i do it you will know, ele said you can do anything you know that. I smiled and asked ele to stop it for now. Ele did and actually went to sleep on my lap.

We got to the aunts, it was so fucking boring.. anyway we stayed there for lunch and then headed back home, nothing much happened, mum had cooked stew yesterday and we had that for dinner then we went to sleep. I was thinking about visiting ele but i was so tired from the trip that i went to sleep.

I was dreaming that ele was nibbling my cock and i was enjoying it, but then i jolted up when i felt a sharp sensation on my cock.


Ele had bitten in to my cock, i could hardly stop my yell.. i got up and pushed ele to the side.. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" I said angrily, ele got back up from the floor and said well you did say i can do anything I want and I was really enjoying sucking your cock so i decided to bit it. I looked at my tool and it was alrite.. i thought to myself if I have agreed to something bad!?!

I said yes yes ok! but what are you doing here? ele said that she was sleeping but then woke up, she thought i was there but there was no one, so she decided to give me a pleasant surprise.. I smiled and said i love you dear and she just went back to sucking my cock. In the back of my mind i was worried, i never meant my sister to be suck a cock lover, her impulsive behaviour was bound to get us caught and i knew i felt that its my duty to get her hooked on something else... maybe sex?!?.

Ele went to sleep in my room with my cock in her mouth, i picked her up and put her back in her bed and went to sleep. The next day after mum had gone to her friend for the day, i said to ele hey sweety how are you, ele was really excited, she was really playful. We played around the house with water guns and bow and arrows etc.. then ele said ok lets wrestle, i was already very excited and her words were music to my ears. I said ok ele lets do it but this time no cloths ok?. Ele looked at me and agreed, she took of everything almost same time as i did then there we were both looking at each other, it was quite fantastic to see such a beautiful girl, my lovely sister waiting for me to take down. It was a bit of odd fight, ele was trying to pinch my dick and i was trying to pinch her tits back after a few min. i managed to get her down on all four.

My dick was like a rock and i was at the opening of her completely wet vagina where no man has gone before... I said to ele, ele do you love me, she looked at me in a loving way and said yes of course i do and immediately i pushed my cock in side ele's pussy, a shriek came out of her mouth i actually felt her being pushed forward from my thrust but i had held her good and i was half way in, i kept pushing in and out as deep as i could, this was it the animal in me had taken control, it wanted it all and it didnt care what ele was feeling, strange thing was that ele was not resisting, her legs were shivering along with her whole body but she kept her legs open and warped around my legs. After what seemed like eternity i started to come, i wanted to come out but ele had her legs around me so hard that i could do nothing but shoot off deep inside her. Ele came almost the same time too and she was breathing really heavy.. we didn’t say anything for an hour, just laying down motionless in the lounge with the sun shining brightly outside the windows.

The ele said, dobby I thought you were trying to kill me again and laughed.. why? i said, and ele laid down on top of me and said well it was hurting a lot at first but then it felt really really nice oh i love this kind of wrestling, i said ele, its not wrestling, its making love and ele said oh i am so hooked on to this now.. lets do it again

I WAS ALREADY HARD.... we made love around 3 times then took shower together, ele asked me to go down and inspect if everything was ok, i went down and gave her another dose of licking in the shower. It was the loveliest day of our lives.

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dvdw104 brilliant keep it going
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just the job; :-}
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dan560 very nice story. realy enjoy reading them
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thor-axe amazing series, keep 'em comin' :D
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wooop sir :D
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another great 1 dobby, keep em coming
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absolutely amazing! I agree more more more!!!
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more more more

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