A binding debt - part two   added 8 years ago    

  By: elDiablito212

It has been nearly a month since my arrangement with my tenant Mona where she agreed to be my slave in exchange for me not throwing her on the street. Having another human being at your utter disposal, especially such an attractive female one, encourages some of the most depraved, selfish and sadistic tendencies out of a person. I'm sure some of the things we did together even made the Devil turn away in disgust but owning and possessing someone is a drug like no other and I became a stone cold addict.

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Since that very night of our agreement I began pushing the boundaries; fucked her, bound her, beat her in everyway that my porn filled mind could imagine. After a week into it a unique situation presented itself which gave me an opportunity to see how far she would let me go. A buddy of mine was getting married and we were all discussing organizing a bachelor party or something to celebrate. I hadn't told anyone about what I was doing to Mona partly out of selfishness but also because of shame and the fact that I was likely violating dozens of different state and federal laws. However, I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce my friends to my Pet. So I called my friends and told them that I had made arrangements with an escort who'd let us all fuck her and we made plans to hit a few strip joints to get worked up and then we'd gangbang her afterwards.

When the day came I brought Mona out to prepare her for that evening's activities. "Listen, I will be going out but when I return tonight I will ring the doorbell and when you hear it you will be naked and propped up on the Ottoman on all fours with this blindfold on". "Yes Master, your Pet will obey." You will do everything I command and you will under no circumstances object to anything I tell you to do, do you understand? "Yes, Master. I will obey.", she replied meekly with her eyes towards the ground. I smiled to myself amazed that a person could so easily and quickly submit themselves completely to the will of another person and I was similarly amazed at how natural and easily it was to completely dominate someone. Satisfied, I left my apartment and met up with my friends.

We began the night at Flashdancers where we watched some of the B-list dancers on the floor and threw back overpriced drinks. After having a fill of their women we went over to Scores and partied like we were rich fratboys and we easily dropped 600 each in like an hour but we were having fun. It didn't seem like anyone was stopping but I wanted my boys to meet Mona so I yanked them all out and we called a cab and raced back to my place. At the front door I rang the bell outside and we all were laughing, joking and having a good time as we went in but I told my friends to hold at my door as I checked inside. They were probably skeptical cause why the fuck would I have an escort locked inside my apartment but I wanted to see the look on their faces.

I stepped in and to my satisfaction was Mona on all fours on top of the Ottoman with the blindfold on. "I'm back my Pet and tonight you are going to show Master how truly devoted you are to me." "I am your Pet, to do completely as you please Master." she purred. "Good", I replied and stepped back outside where my friends were waiting and a little curious. "Alright, bros, she's here and everything is set up. Come in and you can suck, fuck, do whatever you want to this bitch". "Yeah, right... dude, you're full of shit man. What is this gonna be some gay circle jerk? Fucking Brokeback apartment.", Jeff, the wiseass replied. "Fine, stay out here then dickhead", I said as I opened the door and led everyone in.

"HOLY SHIT", my friends said in unison when they saw Mona there and we all circled her like hyenas. "Dude, you must've broke bank on this man, you're the fucking best bro," Danny the groom to be said as he gave me a pound. "No problem man, listen anytime you guys ready to start go ahead. No need for foreplay, introductions or any of that shit. Stick your dick in anywhere you want on her. Condoms and lube are in the basket by her feet." I watched Mona as I told my friends this and a look of shock came across her face so I whispered closely into her ear, "Obey your Master, do not disappoint me." and slapped her ass hard for emphasis and to my satisfaction heard a muffled yelp come out of her.

Everyone elected Danny the groom to start first and he stepped in front of her and pressed his dick again her lips. At first she hesitated but hearing the grunt from me reminded her of her place and she sucked Danny into her mouth. He rocked back and forth in and out of her as everyone got themselves ready and sorted out in order. I think Danny was so enjoying himself that he would have spent himself in her mouth but I reminded him that she had two other holes to enjoy so he pulled his dick out and got behind her. The second Danny left her mouth Alex pushed his dick into it and obediently she began sucking him. Danny rubbed lube into Mona's pussy and ass and positioned himself behind her as he slowly slid himself into her body. "Oh shit," he moaned as he pushed in and out of her. "Why am I getting married again," he asked rhetorically but chuckled and continued fucking Mona.

Stephen, the fourth member of our party cleared his throat and said aloud, "C'mon stop hogging, one of you fuckers move it already." "Alright man, you have some of this. This chick feels so fucking good," said Danny as he pulled out and gestured to Stephen and then walked over to the window and lit a cigarette. Stephen wasted no time and plunged his dick into Mona who elicited a small cry at his forceful and none too delicate intrusion and Alex continued his assault in the front pushing himself all the way into her throat despite the occasional gagging sound she made. "Dude, we have all night no need to bust your nut now." I told him as he likewise pulled out and gave someone else a turn and Jeff without hesitation stuffed his dick into her mouth.

After a few more minutes I said aloud, "Listen she has one more hole man and if you guys ain't gonna use it then I am. Stephen, dude you're gonna have to get under her or something I wanna mount this bitch." But he protested, "Uhm, are you sure man? Its awfully close and I don't wanna touch balls or something if we both fuck her." I shook my head and said to him, "Then go duct tape your balls or something or fucking hold them but stop bitching, either get off or get under the bitch."
Danny then walked over and pulled Stephen off as he said, "I have no problem with this" as he positioned himself under Mona and slipped his dick into her pussy. I finger fucked Mona's ass for a few minutes to get it loosened up then stepped onto the Ottoman and positioned myself above her. I slowly slid into her ass and began trying to fuck her but it threw off Danny's timing and it was comical at first but we adjusted ourselves to push into her together and the first deep plunge she squealed in delight. Jeff also timed himself to us and pushed into her mouth the same time we pushed into her ass and pussy and we all settled into a nice rhythm.

So we continued to fuck her the sounds of flesh against flesh reverberating around the room, emphasized by the occasional grunt or moan. Mona began to tense up and her pussy and ass contracted as what must would probably be a Tsunami of an orgasm built up inside of her. She let out one long guttural moan which grew louder and louder every moment we continued fucking her and her sounds encouraged us as we fucked her harder and faster. Her moan turned into a cry and her body began rocking and jerking as her orgasm climbed which drove some primal lust inside of us as we almost angrily pounded away at her holes.
Then she pushed Jeff out of her mouth and let out some raging, maniacal scream as she came, her body jerking so powerfully she almost threw me off the Ottoman. She continued screaming and cursing as her body was racked with powerful convulsions and she tried to pull herself off our dicks since she was at that point where your orgasm feels so good it begins to hurt. But we weren't done and enjoyed seeing her pleasurable agony and continued to fuck her as Danny held onto her by her waist and I grabbed her from the shoulders and continued to relentlessly pound her ass and pussy. She buckled like a enraged Bronco and half tried to throw us off but also half pushed onto our dicks impaling herself. She was still screaming and crying as I started to build up towards my orgasm and fucked her harder and faster until my body could give no more and I pushed all the way into her and came deep into her ass.

I jumped off of her spent and exhausted panting as I stepped away and Stephen who was so homophobic a few minutes ago jumped up and pushed himself into her ass and began to fuck her rigorously. Danny came a few moments later and slid out and let Jeff fuck her pussy. She was numb by now and obediently worked in rhythm with the guys rocking back and forth to take their dicks. The rest of the night we spent taking turns in different holes and positions fucking Mona and by 4 everyone was spent so we all got dressed and I walked the guys outside. Everyone was quiet and sated and Danny thanked my to no end for his bachelor's party. After splitting a joint, the guys all wandered off to find their ways home and I went back into my apartment not knowing what to expect.

When I walked in I found Mona on the floor in the corner with a blank look on her face and when she saw me she began crying uncontrollably... I knew that I had overstepped our arrangement but I wasn't going to let this fall apart wasn't gonna let this arrangement end so I took a deep breath knowing there was a lot of work ahead of me. The End.

(to be continued)

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Wow, please write more!
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LOL I need an apartment!

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