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As I bend and lift up the bed-skirt to find it, I feel her hand run up my leg, up my thigh, on my ass.

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“Nice view.”

The bag is a lot bigger than I expected so I have to get off the bed to pull it out. I lift the heavy duffel bag onto the bed and sit down. Sacha opens the bag and pulls out some braided lengths of rope. She looks at me and looks around the bed.

“Lie on your back with you knees drawn back.”

As I lie down she grabs a hold of my thighs and scoots me to dead center of the bed. She climbs over me and ties my wrists to the bedposts. She looks at me thoughtfully for a moment, and then tucks a large, firm pillow under my mid-back, which arches my back so that, with my knees drawn back, my genitalia are completely yielding, my belly raised, my breasts defenseless. She wraps rope around my thighs and ties them down to the mattress, so that I can't curl out of this arched position. She then ties my ankles to the same posts as my wrists.

She looks me over as I lie there, tied up. She unties my ankles and pins them down onto either side of the mattress.

“I want every part of you accessible, but I don't want to make you look totally ridiculous... or do I?”

She pushes my ankles back toward the headboard again, grinning at me. I begin to laugh and shake my head no. Sacha laughs too.

“No? NO?” She starts pinching me all over the place. “Girl, I'm trying to decide what I want right now. Are you trying to tell me what I want?”

As she continues to pinch my breasts and my gut, I squeal and my laughter becomes hysterical. I resist her pushing my legs back, pushing against her hand with my calf. But it's no use. Even my strong legs are no match for her phenomenal arms. She is very amused by my struggling, and begins to mock me in my hysteria.

“Oh, no no no! Oh no no no! I see how it is... I can fuck you, but I can't laugh at you!”

She suddenly reaches around and pinches my clit really hard, and my hysterical laughter is cut short as the pain and surprise send my head reeling.

“You're mine, bitch... I'll do whatever the fuck I please with you.”

Having gotten over the initial surprise, I begin to sob as she ties my ankles back over my head. She pinches my clit again and keeps her fingers clamped on it, jiggling her hand. My body shakes as I lose awareness of my limbs. All feeling is concentrated on the pain, the weight of my breasts and belly rolling back and forth, and the fluid creeping down my inner ass cheek from my pussy.

When several drops creep out, Sacha moistens her fingers with it and shoves them into my asshole, moving them around while pushing down on my abdomen with her other hand.

“I'm taking quite a risk without gloves, aren't I... fortunately, it seems you have prepared.”

She hops off the bed and into the bathroom to wash her hands. She comes back to the bed and looks at me.

“I don't think I like you turning your face from me.”

She reaches into her bag again and pulls out some shoe-laces. She begins to braid them into my hair and wind them around the small bars in the headboard. My head is tied back, body is arched open, locked, and dripping from my ass and my pussy. My mouth feels like it's full of cotton.

“Becca... do you love me?”

I nod my head yes, as much as I can, anyway.

“I can't hear you.”


“Yes, what?”

“I love you.”

“I'm not so sure you do. You will let me do anything to you... anything I want?”


“I can have all I want of you?”


She looks at me solemnly and reaches into her bag again, pulling out a rag. She puts it over my eyes and ties it around my head.

“We'll see.”

I feel her hands running up and down the backs of my thighs, and something small warm and wet nudging at my hole.

“Do you know what this is, Becca?”

Of course, I knew. I shudder in erotic abandon and fear.

“It is almost impossible for me to get you pregnant you know.”

Almost. This is what she wanted. I don't know if I can take the risk. I don't know if I care.

“Will you let me inside?”

She wants the miracle in me. She knows it will happen in me. I swallow, let myself relax, and nod my head yes.

“Say it.”

“Yes.” I force the word out, almost croaking.

“You'll be the only one who did.”

I feel her tiny member slide past my entrance, and my abdomen swells at the thought of being filled with her cumm. Sacha breathes deeply and rests her head on my belly, pushing her vulva against mine. My apprehension and excitement make my muscles twitch, and when she feels me move, she lets out shuddering sighs. She wraps the lengths of her arms around my hips and relaxes on me, our vulvae pressed together. My powerlessness under her, my being coveted by her, fills me with an aching love and desire to please her. I begin to voluntarily contract my muscles, and we shudder and sigh together for what must be minutes, but seems like hours.

“I'm gonna cumm inside you, girl...”

Oh my god, yes! Fuck me up... ruin my life... seize my brief stab at independence and nip it in the bud! I don't care anymore. In this moment I'm living for you. Take me. All of me... is yours.

“Don't you dare cumm till I do, you hear?”

All I can manage is a whimper.

I stop convulsing to delay my orgasm for her. Her grip on me gets tighter and tighter as she starts to moan loudly. I feel her fluids warm my walls and I can't control myself anymore. I cumm hard, and the hammering throbs expand though my belly as I cry like a banshee. I'm ecstatic and devastated. I can't think. I can't think anymore about what I've allowed to happen. But Sacha won't let me forget. As my orgasm dies down, she runs her hands up and down my breasts and belly.

“This is all mine... all for me.”

She shoves her fingers into my pussy.

“And this is all for you.”

I feel her fingers all the way at the back of my canal, working her cumm as deep and far inside as she can. The throbs harden again, and I feel her shove her small member into my asshole.

I've been reduced to a screaming, shaking, oozing mound of flesh. My mind is shut off. Time stands still. As I scream and wail it doesn't even feel like it's coming from my own body anymore. I feel submerged under water, buoyant. Floating with the throbs propelling me.

Images of splitting cells flash in my mind. After what seems like an eternity of being engulfed in a loud ocean, the noise in my ears and lungs quiets to the far away currents of my heavy breathing... the clapping waves of the creaking mattress. The sounds slow, the throbs slow. I feel Sacha's warm and wet hands move up my stomach. She leaves a line of kisses as she scoots herself up, up to my face. Removing the blindfold, she cradles my face in her hands and we thirstily kiss and lap up each other's saliva. She unties he rope from my hair first, then my ankles and wrists. But she leaves my thighs bound and tucks the tousled comforter under my knees.

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dukenully    (2008-02-05 11:41:01)    Flag as inappropiate
Very exotic and romantic.
dukenully    (2008-02-05 11:40:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Very exotic and romantic.

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