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  By: jamespheonix

I've always loved taking walks at night, when no one else is around. It may sound creepy, but something about the empty night city is just soothing and beautiful. And every time I go out on one of these ventures I hope to bump into a nice sweet girl who, like me, loves to just walk around at night.


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My apartment complex has an outdoor hot tub, which they lock the gate to early at night. So late at night when no one is around, I simply climb the fence, and relax in the hot calm water. I find myself relaxed, warm, and in the dark, so I pull my shorts of and lay them on the edge of the water. As I relax more, my mind begins to wander, and I get a bit excited. I reach down and begin to touch myself, slowly until I am fully erect. I lay back and close my eyes as I slowly stroke myself. OH CRAP, DID I JUST HEAR SOMETHING!? DID SOMEONE SEE ME?

I stop and turn my head to the fence, only a few feet away, and see a sweet sexy girl in a bikini standing there with a towel. As panic runs through my mind I still manage to appreciate the smooth black top and matching bottom that accent her figure so well. I quickly regain my senses and fear again, but I can't tell by her face if she realized what I was doing or not. I quickly jump into talkative mode to cover up my embarrassment. "Hey, come here for a late night dip as well?" She quickly throws an amused smile and replies "Oh, is that what you like to call it?"

I smirk at the fact that she knew what was going on and didn't mind, and that she has such a sense of humor about it. She quickly reaches above and climbs the fence gracefully. I stare as she does so and places her towel on a nearby chair. Before she can get in I ask her "I am naked in here, would you be more comfortable if I put my shorts back on?" She casually shrugs and nonchalantly says "Nah, thats ok, I don't mind. I was actually hoping no one would be here so I could get naked and maybe have a late night dip." At this last part she throws me a wink.


I'm shocked by her forwardness, but not confident enough to act on just this notion. She steps in and takes a seat right in front of me, her legs brushing against mine as she adjusts to her seat. Just then the jets go off, and as the water begins to stand still, my nudity becomes more visible. I quickly ask her if she would kindly walk over to the switch and turn them on again. "I COULD, but I just got I would much rather watch you do it." I smile, and with fake confidence step out of the water and walk the few feet and switch them on. As I walk back I see her make no attempts at hiding her staring at my body, nor her smiling face.

We both relax in the water for a moment, before she sits up and starts to undo her top. I cautiously keep an eye on the event, then quickly realize that she won't care, and stare openly. She lets the top fall off, exposing her firm perfectly round breasts, her small light nipples just barely peeking above the water.Needless to say, my erection begins to arise again. She then moves around a bit as she undoes her bottom and slides it out of the water and rests it on the edge of the water. MAYBE TURNING THE JETS BACK ON WASN'T SUCH A GOOD IDEA. I stare at the opaque water, wishing so badly to see what lie beneath. She sees me, and smiles brightly before closing her eyes and relaxing.


After a little longer, the jets turn off again. We immediately look up at each other, and she says "My turn then I guess?" I just smile and nod. The water stills and I see what I can of her sweet shaved pussy I LOVE SHAVED GIRLS. Slowly she begins to get up, turns around and puts her knees on the edge of the pool with her back to me, and bends over pretending to be reaching. Showing me a full and nice view of her tight tight pinkness. She turns her head back to make sure I'm looking and then giggles before getting up and walking slowly to the switch. her beautiful butt waving at me with each step she takes.

As she walks back I see the full front of her curvy athletic body, my erection returns with full force by this point. She gets back in but doesn't sit. Instead she looks down at her chest and cups them with her hands, inspecting them. She thinks for a minute then asks "I've been thinking about getting breast implants, they feel too small and unattractive to me. I don't know. What do you think?" Then sticks her chest out for me to evaluate. I shake my head and reassure her "Your breasts are much too perfect to be messed with by some doctor" She smiles slightly, but hides it with an unsure look, then takes a few steps closer then leans over me. "Here, take a closer look and see if you still think that." I stare at them inches from my face, enticing me. I shake my head and smile, and repeat my answer.


"Here, maybe if you felt them, you'd agree with me" and she practically hands them to me. I slide my hands up her soft sides until I reach them, sliding over her breasts very gently, pausing for a moment over each of her nipples. She tosses her head back and sighs as I do so. I continue to rub all around her chest for a minute, before giving each one a gentle squeeze, her back archs as I do this. I bring my mouth up to one and begin kissing just below it, while kneading her other nipple. I slowly kiss my way up onto her breast, then slowly up to her nipple. I pass my tongue over it gentle, then make small circles around it getting bigger, then slowly moving back. I give it a soft kiss, then kiss again and pinch it with my fingers, then I suck it into my mouth completely, and work it around a tad.

I begin to flick her nipple with my tongue, slowly rising in speed. I feel her body moving with my motions, and small moans begin to escape her lips. I stop, and slowly switch to the other breast, and repeat my motions. I kiss her chest, up to her neck where I suck and even bite just a tiny bit, driving her wild. I lift my head up, and stare into her eyes, and she stares back, I grab her head and kiss her softly on the lips, and stick my tongue in just barely teasing hers. She works her hands up my sides and slowly strokes my arms as I massage her breasts and we kiss more and more passionately. She pulls my arms to my sides and puts both hands around my neck, she leans in and kisses my neck gently, moving all around and even licking my ear, driving me crazy.


I try to lean in and kiss her neck as well, but she pulls me away and says to just sit back and enjoy, and we both smile at each other. She kisses all around my neck, down my chest, and what of my stomach is above the water. I do as told and lie my head back and let my excitement grow with each motion she makes. She looks up at me brightly before taking a very deep breathe, and proceeds to kiss down my stomach, to the edge of my crotch, then around my thighs. She teases me as she kisses just on the inside of my thigh, and ever so lightly runs her hand along my balls, and up my shaft. She touches more and more firmly as she goes along, until she is massaging my balls and slowly stroking me up and down.

With her hand still clutching my erection she brings her head out of the water. "Its a little hard to move my head up and down under water. Mind giving me a hand?" She asks with a micheivous smile on her face. I grin and nod. She takes another enormous breath as I place my hand on the back of her head, and she goes back under. I slowly licks the tip of my penis, and I push her head down and she licks along the bottom of it, then slowly moves back up. She kisses it and runs her lips up and down and I press on her. Then she takes it into her mouth, and I excitedly press her down, touching the head to the back of her throat.


She sucks hard and smooth as I guide her up and down me, each time moving just a but faster than the last. I begin lifting my hips to meet her face, pushing me deeper into her throat. She only gags a few times and keeps on going. Faster and faster I push her, faster and harder she sucks me. I feel myself getting ready to come, and I'm very excited to come in her mouth, having never experienced that before. But just before I actually do, she lifts her head out of the water and gasps for air.

Gasping for breathe myself, I ask her nicely "Why on earth did you stop?" and she just smiles brightly "Just sit up on the edge over there.." I eagerly do so, with just the edge of my butt on the cement "...I want you to see me swallow every last drop of your cum" I smile bigger than ever and go wild with anticipation as she grabs my balls in one hand, and my shaft in other. She puts her lips around me and slides it in and out slowly, but quickly gaining momentum. Soon she is ramming it down her throat and playing with my balls like mad. My breathing rises quickly as I get closer and closer to climax. She sucks faster and faster, harder and harder, bringing me closer and closer. After what seems like forever, I feel myself begin to come.

Her eyes go bright and she brings my shaft out to just the tip but continues to stroke me. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH I let out a deep moan as I finally feel release, and best of all releasing into this girls mouth. I shoot out blast after blast into her mouth and she happily takes it all in, till I finally stop and begin to go soft. She lets me out of her mouth and opens wide so i can see her mouth literally filled with my thick white cum. Then she closes and swallows and licks her lips. She opens wide again, not a drop left. She giggles and takes my soft penis in her hand and licks it clean.

After catching my breath and relaxing for a moment, I slip back into the water and throw her my own mischievous look. "You turn" I say happily, and she grins wide. I pull her close to me by her sides, and kiss her passionately on the lips and rub my hands along her back, before reaching around and massaging her breasts and erect nipples. I slide my way down her stomach, to her soft smooth mound, and whirl my fingers around in small circles here. My fingers continue slowly down the top of her thigh, then back up the inside, sliding just inside the creass between her leg and her swollen lips. I move to the other side and do the same teasing motions.

Finally I slide my finger lightly along her slit, moving from top to bottom and back up a number of times. I take another finger and rub one finger along each lip. I then go back to the bottom, and press my finger just enough to part her lips barely and move up and down inside just slightly, moving carefully over her clit. I place my whole hand on her sweet pussy and squeeze it gently. I do this a few times before I place one finger slowly into her hole and work it in and out a few times. I rub my hold hand up and down her lips, then take one finger and gently rub her clit in tiny circles. I slowly make bigger circles, and move faster. Then stop and switch directions, moving slowly again.


She is moaning now inside her closed mouth, but loud enough to arouse me again, and encourage me to continue. I stop with her clit, and place two fingers deep inside her hole and move them in and out a couple times, then stop and leave them at their deepest. I pick up the pace and pump her quickly, and gain speed till I am furiously pounding her with my hand. Her moans get faster and louder as my fingers do. While still penetrating with my two fingers, I bring my thumb up and rub thoroughly on her clit with each thrust of my fingers.

Her mouth finally opens and her moans are so loud anyone walking anywhere nearby could hear. I think for a second if its a good idea to continue, someone might hear us...the though excites me so I move in her faster and faster. Her hips bucking into my hand and her back arching up. She muscles becoming more and more tense, I feel her about to come. She bucks wildly and lets out a deep loud moan as her muscles clench and her pussy grabs ahold of my fingers as I drive through it. Her moans cool down as her muscles start to relax and she tries to catch her breath...but I don't slow down one bit.

I keep delving deep inside her and rubbing that clit like mad. She realized what I'm thinking and just nods at me. I move as fast as I can in and out, in and out. And its not long before her moans return at full volume. Soon she is bucking wildly into me again and her muscles get tighter and tighter. She lets out yet another very loud almost deafening scream as she cums onto my hand yet again, her body roaring with pleasure and spasms. She is breathing frantically and making a face of pure ecstasy as she starts to cool down. But I don't give her a chance.

I grab her around the waist and lift her onto the edge of the cement, pull her legs open and smile up at her. SHe looks down confused, then goes wide eyed as she understands. "No no, no way I could possibly go for another, I'm EXHAUSTED!" But as I dive in and kiss her slippery lips all over, she makes absolutely no protest. I lick her slit up and down quickly, then swirl around top to bottom, stopping to kiss every now and again. I stick my tongue as far as I can get inside her dripping hole and swirl it around in circles furiously. Her moans let out yet again, louder and louder. I lift a hand and pull her lips apart, and kiss hard on her swollen clit, before taking huge licks across it. I slide that hand down and return two fingers inside of her. I stop my licks and suck hard and fast on it, she is screaming now with pleasure.

I fling my fingers inside of her rapidly and take my tongue to flick her clit with it again and again. As I get moving as fast as I can, she is throwing her crotch into me as hard as she possibly can and screaming louder than ever. I feel her muscles clench around my fingers again as she spasms, then lets out a long heavy scream as if she were dying. She comes all over my chin and hand again and again as I continue to lick her. After quite a few minutes she finally is able to breath and relax. She flops down into the water with me and lies her head against my chest and holds me tight, still panting.


I don't know how long we lie in silence in eachothers arms, but finally its broken as she lifts her head and kisses me deeply on the lips and says "That was THE best orgasm I've EVER had!!!" and we both grin contently. She rest on my chest as I look around at the public. I see a number of girls on a balcony a ways away and see them looking around. I mention them to her. "You think they might call the cops after that display of vocal prowess?" She smiles at the joke and says "Yeah, we should probably get outta here. But I'm soooo unbelievably comfortable her in your arms" she whines. "I know, so am I...but there are other nights" I say suggestively. She happily smiles and we kiss again "Same time tomorrow?" I happily nod.


We reluctantly get up and dress stealthily, hop over the fence and quickly scurry around the corner. We hug and share another beautiful kiss before running our seperate ways. I turn and watch her sexy butt as she runs away, then stops and turns suddenly. "My name is Sarah!" Sarah, what a beautiful name. "James!" I shout back, and we both turn and run.

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-16 11:40:08)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Good story. Where's part 2?
dabeasty    (2008-03-09 00:20:37)    Flag as inappropiate
dabeasty I liked it , but find it a bit of a reach , guess it's my jealousy , since it wasnt ... me . keep writing !
Daemynnir    (2008-01-27 16:33:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Daemynnir Nice one :-))
JRacq    (2008-01-20 00:41:16)    Flag as inappropiate
JRacq You should definalty write a sequel. It's had less than 200 views. My stories have had thousands of view but only 10-15 vote and less comments. Just give it time. And while you're waiting, write MORE!
jamespheonix    (2008-01-18 22:24:52)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, I'm thinking of writing a sequel to it. But I don't think many people thought it was very good.
JRacq    (2008-01-18 19:43:20)    Flag as inappropiate
JRacq Fantastic story.

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