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  By: Jaiah1

Black Stallion


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She has me standing in front of the mirror wearing black lace boy shorts. When she chooses to be, she can be accommodating to my desires. Who was I kidding; I love everything she does to me. She knows my heart and head… both of them. I love that about her; that she pleasures me with her passions and desires. I like the kink and erotic fantasies she comes up with. That is the foundation of our relationship. Mutual pleasure with some pain thrown in for spice. I wonder what she has planned. She dominates the fantasies, yet some how knows my moods and plays to them.


She was wearing a black lace cup less bra that framed her breasts and a black garter bet holding up French stockings. I like how the line running down that back of her legs stops just under her butt checks. It gives the eyes some thing to follow with a nice view at the end. Black heels complete the outfit. She wore nothing else, but the heady scent of her perfume and passion. I could tell she was already turned on.


She walks up behind me and watches me in the mirror. She palms my chest, squeezing my nipples. She massages them and then pinches them. The intensity of her fingers increases as she kisses my shoulder. She bites me and then caresses the mark with her tongue. She runs her hands down my chest and across my hips. She stops just before she reaches my cock. My breathing grows more rapid in anticipation of what she will do next. Then she runs her hands lightly over my cock and her fingers form a diamond around my hard cock and balls. Her thumbs press against the top of my erection. Her hands slowly massage me. I tremble with need. She whispers, “You will be punished if you make a sound.”


Her hands left me as she walks over to a table with several sexual devices on it. Vibrators, cock rings and anal plugs of all shapes and sizes. I watched her in the mirror as she runs her hands over the toys. Something about the way she fondles the toys make me want to use one on her. I can tell by her mood that her pleasure will not come from a toy used on her, but on him.


She picks up the back satin scarf. Is she going to bind my hands to the bed? She strolls over and runs the satin over his skin, creating a trail of desire in its wake. She comes up from behind and puts it over my eyes. She jerks the scarf back and whispers in my ear that not only was I not to make a sound; I did not get to enjoy the show in the mirror. I had to focus on the sensations her touch and words created. Her hands left me and the anticipation of what I could not see intensified, the results showing in my hard cock.


She picks up an anal plug and dribbled a little Wet on it. I hear the squirt of the bottle and wonder which one she chose. The size she chooses reflects her moods. She runs her fingers over the plug, coating it. Some of the toys were bigger than anything she had used on me before. Did she choose the one with balls, the anal beads, or a smaller one?


I hear her approach and she runs her hands over my ass. I could feel the Wet as she caresses my ass. She draws the lace aside and runs her fingers along my butt crack. I tense.


“Tonight you will prance like a stallion.”


The toy she chose was a new one. A large anal plug about 5 inches in length and at its widest, 3 inches in diameter. It was a generous size and larger than anything we had played with. I knew I was in for a treat. Her words excited me.


She slowly started to push it into my ass. She alternates the pressure and pushes it in slowly, then pulling it back out. My cock gets harder and I know she watches me in the mirror. I can smell her arousal, but that is the only clue she gives me. She tells me how she had a fantasy about being ridden by a stallion. She slowly works the plug in and then quickly pulls it back out. I gasp as she drives it all the way in.


“In order for you to find the pleasure, you have to keep this stallion’s tail in. Don’t release it or you will be punished.”


She leaves me standing in front of the mirror, blindfolded with a horse’s tail in my ass. I wish I could see the picture I made. My imagination is going wild.


She walks around me and runs her fingertips over my chest and down to my cock. She tells me to turn around slowly.


“You made a noise and you are forbidden to make a sound. I did not even have time to anticipate the sting of the leather paddle. She gives me 3 swift hits and I feel the heat radiate across my ass. She caresses the place that had come into contact with the paddle. She moves the lace aside and gives me another couple of hits. She has no rhythm. I tried to anticipate the next sting, but she varies it. Softer hits with caresses, hard quick hits. My ass is on fire from her punishment and my cock gets even harder. I know she is just getting started. I suffer the pleasure in silence this time.


She sits in her throne and reclines back on vibrant silk pillows. I imagine the contrast between the black silk stockings and the jewels tones of the pillows caressing her ass.


“Turn around and let me admire my stallion. Face me and I want you to touch yourself starting with your nipples. Pinch them. Pinch them harder. That’s it. Now run your hands down your stomach and grasp that magnificent cock. One hand massaging your balls and the other gripping the shaft. “


I hear her rise and tense as she came closer.


“I did not feel your desire for me. Bend over and grab your ankles. Ooh this is a wonderful sight. Your ass in the air, with your stallion’s tail at attention. That pleases me, but not enough to over come your lack of desire.” She knows I am extremely turned on but she wants my total surrender.


She nudges my legs wider apart and grips my balls. She rolls them in her palm and I struggle not to moan in pleasure. I feel the swish of the paddle before I feel its sting. She paddles the other check this time. 4 quick hits, my breathing becomes heavier and faster. I know I am ready to come, but if I do, the punishment will not be anything like pleasure.


She returns to her throne and tells me to walk and kneel in front of her.


“You may kiss my leg.”


I use her scent to lead me to the heat. I run my mouth along the silk stocking, not touching her except with my breath. Her breath hitches and I know she is almost ready for me. I do not know what she is going to let me do.


I found the spot where her stocking end and creamy skin is revealed. I kiss her inner thigh and run my tongue over her skin. The scent of her arousal is heady and intense. I continue up her leg and nuzzle the moist folds of her sex. She does not stop me and by listening to her moans, I know she is at my mercy.


I repay her for the punishment and pleasure she doled out to me. I stroke my tongue across her clit and feel a rush of moisture. I tickle and tease her, my tongue delving in places my fingers want to follow. She has not given me permission to touch her except with my tongue. There will be other play time for that.


I have her worked into a state of passion, I have never seen. As she climaxes, my face is buried in her sex, lapping up her cum. I am hard and ready to come. I love the taste of her. I sit back on my heels and listened to her drift back down to earth.


The lack of visual stimulation has only intensified the other senses. She knows that and had wanted me to focus on other sources of pleasure.


“Hmmm, that was wonderful. You may remove the blindfold. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.”


I turn my head towards the mirror. I see her pleasure glistening on my face, the stallion’s tail in a full presentation. I see the black lace of the boy shorts pushed to the side by my hard erection.


She rises and crawls towards me. She positions herself in front of me. We can both see each other in the mirror.


“Ride me like a stallion”


I run my hands over her back and push her ass into position. She is on her hands and knees. I rise up on my knees and swiftly enter her wet, tight cunt. I push her back down and force her to rest on her elbows as I slam my arousal into her. She cries out and tells me to fuck her harder. I watch her in the mirror. She is caught up in the pounding I am giving her. I grab her hair and pull her head up and forcing her to watch as my cock slides in and out of her. She climaxes and almost takes me with her. She whimpers as I grind my dick into her wet pussy. She gasps and tells me I can come.

She wants me to fuck her till I exploded into her. I grab her hips with both hands and she meet me thrust for thrust. There was nothing soft or slow about it. I pound into her and feel her climax building again. I thrust harder and as her cunt clenches my dick, I exploded into her. I collapse onto her and pinning her to the floor, the stallion’s tail in the air. I look in the mirror and note her flushed body and like the picture I see. I nuzzle her neck as we both come down from the rush of passion. We lie there, gathering our thoughts. She has played me again to both of our satisfaction. I wonder what other fantasies she will lead me into.




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