Cuckold in Bondage   added 8 years ago    

  By: Daemynnir

I’d been having a bit of fun at work with the girl from accounts,. great shag, liked to do it on the boss’s desk when he was out,.. but that’s another story,. not this one.

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The Naughty Meter

Anyway,. My wife found out :-(( and decided to punish me. (or so she thought)

We went to be early that evening,. She’d been acting rather more playful than usual, and very suggestive,. hinting that we might have a little ‘play’ session,.. We’d always had a fairly good sex life, often varying our love making, adding a little spice from time to time with costumes & toys, even a little bondage sometimes. But lately things had damped down a lot, hence my fun with the girl at work, but this night I thought things were getting back to what they were & was rather excited.

Once in the bedroom she ordered me to strip,.. I love it when the gets bossy,.. and lay on the bed. She then produced some rope from under the bed,.. she’d obviously been planning this, but I was quite interested to see what she had in mind, so happily went along with it as she got me spread-eagled and tied my hands to the bed-head. She then tied my feet to the bottom legs of the bed,. a little tighter that I would have liked, but when I commented she barked angrily to shut up,.. that was the first hint I had that this wasn’t going to be quite how I thought.

Now things started to get really unexpected. She took a length of rope and tied one end tightly round my balls. I like having my balls played with and enjoy her squeezing and pulling on them, especially when she’s sucking my cock, so although rather tight, this got me quite excited and I quickly had a raging hard-on. She left the room briefly and returned,. “Oh, isn’t that nice” she said in a sarcastic tone, when she saw my stiff cock, “ let’s see if you can still keep it up with this on the rope” as she showed me the 20 pound weight she’d just got from my home gym. Now as I said, I like my balls pulled a little,.. but when she tied the weight to the rope and hung it over the end of the bed,… well from the initial pain I thought it was going to rip them off.. It didn’t!

She then got undressed herself, making sure she stood where I could see her as she did, turning her ass towards me as she bent over,.. She saw me watching, and said “Oh don’t think you’re going to get an of that,.. you’re not!”. She then preceded to get dressed into one of her sexy outfits,.. a black, lacy, crotch-less basque, one of my favourites. By now I’m really confused,. On the one hand, she’s acting really sexy, on the other she’s being quite brutal and obviously seriously pissed with me,.. I suspect by now, that she’s found out about the girl at work, but I can’t work-out where this is going,,.. I think she probably going to get me trussed up like this, make a bit of a show to get me really turned on and then leave me for the night. I know her quite well have seen her angry before,..

So, as I’m beginning to expect, she starts doing just that. She takes a vibrator from her drawer, stands by the side of the bed where I can easily see, spreads her legs and starts rubbing it up & down her slit, teasing her clit with it & then easing the end into her pussy and pushing it in deeply.

Just then the door bell rang, .. “Ooh goody” she said, and stopped what she was doing. She turned the vibrator off, and started to leave the room, when she noticed my still hard cock. “Oh that won’t do” she said and promptly whacked me hard in the balls with the vibrator. I nearly passed out with the pain and didn’t really notice much for a few minutes,..

Slowly I become aware of voices downstairs ,.. my wife and a man’s voice, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but it was obviously quite jovial, chatting, my wife giggling,. the sound of bottle on glass,.. This went on for some time, & I was starting to feel,.. well I suppose exactly how she wanted me to,.. my balls were aching, but starting to go numb,.. the ropes were cutting quite deeply and rather painful, and I was feeling, well…, hurt, jealous, angry, pissed off,.. My wife downstairs, with some man, having fun, in that sexy and totally revealing outfit, she might have covered up, but my mind didn’t think so,.. Thankfully I was sure they weren’t having sex, she was giggling & talking & so didn’t have a mouth full of cock, and she’s always very vocal when she’s aroused and I heard none of that.

It went quieter and what sounded like some more serious talk, then a bit more giggling and I heard foot steps on the stairs. My wife entered, followed by a man. I’d never seen before. Medium build,, I recon maybe 5 or so years younger than me, “See, here he is” she said to him,.. he looked at me, not with pity, or anger, but more with a look that was a mixture of contempt and curiosity, “I hear you like fucking girls at work” she said to me, her hand on his shoulder, “Well this is George”, , “and he’s going to fuck me”,… “and you’re going to watch” she added.

She led him round to the side of the bed, knelt down and unzipped his fly. Reaching in she pulled his cock out, already half hard, and immediately took it into her mouth, making sure she was turned so I could get the best view of it.

I must admit I was amazed at her confidence,. Whilst as a couple we’re freely intimate with each other, as far as I knew she hadn’t been with another man in the 10 years we’d been married, But there was no hesitation, no sign of awkwardness, she was straight in there as if she did this to strangers ever day.

She sucked him for a while, working her head deep down on his cock, then lifting and using her tongue around the head, then up & down & up & down.. One hand holding the base of his cock, the other, reaching down to rub her clit,.. stopping occasionally & licking it like a lollypop, turning her head to make sure I was seeing it all. George, said nothing during this, just moaning softly occasionally with his eyes closed.

She stood up, releasing his cock, kissed him hard, and then slowly undid his shirt. This removed, she undid his trousers, he stepped out of them. & quickly removed pants & socks. She whispered in his ear and giggled, and he replied with a grin, “OK”. He walked to the bed climbed up and knelt next to my head, one knee each side of my tied arm, so his cock was right in front of my face,.. My wife went round to the other side of the bed and leant across,. And started sucking his cock, only inches from me.

Now although she doesn’t know it, I’ve always fancied the idea of watching my wife with someone else,.. man or woman, and despite my predicament, and the pain from the ropes and the weight hanging from my balls, this was turning me on greatly. Not only was she fulfilling one of my fantasies for me, without even knowing, she was deliberately doing only inches in front of me. After working at his cock with her mouth for a few more minutes, she paused, and noticed that my own cock was once again rock hard. This seemed to catch her of stride a little,.. she was expecting to humiliate me, and found, from my obvious reaction, that I was actually enjoying it,..

I realised she’d sussed & wondered what she do next. “Oh”, she said in a surprised tone, “It looks like he’s enjoying watching that”,.. and paused a little as if thinking “perhaps he like to have a suck as well” she said,.. and pushed George’s cock down against my mouth. Now I wasn’t going to make it easy for her & kept my mouth tightly shut. “Suck it!” she commanded, trying to push the head of his cock between my lips. I still kept shut,..

“I said suck it!” she repeated, reached down on the bed between my legs where she’d dropped the vibrator when the door bell rang, picked it up & slammed it into my balls again, having now, it seemed, found a method of getting me to comply. “Suck it,!” she cried. And as I open my mouth in agony, she pushed his cock into my mouth. I lay there, balls aching like hell and his cock in my mouth. “Go on, suck it properly” she commanded and raised the vibrator again threateningly. I closed my lips around it and worked my head up & down as well as I could, in my trussed condition.

She moved back to the edge of the bed and stepped off, and as she did, the bed bounced a little, as beds do, and George lost his balance, falling forward over me, just as I was lifting my head up. As he fell his weight shoved his cock deep and hard into my mouth, it’s head pushing down my throat. Choking and unable to breathe, I felt him struggle to lift himself up on his hands and as he started to lift & pull his cock out of my mouth, I heard my wife say with a hint of sarcasm “No, don’t get up yet,.. fuck his face and let HIM know how it feels”. George started pulling his cock out a few inches and then ramming it hard down my throat again, out, in, out, in. I was gagging on it every time he thrust it in, & hoped I’d manage not to throw up. After what seemed ages, just as I was beginning to think I’d pass out if I couldn’t breath soon, she said “enough of that,.. You’re supposed to be fucking me”.

George pulled his cock out and I gasped for breath, panting heavily as he lifted himself off me. “Not so keen on that then” she said “well let’s see how you like seeing me fucked,.. close up”.

She removed her basque and climbed back on the bed, straddling me, sat on my chest, then getting her legs over my arms, lifted her ass up so her pussy was just above my head. “Get up there and fuck me from behind” she said to George, “I want him to see just what it’s like to have someone else fucking my pussy”. George climbed up, keeling over my head, his hard cock glistening from being stuffed down my throat. He held his cock and rubbed it along her slit, finding the entrance to her hole. Then grasped her hips and slowly pushed it into her, as deeply as he could. I could see every detail, his head pushing her pussy lips apart and disappearing into her, his shaft slowly sliding in, easily lubricated by my saliva and her very wet pussy.

Slowly he started to thrust in and out, picking up the pace as she started to groan and moan, “Oh Yes, fuck me, fuck me” Every thrust in, his balls swung forward and hit her mound, adding stimulation to her clit, and adding to her growing pleasure, each pull back I could see his cock slide out until the head just showed, and then back in again. Her moaning getting louder with each thrust “oh, oh, Oh, Oh, OH, OH, yes, Yes, YEs, YES, YES, YES,”,.. ARRGGGHHHH YEEAAAASSSSSSS” she screamed as I saw her body shake with orgasmic bliss. He slowed, but kept pumping in and out, in and out,.. The juice from her pussy was now overflowing as he fucked her, running down his balls and dripping off onto my face,..

As she came down from her orgasm, she saw my, once again, hard cock and flicked it hard with her finger,.. “I see you liked that as well” she said, “well try this” and I felt the weight lifted from my balls,,… and then dropped,.. “Ugnnnnn” I groaned as I felt the pain shooting up inside me again.

“You’re” she pulled the rope up & let it go again “Not”, and again “Supposed”, again “To”,… “Enjoy”,… “It”,… she said, emphasising each word with a drop of the weight, each time the pain worse than before. When she stopped, my balls felt like they’d been put through a mangle, and all the while, George kept slowly fucking my wife in front of my face. Soon she was starting to groan again, and George picked up the pace once more, working her up to another orgasm. “oh, Oh, OH, , yes, Yes, YES, mm, mm, mmmmm, Oh ,Oh” “I, Oh, mmm”,.. “Want, Oh , Oh” “You, mmm, yes, yes” she started panting between each thrust, .. “To, mmm, mmm, Cum,..oh ,mmm This, yes, yes, Time, yes, yes, Yes YES YES Please YES, PLEASE, YES, YES, “oh, oh, Oh, Oh, OH, OH, yes, Yes, YES, YEEEEESSSSSSS” as once again she shuddered and shook as she came,.. this time I hear George also grunt “Arrghhh” as he stopped pumping, thrust his cock as hard as he could into her and filled her up with his hot seed. I could see his balls pulling up with each contraction as he pumped his load deep into her pussy.

I went still and quiet, as they remained there, grunting and screaming over, the pair breathing heavily as they recovered from the physical exertion. As their breathing returned to normal, George slowly pulled his softening cock out of her, coated in her sticky juices, and as he finally pulled the head out, I could see some of his cum starting to ooze out of her. George climbed off the bed but she remained where she was and I could clearly see her well fucked pussy, very wet, lips widely spread, hole still slightly open where George’s cock had been pounding her, his cum, starting to dribble out, running down over her clit.

She lowered it further “have a good look” she said, “is that what SHE looked like after you’d fucked HER”,,.. “I bet she didn’t enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed being fucked by George”,.. “Did you make her cum?,, .. Twice?,.. like George did for me ?”.. I thought it best not to say anything “Well George and I have one final treat for you” she said sneeringly, “You’re going to lick me clean!” and with that she pushed her wet and cum sodden pussy hard down on my face. I kept my mouth shut as she rubbed her pussy over it “Lick it” she said, getting angry again,.. I didn’t and knew shortly what was likely to happen,.. “Lick it!” she shouted as the vibrator thumped into my balls again.

“Lick it and suck it,” she repeated as my mouth involuntarily opened with the pain “and clean it well”. I stuck my tongue out and into her pussy hole, not wanting to get hit again, and as she felt it, she squeezed her pussy hard and I felt a warm sticky rush as she expelled a mass of his cum into my mouth, warm and salty as filled the back of my mouth. Gagging slightly on it I had to swallow so I could breath. More cum followed as she worked her pussy against my mouth and I deeply probed her hole with my tongue.

She started groaning again as this time I brought her towards another orgasm. I started to enjoy the flavour of his cum and could taste her pussy juice mixed in as well. I swallowed every drop I could, feeling my cock once again stirring into life, hoping she wouldn’t notice and realise how much I liked this as well. Soon she was cumming again and finally flopped down to the side of me exhausted. After a while George helped her up and led her out of the bedroom, as he left he turned and said “I’m glad you enjoyed it” and winked at me.

For some time I lay there, balls aching, wrists hurting where the rope had cut in quite deeply, thinking about what had happened and how despite what she’d intended it, I’d really enjoyed the experience (well most of it, .,, I wasn’t sure my balls would ever stop hurting). The mixture of cum & pussy juice that covered my face, slowly dried and I started drifting off to sleep. Some time later George came in and untied the ropes from the bed head. “you can sort the rest” he said and left again.

I sat up carefully and pulled up on the rope with the weight on , finally feeling the pressure off my balls, wondering if she’d damaged them permanently. Untying the rope from my balls was the worst bit, the knot was tight and difficult to undo, and my balls were so sensitive, it hurt like hell. Finally rid of the ropes, I pulled up the covers and got into bed. Hours later my wife finally came to bed as well. She got in, making sure she made enough fuss that she knew I was awake. “You cheat on me” she said “And I’ll do it to you,.. and make sure you know about it!” She turned her back on me with a huff “Perhaps in future you’ll think twice about fucking somebody else”,…...

Perhaps I will,.. but after that ‘punishment’ ,….Mmmm, perhaps I will think about it twice, or three times of four times,,… my mind picturing the girl from accounts laying back across the boss’s desk,…


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LauraAngel    (2011-09-08 00:36:57)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel I wish I could hav watched. It would have been such a turn on.......................YUM
goblue30    (2010-11-17 21:33:10)    Flag as inappropiate
god damb that ws hot i swallowed 2 of my own loads just reading it

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