Humiliated and forced to become a Sissy Slut Slave   added 8 years ago    

  By: wildwood625

Hello, my name is Tom and this is the story of my humiliation and how I became a cum sucking sissy maid for my mistress and her lover. I disobeyed my Mistress, so I am writing this to prove that the only thing that matters in my life is to obey her and provide her some happiness.


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I met Elaine right after I graduated from university. She is the most beautiful creature I had ever met. Any man meeting her was bound to go home and fantasize about her while jacking off. Married or not, she is what men dream of. Staring at her long dark hair, her piercing eyes, and sensuous lips, a man would sprout a hard on without even realizing it. Though she was only a little over five feet tall, wearing her six inch stiletto heals bringing her height to nearly six feet, you knew you were dealing with a very demanding woman.

She had majored in journalism and asked if I would help her with an article she was writing about female domination. She told me she would move into my spare bedroom using me as a test subject. All that ran through my mind was I was going to have this masterpiece sleeping under my roof. I never thought this would be a one sided relationship.

The day before Elaine moved in, she told me come and sit at the kitchen table with her to go over my duties and read the rules that I was to follow, if I wanted her to share my apartment with my new Mistress.

First I was to move my furniture into the spare bedroom because mine was larger and had a full bath. I was never to enter her room without her permission. I would address her as Mistress, or Goddess, and show the same respect to her female friends. I would prepare all the meals from her menus and serve breakfast in bed. When she was entertaining, I would wear a French Maid uniform. I was never to speak unless she gave me permission. When it was only the two of us, I was to wear lacy silk panties, frilly tops, and high heal shoes. I was to obey all orders without hesitation and to maintain a spotless household.

Mistress didn’t give me time to think it over; she just got up and left knowing I would agree. The next day she moved in and I knew my life would never be the same. I was to become the slave my mistress deserved.

That night Mistress had me stand in front of her and strip. The last woman to see me naked was my doctor’s nurse, and that was only because she walked in the room as I was getting dressed. When I started to hesitate, she stared at me with those demanding eyes and I immediately obeyed.

Looking me over, she broke out in laughter. “I don’t think I have seen a dick that small since I bathed my six year old brother. You should have been born a girl, but don’t worry slave, I have plans to make you what you were born to be, a pussy cleaning, cock-sucking sissy slave to obey me as I wish. Don’t stand there with your head hanging down, crying like a baby, because you know I am right. I could see it in your eyes the first time we met, Mistress said still laughing at me. Get on your knees and crawl to your shower and wait for me.”

Mistress walked in carrying a tube of Nair hair remover, so I knew what was coming next. “Apply this over your entire body from the neck down. Pay special attention to your pubic area and legs. A sissy has to have smooth skin, she said with a smile.” After applying it everywhere, even the crack of my but, I had to stand there until I was given permission to rinse it off. I know it must have been a half hour because my skin was on fire, bringing me once again to tears. Never was she to see body hair on me again.

After rinsing off, mistress gave me a jar of perfumed body cream and said I was to apply it every night before bed. “Tomorrow you will start taking female hormones. I also want you to practice speaking with a feminine voice. You are not manly enough to have a male voice with that girly body and tiny dick. When I get home, I expect you to greet me at the door wearing your girly clothes with your head down, knelling to show your Mistress that she is the only thing that matters in your worthless life.”

The first week I made mistakes, so Mistress punished me by having me stand in the corner after giving me a well deserved spanking. She had two of her girl friends over on Friday night, and I was told that I would be the entertainment. I dressed in my French maid outfit with stockings and high heels, serving them drinks kneeling before them waiting for my next command.

When I felt they had had a lot to drink, Mistress told me to stand and remove my clothes. She wanted her friends to see what a tiny dick looked like on a sissy slave. I did as she said, with tears streaming down my face from the humiliation she was putting me through. They all got a laugh, telling me they had never seen such a small dick on someone my age. Mistress said from now on I was to refer to my little dick as a clit and my asshole as a pussy.

Having me kneel down, I was told to service each of them with my tongue. I had to give them multiple orgasms or I would be severely punished. By the time her guest left and Mistress went to bed, my knees were killing me and my tongue was so swollen I could barely swallow. I cleaned the house before going to bed setting my clock to wake up before my mistress so I would have time shower and prepare breakfast.

“You did an acceptable job last night, Mistress said, while I was giving her a pedicure and polishing her nails. I will be going out tonight and I expect you to be properly dressed for company when I get home. You should try and get some rest for you will have a long night ahead of you.” All I could think about was my tongue getting another work out.

Around one P.M. mistress arrived but to my surprise she was accompanied by man at least six foot five and had muscles that said he was a man to be obeyed. “You are to address my guest as master if he allows you to speak. Make us each a drink and kneel before your Mistress.”

When I returned with the drinks, Master had me remove my panties, saying he had never seen such a well behaved sissy slut. “Lift your dress and let me see that clit between your legs your Mistress told me about.” When I did, he laughed the same as the girls that were here last night. “Stick out that tongue and open your mouth and bend over so I can see your pussy. You will be begging for my cock before morning.”

After finishing there drinks, I followed them to Mistress’s bedroom. When they sat on the bed, Mistress told me to remove my Masters clothes and prepare him to fuck her. When I pulled down Masters Pants, I was staring at the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was at least ten inches long and wasn’t completely hard. Slapping his cock across my face, Mistress laughed at my humiliation, saying that was what a real mans cock looked like. Not a little clitty like her sissy slut slave had. If it wasn’t for my mouth and tongue, she would have no use for me at all.

Masters cock was the first one I had ever sucked. My mouth was stretched to the limit because his cock was so big around. When Masters cock was hard, Mistress stretched out on the bed telling me to prepare to guide his cock into her pussy. After doing as I was told, Master said I was to put my head under his cock so I could see how a real man fucked a woman. Pre-cum and pussy juice were spilling onto my face, so I did what felt natural and opened my mouth tasting there delicious juices. My little clit was hard and I was out of my mind with excitement. Even though I felt humiliated doing this, I knew it was what my Mistress wanted.

Mistress screamed after each orgasm spilling her precious nectar into my mouth. When Master came, He pumped what had to be a quart of cum into Mistress’s pussy. When he finally pulled out, I was told to clean his cock and suck all the juices off his balls. Mistress then knelled over my face and filled my mouth with a combination of cum and her delicious juices. After cleaning her pussy, master had me suck him again to get him hard. Each time they finished fucking, I would perform my duties, loving more and more being a sissy maid slut.

When morning came and Master had rested, he called me back into the bedroom so he could break in my sissy pussy. At first the pain was so great I knew he was ripping me into, but soon it felt good and I started to push my pussy onto his cock. When he finished, I collapsed with a smile on my face, knowing that I would forever serve my Mistress and Master.







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slavet1957    (2009-11-12 17:38:54)    Flag as inappropiate
slavet1957 it was a good story, i wish i could be in it
slavet1957    (2009-11-12 17:38:47)    Flag as inappropiate
slavet1957 it was a good story, i wish i could be in it
outlawandy    (2009-05-22 12:03:42)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawandy great! i've been bi sence i started haveing sex!
Mouthslave    (2009-03-21 15:49:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Love it I am also neing turned into a cross dressed sissy but by my elderly Mother In Law
dannymike    (2009-02-24 11:22:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Love your writing, great fantasy!!

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